Dream 271 – Walking with Jesus to a Special Ceremony

Received on Wednesday, December 27, 2017, Posted January 2, 2018


Dear Father,

Thank You for another day here! Today marks the end of our 40th month in the ‘Land of the Trees’! Thank You for all that we have. Thank You for my dear family and friends. Thank You for warmth and running water. Thank You for lights.

It is bitter cold today – minus 27 with the wind chill approaching minus 40. The cold is making my bones ache to the very core. My poor dog, Zoey, couldn’t even make the journey upstairs from the basement on her own. She had to be carried up as she is in a great deal of pain from the cold as well.

Today is a big day! We just completed 40 months of being here, tucked away in the trees. At one point in my previous dreams, You had informed me of when I had reached the 40 month mark of being ‘trapped’ in the desert. This ‘new marker’ has now arrived, but for our time here of rest, yet also of unrest.

In reality, it still sometimes feels as if I have been in the desert my entire life. In particular, it feels as if I have been in the desert for the 40 years or so since I had reached my ‘age of accountability’. Even though I am not certain that this could somehow fall into a particular ‘divine pattern’, You know and that is all that is important.

One thing I do know for certain is that I no longer feel as if I belong here on Earth anymore. I do not fit in. This is not my true home. In reality, Earth is more of a battlefield to me than anything else. This is the place where those that You have called are prepared by fire and chastisement in order to later be ready for Your purposes.

Yes, this is painful, and ‘even unto death’, but, make no mistake, we have not been called for this time to ‘be in comfort’. We are being called out by You, Father, to even do things we do not want to do, especially if we still want to remain in our ‘secure comfortable positions’.

I cannot help but feel that You have even started making my ‘comfortable eagle’s nest’ here ‘unbearable’. However, I also know that You would only be doing this in order to prepare us ‘for flight’. I must admit that I too like my comfortable chair, as well as my ‘comfortable routine’. This works quite well for me right now as I am often in pain.

I can also tell that You are, ‘bit-by-bit’, readying all of us to soon embark on an epic adventure with You. You are closing doors and opening other doors. You are cutting off those who have cursed us and I just know in my heart that You are about to bring them low.

You are also pruning back dying branches and limbs off of the trees. You are doing this so that these trees, when they awake again in the spring, will no longer have burdensome growths.

I had never really heard about ‘winter pruning’ before, but this is a real thing done agriculturally. However, I now also believe that this applies to the times we are in right now. Thank You for preparing us for this as we are too weak to do any of this on our own strength. We only succeed as You allow us to succeed.

I had a brief vision this morning. In this vision, I saw angels pruning trees in a snowy landscape. I watched as these angels removed dead and diseased branches. They then carefully shaped the sleeping trees using meticulous pruning.

When I came out of the vision, I felt that I was to then look up even more on how ‘winter pruning’ is practiced here on Earth. This is what I found in the Farmer’s Almanac…

In winter, dead and diseased branches are pruned out first. Overgrowth is then removed, including some of the smaller branches. This is done in order to increase light and air to the ‘crown’ of the tree.

Oh Father, if there is still anything left in me that needs pruning, then please ‘prune away’. Please forgive my trespasses so that my vessel will soon be completely ready for Your purposes.

December has been a tough month for me, a month with great loss and sorrow. I have lost family due to death, but also due to ‘offense’ then taken against me. I have also lost friends in a similar manner. These losses are hard on me. They take a toll.

Compounding all of this is the belief I have that the hearts of those I come into contact with here locally are continuing to grow colder every day. People that used to be genuinely warm and friendly at the store, the post office and the bank, but really almost everywhere these days, seems to have been replaced with an odd coldness.

Yes, there are still smiles and small talk, but these no longer seems genuine, warm or heartfelt. Warmth of any kind simply seems to be fading rapidly. It seems as if the atmosphere, at least in a spiritual sense, has changed even more quite recently.

Father, I must also admit to You that I don’t even enjoy these dreams with You as much as before. It is not because of You as You are absolutely perfect and wonderful, it is because You are now showing me difficult things, such as measuring lines, walls, corridors, treacherous bridges, wet dank dark basements and pure evil.

Back in December of 2012, You had told me that a decree had been sent out into the world and that an army of evil spirits were released to come upon the people of this land, but really everywhere else as well. Father, I believe that You allowed this demonic army to come against the world in order to separate the goats from the sheep.

Hearts have grown colder and colder ever since, but even more so recently. Things that used to be considered unacceptable in society have quickly changed to now being so acceptable that none of us are even allowed to stand against it or even complain.

There are now so many religions, sexual perversions and criminal activities allowed, if not even encouraged, that it is nearly impossible for me to list them all. I can always tell when these are from the enemy as the fruits that come from them are all the very opposite of ‘The Fruits of the Spirit’.

It is as if all of Your laws, including Your 10 Commandments, now have so many exclusions and side notes added that they have morphed into ‘blurred lines’. I feel that the 10 commandments will soon be a distant memory and that many will really have no other choice than to adhere to the religious rules and practices of the ‘invading armies’.

Even the nightly news is no longer ‘just news’. The news now contains speculation and forecasting, all in an effort to try to sway viewers towards their ‘controller’s beliefs’. Mergers of mega-corporations are also quietly happening and we have no say. I truly believe that these mergers will become ‘quite disturbing’ for all of us very soon.

The news now also shows an increasing trend towards reporting crimes ‘between races’. I believe that this is happening more often as ‘they’ are trying to pit races against each other. In the end, I believe that this is all happening so that they can create even greater fears and an ‘us vs. them’ mentality. It is working!

Yes, all things once considered good are now being reported as bad and all things once considered bad are now being reported as good. As just one example, public prayer to God is now unacceptable even though public prayer and meditation to other gods, and even to one’s ‘own self’, is now perfectly acceptable.

There is also a longtime trend happening that seems to allow Muslims to oppose anything they want. However, and at the same time, anything related to Jesus is now equated to being of a narrow view full of hate. That’s right – all of us who love Jesus are now being equated as ‘haters’. The founders of this great country would be horrified!

Well, Father, I believe that, in a way, they are partially correct here. Since I hate the sins of this world because of You, I guess I would also now be classified as a ‘hater’. I must admit that I hate the evil of all of the sin that is now so readily acceptable. The blurring of truth, especially Your Commandments and laws, seems to now be here to stay. There is no going back!

I never thought I would ever see this happen, yet here it is. It is horrible. Our teenagers and our young adults seem easier to influence than ever Please help us to keep Your truth, Your Word, Your Bible, close to our hearts. The tablets of this world, technology and the internet, is now the only tablets on so many of their hearts. This is so unholy!

There are so many days in which I find all of this so difficult to stand against. Since my health is poor now, I simply can’t. As a result, Father, I have become increasingly discouraged.

Please speak Your truth loudly to those of us that You have called. Please do not let Your sheep follow goats as this will lead to our certain death. Please keep our ears open to Your Shepherd’s Call, the One True Shepherd, Jesus.

I love You so much, Father, and I ask that You please strengthen us soon so that we can stand against the ever growing coldness of this world. While it is not in our hearts to offend, simply loving You, Father, now offends so many people on a daily basis.

Please help us to not obey the demands of man, but only to hear Your voice and obey Your instructions. Strengthen all of my friends that hear from You and help them to stand against the evil voices of the many enemies who are against us.

Please help me to have grace for those ‘friends’ who will only love me if I meet their specific conditions. Since I do not bend to their will, only Your Will, please protect me from their resulting attacks when they then become offended by me because of You.

Instead of chasing after You for reconciliation and healing, so many are now becoming comfortable in their bitterness. They are becoming comfortable in their offense! In a way, I now see December 2017 as a ‘Month of Offense’! The bitter cold in the air seems to now be translating to bitter cold against all of us whom love You with all of our hearts.

At around 3:15am last night, I awoke suddenly to the sound of a knock on our door. Since there was no one there, not at our room door or even at the front door, I soon figured out that this was You in the supernatural. Since I knew that You must have woken me up for a purpose, I went back to bed and prayed to You as I laid there.

Tears started to run down my cheeks as the pain in my body soon became more and more intense. My pain especially increased in my lower back and hip areas. I started to pray for so many things, including things that I have prayed for before…

Oh Father, please bless our households. Please heal our children. Please forgive me for becoming grumpy at times from all of this pain. While I know in my heart that You are using this pain to get me to exactly where You want me to be, this pain is also making it extremely difficult to be joyful.

Thank You, Father, for these 40 months of ‘rest’, yet ‘unrest’ at the same time, here in ‘The Land of the Trees’. Thank You for bringing my husband to me as he is also my best friend. He was sent by You and is an unbending lover and defender of these dreams. He cares so much for each in our household and is a wise and patient man.

I am also making a special prayer to You today that You will soon bless my husband greatly. Without his service, his great zeal for Your heart and his constant encouragement for me to continue, I would surely have quit these dreams a long time ago, even if not just from the frustration from all of this pain.

Oh Father, please bless and heal all of us soon. So many of us are struggling with the weight of this world. We chase You, Father, and we love You so, so very much!

After praying for all of the above, the Lord then put me into a deep slumber. The dream I subsequently had was incredibly clear and was filled with such hope and beauty…

Dream 1 description begins…“ Walking with Jesus to a Special Ceremony”…

I was in a snowy clearing surrounded by a landscape of the most beautifully lit trees I have ever seen! I went over to one of the trees and closely inspected the lights. While this would be impossible on Earth, what I saw was truly incredible.

There were no strings of lightbulbs and no extension cords. The lights were literally coming from the blossoms and the leaves of the trees and bushes. The blossoms glowed in the light of pinks and whites. The lights were warm and inviting and were all around me. It was impossibly God and only by His Great and Wonderful Works!

I looked down and saw that the ground was covered in snow. I picked up a handful of the snow and it was fresh and light. However, here is the neat part. The snow was not cold to the touch at all and I was comfortably warm in this snowy ‘wonder-scape’!

D271 Pic 1

The clearing I was approaching was round and had a fountain in the middle of it. A path led to it and then away from it. While impossible to describe, the fountain had frozen plumes of water, yet this frozen water still somehow continued to cascade! Within these frozen plumes were layer after layer after layer of amazing colors and lights.

I then saw these tiny birds of white with feathers of silver and wings of gold all around me. They sang such a beautiful song that tears started to stream down my cheeks. They were tears of joy and I smiled as I continued to look all around me.

As I came nearer to the fountain, I could hear the sound of bells. This was then followed by a loud trumpet sound. Once the trumpet sounded, these beautiful birds, now hundreds of them, suddenly took flight and hovered in the sky just above me.

I then became even more excited about what more I would see down the path, so I started to walk past the right side of the fountain. As I walked, I heard a choir of angels being accompanied by a heavenly orchestra of ‘epic proportions’. The sweetest mixture of ‘Pachelbel Canon in D major’ and ‘The Bittersweet Symphony’ filled the air.

Me: “Oh Father, I cannot even begin to describe all that I am seeing and hearing right now. This is just so wonderful and so ‘You’! This somehow even seems to have the feel of a special ceremony, perhaps even a wedding ceremony!”

My curiosity was building while I continued to walk past the fountain. Without meaning to, I momentarily caught a glimpse of my reflection in the frozen plumes. I could not believe it was me at first as I looked young again. While I was physically changed, it was still me in my heart. I just ‘appeared’ different.

I was wearing a beautiful white coat with intricate gold vines embroidered onto it. Soft fur trimmed the border of the hood, as well as the entire circumference of the coat. It was the most beautiful coat I had even seen, both on Earth as it is in Heaven…smiles!

I then noticed that, under this amazing coat, was a beautiful gown of the finest woven linen I have ever felt. Even though it was linen, it somehow was as ‘fluid’ as the finest of satins. The combination was unassuming and simple, yet classy and royal at the same time. Yes, this was something like royalty on Earth would wear, but much, much finer.

As I continued to enjoy the processional of this most amazing music, I inspected my hands. On Earth, my hands are dull and dry, but what I saw here took my breath away. My hands were beautiful and perfectly shaped. My finger nails looked like shiny pearls.

As I turned onto the path after passing the fountain, this part of the path was covered with 2 or 3 inches of soft rose pedals of every color. It was the softest of ‘carpets’, yet completely easy to walk on. The fragrance was simply amazing!

As I looked ahead of me on the path, I could see angels lining the path. The angels were holding swords and held them up in such a manner as to form an elegant canopy over my head. I felt so safe and secure as I walked under this amazing canopy.

After I walked through this canopy of swords, there were even more angels lining the path, but now they were holding trumpets. As I walked past, each trumpet would start up and play in unison with the previous trumpet.

I then became excited as I realized that a few of the angels playing the trumpets were actually ones that I recognized from previous dreams. I reached over and gently touched their arms as they played, but in such a way so as to not disturb their beautiful trumpeting. After I passed all of them, they all played in such beautiful unison.

I could not help but laugh because each of the angels had smiled at me as I walked by. I was also laughing because they were trying to look ‘official’ at the same time, but seemed to not be able to keep themselves from smiling. I somehow knew that this had been divinely allowed by God for my amusement and it made me so happy!

Despite my potential distraction to them, each of the angels still remained focused on their task and kept up their ‘official roles’ with the ‘utmost professionalism’. As I continued to walk down the path, I then noticed that I was now in a landscape of spring. I looked back and saw that the winter landscape was now behind me.

Even though I was still comfortable in my coat despite it now being spring, an angel motioned for me to allow him to take my coat. I let down the hood and unfastened the jeweled clasp. With the angel’s assistance, my coat was soon removed. All of this was done with such elegance that it simply defies description…yet again!

I looked up ahead of me, again in curiosity. All of this was just so much fun! I then saw a part of Jesus’ Mansion that I had never been to before! There was a massive staircase. There were many people there and they were cheering and so happy!

Me: “Lord, surely this cannot be for someone like me!” I started to cry with such joy. “I do not see myself as even deserving to be here, especially like this, yet is this really how You see me here, Lord? This is something beyond my imagination and certainly too wonderful for me. While I am just so overwhelmed with joy, I will take it!”

I continued to proceed down the path. I looked ahead and Jesus suddenly appeared. He was riding His beautiful white horse. He was in a royal attire of blue velvet, all adorned in white and gold. He had a beautiful crown of gold on His head.

As I walked towards Him, I noticed that His crown consisted of woven ‘thorns’, but where every thorn was no longer ‘sharp and pointed’ like at His crucifixion. Instead, every ‘point’ was covered in jewels. There were seven points altogether, each situated above the woven impression of His ‘thorned’ crown.

Each of these seven points also had three branches leading up to these points. Each of the three branches for each of the seven points were also covered in a jewel that somehow shined even brighter than even the highest quality of earthly diamonds.

As I came closer to Him, I gasped! Quite simply, standing before me was the most handsome ‘man’ I have EVER seen, either on Earth or in Heaven. While Jesus is always very handsome, He had somehow escalated this beyond any earthly description. The best way I can describe this is that ‘He truly took my breath away’!

He was so perfect to look upon that I did not even realize that I had now stopped walking towards Him. I simply stood there staring at Him in all of His Majesty as tears ran down my cheeks. He was smiling and laughing as He rode His horse over to where I had ‘frozen’ in such awe of Him. He dismounted His horse and looked into my eyes.

Jesus: Smiling. “Oh Erin, do not cry! Today is a special day!”

Me: “Oh Lord, I do not feel worthy of any of this. What have I done to deserve such wonderful fanfare and to be in the presence of My King?”

I looked down in reverence to Him and curtsied and bowed. I remained there for several seconds until He finally motioned for me to stand up again. He lifted my chin up so that I looked into His eyes again.

Jesus: “Well, Erin, you are worthy to Me. Though you do not see yourself as perfect to Me, you are ‘Perfectly Erin’! I have found you worthy and I delight in you. To Me, you are My queen in gold of Ophir.”

Me: “Oh, if only everyone knew how amazing You are, Lord, there would not be a single person that would not be pursuing You! Even the wealthiest of men would give all that they have just to spend a day with You. There is no one like You, Lord. There is nothing which compares to Your glory and majesty! Thank You for this moment! Thank You for my dreams with You!”

Jesus: Smiling. “So, Erin, why do you think all of this was waiting for you here today?”

Me: “I am not sure, Lord. Is it because I am one of Your Bride?”

Jesus: Laughing. “Yes, Erin, but even more than this. This is your coronation. This is your coronation as I have found you worthy to receive the crown.”

Me: “Oh Lord, there are so many weary and hopeless saints who will love knowing that You will soon be doing this for them!”

Jesus: “Yes, Erin, but many will not yet understand this as they consume My Words in part. My Words are to be consumed whole, not in parts. Someone taking in only those parts that fit into their ‘personal box’ will then rationalize away the Kingdom of Heaven, along with all My glorious gifts that I have for those I love that await them here.

“To discredit any portion of My Word is the same as discrediting My entire Word. You are here because you believe in My entire Word, the Words of Truth. You have taken hold of the promises in My Word and have etched them upon your heart.

“No matter what the ‘ruler of this world’ has thrown at you, you did not receive his lies. Even now and in great pain, you have remained steadfast to My Words and have endured. Yes, Erin, to all of those who endure, they will surely wear ‘The Crown of Life’.

“However, there are many different types of crowns. Each of these crowns tell a story. Some crowns even combine all of these! Each of you have already been given a crown or two…” He smiled. “…but soon there will be even more.”

Me: Smiling. “So, are we going to be wearing these crowns here all of the time?”

Jesus: Laughing. “Well, I do not believe that this will be necessary.” He then took His crown off. “So, Erin, am I still the King and the Bridegroom even without this crown?”

Me: Laughing. “Of course!”

Jesus: “You hear all of the negative things now spoken about the Kingdom of Heaven. Just as the world curses Me, and curses you because of Me, they also curse Paradise. They do this as they have decided that there are ‘other paths’ to ‘their heaven’.

“However, these other paths actually come from the enemy. What they do not realize is that the enemy does not delight in man at all. Far from it! The enemy hates them. As a house divided cannot stand, the enemy, along with his children, continues to punish those of you destined for the One True Heaven.

“As the enemy knows exactly what awaits the saints here in Heaven, he has created this alternate view of ‘heaven’ as a way to distract those away from what is truly waiting for them here. Now, let’s look at an example of two different farmers…

“One farmer is a man after God’s heart and is being lead down the path of the righteous by Me. He has a beautiful field, rich soil and abundant harvests. His crops are in great demand and are highly prized by those who purchase his produce. Since this farmer gives thanks to Me in all that he does, the hand of God is upon this ‘good farmer’.

“The other farmer is his neighbor and has decided to not follow the ‘good farmer’ on this righteous path. He has instead fallen away and has made it his mission to slander the ‘good farmer’, working against him constantly.

“His lies include claims that the good farmer’s produce has chemicals that will make people sick. He lies in order to discourage others from taking in the good farmer’s produce so that they will instead delight in the bad crops that are being produced on his bad fields. Do you understand?”

Me: “Yes, Lord, the enemy wants people to believe that Heaven is boring, that these crowns are burdensome and that the mansions You have built for us are pretentious, materialistic and gaudy. The enemy wants people to believe that we do nothing here in Heaven other than kneel before You and chant 24/7 for all of eternity.”

Jesus: Laughing. “Hmm, this sounds more like ‘his church on Earth’ right now, doesn’t it? Erin, this is why you are here. You are a witness to the true Kingdom of Heaven. You are spreading the ‘Good News’, the Good News that I have prepared a place for those who love Me.

“This is not a place of boredom, but a place of joy, laughter and wonder. There is no pain or bitterness here. There is no sense of loss or shame here. I have set you free and, here, you are free indeed!”

Me: “Well, Lord, while I would also love to be a heavenly travel guide, I truly love being here with You more than anything else. I am free from pain here. I am always surrounded by such incredible beauty here. There is something new here each day. I am ready for more of You each day. There is no God like You, Lord!”

Jesus: Smiling. “Very well then, come with Me!”

He took my hand and we began to walk down the path of roses. We walked together towards a special ceremony that had been prepared just for us…

Dream 1 description over…

Another knock on the door woke me up. I was understandably disappointed at the disruption as I didn’t want this dream to end. I looked around to see who had knocked, but there was no one there…again.

I knew that it was God waking me up at just the right time, but I still wanted to go back to the dream. It was 8:20am now and I felt that I was to write all of this down immediately instead. Since this had been, in a way, ‘my Psalm 45 Moment’, I decided to do just that…

Jesus: “Erin, come up.”

I was immediately standing at the door to God’s Court. I looked over and there was Uriel smiling at me.

Uriel: “God requests your presence, Erin.”

I smiled back at him and nodded that I was ready. He put salve on my eyes and brought me into God’s Court. I could hear choirs of angels singing. Their voices overlapped perfectly and were reaching higher and higher in octave.

Choir of angels: “Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord God Almighty, Who Was and Is and Is to come!”

The Throne Room was so bright today that, even with the salve on my eyes, I was unable to see anything clearly. Uriel then took me as close to God as my body was able to go when my knees started to buckle. I felt so delighted to be able to bow down before God in His presence. I lifted my hands up and praised Him.

Me: “Oh Father, please forgive me for my trespasses. I forgive those who have trespassed against me. I am sorry, Father, so sorry for my lack of faith.” I took a deep breath and exhaled. “Thank You, Father, for all that You have done for us!”

God: “Erin, you are in the times of the fulfillment of prophecies. The nations have taken their positions against Israel. While they will soon rise up in anger against Jerusalem, they will also rise up against your homeland because of their position in defending Israel. I am about to further shake the nations and humble the land.

“Do not be afraid. Understand the times that you are in right now. While you may think that which you will soon observe is unfair, know that these things must happen before ‘The Great and Horrible Day’. All will be as has been written.”

“Now, I am about to strengthen you, heal you and bring you out from the quiver that I have hidden you. Do not be afraid. The things that I have placed upon your heart is knowledge, not imagination. Write this down plainly as I give this to you.”

Me: “Yes, Father.”

God: “Dreams, visions, words of knowledge and miracles will soon increase through those whom I have called. However, some will also receive an increase in strength and abilities along with these miracles of healing and knowledge. Angels will be sent to take charge over them to protect them in all that they do. These will be your sons and your daughters, your young and your old and lame.”

Me: I hesitated. “Even…” I quickly stopped myself.

God: “Yes, Erin, even you and your household. I am about to do all that I have promised. Pray and I will answer your prayers. As soon as you call, I will answer. Now, Erin, desolation is coming to the land of Israel.”

Uriel came over and brought me to my feet.

God: “Do not worry or be afraid. Trust Me. I love you. You are the apple of My eye.”

Me: Though my knees were still shaking, I somehow managed to curtsy towards Him. “Thank You, Father.”

I heard His rolling laughter and the entire area shook.

God: “You are loved. Remember that I have sent angels from Heaven to guard you in all of your ways. Rejoice, Erin, rejoice.”

Me: “I love You, Father. Thank You!”

Uriel then brought me outside of the door to God’s Court.

Uriel: “While I must go now, Erin, you are to understand the lateness of the hour. Ready your house and do not be afraid. As God has instructed me, tell your sons that I am with them. I will instruct them as if they were from the army of God.”

Me: “With the Holy Spirit?”

Uriel: “Of course, Erin, as God is in them. Since they have been sleeping, the Holy Spirit will rise up and awaken them to the call of God.”

I looked at him with a smile, but also with ‘a thought’.

Uriel: Smiling. “Yes, Erin, your daughters also.”

I laughed as I knew that God was letting Uriel know my thoughts. I smiled again, but now with ‘a different thought’.

Uriel: “Yes, Erin, you can also assure those others who God has called that the armies of God are soon to be in service to the King.”

I laughed again, but then looked into Uriel’s eyes. He smiled back at me, but then continued to speak.

Uriel: “There has never been a time such as this. I must go, Erin, but rejoice as the Kingdom of God, the Kingdom of Heaven, is near. While your tears of pain will soon cease, you will then instead cry out for the lost.

“”When you hear and see the atrocities against the weak and, yes, even children, remember that theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven. Do not mourn for them though as they will be here wearing crowns. Mourn instead for the grieving. Mourn instead for the lowly who have lost a great light.

“Now, God has given you a flame of hope to reignite the lost. Do not be afraid…” He smiled at me. “…as the Kingdom of Heaven is coming.”

Dream over…


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