Dream 218 – Jesus, Shelters and the Golden City of God

Received Saturday, October 22, 2016

Please note that this dream began on Wednesday, October 19, 2016, but was not completed until Saturday, October 22, 2016.


Dear Father,

Thank You for another beautiful fall day! The water was like glass today at the pond near our house.  Thank You for this amazing extension of all of the beautiful fall colors.  While this display of colors is very similar to Your Garden in Heaven, the fall season is very short here in comparison.

Thank You for my family and friends. Father, bless them abundantly for their kindness and support through prayers.  I am still in awe over all of this and this sometimes just does not even seem real to me.

This season, I have been bothered over the increasingly corrupt state of our world. The Holy Spirit in me has called me to pray and intercede about the great division that is occurring and accelerating.  This is all so historic.

I have had several troubling dreams about North America and the Middle East. No matter the outcome of the election on November 8th, 2016, the nation and world will be affected.  The scales over the United States have been weighed disproportionally heavily on one side and judgment is soon to come.

In reality, it is already there now as allowed by You, Father. Last election, instead of making my own selection, I prayed for the Lord to reveal which candidate would result in Jesus coming for us sooner.  Based on His answer, that is how I voted in the last election.

However, this time I see You coming at the same time either way I vote and that, no matter what, there will be trouble arising from this election. Either way, I still see civil unrest and gangs, as well as militia uprising.  I see the one side accusing the other side of doing the very thing they are doing themselves.

Years ago, I was head of public relations for an organization. No matter what the hard truth was, how bad tasting, unpalatable or hard to swallow it was, I was told to spin the truth and make it easier for people to swallow.  I basically “sugar coated” disgusting facts so that people would accept a certain way of thinking.

I was now a ‘baby’ Christian at the time, so none of this sat well with me. As a result, I only lasted about six months at this job and that was all that I could take.  I just felt so sick about the process, policy and the ‘spinning’.

I quickly found out in dealing with news agencies on the west coast that, in order to have them turn the attention to your cause, you must have a good spin and that it be something exciting or different. Mind you, this was 22 years ago, but I also remembered that we had to keep stories positive no matter what.

We also had to be truthful for the most part, but we also had to downplay the bad to minimize fear. Now, however, nothing seems to be downplayed and the media feeds on the appetites of our fear.  The problem is that no one is there to hold anyone accountable.  It is a system run by popular opinion and it is becoming worse.

Father, what is truth? Jesus was asked this by Pilate.

“Pilate therefore said to Him, ‘Are You a King then?’ Jesus answered, ‘You say rightly that I am a King.  For this cause I was born, and for this cause I have come into the world, that I should bear witness to the truth.  Everyone who is of the truth hears My voice.’  Pilate said to Jesus, ‘What is truth?’  And when he had said this, he went out again to the Jews and said to them, ‘I find no fault in Him at all.’” (John 18:37-38)

Father, Jesus was innocent, but people hated Him for it and He was rejected. Before Pilate washed his hands from making a judgment, he asked Jesus, ‘Are You the King of the Jews?’ (18:33). Jesus then replied (18:34), ‘Are you saying this on your own, or did others tell you about Me?’  Jesus wanted to know what Pilate believed even though Jesus already knew.

Father, I might be wrong, but it seems to me that Jesus wanted to know if Pilate was going to just formulate a judgment based on rumors or based on actual evidence. The world is once again a very treacherous place, where truth is no longer popular and no one wants to be unpopular.

Father, as You know, I have been under unfair attacks constantly during my lifetime, but especially since I became a Christian. For years, I have spent so much of my time proving that I am fit to be a mother, fit to be a Christian witness and even fit to be worthy of Your gifts and miracles.

I am at odds with the world because I have stood for truth. Recently, I have even chosen to stop my injury disability claim because I am tired of being a slave to a corrupt system.  Even with indisputable evidence of my injury, they have tried to discredit me and leave me with unpaid medical bills.

Now, and as of today, I no longer have approved medical care or disability income to fall back on. Father, I did everything You instructed me to do, so I am now completely in Your care.  However, I decided that I would rather be in Your care than the care of a corrupt organization.  Father, I need You. Lord, now, and more than ever, we need You!

Father, I do not know what You are about to do or when, but I pray it involves healing as I certainly could use this. I pray You will do something with all of us who diligently look to You in all that we do.

I sometimes wonder what could ever make the Jews jealous of us gentiles. As I see it, there is nothing for them to be jealous of us for.  Christians have mostly been the subject of scorn and controversy.  Usually this is deserved too.

We, as Christians, are mean to each other and we, as believers, pick and choose which of God’s commandments and laws we will observe and obey. As Christians, and I too am guilty of this, we select items from the Bible that we choose to adopt and live by.  These items are usually selected from the New Testament as long as they are easy and comfortable.

We even sometimes make up our own rules, argue points and make excuses as to why we allow this and exclude that. This goes on and on and this is all horrible, really.  So Father, why use us for anything?  I do not currently see our use to the Jewish people and certainly they do not see our use either.

However, there must be something in us that makes You delight in us, even though I do not see it.  Some days, I feel like I too order off of Your menu, as if I can choose this or that item because I like it, and then I see the other items and think, ‘Okay, I will choose that tomorrow.’

Well, today, I choose from the dessert menu and I believe I will eat every item! To me, dessert is Heaven, the main course menu is life and the appetizers are the beginning with God and Jesus, the Word of God and history.

I have always been more of an appetizer and dessert person. I often feel I could even skip the entire main course menu, as well as the sides.  To me, it sometimes seems that the main course includes the meat, or our flesh, and that the side dishes include our loads, such as sins and burdens, which accompany the meat.

Perhaps I am just hungry today for more of You, Father. Sometimes I question my worth to You.  When I think of all that the Jewish people have accomplished, their practice of worship and continued steadfast following of the Torah, well, if I did the same for You because of Jesus, who knows where I would be today?

I just know that I am a basic Christian consumer of God’s menu. I want to eat everything on the menu, but I still have not tried all that You have to offer.

Forgive me for staying in a ‘rut’ at times and remaining stagnant in my routine as I want so much to do Your Will, Father, in all that I do. My dreams recently have been strange and I recall one from two nights ago.

Dream 1 description begins…

I was walking in a city with a hill which sloped to a waterfront area. It was at night and I was walking on dark wet pavement as it had just rained.  The area I was walking in appeared to be like a university campus of sorts.  It seems as if I had been in this city before and was somewhere on the east coast, perhaps Portland, Maine or Boston.

The city was darker than normal and the only thing seeming to light the area were these shanty structures. The streets were lined with thin walled temporary shacks.  I saw growing lights from candles within them.  On each shack, there was writing, and I saw Scripture verses.

Some seemed to be from the New Testament, but mostly from the Old Testament. Soon, my ‘ah-ha moment’ occurred when I saw Hebrew lettering on one.  Oh right, of course, this is the Feast of Tabernacles or Sukkot, the very time we are in now.

However, this looked to be at a different time and, based on the overall surroundings of the city, it seemed to be another time in the future. There were people coming in and out of various shelters, but I realized that they were actually living here and that this was a semi-permanent dwelling situation.

I became really sad and concerned as the weather was soon to change and I knew that these shelters would never hold up. As I walked, no one knew I was there.  I walked by at least a thousand shelters unnoticed.  However, this all changed when I suddenly heard a man’s voice as he came up to me.

Man: “I know you.  There is nothing to see here.  You need to leave.”

As this man approached me, his face became twisted and hideous. I chose not to even address him at all.  He started to make lewd advances towards me, but somehow he was not allowed to come near me.

Man: “Come into my shelter.”

As I walked up the hill past him, he continued to heckle about all the things he wanted to do to me and they were all quite inappropriate. As I continued to walk up the hill, I looked back briefly to see that these thin walled shanties had an entire army of demonic activity overhead.

I had not seen this as I was walking by, so I now stopped and lifted my hands to God. I prayed for the Jewish people in this shanty town for God’s protection and shelter.  I then saw these black figures gather over them.  I suddenly realized that my prayers to God were actually now making it so that these entities were going to destroy the shanties.

Me: “Father, You are more powerful than these.  Please protect these people here as they continue to love You.”

As I prayed, I looked from side to side and I saw that others were praying with me at the same time. I then saw something like Heaven open and the demonic presence fled.  In a blink, they were gone.  When the sun came, I could hear cheering.

Dream 1 description over…

Dream 2 description begins…

I was in a city in western United States that seemed to be Salt Lake City, Utah. One half of the area was unlivable and the other half of the area seemed to thrive.  It seemed as if the city had been divided due to some disaster that took out half of it.  It was a sunny day and it seemed like spring time as it neared summer.

In this uninhabitable area, there stood a home that was incredible. It was European in design, perhaps similar to French or English country.  It had many rooms and it was equipped with incredible features, such as an infinity pool, spa, tennis court, basketball court with a gym and on and on.

The problem was that the home was surrounded by dirt and concrete and there was no greenery anywhere. The home was for sale at a very low price.  However, investors were afraid to purchase the home.

I was friends with a young couple who could not afford any of the homes elsewhere, but they could afford this particular one due to the low price. They asked me to get an appointment for them with an agent, whom I also knew.

I contacted the agent and the agent was soon giving me a tour of this home. It was beautiful, but, as we walked through it, the agent started downplaying the house.

Agent: “I must confess to you that this home purchase would come with major problems.”

Me: “I am not sure what you mean.  Please explain.”

Agent: “First off, I have shown this home to several potential buyers.  Each one is excited about the prospect of owning such a home, but there are many problems.”

Me: “You are trying to discourage me.  Why?”

Agent: “Look!  The Salt Lake has risen and nothing green can be planted here.”

Me: “Okay, yes, I know about the lake, but the city is right there and has been for a while.”

Agent: “Yes, but most built above the city and not on the ground.”

As we continued to walk through this home, I noticed that it really did have everything anyone could want.

Me: “I must admit that I hate this location.  I would shelter inside this place, but I would not like being so close to the city.”

Agent: “You mean the lake, right?”

Me: “No, the city.  Now, what happened here?  Why has this home not sold?  It has everything and the price is really inexpensive.”

Agent: “Hmm, there are better and more comfortable places on the mountains or in the city.”

I could tell that the agent was having a hard time explaining why this was not a good property.

Me: “I think we will make an offer.”

Agent: “You cannot.  You do not understand what this will do.”

Me: “Okay, enlighten me.  The truth is that this is a beautiful home.  In order to discourage buyers, someone has poured bags of rock salt in a circle around the green landscape.  Someone has drawn a line in the sand.  I would prefer that my friends would purchase away from all of this, but this home is incredible, yet so many of you live in fear of it.”

Agent: “I will talk to the seller.  Your buyer might have missed the closing date.”

The agent was clearly uncomfortable with all of this.

Me: “Well, I know the seller, so I will bypass you completely.”

The agent stormed out in a huff, but also seemed relieved. I went back to the young couple to report on all of this.

Me: “The home is yours if you want it, but I am not sure I would want to be near that city.”

Man: “I do not want to give up on the home.  It is worth it.”

Woman: “Once they see us happy there, more will come.”

Me: “I pray for God to protect you.  The agent fought me even though she had a gaining interest to sell it.  However, for those with no interest, I am not sure that they will come.”

Man: “They will come.  I just know they will.”

I hugged the couple and contacted the seller directly. He was overjoyed at the prospect of this couple.  Indeed, he was so overjoyed that he removed the loan and gave the home to them for nothing.  I became very happy for this couple as I talked to the seller.

Me: “So this couple will be the missionary to the ‘western Dead Sea’?”

Seller: “Erin, I lead those where they should go.  When they find a home, the home that I appoint, than do I not I allow them to bloom where they are planted?  Have faith.”

Just then, I looked over the area and saw that the home now had green grass and lush foliage. It was so beautiful that it brought people to where the couple lived.  There was now green grass in place of the salt.

Dream 2 description over…

Dream 3 description begins…

Father, the dream I had from last night troubled me. I saw a massive wall and, on this wall, something was written in several different languages.  These seemed to be various curses, but I could only recognize ‘Mene, Mene, Tekel and Parsin’ from Daniel 5:25.

I turned away from the wall and, behind me, there were many workers and a huge stage. I could hear one man talking to another man.

Man 1: “The stage is almost set.  Are you ready?”

Man 2: “We have been waiting for this.”

I suddenly felt like I was going to be sick as this stage was on top of raw sewage, but no one else could see what I saw. I was then removed from the base of this wall and stage to a distant hill.

There was a group of us watching together and holding hands in prayer. As we watched over the area, there was like a side game in the land being controlled by these four large angels.  We observed as the angels played a game that looked a lot like a board game called ‘Risk’.

Over to the extreme opposite side of the land, I saw a multitude of demonic forces, along with humans and others. They too were playing a board game similar to ‘Risk’.  They had quite an elaborate game playing out, with various events and participants.

God’s four angels on the opposite side appeared to have the same board that the enemy had and with the same game pieces. However, the enemy did not realize that they were actually not in control of the game as the perception they had was that they had control even though they did not.

The enemy’s board game consisted of a pattern of warfare which was not difficult to detect unless one was under the enemy’s veil of deception. The enemy seemed to control technology, media and powers, with actual people controlling these strongholds over areas on their behalf.

However, the Heavenly angels had an even larger game board with many more pieces. With every move the enemy made, the angels made five moves.  We all watched in amazement at the sight.

The first Heavenly angel had the northwest quadrant, the second had the southwest, the third had the southeast and the fourth had the northeast. What we observed was playing out in an orchestrated fashion.

One of the Heavenly angels held the Scales of Judgement, while another held a plumb line. A different angel had a sort of bag that contained all types of entities allowed to inflict the land.  I saw various creatures released from the bag at strategic times, but then later brought back into the bag.

A different angel had the power to shake the ground, call down weather events and open the storehouses of hail, wind and snow. All of this was directed by God in Heaven.

As we continued to watch, the massive wall crumbled due to the sewage eroding it from the ground up. The land then started to shake uncontrollably.  One side of the land rose up and tipped into the sea.  I then saw homes split into two and each home became divided.

I saw fear as people turned on each other. In the meantime, the land had been given over to some with vested interest in her destruction, yet all in the guise of peace.  The land was divided as a house divided cannot stand.  We continued to pray for the cursed land from our vantage point.

Dream 3 description over…

Father, some of these meanings seem obvious to me, but You are more wise than I am. Please reveal to me what You wish to reveal and reserve the rest for another time.

I love You! I know the time is coming, the time of greater division, and not just for Israel, Lord, but also for America.  In my heart, I feel that the United States is a modern day Babylon.  There are too many indicators that she is and I am so disturbed by all of this.

I know that You have unleashed the ‘bull’ on the land and that it is a distraction from what is happening behind the scenes. I see the enemy focusing on this untamed outrageous bull, but ignoring the unbelievable things occurring under our very noses by the enemy.

Look at what is happening to Israel right now. Look at what is surrounding her.  Is anyone watching the movements of those currently in power here or there?  This seemed to be reflected in one of my dreams from earlier in the week.

Dream 4 description begins…

I saw two cows facing away from each other and standing rear to rear. One was a cow set up for dairy milk and the other cow was set up for meat and tagged for slaughter.  In this field, there was another cow sleeping and unaware of what was happening.

At the opposite end of this massive field, I then saw a bunch of men. Some of these men were Jewish and some were gentile.  These men were casting their foreheads upon this scrawny goat that I recognized as the scapegoat.

I watched this lineup of men go to this scrawny goat and yell at and appear to cast their sins upon this goat. This was not exactly fun to watch as this animal was clearly shaken.  As I observed this practice of casting off the sins to the goat, the goat then turned into this red bull.  However, the bull was not red like a bright red, but rather a dark mahogany red.  Regardless, the bull was still red.

The bull began to kick up dirt and it covered those casting their sins off. As the men shook off the dirt, more dirt came until each realized that this dirt was not going anywhere.  The bull then used its horns to shred the clothes used in the ceremony and appeared to have white clothes tied on its horns.

The bull’s horns was not tearing up the men, but just their clothing, thereby exposing their nakedness. I then saw these naked men fighting amongst themselves and blaming each other.  Meanwhile, the bull then went the other direction to rest.

The bull then became tired of the sounds of the fighting men and returned to them with a branch. The bull then extended the branch to the men and left, but not before kicking up even more dirt.

Dream 4 description over…

Father, it was difficult to see the events in this dream as there was so much powdery dirt. You stirred up this dream to me yesterday while I was driving home.  On a farm up the road, I literally saw two opposite facing cows and one sleeping.  I was not in a position to pull over and take a photo, but I wished I had as this was Your reminder to recall this dream today.

I have been so bothered at the events on the news that I can no longer watch it as I simply do not believe what we are told anymore. There is so much news happening which is not being reported on as well.  It is actually this news not reported that is the important news.

Father, I then heard You say to me, ‘Do not worry!’, so I will try my best to give everything to You. Please keep the enemy far removed from us.  Thank You, Father, for sheltering us during Sukkot.  I have never felt closer to You, so thank You!

Jesus: “Erin, come up.”

I am up in God’s Garden on His overlook of the beautiful valley. It is still dawn and I laughed as I have no sense of time here.  Was this all in one day or is each a separate dawn?  I guess it simply does not matter because it does not add to the experience here.  The beauty is even greater than the day before, but equally as incredible.

Me: “I cannot wait to see You, Lord, as I have so many questions.”

I ran to drink the water from the bubbling spring at the rock. For some reason, I decided to look at this ‘fountain’ even more carefully this time.

When I lived in Bend, Oregon, several homes had these tall columns of rock drilled for hoses and hooked up to a pump and water source. When you turn off the water, you can clearly see the tube in the rock and that the pump is usually located in the small pool nearby which circulates the water through the rock and back.

However, as I looked at this spring in God’s Garden, there was no plastic tube and there was no pool either. The water just went under the ground and watered the grass and flowers surrounding it.

After I had taken several handfuls of water, and I do not know why I decided this was a good idea but I guess I did, I took my finger and tried to stop up the flow of the water. Water instantly sprayed everywhere and all over me.  Then the hole covered up and the water was gone.  I looked all over for the water, but it was now gone.

Me: “Oh no, Father, I am so sorry.  I just wanted to see…  Oh, I am beyond repair.  I am still thirsty, so please bring back the water.  I am so sorry.”

I then felt a hand on my shoulder and there was Uriel. His arms were light-heartedly crossed and he was laughing.

Uriel: “Hmm, it seems like we have seen this behavior from you before up here.  I think a certain girl had also stained God’s doorstep blue before.”

Me: I hung my head and smiled.  “Yes…”  I kept my head down.  “It was me.  I confess I did it!  I did all of it.”

Uriel: Smiling.  “Erin, look!”

He pointed over to the rock and it was flowing with water again.

Uriel: Smiling and laughing.  “Now, do not try to stop the flow.  This spring is for your refreshment.  This is not something you want to stop, right?”

Me: “Oh no, not at all.”

Uriel: “This water brings life and is good to drink, so do not reject what is good to drink, right?  This is neither like an earthly fountain nor is it like a mountain spring.  This comes from the River of God which is the River of Life.  Now that your garments are dry and your body refreshed, the King requests your presence.  The King is in the field.”

I looked at my clothes and saw that my white tunic, pants and beautiful sandals were now all dry again.

Me: “I would love to see the Lord.”

I saw Uriel motion for me to climb up on his horse. In a blink of an eye, we were over the valley and flying toward the sun in the eastern sky.  The valley was filled with trees of all types.  I saw fruit bearing trees, pine trees or coniferous trees, maple-like trees, elms, eucalyptus and other trees like that.

It was all so incredibly beautiful that tears fell down my cheeks. In the distance, I saw the Golden City of God.  It was like a modern city and ancient city combined.  We came close enough that I could see the magnitude of the size.  I do not know how to describe the size, but I can possibly tell you about the layers I could see.  Anyway, I will try.



The City area was so massive that, if you took the skylines of seventy of the most beautiful cities on Earth, you would almost have this Heavenly skyline. You would then have to take these buildings and give them gold-crystal glass with metal of bronze in beautiful designs and high tech.

You also then have the ‘Mansion Room’ buildings surrounding the inner Garden that surrounds God’s Throne. His Throne is a cathedral in itself, with chambers for angelic choirs and music.  The area surrounding the Throne is the blue Sea of Glass.

There are columns framing the area and the ceiling has glass so clear that it is both open and closed. This is hard to explain though as I do not fully understand this.

The area of the Garden is massive. It is like a country the size of half of California.  There are lush garden forests, waterfalls, lakes and galleries and celebration areas.  I somehow believed that this park was the size of the Garden of Eden.

The park was beautifully manicured and I saw people having fun and fellowship there. I could not see God though as, quite literally, the area of the Throne was as bright as the sun.  The reflection of the light off of these gold glass towers was absolutely breathtaking.

The streets seemed to be made of golden ‘Jerusalem-stone’ pavers? There was marble with gold, veins of gold or all gold.  Okay, I simply do not have a way to describe it, but these ‘Streets of Gold’ are really made of gold.  However, none of this was tacky at all, but all was natural and beautifully God designed.

There was a river running from the Throne to the layer of villages, mansions and gardens. This was the River of Life and it fed four other rivers and these surrounded the Inner Garden and Courts.  These rivers then branched out and fed the quadrants of the City.

These rivers then extended beyond the city and fed the other rivers, lakes and oceans. Every river comes from the River of Life and the River of Life comes directly from the Throne.  All life begins with God!  The River of Life is so beautiful that it is indescribable!

The outer areas surrounding the Throne were also incredible. There were campus-like areas with record rooms like libraries.  These too were high tech like areas, but also so difficult to understand in order to describe.

There were areas of commerce with quaint shops and activities, all with incredible food and music and all worshipping and celebrating life, eternal life, because of God and always praising Him. The City is like a Temple of Worship to God, yet it was created for us because God delights in us.  There were angels there too and it was all so incredible.

As Uriel flew over these areas, I just wept. Under my breath and on my lips, I could not help but thank God for all of this.  I became so overjoyed at the happiness here.  I was overwhelmed as Uriel then flew up north and then turned southwest.

I could see the area platform where new saints were arriving daily and loved ones were greeting them. The joy was overwhelming even as I write.

After a while, Uriel flew to the fields of flowers and, there in the distance, was Jesus. I waved at Him as Uriel landed.  I quickly kissed his horse and thanked Uriel, but then I ran to Jesus as fast as I could.  He had His arms open as I raced to embrace Him.

Jesus: “Erin, why are you crying?”

Me: “I am overwhelmed at this place.  I am in awe and I pray I make it here, Lord.”

Jesus: Laughing.  “Erin, why do you doubt your place here?  You have seen your Home here and even your chamber, or condo…”  He laughed.  “…in the City.  Why would I show you something and remove it?  If you do nothing more than sit at home until I come for you, then you, at the least, have this, right?”

Me: “Yes, Lord, forgive me.”

Jesus: “Do not be downcast, Erin, but rather rejoice.  Now, I see your clothing is dry.  Why did you try to stop the bubbling spring?”

He was laughing as He lifted up my head to look at Him.

Me:  Sheepishly smiling.  “Yes, Lord, Uriel already lectured me on this.”

Just then, Uriel flew over our heads and waved. Both Uriel and Jesus were laughing.

Me: “I am sorry.  I do not even know why I did it.  I was fascinated by the technology, or perhaps I should call it ‘God-tech’.”

Jesus: Laughing.  “God-tech?  Yes, I think that this is a great way to describe the indescribable.”

Me: “This whole place, all of heaven, is God-tech.  Really, all of the Universe and the Earth is too.”

Jesus: “Well, like the River of Life, all things under the sun originate from My Father on the Throne.”

Me: “Yes, but the Earth seems void of God now.  It seems more like ‘evil-tech’ is everywhere there now.  Of course this excludes our new tower from You, Lord.  As of yesterday, we finally have communication.  Thank You.”

Jesus: “You are welcome.  Soon though, you will no longer need a tower to communicate as I will be your Strong Tower.”  He smiled and laughed.  “Now come and take My hand.”

Immediately, we were on a hill overlooking Jerusalem and the Dome of the Rock. There I saw the Wailing Wall.  The city was beautiful, but old.   In contrast, it was nothing like the Golden City of God, but yet it was similar in some ways.

Me: “Lord, I see some shelters.  Is this time now?  Is this Sukkot?”

Jesus: “While this is a very important time, there is often so much ceremony that the foundations behind this festival are lost.”

Me: “I have learned a lot from this time we are in.  I do not think I have ever followed it.”

Jesus: “This is a time for all people to draw near to Me.  You are correct in your thoughts about the Jewish people being jealous of the gentiles for nothing.  This is correct, but a time is coming which will change this.

“When God’s chosen people wandered in the desert, there were so many signs and wonders. All of the needs of the people were taken care of.  Even their clothing and shoes were never worn out in forty years.  However, in spite of everything, they are looking not for Me, but for another savior.

“So the time has come again, for it is written, ‘Behold, I make a covenant: before all your people I will do marvels, such as have not been done in all the earth, nor in any nation – and all the people among whom you are shall see the work of the Lord – for it is an awesome thing that I will do with you.’ (Exodus 34:10)

“Although the covenant is with them, it is also with you. Now, I am about to do something in your days you would not believe even if you were told.  It comes from Me.  All good gifts come from God.

“Like you were shown today, the path of the River of Life, it begins from the Throne. It then goes out from there and flows into many outlets.  You tried to stop the small spring today, but you could not stop something already in motion, understand?”

Me: “Yes, Lord.”

Jesus: “Now, this is the City of Seven Hills.  Not towers, but hills.  It is a blessed city, but there are things hidden as her enemies advance, assisted by ‘the country in the west’.  There are leaders making deals behind closed doors, but the ceiling in their dwelling are of glass.  The glass ceiling has been reached and destruction has come upon the distant cursed land.”

Me: “Lord, will the ‘bull’ become the leader?”

Jesus: “It matters not.  However, you have only to see how many are against this one to realize how afraid the enemy is.  The very thing you are accused of is often what the other is guilty of.

“Now, this is like the time when Pilate asked Me, ‘what is truth?’ You have seen the masking of truth.  Why do people become so angry at the evidence of healing, miracles and the good from My hands?”

Me: “I do not know.  Perhaps it is because they cannot believe it?”

Jesus: “No.  It is because they did not like Me to begin with.  I did not look right.  I caused them to be jealous of Me because I claimed to be who I am.  I know it was because they wanted what I was able to do and they enjoyed their ceremony.

“If I had come only to them and gave them enhanced powers and miracles, oh yes, and if I had rode in on a white horse with a crown, then this might have been easier for them to accept. However, I came from Nazareth and was conceived in an unexpected way.

“I came from humble beginnings. I had brothers and sisters and they knew others who knew me.  They also did not like who I associated with and even who I healed.  Then, as a Jew, I healed on the Sabbath.  I was unacceptable to them.”

Me: “Is this why You did this, Lord?  You are amazing.  This, however, well, I often feel like I am a person not worthy of such things.  I pray though, Lord, that You find me worthy to use.  Please do not just let me sit at home and wait for You to come for us.  I pray You will use me and, really, so many of us pray for this.”

Jesus: “Erin, you are seeing a great deception happening in the world right now.  I will equip you to stand.  You will have no need to worry.  I have not abandoned you.  I am about to do something in your days that you would not believe even if you were told.

“I have heard your cries. I will provide for your every need.  I am your shelter and cover.  I am your strong tower.  Now, do not be afraid.  I am the one who disposes kings and, others, I raise up.”

Me: “So, is this like the time of Noah?”

Jesus: “It is also like the time of Pilate.  There is nothing new under the sun, yet I can do a new thing here.”  He smiled.

Me: “Yes, Lord, You can still do this within the confines of Scripture.”

Jesus: “A house divided cannot stand, so I will not go against My Words.”  He smiled.  “This is enough for today.  I love you, Erin.”

Me: “I love You, Lord.”

I hugged Him.

Jesus: “Do not forget that I will deliver you from your troubles in a single day.”

Me: “I think I see this beginning.”

Jesus: “No, Erin, in a single day, all will be removed.”  He smiled.

Dream over…


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