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The House of God

Dream Excerpt from The House of God

The House of God – Dream Excerpt

Dreams from the Lord from October, 2013 to February, 2014

Prelude to “God’s Front Door”

In these twenty three dreams that form this fourth book, Jesus takes me for a personal tour of His House up in Heaven. While I once again do my best to describe what His House looks like, words simply fail to adequately describe all of this.  Put it this way; whatever I describe, make it much better and it still falls short.

As I will mention in each of the excerpts, each of the seven books, with the eighth book in the works, have bits and pieces that work with each other. For example, though the residing theme in The House of God is Jesus’ Mansion in Heaven as one would expect, the themes of the other dreams contained in The Invitation, The Blacksmith, The Mansions, The Exodus, The Prophecies and The Final Hour, as well as the Tribulation, all reside in each of these books including this one as the theme of The House of God sometimes appears in each of these as well.

While there is so much in this book about where the Lord Himself already resides, the following is where the Lord first publicly takes me on a tour of His personal Mansion in Heaven. I am sure you will agree that this House is perfectly Jesus, wherein this Mansion is somehow unpretentious, yet still completely befitting of the King of kings and the Lord of lords…


Dream 104 – God’s Front Door

Received Saturday, January 11, 2014


Dear Father,

Thank You for another day. Thank You for Your great love.  When I think of all You have done, Lord, I stand amazed and it brings me to my knees.  You are the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, yet You are also my Father and Creator.

You knit my form in my mother’s womb. You have taken special care with me and I am forever Yours.  Just a few years ago, I would go through the motions of praying ‘to God’, but I had no real idea to whom I was praying to.

Now, Father, You are alive to me and You live in my heart. I have seen Your face.  I have seen the place You have prepared for all of us and I am speechless.  I love You as much as I am humanly able, yet You love me even more than this.

Jesus: “Erin, come up.”

Today, I stood at a very large door. It had a stone arch with a huge chiseled keystone in the center, wherein the keystone supported the arch.  The door was ancient.  It was made of a wood not indigenous to Earth, but it was something like cedar, acacia and olive.

It was carved in geometric patterns by skilled artisans. On Earth, this would be carved by lasers.  There were two parts to the door.  There was a large door knocker made of bronze, but polished into a deep patina.

The knocker was in the shape of a beautiful lion. The lion had a very kind face; not scary like some are.  In the mouth of the lion was a very large ring of gold.  The handles to the door were very large and, since the doors were about twelve feet high, the handles were easily eighteen inches high.

The handles were heavily carved in bronze and inlaid in gold. There was a key hole.  This made me smile.  The keyhole was made of pearl and framed in gold.  As I ran my hand over it, I wondered what type of key went in this door.  There was a very bright beam of light coming through the key hole.

Me: “Lord, is that You on the other side?  Will You let me in?”

I heard nothing. I stood outside a moment and thought about Scriptures pertaining to doors.  I thought about my season right now and wondered about things which I had been petitioning in my heart for, but not really seeking Him on.  I heard music on the other side of the door and I began to laugh.

Me: “Okay, Lord, I know You are requiring something of me.”

I bent over to look inside the keyhole, but It was too bright to see inside. I thought again about things that I had battled on my own and not handed everything to Him.  I looked down at the place I stood.  I was at the top of a very large scaled set of stairs.

I was at the entrance to a very large estate. My eyes focused and I began to look around me.  I realized that this was one of the doors into the actual House of God.  My heart pounded.  I looked down at what I was wearing.

I was wearing a beautiful gown of linen and silk which went down to my ankles. On my feet were golden leather sandals, similar to espadrilles.  There were strands of gold woven over my feet in a crisscross pattern and up my calves.

My bodice of the dress was neatly gathered and woven with blue and gold braided cords. My forearms were woven with the same detail and the weave went across the top of my hands and around my finger.  My hair was long and braided.

I reached up and touched the top of my head. While I could not see it, I felt something like a pearl woven into my hair.  I also felt a pearl hanging down on my forehead.  I was dressed beautifully.  Now I wondered to myself, ‘What occasion is this?’  I then started to think…

Me: ‘What if I came early?  What if I am late?  What if He does not know I am out here?’

I began to laugh. Okay, this is ridiculous.  He is God and He sees all, so I know that He knows I am here.  I sat down for a moment on the front step.  I faced the most incredible scene my eyes had ever seen.  I saw the beautiful Garden of God below.

I looked around and saw all the high mountain peaks around me. I began to laugh and then, just as quickly, I started to cry.  The tears were brought on when I literally saw ‘the cattle on a thousand hills’.  Then I went back to laughing and shook my head.

Me: “He really does own the cattle on a thousand hills.”

I just petitioned Him this week and used this in my prayer. I saw pastures of green velvet grass.  I saw flocks of sheep in the distance.  I saw a beautiful lake and the River of Life flowed into it.  The lake sparkled like diamonds.  I just knew that there must be diamond sand at the bottom.

I saw fountains flowing from distant areas in the Garden. Way past the forested trees and the beautiful path, I saw the Glass Conservatory in the distance.  It was beautiful.   In the air around me, there was something like a mist.  The temperature was cool and crisp, but, miraculously, I was not cold.

I saw a grove of olives at the base of one of the mountains. The grove had paths of stone pavers going through it.  It looked like the glorified version of the Mount of Olives in Israel.  My eyes had so much to take in that I found myself wanting to share all of this with the Lord.  I was becoming excited to see Him.

I turned back to these beautiful double doors. I thought to myself again.

Me: “What if I came to the back door?”

I looked to the sides, but, because this place was so massive, I had no way to see the other doors. I began to look around for the key to let myself in.  I stopped and began to laugh.

Me: “Perhaps He placed the key under a pot.”

I looked to what was next to the doors. Flanking them were two extremely large stone planters with something like a sculpted box wood tree.  These were about as tall as the door.  There were beautiful, fragrant white jasmine and something like gardenias trailing from underneath the trees.

The pots themselves were easily four feet square and the stone was something like lapis lazuli and concrete combined; very beautiful. I began to laugh so hard.  There was no way I could check under the pots.

As I looked around again, I noticed the stairs dropped down to another landing with pots; and then another. There were very large stone channels about three feet wide flanking the stairs.  Water flowed in these channels and the sound was amazing.

The channels were lined with hammered gold sheets or maybe even solid gold, but it made the water appear to be liquid gold. It was incredible.  I looked down in the channels and I saw small white fish.

They looked like pearl onions with feathered fins and tails. They had blue eyes.  I saw small sea shells in the channels.  These were white as snow and looked like a small conch shell with spikes.  I reached in and picked up one.

When I pulled it out, I thought I heard the laughter of a child. I turned the shell over to see the little animal inside.  It was bright blue and it dripped something like blue Azul ink.  The ink dropped on the stone pavers leading up to the door.

Worried that I hurt the little sea shell, I said I was sorry and put it back into the water. I looked around me and I was worried.  I looked down and saw the beautiful blue ink on the pavers.  It was the color of my robe.

The ink dissolved and disappeared before my very eyes. I was relieved.  I was trying to figure out how I was going to explain marking God’s entrance with the blue ink of that seashell.

I was shaking my head and becoming a bit impatient. I looked at the door carefully.  I must have been there for an hour or more waiting.

Me: I thought.  “Hmm, it is not like the Lord to make me wait.  Wait, yes, it is exactly like the Lord to make me wait here.

Holy Spirit: Inside my chest.  “It takes the glory of God to conceal a matter and the honor of kings to search it out.”

Me: “Holy Spirit, is that You?”

Holy Spirit: “Yes, Erin, I am here.  Where are you?”

Me: “That is an odd question, Lord?”

Holy Spirit: “Really?  Think about this and use your new gift of wisdom.”

I was laughing. I looked at the doors again.  I laughed so hard that I could barely stand up.

Me: “Oh Lord, I know what You are doing.  Oh my goodness, this is Matthew 7:7, is it not?”

I shouted it out. As I was laughing, I picked up my dress, almost like a habit, and I ran up the stairs to the doors.  I reached up and used both of my hands to grab the knocker.  The knocker was the beautiful ring inside of the mouth of the bronze lion.

I knocked three times and I pressed my cheek on the side of the door. Perhaps I could hear Him walking?  I heard music in the distance and it was a full orchestra.  I then heard the door begin to open.  It was a beautiful angel there to greet me.

Me: “Hi, I am Erin.  I am here to see the Lord.”

Angel: “Hmm, wait just a moment…”  The door partially closed.  I heard two angels discussing something.  Then the door opened.  “Yes, He is expecting you.”

Me: “I am sorry I was late.  I did not know what to do as He usually has me come in a different…”  Then I began to look around me.

Angel: “You are right when He was expecting you; not too soon and not too late.  Come with me.”

We were in an entrance that was beyond human thought. I will try my best, but I am not sure I will be able to describe this.  The floor was made of what I recognize as Jerusalem Stone.  These pavers were very large, but the depth was greater than that on Earth.  They were so perfectly chiseled.

There was a translucent quality to them. I could see into them, but I could not tell the depth.  I realized that I was in God’s front entry.  There were tears streaming from my eyes.  As my tears hit the pavers, the tears chimed like a bell.

Each tear had a different tone and note. Each tear illuminated in colors as they hit the stone.  I bent down and untied my sandals.  Then I shook my head as I realized that my shoes were in the middle of the path.

Me: I talked to myself. “Erin, we are in Heaven.  No one, especially God, is going to trip over my shoes.”

The pavers tied into a beautiful rug that looked Persian in design. The end tassels were beautiful and were made with linen and silver cords.  The rug itself was a combination of colors; deep blue, navy blue and royal blue.

It had beautiful crimson and ivory geometric designs in it. The rug was thick like a Tibetan rug and the softest sheared wool that I have ever felt in my life.  I stared at it.

Me: “Wow, this is just God’s entry rug.  It must have taken many earthly years to weave this? How…”

Angel: “Erin, come.”

He was laughing, but he knew I would be there all day. There was a beautiful iron entry light made of faceted crystals and blown glass with the most incredible dripless wax candles.  I thought this was funny because God certainly would not need an entry chandelier.  Indeed, why would He even need lights?

Yet, as we walked down the hall, I saw tables with lights on them; beautiful lamps no less. Now, I love lamps, but I have never seen anything like these lamps.  Fascinating; there were no cords needed for an electrical outlet.  This made sense to me.

I saw quality in these lamps, like Chapman, but even much greater than those. They were beautiful.  There were six large columns on each side of the corridor.  The columns were at least four feet in circumference and made of something like natural uncut stone, perhaps unpolished marble, but very beautiful.

The base of each column had a pedestal and the area between that and the base, the ‘die’, was overlaid in carved cedar. The base was bronze.  Each column was met by arcades, which are arched features that attached each column at the top.

Each column had a capital made of hammered bronze and the frieze or entablature above the capital had beautiful carved bronze pomegranates. I was in wonder as the very pages of my college architectural text books were literally coming alive.

There was so much more though. Between each architrave, there were long drapes of silk in white from the top to the floor.  The columns were about thirty feet high and the architrave and above to the cornice-like area to the ceiling were easily another seven feet.  The hallway itself was about twenty feet wide.

As I walked, I reached over and touched the silk drapes. The drapes were mysteriously blowing from a hidden wind source and I could not feel a breeze.  As my hand touched the silk and linen drapes, a faint damask pattern illuminated, but in a faint blue and almost like iridescence.

In fact, as I walked down the hall, the fabric patterns illuminated. Then, after I walked past, they simply disappeared.  The pattern was geometric, but also a type of damask.  This is very difficult to describe as I have never seen a pattern like this.

As I walked, I barely caught glimpses of what was on the other side of the curtain arches. The curtains were covering my view.  I was lagging behind the angel.  At one point, I even must have been bouncing and skipping like a child.

I then saw one of my favorite things; jasmine tree in large pots. They had small white lights and the fragrance was incredible.  I looked back at the front door to see how far we had walked and I smiled as I saw my tears illuminating a winding path down the entry.  I had not even realized that I had been crying so much.

Finally, we arrived to a courtyard through arched double-crystal doors made of cedar and acacia. The woodwork was truly incredible.  I saw that there were many such doors leading into this area.  They were beautiful and stained a deep walnut with amber tones.

The walls on the inside of the Home looked something like ‘Earth-Crete’, a combination of plaster and a bonding agent, but, instead, this plaster was made of quartz crystals and hand troweled. The walls were smooth and luminescent and the color was light.

I would guess that colors on the walls would compete with the craftsmanship of the things inside; like the floors, rugs, columns and other items. The angel walked me out to the courtyard.  There were beautiful fountains all over.  The water came from holes in the floor of the courtyard.

Up above, there were balconies and other rooms. The sounds and smells were Heavenly.  There, under a beautiful arched, was a ‘Dome of the Rock’ type gazebo with a table covered in linen.  However, and more excitingly by far; there was Jesus!

I ran through the arches of the fountain. He got up and walked down the platform and stairs to greet me.  He was wearing a long tunic and pants; all white linen.  He wore a large woven sash of blue and silver thread.  His hair was long and wavy.

His tunic sleeves were rolled up. He looked perfectly casual; a ‘casual King’.  I ran straight to Him as fast as I could and hugged Him.  Of course, and as per usual it seems, I still had not stopped crying.

Me: “I was afraid You had shut the doors on me, Lord.”

Jesus: He was laughing.  “Erin, what did you do this time?  Is there something worthy here of having you outside the door to stew?”

Me: I was laughing, but then this turned into tears.  “Lord, what if I did something wrong?  You know I am not perfect.  What if….”

Jesus: He stopped me and was smiling.  “Shush, Erin, this is foolish.  Have you done something worthy of being thrown out of the Kingdom?  Did you not just listen to the Holy Spirit?  Did you denounce the Holy Spirit?  I think not!

“There is only one such way that you could stand outside the Kingdom. Do you not listen to the voice of the One who loves you?  Am I not in you?  Then, unless you remove the Counselor, your Holy Guide, My Spirit in you, how could this be?”

Me: “Okay, Lord, You have a great point.  I was afraid I had missed the appointed time?”

Jesus: “Okay, so, did I say, ‘Erin, come up’?”  Then He crossed His arms and looked up.  “Hmm, I believe I did.  So was this not the appointed time?”

Me: “Lord, you did not greet me at the door and the door was not open.  I thought You were mad at me.”

Jesus: “Interesting.  A closed door can sure bring many thoughts.  Did you try the handle and just walk in?”

Me: “Lord, no, this would have been rude and I cannot do this.  I was not in danger.  I was in beautiful clothes by Your invitation and there was no sign saying come in.”

Jesus: “Interesting.  However, you still looked for a key to unlock the door, did you not?”

He was smiling and teasing me at the same time. He knew exactly what I would do.

Me: “Yes.  Finding a key to Your door is fruitless.  Everything is so large and heavy outside that I could not move anything to look for a key.”

Jesus: He was laughing.  “Erin, remember the mustard seed.  If you had faith like the size of even one, you could say to the flower pot, ‘Move’, and it would move.”

Me: I was laughing.  “Okay, Lord, You have me; I concede.”

Jesus: “So, what finally prompted you to tap into the Holy Spirit?”

Me: I was laughing.  “I had exhausted my options and I would have been out there for hours.”

Jesus: “Okay, so, you only tapped into the Holy Spirit when you were out of options?  All these times with Me so far and this is as far as you have come?  Oh, Father, help Me; what do I do here?”  He was laughing as He raised His arms up to the sky in fake exasperation.

Me: “Oh Lord…”  I was laughing so hard that my tears continued to stream.  “…forgive me.”

Jesus: He was still laughing too.  “Come on up here, Erin.  Let’s talk and have communion.”

Me: “Lord, is it time for communion with You?  Are You coming?”

Jesus: “Erin, relax and read that Scripture again.  What did I say to the disciples?  Where are you?  We are not in your living room.  I am not sitting physically with you there.”

He was smiling as He waved for an angel to pour wine into His glass. He sipped the wine and motioned for the angel to pour some into my glass.

Me: I was smiling.  “Lord, why do You test the wine first before having this poured into my glass?  After all, the wine would always be perfect here.  Is it not also harvested here in Heaven and watered from the River of Life?  Is it not always perfect?”

I was laughing a bit, confident in my thinking that I finally had one on Him.

Jesus: He was laughing.  “Erin, it is for you.  Do you not enjoy knowing that I am your cup bearer also and not just a King?”

Me: “But, Lord, in Heaven, there is no need for a cup bearer, is there?”

Jesus: He was smiling.  “Ah yes, you are thinking of an earthly occupation with deadly consequences.  I bear another type of cup, as I did on Earth.  This you know as you often drink from this same cup.

“This is to show My love for you, Erin. You must know that I will, and have, drunk from the cup before you do.  Then I approve you to drink from your cup, but I sit beside you in this and we drink together.”

Me: “Oh Lord, a simple kind gesture with You has so much meaning.  This is amazing.  You are amazing.  So now, are we going to eat the bread of affliction together?”

He had an angel bring a large bread board with two types of bread. One of the breads was like a pita flat bread and the other bread was like a raised French bread.

Jesus: “Interesting question, Erin.  Now, which one would you like?   There is oil, olives, and butter also.”

Me: “Lord, should You not be eating only the flat one?”

Jesus: He was smiling.  “Erin, do you know why I am choosing both?”

Me: “Well, I know; because You taught me that, when the Israelites had to flee quickly to get away from Pharaoh, there was no time to raise the bread.  This meant that they needed to have bread with no yeast.”

Jesus: “So why call this the bread of affliction?”

Me: “Well, Lord, You gave bread as a symbol of Your body.  You took communion with the disciples.  It was a foreshadowing of Your afflictions and broken body.  We take communion to remember what You did for us.”

Jesus: “Very good, Erin, but we are now here.  Why conform to this tradition?  It is symbolic of the Jews and remembered by the Gentiles, but, here, can we not just eat good bread?”

Me: “I like both types actually, Lord.”  He started to laugh at this.  “After all, You did say, ‘I am the bread of life and whoever comes to Me will never be hungry again and whoever believes in Me will never be thirsty.’”

Jesus: “Very good, Erin.  So I guess, since you are dining here with Me, we do not need to worry about the types of bread.”  He continued to eat as more food was served.  “Oh, I have a question for you.”

Me: “Yes, Lord?”

Jesus: “You quoted Me above with such faith, yet you lack this.  Why?”

Me: “Lord, You are right.  I expected to be delivered from my trials instantly.  I had faith to believe You would do this quickly.”

Jesus: “So then, let’s discuss you at the front door.  Why did it take you so long to just ask, seek and knock?  Why was this so difficult?”

Me: “Lord, well, I guess the bright side of this can be found in Revelations 3:20, right?  At least if You knocked on my front door, I would let You in without hesitation.”

Jesus: “Hmm, this is both interesting and thought provoking.  So when I knock at your door, you will let Me in.  However, if you need help or you are asking, you will not knock at the door, knowing Scripture says I will open it?  Erin, seriously?”  He looked hurt for a moment.

Me: “Oh Lord, please forgive me.  What is wrong with me that I so quickly forget?  I see only the obstacles and I do not look to You.  Well, actually I do, but I confess that, when You do not do as I expect, then I grumble or act on my own.”

Jesus: “Erin, this is what I look for.  There are two types of forward moving.  One way of moving forward is for you do on your own, with no one beside you, wherein you move ahead of God.

“Then there is another way of moving forward. This is one which requires a forward move of faith and a step out.  Erin, there is a time to wait and pray and then there is a time to act and pray.”

Me: “Lord, should I wait and pray or act and pray?  I am not always that obedient.”

Jesus: “You must wait on the voice of God, Erin.  When you hear My voice, then move and move quickly.  There is a word for this; ‘Kadima’.  If the Israelites did not walk and move forward when the Red Sea parted for them, exposing dry ground, then they would have been consumed by Pharaoh and taken back to work as slaves.

“Their courage to move forward and walk on faith with two massive walls of water on either side, possibly ready to consume them, required both faith and courage. You stood at my door, yet you were afraid to even knock.”

Me: “Lord, I was not afraid; I simply forgot.”

Jesus: “Erin, how long would you have sat outside My door?”

Me: “Oh Lord, if I had not heard from the Holy Spirit, then probably until You came on the clouds.”

Jesus: “This is not too far off, but still this is a long time to wait and is unnecessary.  This was a good lesson for you, yes?”

Me: “Yes, Lord.  I feel like an Israelite right now.  Here I saw all these miracles on my behalf, but I can do nothing without You.  You are my pillar of light in the desert.”

Jesus: “Interesting words.  Erin, do you remember that there were two routes to the Promised Land?  It was a pillar of cloud by day and fire by night on an indirect course.  Why did I not take them on the shortest course?”

Me: “So You could show your miraculous power.”

Jesus: “No, there is more than this.  It was so they came to realize they were chosen by the King of kings and the Lord of lords.  They were children of God, not slaves.  They only knew slavery.”

Me: “Lord, I did not suffer like they did, but I think like they do.  I think like a slave rather than a child of God.”

Jesus: “Erin, this is common.  Be careful to not stay in the desert longer than necessary because you fail to hear Me.  Also, stay clear of naysayers.  These were brought by the enemy to thwart your joy and rob you of who you are in Me.

“Erin, you are a daughter of the King and a Bride. You are royalty and belong here in Heaven.  Do not be robbed or deceived.  Remember, ask, seek and knock.  I also saw you looking around outside.  You laughed with joy at seeing the cattle on the hills.”

Me: “Lord, then You saw me the whole time?  This is in the Psalms!  Psalm 50 was in my petition.”

Jesus: “Erin, are you asking?”

Me: “Yes, Lord, I am.”

Jesus: “Then this is granted.  Believe it.  Now I have more to show you, but this is enough for today.  You are loved.”

Me: “I love You, Lord.  Thank You for dinner.”

Jesus: “Oh, this is not over…”

Dream over…


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