Dream 408 – The Four Gateways and Bridges will soon open

Received on Sunday, May 10, 2020


Dear Father,

Thank You for another day!  Thank You for our lives.  Thank You for my family and friends throughout the world.  Friday, May 8, 2020 marked the six-year anniversary of my accident.  As it turns out, this accident was the beginning of Your plan to get me out of the desert.  It was an incredible delivery that even came with a great surprise – my husband.  I truly never saw any of this coming.

All the while, Your plan also exposed hidden agendas and plots.  I truly had no clue of the magnitude that the enemy will fight to take down one of Your children.  I am thankful, Father, so thankful, to be a child of God, Your child, Father.  Happy Mother’s Day to all!  I am so grateful that I am the mother to three wonderful children by blood and two wonderful children through marriage.  I thank You for all five of them.

I had an interesting conversation on Friday with my oldest son as we drove into town to run a couple of errands.  It was sunny and beautiful out, the calm before yesterday’s snowstorm.  My son has been struggling with extreme anxiety from technology.  He has been struggling since last August 2019.  OCD has been the result.  He has been so sad and depressed.

He misses communicating with his friends in the service and out in Washington State.  At first, I thought that this was a huge enemy attack against him.  However, I have now slowly begun to believe that all of this has been unfolding for a different purpose under Heaven.  One of the reasons I believe this could be so is that it seems as if the only time he has peace is if he is reading the Bible or doing his new hobby…drawing.

Me:  “I now believe that God has given you a type of ‘pause on the remote’.  This is like a stop to all that you had been doing.  He is drawing you closer to Him.”

Son:  “While my mind won’t let me, my heart still wants to do other things.  I miss doing the things I used to do.  I miss spending time with my friends.  This is not my choice.  This is against my plans.”

He sounded more sad than angry.  Just then, a song came on the Christian radio station.  It was the song ‘Anxious’ by Sarah Reeves.  This is a new song the station had just begun to play.  I knew this had to be from You, Father, as the timing was perfect.  While this song sums up my feelings on what my son is going through, there is even more to this.  This song was released when my son’s troubles began last year.

After the song finished, Your Voice welled up in me.  I needed this as I didn’t really have my own words.  He is a young man trying to find some independence, so having to listen to advice from his ‘mommy’ is not always the easiest thing.  However, the words of wisdom that came just had to be from You as he remained engaged as I spoke with him.  He would look intently and nod his head in agreement as I spoke.

Me:  “As you read in the Bible, you will notice that so many in the Bible, both in the old and new testaments, spent a lot of their lives waiting on the promises of God to be fulfilled.  Imagine being a prophet during such dark times and suffering because they had spoken God’s truth over the lies people preferred.  Then look at all of God’s people who have been imprisoned because of their beliefs.

“This is not an easy road.  I know you are being made fun of.  To have an anxiety disorder about technology is not popular.  Just know that you are not alone.  Today marks six years to the day that I fell at work.  Before that fall, I worked out at the gym, chased our dog Zoey down the street and went for long walks.  I could hit golf balls at the driving range.

“I helped people out with different room arrangements, even helping them move and arrange furniture and accessories.  While I was still disabled, I was not as disabled as today.  I could still work and function and I remained physically fit.  I was active and joyful.  You must still remember me being like this just a bit, right?”

Son:  “Hmm, I do.  However, it now feels so long ago.”

Me:  “It does to me as well.  Now look at me.  I am not who I am in my heart.  My heart is filled with wonder and excitement of promises soon to be fulfilled.  However, that is not who I am physically.  I need to drop some weight and be physically healed.  I need this even to do small things like art painting or drawing.  Other things, like sewing and other projects, are just too much for me know.

“Back in the year 2000, when I was at the Rose Garden in Portland OR, I was at a fork in the road.  From what I could see, I had three different options.

Option 1 – Turn away from God:  I could have turned back and gone backwards to a familiar place, a place before I met God.  Even though God has always been with me, I had barely begun to be with Him.  I could have easily turned away from all of this ‘Christian Stuff’.  This would have been a relatively easy step in the short term, but with dire long-term consequences.

Option 2 – Remain a ‘Luke Warm’ Christian:  I could have taken the road to the left and remained as I currently was.  I had a good business and a career with promise.  While I had already given birth to my two sons, I was now back in shape.  I could golf and be an instructor.  I could remain active at church by occasionally doing volunteer work and attending service.

“In this scenario, I would let the Sunday service message sink in just enough to last until Monday evening.  This would have been simpler and more superficial.  I would never be convicted of my sin as I would stay shallow in my relationship with the Lord.  This road would have been easier as I would be inconsequential to the enemy.  He would want to keep me this way, so he would not attack me.

Option 3 – Ask God to use me for His purposes:  I instead chose Option 3 and asked God to use me for His purposes.  In doing so, I had to fully trust Him with my path.  I could not dictate to God how He would orchestrate all of this.  So, what happened as a result?  Well, I was severely pounded by the enemy for twenty years.  I suffered.  I made mistakes.

“According to the world, I lost much and gained very little.  Quite simply, I was not well equipped for what would soon be coming.  I did not truly know what I had just asked for.  I did not truly know what was in store for me by choosing the difficult narrow road with the tiny gate.  I didn’t read the fine print.  What if God instead showed me the perils in the same manner as the disclaimers at the end of those pharmaceutical commercials.

“These commercials show a person doing fun activities.  They then show them enjoying life so much more because they were taking this new medicine.  While the commercial then continues to show the person in joyful activities, a rushed voice starts stating all of the potential nasty side effects.  Imagine if God had provided these to me as well.”  I then started talking to my son in a similar voice as these commercials…

Potentially Dangerous Side Effects of Option 3 – Being Used for His purposes:

“While serving God for His purposes will have great eternal gains, consequences during your lifetime could (and, for me, it did) include the following:

  • Can cause heart problems and irregular heartbeats, possibly leading to death or installation of a pacemaker
  • Medical costs can lead to the loss of all of your material wealth
  • Troubles may result in a diminished ability to take care of your family
  • You will need to prepare for unjustified attacks during this time of personal vulnerability from your ex-husband, family, friends, the courts, the schools and even the court system
  • You will temporarily lose one of your sons due to unjust circumstances and because you do not have the means to hire an attorney
  • Those who can’t afford legal counsel will almost lose their children entirely until it is discovered that the opposing party is actually the abuser
  • All of your abilities will soon be diminished and, eventually, an event, a serious fall, will make it so that your abilities are almost completely gone
  • During this time, it will become necessary to move you to another area while you are being pursued by your enemies
  • You will wait there for the last six years with your husband (yes, you will remarry) and receive no treatment at all for your disabilities
  • You will continue for twenty years from the beginning in such a diminished capacity until the day the Lord has promised finally arrives
  • Those who wait upon the Lord for more than twenty years will experience sadness, depression, waves of grief, vivid dreams and nightmares
  • They may also experience the hearing of the Voice of God
  • Some will experience visions of Heaven and even the Two Witnesses
  • Some will even experience angel visitations from Heaven and miraculous manifestations of wisdom and knowledge
  • Upon experiencing this time of waiting and long suffering, you will grow weary, lose hope at times and become anxious
  • You might also occasionally doubt your sanity, wellness and decisions if it were not for the many encouragements sent by your friends on the Nest and from the love of your family

“If it stopped here, who would take this on?  However, what if He added that He will always take care of you, promising to answer you when you cry out to Him?  What if He added that He will give you hope and a future?  What if He promised that all of your children will be with you during uncertain times?  What if He promised that your life would bring comfort to many people as they grew closer to Him through you?

Son:  “He promised you all of these things, didn’t He?”

Me:  “He has.”  I paused for about a minute.  “Wow, guess what I just realized?  I suddenly realized that I would do it all over again.  I would.  Even though so much of this is contrary to my great plans for myself, I would still surrender to God.  It reminds me of a saying I recently read…’God doesn’t call the equipped, He equips those He calls.’  Even though I have no skills in writing, He still called me to do this.

“While He could have called a professional writer to write ‘His Story’, He instead called me.  I am unqualified to be a writer.  I don’t like writing.  I am not a Bible scholar.  However, when I write and spend time with God, He almost always temporarily removes my pain.  When I am done writing, the pain commences again.  However, I am okay with this knowing that I just accomplished the work of what the Lord placed on my heart.

“In reality, I am an artist and an illustrator.  I should be creating artwork instead of writing.  I am creating ‘heartwork’ instead on these journal pages.  Knowing I am helping people makes my heart glad.”

I felt that this was all that needed to be said to my son.  While he didn’t say much in reply, I could tell he was thinking about all of what was said.  When we arrived home, I went to feed the little yard animals before the snow storm hit.  When I came back inside, my son said ‘Mom, I love you.’  He has said this many times to me, but this was one of those ‘I love yous’ that you cherish forever.

Thank You, Father.  This son was once so angry with me.  Thanks to his father, he was turned against me, his brother and his sister.  However, he is home with me here and is now in the healing process.  This is a true miracle.  Thank You.  Oh Father, I would do all of this again.  Even if You told me all that would happen, I would still go down this path that You laid out for me.

So, why would I do this?  This is because I love and trust You, Father.  I had to give up control to You.  This was why everything was so difficult.  I had wandered for twenty years in a spiritual desert.  However, in reality, these last 7.5 years of dreams have developed a heart work in Me.  All of this is really You working through me as a vessel to encourage others while I encourage myself at the same time.

I had a couple of dreams last night.  I was an observer in both of these dreams…

Sub-dream 1 “Forging Handles for the Four Gates” begins…

We were preparing the Handles for four separate Gates by using a forge.  All of us knew that this was extremely important work.  There was a foreman oversee our work.

Foreman:  “Be careful as you forge.  Make sure there is no delamination in your iron.  Work as if this will be the most important forge of your career as forgers.  Do everything as if you work for the Lord.  You are!”

One of the workers:  “Shall we also create locks for the Four Gates?”

Foreman:  “If your design is dedicated to God and of the best quality, there will be no need as nothing will come against you.  Nothing can open a gate which God shuts nor can they close a gate which God opens.  These are God’s Gates, understand?”

We all agreed.  We then began to sing a song in unison as we hammered our iron.

Sub-dream 1 over…

Sub-dream 2 “The Gateway that can’t be covered up” begins…

There was a walled over area of stone which consisted of hewed Jerusalem Stone.  The Doorway or Gateway was walled up with stones and mortar as if sealing off a tomb.  I could tell this work had to be redone due to a great earthquake that had previously occurred.  The encasement of the Gateway had been completely destroyed.  The false stonework which had covered the original opening had come down, exposing the Gateway they were trying so hard to hide.  I heard people yelling at each other.

Man 1:  “We have covered this twice.  Quickly, we must wall this back in so the prophecy is unfulfilled.  Hurry!”

Man 2:  “Golden Gate has fallen!  The Messiah is at the door!”

Man 3:  “Which Golden Gate?  Which prophecy?”

Man 2:  “Both!  Hurry!  Hurry!  The time of Zechariah 14 verses 4 & 5 is nearing…

’On that day, His feet shall stand on the Mount of Olives that lies before Jerusalem on the east, and the Mount of Olives shall be split in two from east to west by a very wide valley, so that one half of the Mount shall move northward, and the other half southward.  And you shall flee to the valley of my mountains, for the valley of the mountains shall reach to Azal. And you shall flee as you fled from the earthquake in the days of Uzziah king of Judah. Then the Lord my God will come, and all the Holy Ones with Him.’

“Hurry, for He comes with His Army of Holy Ones to take His seat!”

Sub-dream 2 over…

Father, it has been awhile since I have been an observer in these dreams.  Both dreams referred to Gates.  I am scared, Father.  I have had troubles sleeping.  I love You so much.  We have been so thankful to You for everything.  Although the waiting has been difficult, You are here with us.  You are in the waiting.  Thank You!

Jesus:  “Erin, come up.”

I was immediately at the overlook from Heaven to Earth.  I was looking over a stunning view of Earth.  It truly is God’s masterpiece and so incredible to view from a distance.  When I was young, I tried to imagine being an astronaut and seeing a sight like this.  I never imagined it would actually happen and certainly not by being a view from Heaven.  This is awesome.

I felt a hand on my shoulder.  I turned and there was Uriel.  He was with his horse.  They were both in full armor.  On a side note, Uriel is going to use the term ‘Midway’.  This is because my husband and I just watched a movie called ‘Midway’.  This movie was all about some epic battles between the USA and Japan in World War 2.  It was basically a great battle of two rival aircraft carrier fleets.

Uriel:  “Erin, the battle in the heavenlies, ‘The Midway’, continues.  Look!”

I could suddenly see the battle of Heavenly angels in armor battling the dark realm.  There were billows of black smoke, wind and lightning.  I could see the two dragons, the red one and the black one.  I also saw a pale horse and rider.  The demonic army had strengthened in number.  I could also see the archangels in full armor in battle.  The angels were fighting the most horrendous of creatures.

They were terrible to look at, so much so that they are beyond description.  I could smell sulfur and other foul odors coming from them.  I could hear screeching metal.  I would see a shimmer of Heavenly armor, but it would then disappear again into the battle.  I then saw Uriel wave his arm and the battle disappeared.  I could see the Earth again.

Me:  “Where did the battle go?”

Uriel:  “It is still raging, Erin.  The Four Gates are about to open.  Through these will come help, miracles, healing and the Kingdom of Heaven.  This is the Bridge you try to run to cross over back and forth.  These are placed in the ‘Four Corners of the Earth’ by which God’s Holy Ones will ascend and descend.

“There is great news here.  The enemy will be unable to wall up these Gates.  The enemy will be unable to tear down these Bridges.  Several events are about to occur.  These will be with Israel as your gauge.  While this has never changed, this will be a time like no other time.  Erin, your wait is over!”

Me:  “Uriel, why four?”

Uriel:  “Because four is an important number to God.  You can pray for wisdom here.  I am here to show you that the battle in ‘The Midway’ has increased.  Evil is manifesting visibly on Earth.  You have been given an increase in knowledge from God to those He has called.”

Me:  “Uriel, I am now able to spot a deceiver by using a measure…when I spot a deceiver, my stomach instantly becomes ill.”

Uriel:  “It is important right now to say very little and make no declarations.  What God has shown you is true.  What is on the airwaves are false reports meant to manipulate.  They then study the public’s reaction for future reference.  There is a plan in place to destroy the nations from within by weakening their structures and the laws of the lands.  This is especially true for the land declared to be a nation to God.

“This is also the time of the great rebellion away from truth.  The enemy has been unable to destroy God’s elect.  The plan was to destroy the elect by turning them away from God and causing them to fight amongst each other. While the enemy is trying to gain momentum by controlling what is consumed by man, he is really running against the wind.

“This is in the form of false information and the spreading of fear.  This is in the release of criminals and the arrest of those who abide by the law, most to house arrest and some even to jail.  There is the controlling of food and that which is consumed.  There is also the removal of God’s Church from worship.

“Well, all of these plans will come to nothing.  God is about to do something in your days you would not believe even if you were told.  The enemy is not in control.  God is on His Throne on Earth as He is in Heaven.  Nothing is beyond the Creator of Heaven and Earth.  Remember this.  Now, Who is like God?”

Me:  “No one comes close to God.  God created all things into being.  God cannot be duplicated.  He cannot be overthrown.  He will not be mocked without consequence.  He won’t let the wicked go unpunished.  God takes no delight in evil.  Even though I know all of this, I am still sometimes scared about all that I see coming.”

Uriel:  “Do not be, Erin, for something wonderful is coming upon the Earth.  Now, rejoice!  I must go.  Take heart as God is in control.”

Me:  Addressing God.  “Hurry, Father!  We love You!  Hurry!  In Jesus’ Name, hurry!”

Uriel smiled and nodded in agreement.  He mounted his horse.  When he took out his sword, it became an amazing flaming sword.  Impossible to describe…intimidating, yet somehow also comforting.  I then watched Uriel ride with his horse into the battle with his flaming sword.

Dream over…

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