Dream 392 – Uriel:  Nations rise against nations

Finished on Sunday, March 22, 2020

Received on Saturday, March 21, 2020


Dear Father,

Thank You for another day!  Thank You for Your love and continued care for us.  Thank You for my family and friends.  Please bless them during this great time of uncertainty.  There is great fear moving across the land.  As I thought on this, a large bald eagle flew over our front yard and circled our home.  Even though You have given me a prelude to these events in my dreams and visions, I never imagined a time like this.

Father, I truly thought it would look different.  However, in the physical, everything You showed me is happening now and, very soon, even more.  My last three nights of dreams are difficult to write down as it is still hard to believe things like this will soon occur.  It is as if all of the gates of hell could soon be opened.

All of this makes me feel so ill.  I really thought that the third world war would be a physical war with attacks and violence.  I imagined bombs, attacks, invasions and destruction, but I never imagined what is really going on.  The enemy is continuing to quietly lay a great trap for us ‘whilst we sleep’.

I tried to wrap my head around what would cause people to stay at home and shelter in place if there was a military attack during wartime.  I wondered how the physical city of Jerusalem could remain standing while her people were dying.  I tried to understand what would cause shortages of food, medicines and essentials.  I could not understand what event could occur that would make it so our family could not go to the city alone.  While You had showed me this, my imagination simply could not understand it.

When You showed me Portland OR in lock down, I thought ‘how could this be?’  When You showed me the vacant, desolate streets of San Francisco with gangs of marauders, I again thought ‘how could this be?’  I found myself wondering ‘where did all the people go?’  Now I know.  The people are confined to their homes.  This time is now.  Father, what concerns me even more though is what is yet to soon come.

We, as a nation, have sold our soul to a hostile regime posing as a friend or mutual host.  The people here don’t even know it is happening.  This hostile regime has the means and has paid for great control over all that we see and the goods we purchase.  The Land of the Dragon has grown wealthy from our patronage.  At one time, we were the ones supplying our country, as well as the nations, with lifesaving goods.  However, we have turned away from God as a nation and now our power has been siphoned.

The lies told to us are beyond ridiculous.  Some even border on insanity.  However, this is what we have come to expect when our media and all or most of what we look to is paid for and purchased by this foreign regime.  I am just so thankful that You have raised up at least a handful of government workers, including our President, to not lay down and allow these hostiles to take over without a fight.

Some of us are now finally realizing that we have been lied to by evil, false reports.  As Your Word says in Isaiah 5, all of these woes are here.  Father, please don’t forget those here who still love You, those of us who still diligently pray for the nations and for the souls of those who were asleep and are now slowly awakening.  Please remember us and our families.  There are still people here that continue to look to You in all things.  I had an odd dream two nights ago…

Sub-dream 1 “Gangs rob the citizens of the land” begins…

I was shown the extent to which the Land of the Dragon had invested great wealth to sow into a vast field.  They had so much power that they paid those who governed to set free the evil and condemn those who argue for the safety of others.  I saw men being released and given money and means to spread out into territories.  I saw a large city, possibly New York City, being filled with evil groups.

They had formed to wait like predators for people to leave their homes for food or supplies.  I saw an elderly man in his late sixties leave to go to the store for food.  He also had a list for several others on his floor in their apartment.  The man was well-meaning and goodhearted.  He was doing this to help others.

On his way to the store, and with very few witnesses, the evil gang jumped the man.  They then dragged him to a bank machine and forced him to withdraw all that he could.  They then stole all he had on him, including his ID, beat him and left him to die on the street alone.  There were many more doing evil things and all of it was just so disgusting.  The weak were being taken advantage of severely and it was so sad.

As another example, in the outer areas, evil men and women went door to door to gain entry to various homes.  While they took advantage of many types of people, they tended to focus their attention on the elderly by posing as a utility worker or national guard.  I saw these evil people then steal their checks out of mailboxes.  They would then later go to their homes and force them to endorse their checks.  For the elderly that were senile, they pretended to be their relative so they could rob them of everything.

Sub-dream 1 over…

Father, darkness is being unleashed upon the light.  The prisoners are being set free and evil is given the green light to punish those who are vulnerable in their homes.  There is no one to stand for the widow, the elderly or the weak.  They are like sitting ducks in an arcade as evil knocks on every door desiring to come in.  For those who are fooled, robbery and even death awaits them.  This evil is coming for them now.

Father, I also had a dream a few days ago of some Mormon people I had known.  They are expecting You to raise them up soon to their ‘special status’.  According to their religion, Elijah gave them great powers when he appeared to Joseph Smith, the founder of the Mormons.  They believe this time for them is now.

Sub-dream 2 “Mormons with their ears sewn shut” begins…

I was trying to talk to some Mormon people I had known, but they seemed to be unable to listen to what I had to say about the Truth about Jesus.  When I looked closer, I realized that their ears were literally sewn shut.  This is why they could not hear me.  However, they were okay with this as they were waiting for their false version of the ‘Transformation’ as promised to them by Joseph Smith.  This was so heartbreaking as they were such kind people to me when I had lived in Washington State.

Sub-dream 2 over…

Oh Father, the deception on Mormons is so great.  They have been trained not to listen to anyone outside of the Mormon religion.  This makes conversion very, very difficult.  I just find it interesting that the earthquake that recently hit Salt Lake City made the twelve-foot gold angel Moroni statue drop its trumpet.  It fell.  If only they knew that God was trying to wake them up, including symbolically, with this great shaking.

As for here, our town is now a ghost town.  Everything is closed.  It seemed to happen overnight.  Only essential businesses are allowed to be open now.  Many are now fearing a soon complete lock down.  As my husband has recently called it, we are already in a ‘soft quarantine’.

Received on Sunday, March 22, 2020


Dear Father,

Twelve years ago today was the morning after my last Near Death Experience (or NDE).  I had woken up on March 22, 2008 with an odd feeling about my Spirit.  It was as if the Silver Cord from Heaven had not been fully severed.  I had a type of covering of peace over me which is difficult to describe.  I had a knowing that God was and is and is soon to be much, much greater than all of my troubles.

I had no fear of the world because I had met my Creator God.  He warned me it would be a difficult journey.  The feeling I had spiritually and physically lasted for about three days after and was unlike anything I can describe.  While I simply can’t describe it adequately, I will still give it a try.  I was able to notice small, lovely things as signs from Jesus.  My body also felt very unusual compared to normal.

Yes, I had aches and bruises from my fall, but it was something else, something much greater. It was like a warm fire had been ignited in my soul, a Heavenly flame.  I was warmed from within and felt as if I had a glow to me.  However, since I had children that depended on me, I went about my business normally.  This was a feeling inside that I was sharing just between me and my Creator.  I honored God fully and was thankful for every beat of my heart and breath of air into my lungs.

Something unusual happened to me recently as I slept.  In the early morning of March 20, 2020, You woke me up from my sleep twice.  The first time You woke me up was with the words…

‘Time to Mobilize!’

The second time You woke me up was with the words…

‘Prepare the Oil!’

This unusual event happened again in the early morning of March 22, 2020 (last night) when I was again awakened twice.  The first time You woke me up was with the Aaronic Blessing from Genesis…

‘His face shines upon you in your coming and going!’

The second time You woke me up was about an hour later when I was given a specific directive…

‘Blow the Trumpet in Zion!  Tell My people!’

I went back to sleep after this and had yet another strong dream…

Sub-dream 3 “The ‘Evil Fruit’ Bearing Tree” begins…

I noticed a deceptive root that was rising up out of nowhere.  This root then grew into an ‘evil fruit’ bearing tree.  It was trying to trick me into eating from it.  The tree soon became angry with my refusal to partake in its fruit.  It then tried to trick me again by making it easier to eat by shaking its branches to drop the fruit to the ground.  I again refused.  When it saw that I was not being tempted at all, the tree began to curse me.  These fruits then manifested into various people that had been my ‘in-laws’ at a time that has since past.

Sub-dream 3 over…

This dream was so disturbing that I decided to get up.  You then called me to continue writing down these dreams even though You know that I am scared of the dreams I am having lately.  The enemy is taking this opportunity to hold us captive in our own homes.  It seems innocent enough right now, but what I have seen in my dreams of things to come have really bothered me.

Father, You appoint leaders and You take them down.  Please protect our leader, President Trump, as You have sent him.  Father, there are so many lies circulating about him that I consider our ears and eyes to be under siege as well.  Please send help in Jesus’ Mighty Name!

Jesus:  “Erin, come up.”

I was standing near the pond at God’s Door and it was beautiful.  The flowers were blossoming and there were all types of small animals, butterflies and birds.  The fountain in the middle of the pond created ever changing designs.  The designs were intricate and never the same.  It was like nothing on Earth.  I walked over to the pond and decided to sit at the base of the beautiful weeping willow.  This willow was blossoming and each blossom was perfect.

Me:  “Thank You, Father.  This place is so restful.  It is lovely.”

I laughed as my two bunny friends came over to sit on my lap.  While cuddling them, I soon felt a hand on my shoulder.  It was Uriel.  He looked serious, so I moved the small bunnies from my lap onto the grass.  Uriel helped me to my feet.  He was in full armor.

Uriel:  “Come, I have been sent by God to show you what will occur.”

He squeezed my hand and we were instantly at the overlook of Earth from Heaven.

Uriel:  “Erin, as in the Words of the Prophets, namely Isaiah, I will reveal what God has instructed me to.  Look here…”

I saw Tarshish, a distant Isle which was/is Japan.  I saw the North Territory, which appears as Europe or the union of northern countries.  I then saw the country of Cyprus, which had roots in the east.  I saw the label Sin, Sidon, but I also saw the Chaldeans.

Me:  “Uriel, I do not understand.  What am I to see?  I am not certain I understand.”

Uriel:  “You were told that various troubles came to the Israelites on their exodus by those who went along with them.  This happened because the rabble had their roots from the fallen.  These were the multitudes.  They caused clamor, worry, mistrust and deception.  They followed the elderly and the very young and sowed seeds of discord.  They were not of God’s people and many practiced their own rituals.

“What you are seeing are the root areas of what the prophets spoke of.  A great alliance is occurring…with nations against one nation.  The area you know as Europe will gather more nations.  The nation which is rooted here…”  He pointed to Cyprus.  “…is now the place of Sin.”  The area east was highlighted as the Land of the Dragon.

Me:  “Who is Tarshish?”

Uriel:  “A land who was severely humbled and has never healed from the afflictions from your nation 75 years ago.”

Me:  “Japan?  But I thought they were our allies?”

Uriel:  “The one nation has slowly risen up and has formed alliances and strongholds with other nations.  Another nation has purchased the shipping ports.  Yet another has purchased the oil.  These were purchased around Tyre.  Tyre is ill.  The land is humbled.  Two nations will rise up to aid portions of the other areas.”  I saw Russia and the Land of the Dragon aiding Europe.  “There is a common goal…to strengthen and gather up the nations to take down the one.”

Me:  “Israel?”

Uriel:  “No, Erin.  Israel will be given over during the midst of this.  I am showing you the nation once under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.”

Me:  “The USA?  Oh no!”

Uriel:  “There is one nation (the Land of the Dragon) who has purchased the other nations, as well as the kings with no lands.  They have cut down God’s saints and have tortured them.  They have worked with other nations and stirred up lies to fight against the one nation (the USA).  This one nation (the Land of the Dragon) has a vast army and nothing will be able to stand against it.  These nations will surrender willingly.”

Me:  “How can this be?  Why don’t they fight?”

Uriel:  “A man who is sick and in need of a cure will die if not helped.  The one who cures the man is considered his ‘savior’.  The sick man is then forever in his debt, understand?  Think of this in another way.  A man who owns the banknote on another man’s loan has the power.  As his lender, the poor man is at his mercy.

“You will soon see properties vacated by force and mansions with no occupants.  There will be nothing they do not own.  This nation is eventually hated by the nations when they finally realize they too have been controlled and deceived by her.  This will give rise to another leader.  This leader will rise to be the one they call ‘savior’.  He will take his seat in the heart of Tyre.”

Me:  “Do you mean the city of Berlin?”

Uriel:  “This is not important right now.  Just know that the people of the nations have been greatly deceived.  This nation wants complete control.  Remember, they come peacefully at first in order to gain trust.  They then use money, power and lies to hold territories under siege.”

Me:  “I don’t understand.  What is Japan’s role in all of this?”

Uriel:  “While Japan has many ships, the Land of the Dragon owns most of the shipping lanes and harbors.  Then there is Russia.  Russia seeks control of the skies.”

Me:  “This is so disturbing.  I am sick.”

Uriel:  “This is ‘as written’, Erin.  This nation has caused division.  They purchased the lies that the people now believe.”

Me:  “Uriel, what can be done?  What about South America, Mexico and Canada?  What about Australia?  We still have allies, right?”

Uriel:  “Yes.  You still have allies to the north and to the south.  However, both of these countries are gateways.  Erin, all of the nations are being humbled.”

Me:  “But how can this be?  If we are all under house quarantine across the land, how can we be enjoying marriages and ordinary daily routines right up to the great and terrible day of the Lord?  Uriel, what is all of this that we are experiencing now?”

Uriel:  “This is the world at war.  It is a slow and…soon…a very painful takeover, one in which maps have already been redesigned in Sin (the Land of the Dragon).”

Me:  “What?  Really?  That is so arrogant!”

Uriel showed me a map from the Land of the Dragon.  It showed their desired takeover of the nations.  They were planning ‘One Government, One Currency, One Religion’!

Me:  “But, Uriel, I thought we were looking at the Muslim nations to do this?”

Uriel:  “Make no mistake…they also desire to wipe your nation from the map, as well as Israel.  However, they have instead been sent out in the form of a great exodus in order to soften the land.  This is so hearts are destroyed and hope gone until their ‘savior’ returns, the ‘one who will rise up’ and take his seat.  This will not be our Lord though, Erin, but an imposter.

“Remember that Israel has many enemies.  She has been protected by the USA, so this has kept them from attacking.  However, this nation, once loved and revered by all, has now prostituted herself with her enemy.  That enemy is now gathering up all of the nations against her to overcome her (the USA).”

Me:  “Uriel, we will be destroyed if God doesn’t intervene.”

Uriel:  “Do not worry, Erin, as God is with you.”

Me:  “How could we have let this happen?  It is so painfully obvious now.  The very scenario people spoke of in His Word is happening.”

Uriel:  “Yes, Erin.  You cannot prevent that which is God’s Will.  Erin, you have been prepared for such a time as this.”

Me:  “Yes, Uriel, but not as I am right now.  Look at you…you are in full armor and fully equipped.  You know where the enemy is at all times.  Look at me…without the Lord, I am old, weak and powerless.  I don’t even have the strength at times to write the horrible things He has shown me that are coming.  Really, though…I am scared!”

Uriel:  “You are a daughter of the King.  You are royalty.  Do not worry, Erin, as the enemy will not prevail against you.”

Me:  “Uriel, I see something else coming, something that spills into the sea.”

Uriel:  “This is later.  What I have told you is happening or is soon to happen.  This great nation under God protected Israel, but is now struggling to protect itself.  The massive nation of Sin (the Land of the Dragon) has seduced Israel.  Israel has prostituted herself also and has sold portions of God’s land.”

Me:  “Wait!  What?  How can this be?”

Uriel:  “Remember, the enemy comes as a peaceful friend, offers this and that and writes contract deals that cannot be declined.  Once in, they are able to control the situation.  While God has blessed Israel and the nation of your birth with wisdom and knowledge, the Land of the Dragon does not possess this.  This is why they must steal God’s land, ideas and blessings from His people.

“The leader of the Land of the Dragon believes that, if he can control all things, he will then reign as god over all.  However, he is actually under the God of Israel and will soon bow before Him and one day surrender.  This leader also does not see what is coming up in the midst of all of this.  God has a plan, Erin, and this comes quickly.  You have not been forgotten.

“God has given you the gift of discernment.  While God knows that I just gave you much information, He sends His message to prepare you in advance of this.  While you will be hated because of this, you will also be strengthened.  Do not be afraid.  Do not turn against your leader (President Trump) as he has been appointed by God to stand against the enemy’s schemes.

“Now, I have a battle to get back to.  Continue to understand that those offering ‘good will’ are not always doing the will of God, but that of the enemy.  Do not let strangers into your home.  Do not wander outside alone.  God does not say this to create fear.  However, this was designed by your enemy to create great fear and the false sense that the world’s savior is Sin (the Land of the Dragon).”

Me:  “One more thing, Uriel…who are the Chaldeans?”

Uriel:  “A root.  The ancient Chaldeans were trained by the fallen, including in the crafts of stargazing, astrology and all types of fortune telling.  Nebuchadnezzar was also Chaldean in root.  They have been scattered and even went to India and Sin (the Land of the Dragon).  Their practices were taken up with the people of the lands and adopted.  Some are Muslim today.”

Me:  “When did they scatter?”

Uriel:  “With the fall of Babylon.”

Me:  “Okay, so, they are not an issue right now?”

Uriel:  “Hmm, yes, Erin, they are, as the ancient Chaldeans are a movement which infiltrated the move of God and His Son.”

Me:  “Oh, like the New Age Movement?  There are also many other kinds of practices which are unclean!”

Uriel:  “Yes, Erin, as this is meant to make the clean unclean in God’s eyes.  However, God looks at the heart.  They have gone out across the land and spread ancient practices.  These have since been worshipped.”

Me:  “I see.  So not necessarily physical, but spiritual demonic entities.”

Uriel:  ‘Yes.  However, do not concern yourself with this.  There is a greater concern and this is practiced with the Word of God.  This king of Sin (the leader of the Land of the Dragon) has changed God’s Word to place himself as ‘savior’.  This is an abomination to God.  He is retraining and reeducating, by torture, God’s children.  Pray for God’s people under his regime.”  He could see me worry.

“Erin, these things have been written.  This is of no surprise.  Now, do not be afraid as God is with you.  He is about to do something in your days you would not believe even if you were told.  Now, I must go.”

Me:  “Thank you, Uriel.  Be safe.”

Uriel:  “We are and so are you and your family.  So too are your friends and their children.  He has you.  Do not be afraid as God is with you.”

Dream over…

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