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Heaven Dreams & Interpretations

Interview with Erin in June 2016

Interview with Erin in June 2016 BY the School of the spirit

updated with permission by on April 7th, 2017

Who are you And what is your ministry?

Through time while in His Plan, I have learned to relate to so many different people from so many different walks of life. I know what it is like to live in poverty and in wealth. I know what it is like to lose everything and slowly gain it back by God’s Grace. I know how to live with very little and to find joy in the simple things around me.

Many years ago, I had wealth and materials things, but these left me depressed and thirsty for more. I lacked wisdom, fulfilment and was hungry for Jesus. Now when I look back to when I was 18 and unsaved, I had asked God for something, something that would end up being the start of so many trials and tests …

“To one day have a heart of gold, but, for now, it sits on a chain around my neck until the day I can love everything and everyone including myself.”

I had publicly shared this desire in my high school yearbook. Well, God began to work on this as this request had pleased Him, but little did I know just how difficult this request would turn out to be.

When I later came under attack and became sick, I was stripped of almost everything I had. This included my marriage, my money, my beautiful antiques, rugs, furniture clothing and cars. They were all gone and in such a short time.

I was even forced to auction all that we had. I went through lawsuits, yet I could no longer pay attorneys to fight. I could not pay for the judgements from the medical bills. I lost all of my social status and a wealth of worldly and conditional friends. I almost lost my children as well once I had discovered that they had been abused, but God spared me from this. Quite simply, God has emptied me from any sense of self that I had. I was emptied of myself!

Since then, I have learned to be satisfied with what I have been given and I no longer chase after the things of this world. I have learned that God does not demand my self-sacrifice, but He does demand and bless my obedience. As soon as I had let go of myself and was severely broken and at the lowest position society had for me, it was then that Jesus showed up. He saved me from the miry pit and put my feet back on a firm foundation – Him!

My call from God is really to bring the Good News of Jesus coming soon for His Bride. Trouble will come and it is here now, but it will become far worse very soon. The Lord has sent some of us to point out Heavenly things to the unsaved or skeptical people hurt and wounded by Christians. They also need to know God is calling them.

He loves them and has prepared a beautiful place for us. Those who accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior will not perish. Those who claim to know God, but continue on their sinful lifestyles, and those who listen to false teachings of the ‘Wide Gate’ religions will fail to see the ‘Narrow Gate’ of Jesus.

I am here to share the Good News of Jesus. He will save you. He loves you. He loves you, not as the world loves you, but as the Father God loves you!

When did you start having these dreams and how long DO they last?

I have been a dreamer for most of my life, but the truly vivid dreams from the Lord began in 2012. The dreams can be as short as 30 minutes of sleep for hours of messages to several nights of the same dream over and over or continuing. I later wake up, have communion and then He downloads the details of the dreams in a 180 degree 3D vision while I write what He chooses me to from what I am shown.

If I begin to write something He does not direct, the vision immediately stops. When I then pray and go back to Him, He then redirects my attention to His lead. In the beginning, this was quite hard. I was so fascinated with my new gift that I spent too much time looking around and not enough time on His directives (smiles). Now the visions rarely shutdown as I have since learned to ‘wait on the Lord’.

Why is God giving you these dreams?

Again, I think it is because I know a little bit about a lot of different things and so I can relate to so many people in their walks. I understand discrimination and abuse as I have lived out so much of this being directed at me. From being around family members who struggled, I understand substance abuse and addictions.

I was also an Interior Designer for over two decades. While I have worked on multi-million dollar mansions, I personally have lived in small homes (smiles). In turn, while I have an appreciation for ‘the finer things’, I still do not like the high price that needs to be paid to acquire these ‘things’.

I believe that God also allowed me to have this gift simply because I am so eternally thankful to Him for all that He has done for us. I have seen His miracles and have even lived them. I have allowed Him to use me as a vessel for His purposes and this results in a life of no regrets when I do.

I feel like I have now done everything I have ever wanted in my life, so I no longer desire anything else but the Lord’s Will for me and in me. Oops, look at all of the ‘I’s and ‘me’s I just finished used in that last sentence (smiles).

The way to hear clearly from God is when you die to your-‘self’ so that there is less of you and more of Him.

What is the purpose of these dreams?

Jesus is coming for His Bride very soon. These dreams are for those who have been hurt by Christians, for the lost and also for those who hunger and thirst for more answers from God. We have been misled to believe that Earth is real and Heaven is not. However, it is Heaven that is real and this Earth is ‘but a chasing’.

How do people react to reading the books and the website?

Christians who live life in their comfortable lounge chairs hate these dreams since Jesus is requiring something from them. He is requiring them to step out of the pews and look up.

However, for those hurt by people preaching wrong doctrine and leaving the church as a result, for those hurt by people using Scripture as a weapon against them while they themselves are operating under demonic strongholds and for those who have seen the power of God and desire more than what church offers, these are the ones that will find these dreams and love them. Those who are searching for more miracles, signs and wonders as spoken about in the Bible for these, the last days, will find them in these dreams.

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