Dream 310 – You would not believe it even if you were told!

Finished on Tuesday, November 20, 2018


Dear Father,

Thank You for another day!  Thank You for my husband, our children and all of our friends.  Thank You for a safe warm home.  Thank You for keeping our trees standing after the winds.  Please keep straight our leaning trees and do not let them fall.  Father, the Nor’easter has now arrived from the south.  Because of our location, we have come used to preparing for double the snow amounts predicted.

When I woke up this morning, the snow was barely visible.  However, it soon started coming down in a horizontal direction.  Now the size of the snowflakes has doubled and visibility outside is mostly gone.  The girls stayed home from school today as the district closed the schools ahead of the pending storm.

Father, You gave me a dream within a dream last night.  I do not believe that I have ever had something quite like this…

Sub-dream 1 “We are protected as evil is swallowed alive” description begins…

I was watching myself in bed asleep and dreaming.  I soon became restless in my sleep and awoke suddenly.  I saw myself then wake up to whatever dream I had just dreamt.  We ‘both’ then looked at the time on the clock and it was 3:30am.

This what about the same time I would get up for these dreams in my first year of these coming to me.  This was in 2012 and I had so many things to write about, I simply could not go back to sleep.  Waking up this time seemed to stir up some old emotions.  I remember waking up and not being able to go back to sleep, primarily due to worry.  Worry seemed to consume me back then.

I now realize that I was probably suffering from something similar to Post Traumatic Stress due to all of my personal battles.  Although I have never experienced the level of trauma soldiers at war experience, I could at least have a level of sympathy for what they had endured.  I would not be surprised if what we experience while we wait on You, Lord, is similar to that of a soldier at rest waiting for a great battle to erupt.

When I was like this and unable to sleep, I would go to my devotional area in my living room.  I would pray on my knees and I would often be crying.  I would then start to write everything down in my journal.

Now, back to this dream within a dream.  I was now watching as I sat down to write down the dream.  What was so odd is that, instead of handwriting the dream into a journal as I am used to, I was typing it using an old-fashioned typewriter.  While it seemed to take forever to do it this way, I had several typed pages before I was finished.  I then handed the typed pages off to have entered into the Nest forum.  After doing so, I told my husband that I had to go somewhere, but was not sure where yet.

As soon as I left the house, my outfit instantly changed.  I was wearing white combat boots, white wool pants unlike anything I had ever seen before, a plain white wool top and a long white wool coat with a hood.  I then noticed that there were no adornments on me at all.  Even the laces on my boots had no metal clasps.  There were no buttons either.

As I walked, I noticed that my clothing was the same color as the snow around me.  The fabric I was wearing was unlike anything that is available here on Earth.  It instantly wicked all dampness off.  My clothes were dry even though it was snowing outside.  I saw myself walk up the road, turn to look back at the house and then I was gone!  It was amusing that I then found myself search for where myself had gone in my dream.

When I finally walked back to the location that I had started my ‘search for myself’, I was instantly in a distant city.  After walking a bit more, I soon saw myself meet up with a dear friend.  She was dressed almost identically to how I was dressed.  She had an accent.  I knew her and she knew me even though we had never met in person.

As the people around us were looking at us in fear due to how we looked, we both decided to place our divine clothing in bags and purchase some street clothing in order to blend in better.  We stayed together at all times.

What seemed odd to me was that we were able to speak together via the Holy Spirit without saying anything out loud!  While we could not read each other’s ‘other thoughts’, I could hear what the other person was saying when they wanted me to hear it and vice versa.  Very cool!

We soon found ourselves situated in a busy open-air market place.  There were stores, courtyards and fountains.  It was only then that we noticed that both of us were walking in bare feet.  While our combat boots may have even been considered to be ‘fashionable’ where we were, they still would have been out of place.  As we wanted to blend in, we decided that our next order of business would be to get some footwear.

My friend soon found a pair of shoes that fit her perfectly.  She was surprised by this as she used to have larger feet.  Her feet were now ‘unreasonably small’ in comparison, but still perfect.  She was delighted with the change and we both started to laugh.

While I was waiting for the clerk to finish with my friend, I noticed a pair of shoes that I knew could not be of earthly origin.  I knew this instantly as they were not like anything I had ever seen before.  The clerk and my friend soon noticed that I was looking at them and seemed interested.

Clerk:  “Those are one of a kind.  Not one person who has seen these to try them on has been able to get them to fit.  It seems that they were designed for a specific person.”

Me:  Looking at my friend’s new shoes.  “Are hers ‘one of a kind’ as well?”

Clerk:  “Well, yes.  So many people have wanted them, but no one has dared to try them on.  The shoes you are looking at for yourself are the same.”

My friend:  Laughing.  “Come on, Erin, go ahead and try them on.”

Me:  Laughing.  “There is no way I could fit into these shoes.  They are narrow and only a size 6.5.  My foot is too long and wide for it.”

I decided to look at the shoes more closely.  I was surprised that I had not noticed this before, but the shoes were the color of green.  I was also surprised that I did not mind the color as I usually to not buy green clothing, let alone shoes.

Despite this, I was intrigued.  These shoes were a cross between the finest leather and the finest silk combined.  They were low woven shoes with a type of ribbon leather that wrapped around the ankle.  While I have seen similar designs before, they were nothing like this in material or craftsmanship.

Me:  “Okay, I will try them on.”

I tried the shoe on my right foot first.  Just then, I noticed that the shoe expanded and shaped to my foot.  I did not do anything for this to happen and the shoe fit was the most comfortable I have ever had.  I looked over at my friend and we both laughed and shook our heads in amazement.

Me:  “God is good!”

My friend:  “Very good…and funny too!”

Both of us finished our purchases and then were led to go to the southern area of the city we were in.  Both of us were now wearing coverings over our hair.  We were specifically to go to the south end of a beautiful marketplace we had found there.

As soon as we arrived, we encountered the beginning of a very heated argument.  It was a group of men speaking in a middle eastern language, possibly Arabic.  Regardless, thanks to the Holy Spirit, we were both fully able to understand what they were saying.  A few families were confronting these men because they had taken their young girls away.

While the evil men had offered them money for their girls, each of them had said no.  The men did not care and took the girls anyway.  While the families had tried to get the authorities involved, they were turning their backs on the situation.  While the families looked distraught, the young girls looked absolutely terrified.

As we stood there, my friend and I prayed and waited.  We then heard clearly from the Lord in advance of how we were going to quickly resolve this situation.  While we waited, we held each other’s hands and prayed to God.  After a few short moments of praying, the evil men completely froze with the exception that they could still move their eyes back and forth.

As we looked at them, we were able to read their thoughts.  The Lord was clearly revealing their thoughts to us.  Their plan was to take some of the girls to rape and to take some of the other girls to sell.  They had no respect for these young girls and looked down upon them as if they were dogs.

With the men frozen, we approached them and freed the girls.  We then delivered the girls back to their families.  We told them to leave immediately and that God has shown favor upon them.  As the families walked away, we could hear them wailing with joy and gratitude.

We then went back to the ‘frozen’ evil men.  As we approached them, we could read their thoughts of evil intent.  Quite simply, they were now praying to their ‘god’ to unfreeze them so that they could rape and kill us.  While both of us thought that this would be the end of our assignment, we instead read from their thoughts of even more evil occurring south of town.

Instead of walking there, we were both there in an instant.  When we arrived at our destination, we instantly understood why we had clothing that fully covered our bodies and our hair.  There before us on a stage was very graphic human trafficking involving only girls, many of them disgustingly young.  While there were very few actual buyers there, there were many agents in their employ doing their dirty work.

We quickly noticed that certain ages and skin colors were drawing higher dollar amounts.  It was so disgusting that I will not reveal what we saw.  We started to become distraught as we were only two small women and this operation was massive and very well-guarded.  Without saying a word, God welled up in us.  He told us to ‘relax’ and let Him lead as He was about to display awesome deeds through us.

Little did we know just how awesome!  The ground instantly started to shake violently and the ground split open slightly.  The shaking was somehow not affecting my friend or me.  This caused temporary chaos and all those trying to flee were frozen.  As with the previous evil men, they were not frozen like ice, but more like stiff paralysis.

We then had our attention drawn to a water feature behind the stage that had been designed to drown out the sounds of the auction.  There were three layers to the water feature and both of us moved our arms in an upward direction.  While I somehow knew that we had done this before, to our delight, the water feature began to flow in reverse.

Without effort, we started to speak in their native tongue, fully knowing what we were saying.  We told the girls that we were part of a Heavenly force sent to return them home or, in some cases, to even better places.  We could tell that the girls were now relieved, excited and terrified, all at the same time.  We directed them to wait over in a certain area together as a group.

We then watched in amazement as something like a Transport Teva or High-Speed Train came up next to them.  It was definitely not of this Earth and was ‘state of the art supernatural’.  We could see that there were others there assisting them that were like us.  When all of the girls were loaded into the Teva, it instantly disappeared.  As soon as the Teva disappeared, the men were unfrozen.

While most became quite angry, there were some that were terrified and begged us for their life in repentance.  As we walked around to each person there, those who would have done us harm were prevented from doing so from some type of Godly barrier that was now surrounding us.

As we walked, rocks were thrown at our heads and we could hear curses of death and rape all around us.  There were other things said and attempted, but I will not provide the horrid details other than to say that their intentions were off-the-charts evil.  After a while, we had surveyed each person.

God then illuminated those who were to be saved as they were either there in disguise or were remorseful.  In this crowd of hundreds of traffickers, only a handful of five men were either truly remorseful or were there to find their own daughters and in disguise.  God gave us their names and had us call out to them to reveal themselves.

As soon as they raised their hands or made a move forward, they were also divinely shielded from those who wanted to rape and kill them.  A path was then forced through the crowd that allowed the men to walk forward.  We than pointed to an area where they were to wait.

Suddenly, there was another earthquake.  The ground split open and, in an instant, the hundreds of evil men were thrown into the split and the ground closed back up.  We then turned to the five terrified men and told them to ‘sin no more as God had delivered them from death today’.  As we watched the men run back into the city, my friend and I remained in complete awe at what had just happened.  We then watched the waterfall feature reverse back to normal and start to flood the auction area.

We were then directed back to the frozen evil men we had previously left behind.  When we went back, we saw that the families of some of their ‘almost victims’ had returned and had beaten them severely.  While the men were still alive, the prognosis for their survival was ‘not good’.  We could read in their eyes that they were now begging for death.  We were instructed by God to leave them there in their current state.  As instructed, we turned and walked away.

Sub-dream 1 description over…

The next dream I had was also of ‘post-Transformation’ and was clearly meant to be a training guide from the Lord on reserving our personal ambitions and yielding to God’s Will in all things no matter what.  In this dream, we had to remain as ‘normal and inconspicuous’ as possible while waiting on the Lord’s instructions and directions…

Sub-dream 2 “Blending in is really, really required by God” description begins…

The Lord had sent us to a distant college town.  It was a place I recognized.  Once again, this was an extremely difficult assignment because God had revealed to us the evil intent of all of those around us.  We were to act as normal as possible.  While we were Transformed, we somehow did not really look that out of the ordinary.  It was as if there were varying degrees of appearance based on a given circumstance.

A pair of us were in a small temporary apartment in town that was our base.  There were six others ‘like us’ in the town at the same time as we were.  I have never understood before now why we were so often at shops or restaurants as customers in my dreams, but now realize it is because we were learning about people ‘discretely’ and were blending in with the crowd around us.

One evening, we were sent to a place to meet with the other six people.  An angel of the Lord was also there and he was instructing us to be as those around us and to always blend, neither reacting or interacting unless God instructs us too.  No matter what happens around us, we were to only to do God’s Will through us and that He would make it obvious.  After the angel told us this, he left and we dispersed.

We then began our journeys back to our respective apartments.  As instructed, we blended in with the crowd.  Well, even though the night college crowd around us was drunk, rowdy and obnoxious, we weren’t…smiles.  Just then, we noticed that one of our group was confronting a man who had just purchased some drugs in a syringe.  She, like us, already knew that the man was planning to use this syringe to rape some unsuspecting woman.

What happened next all seemed to happen in slow motion.  We watched as the man started to drive the end of the syringe towards the transformed woman’s face.  It was heading right between her brow.  Just before it was going to plunge into her forehead, she disappeared.  All those around her that saw this then began to scream and run away.

Instead of going back to our apartments, we were then directed to double back to our original meeting place.  The angel was standing there to greet us at the door.  He told us that the woman had been removed from this particular assignment, but was not removed as a worker.  He then told us this was meant as a lesson to us, and her, that blending in is essential and required by God of us in our journey with Him.  We were all greatly relieved that this woman was still going to be a worker!

Just then, a different transformed woman arrived to partner with the person that had just lost her partner.  The eight of us were then instantly taken to a place with a massive waterfall.  While it was not Niagara Falls, it was quite similar in both size and power.  The angel then instructed us on how to make the waterfall flow in reverse.  Each of us were able to do this with God flowing through us.  However, it was also made very clear that not one of us could do this on our own…only with God and God alone.

Sub-dream 2 description over…

Received Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Sub-dream 3 “The ‘Kits’ are calling…don’t answer!” description begins…

My husband and I were in a distant city together as he was interviewing with a very large corporation.  The interview was long and comprehensive involving a several days span of various meetings and interviews with various departments.

While we had already been Transformed, our glory light from Heaven was ‘covered up’ during certain times.  While we still appeared attractive, it was not overdone.  I have now come to the conclusion that God disguises us or reveals us, high beams us or low beams us as a given situation requires.  As per usual, God knows exactly what is required for any given situation and when.  We are then instantly ‘as required’.

While my husband was being interviewed, I was contacted by the interviewing company.  They must have liked my husband as they were very encouraging and wanted to provide me with a company town car to sightsee.  This made me smile as I knew they wanted me to fall in love with the company and the city so that I would later encourage my husband to take the job.  Quite clever!

After I was picked up, I was taken to an area of the town that was along the riverfront.  It was cute, filled with galleries and restaurants.  As I walked around, I started to see an odd pattern emerge.  There were a series of advertising posters with a common theme, though hard to see at first.  They were beautifully illustrated and extremely manipulative.

After walking for a while to scan the surroundings, I decided to take a closer look inside one of the artist galleries.  As I walked inside, the first thing I noticed was that a short film was playing on a loop and was completely related to the posters I had seen outside.  The loop started off by showing a young boy who was a remarkably gifted painter and illustrator.

The loop then showed his parents being approached by an organization that was willing to give him a full ride prestigious scholarship to a special school for gifted children.  However, I soon noticed that there was a catch, a catch related to all of the posters.  The boy would need to take a DNA test to see if he was a match to any of the master painters.  The list of painters included Van Gogh, Michelangelo, Da Vinci and others.

The loop then informed us that either the boy or the parents of the boy could take this test.  All they would need to do was use a simple kit and either mail it in or drop it off at a local lab.  Results were promised within 24 hours and the only cost involved was a modest registration processing fee.  The tagline was catchy…”Today, you are an artist, tomorrow, you are a legend!”

I was disgusted, yet impressed, as I knew the real reason for them wanting this done and they were doing a great job making the test incredibly tempting.  As soon as the loop completed and was about to begin again, one of the gallery staffers approached me.  The timing seemed well calculated.

Woman:  Smiling.  “Hello there!  Have you received your free kit yet?”

Me:  “No.  I am not certain if this is for me.”

Woman:  Looking shocked.  “It does not matter if this is for you or not.  Just one of your family members would be needed to tell you if you are a match.  We will then know too.”

Me:  Bluffing.  “I do not understand why all of this is so important.”

Woman:  “Well, I will explain.  Through this test, you will have information on where you came from…your beginnings.  Not only that, but there are rewards and promotions for those who choose to do this now.  There are rewards for those who bravely step forward.  There already have been for those that already have.”

Me:  “While I could see this being beneficial if you have ‘advantageous’ DNA, what if your DNA is the opposite and you are related to someone in history that was bad.  For example, what if it was discovered that I was related to a murderer or to a leader who had murdered many.  Could I not then be somehow held responsible for their crimes?”

Woman:  Looking confused.  “No, no, no, it is not guilty by association!  Try to not look at the negative.  We are here to offer you a positive experience.”

Me:  “Hmm, well, thanks for explaining it.  I am not interested, thank you.  I will just keep looking around.”

The woman shot me a look that clearly told me she was very angry and upset by my refusal to do this.  Rather than react to her, I felt the Holy Spirit draw my attention over to a painting of a shepherd boy in a pasture.  The field he was tending to had a fence of stone separating the field into two.  On one side of the fence, there were sheep, and on the other side of the fence, there were goats.

Me:  Smiling.  “I will take this painting, please!”

Woman:  “Are you sure?  It is expensive.”

Me:  “No problem.  Please wrap it up for me.”

Woman:  “I am unsure why you would even want this painting?  There are some much more remarkable pieces in the gallery that I could show you.”

At that second, I felt the Lord well up in me.  God’s presence was somehow now shining out from me.  As per usual, I was not sure what He was about to do, but I knew that, whatever it was, it was going to be awesome!

Woman:  In an agitated and raised voice.  “I personally think that this painting is atrocious.  Even worse, it is religious and therefore divisive.  Things are not supposed to be this way anymore in the way our world has now become.”

Me:  “Well, they still are this way.  The kit you offered me when I first arrived is not one sent out to benefit, but rather to gather evidence.  This evidence is needed as they want to hunt down and destroy the sheep.  The goats hate the sheep and want the sheep divided and destroyed.  The goats have no shepherd and they lack self-control.”

Woman:  Now yelling at me.  “I want you to leave this store right now.”

I knew this woman was not the owner and had no authority to force me to leave.  I also knew that the owner was around and was aware that I wanted to purchase this painting.

Me:  “No, I don’t think so.  Why should I?  I want to purchase the painting.  If you hate the painting so much, why would you not want to get rid of it by selling it to me?  That way, you are no longer reminded about the ‘divisiveness’.  You have a choice here.  You can choose differently.”

At this point, the owner had arrived and indicated that she was happy to sell the painting to me.  The owner then promptly wrapped up the painting and handed it to me.  I thanked her.  Just as I was about to turn towards the door to leave, the woman began to swear at me and tear her clothes.  She was soon absolutely hysterical.

Woman:  Screaming.  “You are one of them!  You *****!”

There were too many expletives to count and certainly none of them worth writing down.  She soon fell to the ground and began to crawl and roll.  Her face soon became so contorted that she started to look like a different person.  I felt that the Lord wanted me to leave immediately.  As I did, I turned back to notice that the women had twisted her neck back as if it had been broken.

She no longer looked natural.  She looked evil.  She then stood in the window staring at me with a demonic, but dead, look on her face as I walked away.  It was a very disturbing and unnatural sight!  I kept walking back to the town car.  As I approached the car, the driver’s ‘comparative normalness’ was somehow comforting.

Driver:  “I was too far to hear anything, but even I could tell that the salesclerk seemed upset over your purchase.”

Me:  Downplaying it.  “Yes.  She thought that I should purchase a more modern piece instead.”

Driver:  Smiling.  “So, where too now?”

Me: “I think that I am ready to go back to my hotel.  I am tired now.”

Driver:  “Are you sure that I cannot take you over to our central marketplace?  It is beautiful there.  There is some refreshing water for sale there.  It seems like you could use some right about now.”

Me:  “You are right, I am very thirsty.  That sounds wonderful.  Let’s go.”

As we pulled up to the marketplace, I could see that it was filled with tourists and was extremely busy.  I noticed a small cheese shop and decided to go over and buy some bread and cheese.  There was a sign there and I started to chuckle as I read it…

“Try our goat cheese or goat butter and receive a fresh loaf of sourdough bread.”

I shook my head.  After a short while, a cheese tasting attendant approached me with samples of the two goat products.

Woman:  Smiling.  “Would you like to try a free sample?”

Me:  “Thank you, but no.  I am allergic.”

She turned and walked away.  I then looked around and was impressed by the massive variety of cheeses.  Most of it was not goat, so I ate a few samples.  I soon decided that I would purchase a variety package of gourmet cheese and a loaf of bread.  I walked up to the counter.  The sample woman was now working at the cash register instead.

Woman:  “You are the one allergic to goat cheese, correct?”

Me:  “You could say that.”

Woman:  “Would you like to find out the origins of your allergies?”

Me:  “No, I am okay, thanks.”

Woman:  “I have a free kit that will tell you the origins of your allergies and other physical ailments.  Why would you not want this?  It will even tell you…”  I held up my hand to interrupt her.  She soon continued.  “But…”

Me:  “Look, I already know all about this.”

Woman:  Now offended and frustrated.  “But there are so many great things that come from taking this test.”

Me:  “You know what…you are not a great salesperson.  I will take this and go.”

I once again felt God rise up or well up in me.  The woman then began to change.  She was now contorting and twitching.  She was now muttering in a strange voice and I could tell that there was an evil entity inside her that was now talking to me.

Woman:  Slowly.  “I know you.  I know you.  I know you.  I know…”

Me:  Interrupting.  “Oh yeah!  Well I know exactly who you are and I am here to tell you that your time is very, very short.”

The entity started to shout horrible things towards me in return that I will not repeat.  With just a simple wave of my hand, the woman instantly could not speak another word.  The entity in her was completely silenced!  As she hadn’t rung my purchase through and I had now lost my appetite, I decided to simply turn and walk away and leave the cheese and bread for them to put back.  I got back into the car.

Me:  “I am ready to go back to the hotel now.”

Driver:  Seemingly disappointed.  “Are you sure that I cannot take you to another stop?”

Me:  “Yes, I am sure, but thank you!  I think that I will just go back to the campus and wait for my husband to come back.”

Driver:  “Sure…no problem!”

I felt the Lord tell me to remain quiet until I joined back up with my husband.  I kept silent and just observed.  As we approached the gatehouse to the campus, there appeared to be some protesters holding up signs.  The signs said things like, “I am not my father”, “I am not a killer” and “I am a good person”.  While I then saw some of them being arrested and taken away, I also saw others fleeing from the area.

Driver:  “I will take you to the south entrance instead so that we can avoid all of this.”

Me:  At the Holy Spirit’s prompting.  “What do the signs mean?”  I asked this even though I already knew exactly what they meant.

Driver:  “The usual…they are some disgruntled ‘kit’ customers.”

Me:  “Hmm.  Does your company make these kits?”

Driver:  “Yes.  It is one of the divisions.  A very popular one.  The corporation gathers information for the parent company.”

I now knew in advance that the company was corrupt.  I soon met up with my husband.  I said nothing to him, but smiled.  The Holy Spirit in us once again allowed us to communicate with each other without words.  We wanted to do it this way as it would not be out of the question for a corrupt company to have listening devices, or bugs, in many places, including where we now were.

My husband:  In his mind to mine.  “They offered me an incredible package.  I told them that I would think about it and that I would let them know by Friday if I would take the position.”

Me:  In my mind to his.  “Did they try to take a sample of your DNA using one of their ‘kits’?”

My husband:  Laughing.  “They sent someone in to personally take a sample.  The nurse was very beautiful.  I believe that they specifically hired someone that looked like her knowing that people would have a hard time saying no to her.  I knew to avoid it though, which I did.  There are so many other things I have to tell you.  Let’s gather our things and go home ‘another way’.”

We both laughed as we already knew in advance that we were going to be taking ‘God Air’ home.  My husband reached for my hand.  He gently squeezed my hand and we were instantly home.

Sub-dream 3 description over…

Father, all of these dreams have been extremely overwhelming.  In the last several days, we have been under severe attack.  I recognized these attacks as being similar to past ones as they were of a similar pattern.  I have had people treat me unusually horrible for absolutely no reason at all, each time with witnesses ‘on my side’ witnessing that this occurred.  It is beyond normal and they have been quite cruel.

Father, please rise up and strengthen us.  I am so deeply disturbed by the uptick in evil.  It is easily three times worse than in 2012.  There does not seem to be any indication that it will subside anytime soon.  The news has been deeply disturbing and my husband can attest to my sudden tears at the magnitude of the evil.

We had to drive into town a few days ago and we all watched in horror as a family in a van was trying to turn left.  As they did, a car coming in the opposite direction with plenty of ability to slow down to make sure no one was hurt, sped up instead in order to exert his power of life or death over them.  It was a narrow miss.  I instantly began to cry as I realized the danger our boys driving are in if they did not have God’s protection.

No child should live in fear, Father.  No person should be in danger because of their religion or skin color.  No one should be hunted like dogs because they are Jewish or any other religion.  Things have changed…yet they haven’t really.  The world has grown so cold and so quickly, who can keep up?

We love You, Father.  Those of us still here for You call upon You because we love You and long for the day when You will come and heal us.  Please let it be soon.  Thanksgiving here in the U.S.A. is only two days away.

Jesus:  “Erin, come up.”

I was in a massive valley that was surrounded by hills.  Before me were thousands or more small boulder rocks with inscriptions upon them.  I realized that this was a ‘valley of death’ when I noticed that these rocks were grave markers upon closer inspection.  I began to weep as I stepped past them.

My heart was heavy.  In the middle of the grave site, a giant boulder with stairs carved into it circled around the border until it reached the top.  On the very top, there was a flame.  I somehow knew that this flame must have been burning continuously for a few thousand years.  The flame was coming from a hole on the top.

Next to this and cut from the rock was a bench of stone in which one could sit.  I decided to climb the stairs in order to sit down on the bench.  When I reached the bench and sat down, I stared out at the sheer magnitude of death in this valley.  I mourned for those who were slain as I felt it was a place for the martyrs.

As I sat there, the sun set and the dusk turned to night.  There were countless stars in the Heavens.  Over to the south and east horizon, the moon started to rise.  The moon was beautiful, like a pearl.  As it rose, I could see the small headstones of the buried illuminate.  What I saw were divided into rows.  I recognized twelve stone colors in groups.  It left me puzzled.

Me:  “Who are these, Father?  Are these martyrs?”

I sat and viewed the beauty of this place.  In the night air, these stones were sparkling like jewels.  I started to sing a song.  It was a song unlike any song that I had ever sung before.  It came from within me.  It was beautiful.  As I sang it, I started to hear others singing with me.  It was a song with layers.  It was a worship song to God, our Father, and Jesus, Who was slain for us.

Our voices mounted up together and rose up and up in crescendo.  I knew that this song was not only special to us, but also special to God.  I am now crying as I write.  Never could I imagine loving the Lord our God so much that I would surrender all of my earthly ambitions just to have the honor of His presence.

I felt a hand gently touch my shoulder.  I turned and there was Uriel!  Once again, he was in full armor.  He looked strong and terrifying, yet his eyes were so kind.

Me:  “Oh, hi, Uriel!  Is the war still raging?”

Uriel:  “Yes, Erin.  The battle is unlike any other as the enemies of God in Heaven and man are fighting the battle to win.  They do so even though the outcome has already been determined by God.  What you see around you here is the valley of the shadow of death.  It is a shadow because it is only that…a shadow.

“The graves are of those who have lost their lives for their faith in God and stood on His truth.  This is a memorial, like a monument or promise, of God that, soon, He will do all that He has promised.  Here, this lamp never goes out.  This flame burns eternal.”

Me:  Crying.  “Oh, how long, Uriel?  Things are becoming worse in the world.  Will God not soon call us to Him to heal and strengthen us?  If not, who will endure this?  My heart skipped several times today.  I was hurting deeply for others and I need healing or I will not endure it.  I cannot ask anymore.  I feel like I have been a beggar, a whiner and a complainer.”

Uriel:  “Erin, God is with you.  He is showing you great mysteries.  There is so much that you would not believe it even if He were to send me to tell you.  Know this…God will do all that He has promised you.  His love never dies.  It is an eternal flame.  God does not forget and He will avenge lives lost for the sake of His heart.

“Now, you ask, what is this?  It is the beginning of a new chapter, a new valley and a new dawn.  You who are hidden under His wings and in the clefts of rocks will soon come out into wide-open spaces.  He will meet you there in the Valley of Blessing.  Each one of you will be like a lamp with the flame of God in you.

“What you see here are your ancestors who sacrificed and fought knowing this day would come.  God keeps track of His children…His flock.  He knows each story and you are never lost because His flame lights your path.

“Now, there is another uprising and I must go.  Soon you will understand the severity of the events around you.  However, you must know that God has kept you concealed in His quiver.  You have been rendered ‘dead’ and no one of interest.  You have been kept for this time.  You will soon no longer ask ‘how long, Lord, until You avenge us?’ because the time has come.”

Me:  “The Lord showed me six years ago that earthquakes would be a measure.”

Uriel:  “That is because those who were buried and sleeping have arisen to prepare for the coming deception.  These areas are filled with shrines and tunnels and are in remote lands.  They will soon reveal themselves.  These areas of earthquakes are from God as a marker and some are created by fracking by the hands of evil.  Evil has increased and there is a cold air that has swept across the Earth.

“Erin, many will soon fall away.  Those who did not keep their lamps filled with oil will fall away.  Those angry and defiant because they think themselves worthier and more valuable to God than you will fall away.  You will see increased attacks upon the saints in waves of depression and discouragement as the enemy will change tactics.

“Do not be fooled.  This is the time written.  The joy of the Lord is your strength.  Even if your outward appearance is full of grief for those lost and the news reporting on this, have joy because the time of the Lord has come.

“Now, I must go back to the battle.  Your worship and prayers are strong weapons against the enemy.  You will soon sing a new song.  Gifts to heal, encourage and strengthen you from Heaven are on their way.  You will be supernaturally strong.  You will be wise and knowledgeable.  You will be able to scale a wall and leap up to grab a fruit.

“Your skin will be without blemish or wrinkle.  Your appearance will be youthful.  You will surrender all to God for His purposes.  You will be like a soldier, but the flame of God in you will terrify many.  You will be protected by angels…”  He looked up.  “…and nothing will prevail against you.  You will know the plans of the enemy in advance.  Men and women with evil intent will confess before you and others will seek your lives.

“However, do not worry as no harm will come to you or your family.  God will provide you with all that you need.  You will fly on the wings of eagles.  You will walk and not grow faint.  Those who have gone before you are interceding here for you.  Do not worry.  Take courage!  I must go!”

Just then, Uriel spread his massive wings and he was gone.  I cried as I saw ‘stars’ moving around in the distance.  I knew that this was a distant battle in the heavenlies.

Dream over…


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