Dream 377 – God & Uriel:  Our cake is ready

Received Wednesday, January 1, 2020


Dear Father,

Thank You!  Thank You for another year.  Thank You for Your promises.  We cling to these.  Last night, I had two more sets of dreams of two enemies each.  This brings my total to 32 separate enemies in just eight days, four per night, in this particular pattern of dreams I have recently been experiencing.  I don’t really understand why this pattern is happening.  The one dream last night centered on a couple that I barely know…

Sub-dream 1 “A barely known couple” description begins…

I was in an area that looked like the Northwest Crossing subdivision in Bend OR where we once lived.  I was unsettled and was searching for my purse everywhere.  The purse I was looking for was similar to the mini-backpack purses I am fond of in real life.  I eventually found myself outside of a type of orgy club.  This was odd as Bend OR really doesn’t have these kinds of establishments.

I was then distracted from finding my purse with an image of a boy about five years old being kept captive in the kitchen of the orgy club.  While I am not sure if it was my younger son as a child, this boy looked quite similar.  He was in a one-piece pajama set and had bare feet.  He was being abused and held captive there.  I was unable to find him, but then noticed that a chemical spill was coming from the kitchen.

When the emergency crews came to clean up the spill, I told them that there could be a boy in the kitchen that needed rescuing.  After they were there awhile, they came out and told me that no boy was found.  I left the disgusting club to look for my purse again.  I found it in the club’s parking lot.  What was odd was that there was an identical purse next to mine that someone had put there for some reason to try and fool me.

As I was standing there with my newly found purse, a couple I barely knew from my past came up to me to harass me.  Even though I had not worked on their home, they started accusing me of using shoddy materials.  I asked them for proof, but they ignored my request and continued to antagonize me.  I finally lost them and went home.  When I arrived home, I discovered that my older son now had a pet monkey the size of a squirrel.  It was cute and was wearing a matching t-shirt and pants.

Sub-dream 1 description over…

Father, these dreams are disturbing.  They leave me feeling empty as they make me recall the humiliation and fear of those times.  In this dream, I was back in the time where my life was beginning to implode brick by brick.  I had many more enemies than I ever thought.  The waves of locusts swept over us and stripped me of all credibility and all standing.  The next wave then stripped me of all of my money and means.

The next wave then attacked my health.  My heart was broken.  I was then stripped of my sons.  There were so many calamities that fell upon me.  The enemy was winning.  I fought and fought and fought my enemies, but especially my main enemy.  I fought from the time I arrived in the desert in August 2009 to the time I left the desert in August 2014.  While the fighting has continued, it has not been as brutal out here.

Even though we had all arrived in a new area far from my captives, blacksmiths and cursers, there were still more troubles with little rest.  It has been just over 22 years since my oldest son was born.  This is when I truly became a captive of my main blacksmith.  It is so painful to look back.  I love You, Father.  Your hand is in my life, my children’s lives, my husband’s life and his children’s lives.

Your hand being in our lives is so obvious when looking back.  Still, Father, I turn 57 years old this month and my desert period has now been for over forty years.  In reality, my troubles have been with me my entire life.  So many have cursed us, I cannot even count them.  Please forgive them as they clearly did not know me.  Have mercy on them as I was never their enemy.

I tried to make amends for every wrong, but, even so, they still cursed us.  They curse all seven of us in our household.  Our Nest friends are also being cursed.  However, Father, You are greater than their curses.  I believe the prayers from our lips should prevail in cutting off the curses of others.  I know that curses came out against us financially because of all of the dreams my husband and I have had where we lose our purse or wallet.  There are curses that placed my family and friends in bondage.

I need Your help to break these permissions forever.  Please break the chains that have kept us captive.  I pray for this in Your Mighty Name, in Jesus’ Name, Amen.  The dreams from you have continued for over seven years now.  You recently told me that this is the year of the Lord’s favor, Your favor, in our lives.  In looking at the Scripture from Isaiah written about 2700 years ago, this day has clearly not come to the world yet.  This means that this day spoken of must be soon to come…

  • Isaiah 61:2: This is the Year of the Vengeance of the Lord.
  • Isaiah 61:3: All of us who mourn will be given beautiful headdresses instead of ashes.  We will be given the oil of gladness instead of mourning.  We will be given the garment of peace instead of a faint spirit or diminishing light.  We will be called Oaks of Righteousness, the planting of the Lord, so that He may be glorified.
  • Isaiah 61:6: We shall be called priests of the Lord and the Ministers of our God.  We will eat from the wealth of nations.
  • Isaiah 61:7: Instead of our shame, there shall be a double portion of blessing.  Instead of dishonor, we will rejoice.  In our land, we shall possess a double portion and shall have everlasting joy.
  • Isaiah 61:8: The Lord loves justice.  He hates robbery and wrong doing.  He will faithfully give us His recompense, compensation for all that was lost.  He will make an everlasting covenant with us.
  • Isaiah 61:9: We, along with our offspring, shall be known among the nations.  All who see us shall acknowledge that we have been blessed by the Lord.

Jesus:  “Erin, come up.”

I was up at God’s door.  The door was open and the light was streaming through.  I suddenly heard the sound of wings behind me.  I turned to look and there was Uriel.  He was coming though the Heavenlies.  He looked embattled.  Even though it was obvious he had been in battle, neither he nor his horse were wounded.

Uriel:  “I have come from a great battle.  Troubles have come across the nation to the south.  The enemy has set it ablaze.  We have been over this area of affliction with enforcements for three months now.  This has been a major stronghold.  Pray for the burning to stop and for the strength of God’s people.”

Me:  “Uriel, is the ‘nation to the south’ Australia?”

Uriel:  “The entire region.  When one enemy is taken out, two more crop up.  When one fire is put out, two more come.  The losses are heavy.  I was delayed.”

Me:  “Why does God not rise up and remove these threats?”

Uriel:  “God has commanded us to hold our ground.  We are not to advance until we are called by God to do so.  We are being held back until our Commander in Chief tells us differently, understand?”

Me:  “Yes.  I am so sorry.”

Uriel:  “Erin, God requests your presence.”

Me:  “Yes.  I will go quickly so that you can get back to your position.”

Uriel:  Smiling.  “Oh Erin, you do not control the time of God’s conference with you.  While your heart is good here and well meaning, God controls all things.”

Me:  “Yes, of course.  I am ready to see Him.”

Uriel placed salve in my eyes and brought me into God’s Throne Room.  The choir of angels were singing ‘Glory, Glory, Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord God Almighty, Who was, and is and is to come.’  Tears streamed down my cheeks and my legs grew weaker as Uriel brought me towards God’s Throne.  I soon could not help but drop to my knees.  I put my face to the beautiful sea of glass and wept.

I thought about my selfishness.  I truly live like a queen compared to so many.  In my trials and tests, I complain, yet, through it all, You are there.  You are my Father, the Lord God Almighty, Who was with me, still is with me and is to be with me.  Why should I worry or be afraid?  I felt a need to confess to God on the Throne.

Me:  Speaking in a quiet voice.  “I am so sorry, Father.  Please forgive me.”

God:  “Erin, I am here.  I hear you.  I accept your admission and will remember this no more.  While it is okay to question Me, please remember that you do not have the full understanding of a much greater picture.  There is a larger plan in place.  The angels do not question Me as they understand that My ways are higher.  They are on the frontlines of the battle.  They fully trust Me.

“From your position on the ground, you do not see My greater works.  You most likely will not even hear of them because of corrupt information.  Now, Erin, I agree that your desert period has been longer than forty years.  You plead your case according to My Word and this is good.  However, you were always in a sturdy dwelling with lights and warmth.  You did not wander in the desert.”

Me:  “This is true.  You are right, Father.  I am sorry.”

God:  “I am not condemning you here.  I am pointing out that I provided for you as you were like a wife deserted.  The enemy’s voice was louder at times so you were prone to wander off.  You were prone to going your own way because patience was a luxury you did not afford yourself.  The enemy pulled your puppet strings.

“You are not to worry though as angels were appointed by Me to cut these strings.  I know that there was a very long time of wrestling with the enemy and even with Me.  Still, in all of this, I was there.  Erin, I was there waiting.  I met you on your knees.  I was there.  I love you.  My plans for you are good.  No new permissions have been granted.”

Me:  “Father, can You please stop and close off any of the old permissions too?  My family and our friends on the Nest are tired of fighting things we cannot see.  Could You please expose these so that we can stop these punishments?”

God:  “You are not under test or trial, none of you are, as My Courts are now preparing for those who seek mercy.  While you came today seeking mercy, this has already been granted.  You have come to ask Me for forgiveness for being a grumbler because you expected your promises and gifts by now and these have not arrived.”

Me:  “Yes.  I guess that is exactly right.”

God:  “You are also tired and weary from all that you see happening around you.  You are looking for Me to heal you and grant you the desires of your heart.”

Me:  “Well, yes.”

God:  “You become worried when days go by that look like good Biblical days, all based on events, signs and wonders.”

Me:  “Yes, I do.”

God:  “You then think ‘perhaps God has forgotten me’, ‘perhaps God is mad at me’, ‘what if I sinned’, ‘what if I am delusional’ and ‘has the enemy tricked me’?”

Me:  I giggled then laughed.  “Yes, that is exactly right.  I think this when…”

God:  “…when things don’t happen as you expected?  Erin, I have given you much.  Do you not then believe I would therefore expect much from you?  If you are to be My workers, like priests, then what would I then require?  I would require that you be set apart, even if this means many miles from where you first started.

“Now, let us talk about these dreams I have sent you recently.  These are from those who have cursed you.  When they come before Me in My Court of Mercy, I will aptly reveal what they have done to My Elect with their lips.  By their tongues, they have sent chains to bind you and weakness to your body to render you ineffective.

“The dreams that you have had reveals that you and your family have been the subjects of curses for many years by those who claim to be My children and even ‘Chief Anointed Rebukers of My Elect’. Well, when they see and understand that their sacrifices to Me were boastful and their photos of their ministries were meant to make those of you I have called look like those undeserving, well, how will they be when I place a robe and headdress on you to show I have called you.

“The marks of those I have called will cause many to anger.  However, I have remodeled My Court here, expanding My tent pegs, as it is written, to prepare for those who will say ‘but Lord, did I not do this or that in Your Name, but You choose a sinner who…’  I will then shut up their words until they either see their own inequities and repent or they do not and then I will say ‘be gone…I do not know you.’

“I know that you do not understand fully why you spent so many years in the midst of calamity.  However, there were many reasons.  They were not only for your benefit, but for the benefit of others, and all to My Glory.  So, Erin, did I choose the wrong sparrow here?”

Me:  “Oh no, Father.  I am so sorry.  Please forgive me.”

God:  Laughing.  “Erin, would I so easily do such a thing as remove My favor from you?  No, I would not.  I have made a lasting covenant with you.  I have made promises and these will be fulfilled and you will see it.  You will not see this from a distant hill either.  I will do this because you love Me and sought Me even when others questioned what you were doing.”

Me:  “Yes, but they also questioned my sanity.”

God:  “So, Erin, your cake is finished.  Your work has been completed to My satisfaction.  Are you ready for what comes next?”

Me:  “Oh yes!  Are You talking about the frosting?  Yes, the frosting.  I love frosting!”

God:  Laughing.  “I know you do.  Now, let’s complete a good work.  We can then enjoy all of this together.”

Me:  “You had better make this a big cake!”

God:  Still laughing.  “Done!”

Just then, I felt Uriel’s hand on my shoulder.  I stood up.

God:  “Oh Erin, you will see troubles come upon the nations.  This is a sign of the times as written by My Prophets.  These things are coming because of the nations turning away from Me and going by way of demons, serving other gods.  These are the gods who do not save.”

Me:  “Father, please protect Your people.”

God:  “I am with them, so do not worry.  However, much will soon change and a great wave will temporarily silence the enemy and give those with no hope renewed strength.  All will be as I have promised.  Erin, you will dine before your enemies.  Their cursed lips will be sealed and they will watch as I raise up My people.  Now, rejoice, as I am Who I say I am and I love you.”

Uriel took me to the door.

Me:  “I love You, Father.  Oh yes…I also like extra thick frosting!”

God:  I heard laughter like thunder rumble the floor.  “Well then, thick frosting you shall have!  The best dressing on the top and layers in between, all fitting for a daughter of the King.”

After I waved in happiness to God on the Throne, Uriel brought me out God’s door.

Uriel:  “I hope that He answered your questions.”

Me:  “Yes, He did, thank you.”

Uriel:  “Now, remember to live.  Do not put anything on hold that you are called to do.  He is with you and has sent angels concerning you.  He is pleased with you, Erin, and is about to fulfill His promises for you.  Please rejoice.  You will be honored in front of your enemies.  You will dine at His table as a daughter of the King.

“Now, there will be complaining…”  He shook his head and smiled as he said this.  “…there always is concerning you.  Oh yes…you can praise and give thanks as the curses of your enemies have been released from you, your children, your husband and his children, as well as your friends and their children.”

Me:  “When will we know this?”

Uriel:  “It has already been declared by God.  Pray, believe and receive the orders.  The chains will break.  Every chain will break.  While some will see this immediately, others will be slower, mostly because the chains have become a part of them and they know no other way.  When a slave is set free, it can take a long time to fully accept freedom.

“After knowing only one way, adjusting to a new way can take getting used to.  Now, even though you will experience some pharaoh like behavior while the enemy pursues you, do not worry as God is there.  He will part the seas and you will cross over onto dry land.”

Me:  “Uriel, I had a dream about the ocean at extremely low tide.  I walked out and picked up a ton of sea treasures, such as pretty stones, jewels and seashells.  They were precious, like gold and silver.  The colors were amazing.  I had a hard time focusing on the details though as my eyes were blurry for some reason.”

Uriel:  “Well, you have had God clarify your sight today.  It is okay to ask questions of God, but never question His way as He is sovereign and His ways are higher.  All that He does is perfect.  He does everything because He loves you and all of His children.  He does things His way so that not one of you is lost, understand?

“Now, Heaven has been rejoicing and the saints go before His Throne day and night for what comes next.”  He smiled.  “I must go now, Erin.  Pray for the nations that are burning.  Pray for the nations that are in unrest.  Pray for the lost to be found.  Be joyful, Sparrow!”

Uriel smiled as he climbed up onto his horse.  He turned and was gone in a flash.

Dream over…

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