Dream 420 – Walking with Jesus in the Place of Splendor

Received on Sunday, July 5, 2020


Dear Father,

Thank You for another day!  Thank You for my family.  Thank You so much for the blessings of Sparrow prayers.  I feel so overwhelmed with love.  I had a very deep and heavy sleep last night.  I am not sure why though as these are very rare for me.  I fell asleep at 1:00am and finally woke up at 10:00am.  I could have fallen back to sleep, but the pain of laying down without much movement was greater than my exhaustion.

As I moved around, my chest felt heavy and my breathing labored.  I have been in self-isolation now for 10 days and I have no symptoms of the virus.  I will remain this way until the 14th day is finished on Thursday evening.  However, I will wait to ‘emerge’ until this Friday, the 15th day, just for good measure.

I went to feed the animals outside when I noticed that the grey squirrels had once again been liberating the seeds from the bird feeders.  This is so frustrating.  It is so funny too.  I go outside and only the bold little red squirrels and baby groundhogs see me and run towards me.  The rest of the animals flee as if I am the end of their party.  Just to make a point, I then spend even more time with those few who want to visit with me.

It is endearing for me as I can even pet some of them.  One little groundhog hid between my feet, only popping out to retrieve seeds and peanuts.  Several nights in a row, we have heard some animal attacking another animal or animals in our back-porch area.  This area is the home of ‘Flower’, the groundhog, and her five babies.  Flower has been here for a few years now and I have grown attached to her.

In previous years, Flower would run up to greet me at the sound of me calling her.  This year though, there have been many predators, seemingly more than normal.  As such, she is now slower to greet me.  I told my husband that I would like to set up a night camera to see the action.  He just shook his head and said, ‘Erin, like you need something else to worry about.’  I nodded in agreement as he had a good point.

Anyway, I saw Flower a couple of weeks ago and she looked like she had been in a fight.  Shortly after that, one of her babies was killed by a dog that likes to come on our property.  The dog comes in like a wave of terror to the little animals as he chases his owner on a mountain bike down the dirt road.  On this particular day, he left the body by the house and our kids found it.  It was awful.

I later saw Flower and the other babies looking for the little guy who had died.  Shortly after this, we heard something in the way of a bad fight.  Flower and another of her babies have not been seen since.  The babies were not quite weened.  Now only three babies are left.  Two stay together and the third stays away.  The one that stays away came up to me this morning and was hungry.

The grey squirrels around me were circling the perimeter.  They are bullies.  In order to keep peace, I pay them off with peanuts.  It has now gotten out of control and they are now my ‘yard terrorists’.  Yes, I am exaggerating, but there are so many of them and they aren’t really that nice.  It is so weird.

Anyway, since the grey squirrels emptied the birdfeeders, chickadees, yellow finches and nuthatches were forced to go to the seed on the ground.  As I sat there, I was amazed at the beauty of these little creatures and the complexity of Your Creation.  Father, You made these animals look like jewels.  Simply beautiful.  I have seen Indigo Buntings and ruby throated hummingbirds here.  Absolutely beautiful.

As I got up to go back inside to write my dream down, I saw a beautiful Downey Woodpecker teaching a fledgling how to eat and hide food.  Sometimes it would feed directly from its mouth.  The males have a red mark on the back of their heads.  This, combined with their black and white striped feathers, makes them stunning.  In this instance, the ‘Father Downey’ was feeding the ‘Baby Downey’ beak to beak.  So cute.

After I spread the rest of the seed and peanuts, I went inside and washed my hands in the kitchen sink.  I then went to the window to peek out to see who had come to breakfast.  I laughed out loud at the sight of all of this.

There were at least 20 yellow finches, some indigo buntings, chickadees, mourning doves, sparrows, nuthatches, crowned sparrows, blue jays, Downey woodpeckers, Harry woodpeckers, 8 large squirrels, 10 red squirrels, 2 chipmunks, 2 crows (Scout and his partner) and one little groundhog baby.

Within less than three minutes, they had all descended, 16 varieties of little creatures.  It seemed the only ones missing were the hummingbirds and the wild turkeys.

There must be a storm coming as the atmosphere seemed suddenly cooler and thicker than yesterday.  The animals and birds now seem frantic.  Father, please protect these little ones from storms and predators.

My dream last night was unusual as in there was absolutely nothing I had done in the physical which would trigger something in my sleep state.  In order to understand this dream fully, I am going to give you some background on this area of Portland OR and on the designer industry in general.

When I designed in Portland OR, I belonged to the North West Society of Interior Design, or NWSID for short.  During the year, there is one event that always makes us incredibly busy.  This is show home time.  In the time of my first street of dreams in 1993 to my injury in 2014, I had easily worked on a total of twenty show homes.  Of the twenty, three were very high-end homes.

These high-end homes took a year to design, budget and coordinate.  Most of my employers were builders who took 100% credit for everything and gave very little, if any, credit to their designers.  While some designers do this for fame and others for money, I did it for income as I always needed this for my battles.  It is an industry of big egos, with some even becoming very wealthy.

By doing these show homes well, you are then in demand for the next two years.  It helps to keep you employed.  I spent a lot of time making others look good.  It is humbling in a way as others get awards and recognitions for the work you do.  This has been God’s Will though.  I have seen designers I have trained become more prominent than me.  I have also seen great designers simply fall into obscurity for no good reason.

Sub-dream 1 “Designing with futuristic lighting” begins…

I was an active Interior Designer again.  I had been gone for many years and it was now show home time.  I had come back to the Portland OR area after being gone from that area for 15 years.  I was now preparing an exhibit of lighting effects using new technologies.  I was happily doing this as I love good lighting and always hated the blue lighting that Obama had forced on us.

I had now signed up for show home entry.  I was younger again, most likely Transformed, though not 100% sure, but seemed logical.  I was overwhelmed with an unbelievable list of hurdles in order to even enter with only days before the display and judging for something I felt I would be able to do well in.  I felt I had a really great display.  I was instead called away to do something equally as important.

Other designers who were my rivals knew I was back in town, so they had placed obstacles on my path.  These were insignificant though as I was called to do other things.  The main thing was that I only had three days left and was doing some amazing things using nano technology.  This ‘nano lighting’ could illuminate a great area, all with the added ability of varying the individual degrees of lighting in a wonderful way.

I knew this was supernatural as I was doing incredibly complicated things.  Others wanted to steal my abilities, but couldn’t.  They felt I was using trickery, not wanting to acknowledge that God gave me these talents.  As a result, I was being pursued.  If it was up to them, I would do all of this for them without credit and I would have no time to rest.  In a supernaturally fast way, I was done setting up what I needed to set up.

This was good timing as my mother soon appeared with my youngest brother with only 24 hours left.  In this dream, my mom was the same age as me and my brother was once again only about 8 years old.

Mom:  “Erin, what are you doing?  This is too much.  Keep it simple.  You have more knowledge now.  This is a simple show of lights for you.  You have nothing to prove here.  Just show up.”

I dismissed her at first, but then decided that her advice was sound.  The three of us then decided to go to the Flower Market in Portland OR.  The Flower Market was not open to the public.  When I arrived, I recognized clerks from many years ago.  However, they did not recognize me.  I used my old business number and they ushered us in.  They seemed as if they were wrapping up.

I went to an area with various string garland lights.  My mom stood next to me while my little brother sat in the cart.  There were samples on the wall and one string stood out to me.  It was not of this world, but of Heaven in origin.  The strand was a silver garland of branches and leaves.  The entire piece was illuminated.  All of the other lights were blue LED and looked more like cheap Christmas lighting.  I called over a clerk.

Me:  “Excuse me, but could I please have a case of these Heavenly Strands?”

Clerk:  “Oh yes!  This was sent to us as a sample, but the rest of the batch of these lights have never come.  We keep waiting, but the garlands promised have not yet arrived.  My sales rep keeps promising though.”

Me:  Turning to my mom.  “If I can’t have these, I want nothing else that I see here.”

Mom:  Smiling.  “This is a good decision.”

Me:  “Why was I even going to participate in this show?”

Mom:  “All you need is with you.”

Me:  “Awesome!  Then let the lightshow begin!”

Sub-dream 1 over…

Father, this dream was very real.  However, I don’t know what it all meant.  Please help me…well, all of us…to better understand what You will soon be doing with us.

Jesus:  “Erin, come up.”

I was on a beautiful path consisting of perfectly chiseled stone pavers.  At each joint, there was short green moss or grass that acted as grout and highlighted each stone.  On each stone was chiseled the Words of God.  It was amazing as the chiseled Words of God were illuminated with light.  To the left and right of the path, and for approximately fifty feet in width, were various flowers in the bud stage.

There were thousands of varieties of flowers.  On either side of the flowers were my favorite aspen trees.  When I looked through the trees, I could see green meadows framed by large rocks.  These were at the base of two large mountain ranges.  I could hear beautiful singing of birds.  I felt the warmth of the sun as I walked.  I walked slowly, trying to take everything in.  I couldn’t as there was just too many things to look at.

Something unusual then happened.  I began to see everything as if in quickened time lapse.  I watched as the sun moved forward at a quick speed.  I watched as the light went from behind me to over me to moving in front of me.  As I walked towards the sun, I noticed that the flowers were quickly moving from budding into blossoming.  It was so incredibly beautiful that it took my breath away.

I know that my words are not doing this justice.  Quite simply, I have seen many things in Heaven, many things of God and all that He has planned for us, but never have I seen such a beautiful sight as this.  I was in absolute awe and wonder as I walked.  The sun began to set on the path before me.  As it did, God’s Words on the paving stones were illuminated even more without the sun being present.

All things around me now had light, but a hard to describe super amazing internal light.  It was light without electricity, cords or bulbs.  The trees had illuminated branches and leaves.  The flowers, the meadows and the rocks…but, really, all that I could see…now had light.  Any darkness only existed to make the effects of the lighting even more vivid.  I could see millions of stars in the sky.  All in all, night was just as beautiful as day.

As I walked, dawn was now also coming in with a quickened time-lapse.  I could see dew like diamonds watering the flowers.  As the sun rose, I could see Jesus on the horizon walking towards me.  I ran to Him.  I cried out to Him, but with joy this time, as I ran.  He received me with open arms.

Jesus:  “I am so glad you came, Erin.”

Me:  “Lord, I have never seen such beauty as this.  I am in awe.”

Jesus:  “Erin, this is the place of Splendor…My Splendor.  I thought that you might like to see it.  You have been downcast and could use the lift of your head.”

Me:  “Thank You, Lord.”

Jesus:  “The path has stones which are living truth.  The stones you walk on are My Word.  These are the words I have given you to encourage you.  My light, My Word of Truth, is in you and in those that I have called.  Therefore, since I am the Light of the World, like the sun, then too you are My lights.  Your long wait has made your lights grow dim though.  It is as if they are run on batteries that are losing their power.

“However, Erin, you are not powered by things of the world.  You are powered by My Light, the Light of the Son, and the Words of Truth, which I have spoken.  Where you are, a wave of darkness has swept over the land and nations.  Sin has begun to sweep all that is good into the shadows.  Many now believe that good is evil and that evil is good.  Even those who have claimed to stand on My Word of Truth have now proclaimed a new truth.

“However, Erin, as you can see…”  He pointed to the stones.  “…My Words remain unchanged.  No darkness, no scheme of man, no instrument of the sons bound for the lake of fire will remove you, your family, your children, your friends or their children from My hands.  No scheme will be able to change My Truth or squelch My Light in all of you.  Fear will not overcome those that I have called.

“Those who live in fear must turn from the schemes of the enemy and come to Me.  I am here.  I am with you.  I have not only prepared all of this for you in Heaven, along with much, much more, but I have also declared this to be on Earth as it is here.  You must now stand on My Word, My Promises and My Rock of Salvation.

“When the storms continue to batter the nations and the quakes shake the foundations in wave after wave, you will stand unmovable and unshakeable.  You will be like a lighthouse and a beacon in the storm.  My Voice will be in you as My Light is also in you and upon you.”

He reached over and placed His hand on my forehead and blessed me.  He then leaned over and kissed the top of my head.

Jesus:  “Erin, you will have a visible mark showing that I have blessed you forever.  This will not be like a tattoo made of ink, but instead like a Signet Ring of God.  A Signet possesses the authority of the King in Good Faith as an extension to perform His Will.  You will be strengthened and have a Signet as a seal and a sign that I am with you.

“This will be visible to all and, when I call you here or there, I will also instruct you with knowledge greater than any king on Earth.  At times, you will only observe the deeds of the wicked and their deeds will be recorded.  At other times, you will move forward to administer justice, mercy, healing and grace.

“Many weapons will be fashioned against you, but none will prosper.  All who run to Me for help and mercy shall be saved as great healings will come over the nations.  Now, look at these…”  He pointed to the beautiful flowers of many varieties.  “…not all of these have buds which blossom.  Not all I have called will bloom, but this too was known from the beginning.

“Here though, all buds bloom from the stem.  This is unlike what you are familiar with.  There, the promise is visible, but it sometimes fails to open.  Remember, Erin, that it is I Who is in control of all things.  Do not be discouraged.  Instead, be encouraged that everything I do, all which is done, is good.  Remember, Erin, that I care for each of you.  Do not be discouraged.  Instead, stand firm and unwavering.  I Am Who I say I Am and I Am about to do something you would not believe even if you were told!”

Me:  “My Lord, I love You.  Please strengthen us.  The pain of this world is great and, without Your strength, none of us would bloom.  Let Your Will be done…and as You have said…on Earth as it is in Heaven.”

Jesus:  Smiling.  “Now, prepare your hearts.  Be encouraged.  I love you.  You are My Bride.  Come, walk with Me.  I have more to show you.  Take My hand.”

I instantly and willingly presented my hand to Him.  He laughed as He took my hand.  I could tell that this gesture had pleased Him.  We walked down the path together.  As we walked, the flowers before Him opened in response to being in His vicinity.  We walked towards the setting of the sun.  In total, it went from dawn to sunset two times, plus the nighttime in between.

Oh yes…I should also note that I felt no pain while writing today.  This was so supernaturally rare that it was awesome…but not nearly as awesome as our Awesome Savior!

Dream over…

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