Dream 424 – Jesus reveals a surprise at the Seven Pools

Received on Sunday, July 26, 2020


Dear Father,

Thank You for another day here!  Thank You for protecting us and keeping all of my children safe.  My dreams at night are difficult at times.  I sometimes will even wake up slightly nauseated from what I have been shown.  I had a dream three nights ago…

Sub-dream 1 “A Picker has his perspective healed” begins…

I was now Transformed.  I was walking down an aisle in a thrift store called ‘Plunder’.  The store contained personal items that people had traded for essentials.  I just know that the items there were a lot more valuable than what they had received from the Trader.  Instead of money, people that traded things in now received vouchers for food and medicine.

I was there to buy up items to return to some of the families that really did not want to trade these things in, but had to for survival.  I was not concerned about cost as the Lord was constantly supplying what we needed in any given circumstance.  We were being fed like Sparrows, but in the way only God can.

As I walked through aisles of metal storage racks on wheels, I noticed that two items on one of the racks were highlighted.  As I was about to reach for one of the two items, the more valuable item, a man’s voice called out to me.  I recognized this voice as being one of the local pickers I have run into many times.

The Picker then tapped me on my right shoulder.  As I turned to my right, he reached in from my left side and took one of the two items.  It was the less valuable of the two items.  This was clever and a diversion theft.  What he still didn’t realize was that I was actually after the second of the two items.

Picker:  In a mocking tone. “Ha!  Well, servant of God, it seems like you missed the very rare item right there in front of you!”

He held up the item he had just retrieved.  It was a very unusual Chintz elephant figurine with ivory tusks from the 1800s.  I simply nodded my head towards him as I picked up the second item, the truly valuable one.  It was a stained-glass triptych of Jesus.  There were three panels…one of Jesus at His birth, another of Him on the Cross and another of Him at His Resurrection.

I then saw a second triptych of Jesus.  Once again, there were three panels…one of Jesus turning water into wine at the wedding, another of Him raising Lazarus and another of Him walking on water.  Since the second triptych was closer to the Picker and since he already knew it must be valuable since I put the first one in my cart, he hastily grabbed it and put it into his cart.  I knew the Lord was doing this for a reason.

Me:  Smiling.  “Oh, aren’t you clever…and so fast with your hands.  However, please understand that this item you now possess is truly more valuable than anything in here.”

Picker:  Looking confused.  He held up the Chintz elephant.  “Even more than this?”

Me:  “You clearly cannot see what is right there in front of you.”

Before I could say anything else, I heard the Voice of the Lord in my head:  “Erin, pray for this man and heal him of his iniquities…in My Name.”

I raised my hand and started to pray over the man.  He looked worried at first, thinking perhaps I was going to strike him.  He relaxed once he could tell what I was doing.  He had a scoffing look on his face, but this soon disappeared…and for good reason.  The man instantly lost weight and gained a full head of hair.  His clothing became brand new and fit his new physique perfectly.

Picker:  “My eyes…my eyes!  My eyesight is healed.  I am sorry.  I am sorry that I have mocked you.  I mocked Jesus.  I was following you to harm you and to steal from you.  I am so sorry.”

Me:  “You must understand that this is not me healing you.  Jesus is the One Who healed you, the One Who sent me to give you the Good News about His miracles.  His gift of salvation is free and it is more valuable than anything on Earth.  Will you take His gift…His free gift of salvation…now?”

Picker:  Looking terrified.  “But I will be killed.  You are giving me a death sentence.”

Me:  “Jesus is offering you an eternal life sentence in Heaven.  All of those who love Him will receive a beautiful Home that He has prepared.  While death is certain here, eternal life is certain there.”

Picker:  “Okay, okay, okay!  However, can I keep this quiet?  Yes, I accept Him.  But I am evil.  Why would He want me?  Why would He forgive me?”

Just then, the Trader yelled at us.

Trader:  “Hey, you two…you are taking too much time.  Others are waiting to come in.”

Something amazing then happened.  To the Trader and in the natural, it looked as if we both had returned to looking over the racks.  However, in the supernatural, the Picker was now communicating with an angel of God.  I was somehow able to see both at the same time and I just shook my head in amazement.  Truly, our God has no limitations.

I waited there while the angel finished speaking with the Picker.  Though I was curious, I could not hear what was being said to the Picker.  Once the angel finished, the Picker looked at me.  In an instant, his entire face had changed.  While he now had joy, he now also had the Holy Spirit.  It was an amazing transition and so fun to witness.

Picker:  “Thank you!”

Me:  I smiled a big smile.  “We will celebrate more together one day soon.”

Picker:  “I have something for you.”  He reached into his basket and pulled out the triptych of Jesus’ miracles.  “Here, this belongs to someone else.”  He smiled.  “I already know all this.  The angel took me to see all of that in a vision.  I had never read a Bible.”  He then reached in and took out the little Chintz elephant.  “This is for you as well.”

While I now wanted him to keep these items, I felt the Lord nudge me to accept them.  This act of generosity was to be healing for the Picker.

Me:  “That is so sweet!  Thank you.  God is good, right?”

Picker:  “No one will recognize me.  It is time for a fresh start.”

Trader:  Yelling at us.  “Come on, you idiots, let’s go!”

We laughed as we walked up to the counter.  We then parted ways.  After loading up my merchandise into the car, I sat down and had a conversation with Jesus.

Me:  “Wow, You amaze me, Lord.  While the man appeared to be looking at the merchandise in the natural, You actually took him up to an educational Bible teaching of Your miracles in the supernatural.  You are awesome!  Does Your love ever end?  I learn more and more about You every day.”

Jesus:  “Thank you, Erin.  I am the same yesterday, today and tomorrow, yet My miracles are new every day.”

Sub-dream 1 over…

I awoke suddenly to a massive thunderstorm.  It was around 5:30am.  The winds were fierce and hail and rained just pounded us for about an hour.  It was humbling.  When God-sized phenomena comes, you realize just how very small we are.  I soon fell asleep again and had another dream…

Sub-dream 2 “Vile lips are taped shut” begins…

I was at a counter at a Starbucks.  Several customers were speaking horribly about people who voted for President Trump.  One man began to rant about Christians and how they needed to be destroyed.  Those around him agreed with him.  As I reached for my iced tea, I prayed to God that He would stop their evil speaking.

More specifically, I asked the Lord if He would send tape to close their vile lips.  I then saw small squares of film dropping from the ceiling onto the lips of all who were participating in the cursing.  This soon rendered them speechless.  They looked absolutely terrified.  The Lord gave me the words to address them.

Me:  “Be careful of the lies and words that pour from your lips.  This soon becomes a heart condition of hate.  Those pesky Christians are not the problem.  Check those with cursed tongues and lips instead.”

They were now all panicking.  While a couple of them wanted to harm me, they were supernaturally kept away from me.  I felt such peace from the Lord.  As I walked out of the Starbucks, I spoke with Him.

Me:  In private.  “Lord, how long will they stay this way?”

The Voice of Jesus (also in private):  “Hmm, I think a little while.  Perhaps a few days.”

Me:  “Thanks, Lord.  That was so much fun.”

Sub-dream 2 over…

I then had a mysterious dream just last night…

Sub-dream 3 “The first day and the eighth day” begins…

There were a small number of us gathered around a campfire.  Jesus was with us and was sitting on a very large rock.  We had been asking Him questions and He was giving us instructions and knowledge about hidden things.  At one point, He said to us, while using His outer right hand to contact the inner palm of His left hand twice…

Jesus:  “The first day and the eighth day are the same on a calendar.  However, the eighth day is special as it is when the old skins are removed and My glory is revealed.  Things previously unclean are then made pure.  However, and even more so, those hearts that were previously downtrodden will then be lifted up.  The old will be rolled back as with a stone in front of a tomb.  The tombstone is removed and it was revealed that I had risen.  This was a glorious day.  A new circumcision is coming…the eighth day…a seal and a covenant.”

Sub-dream 3 over…

Please help us, Father!  The nations are in an uproar.  Christians are being persecuted and murdered all over the world.  Cathedrals in France are being set on fire.  There is a systematic assault on all of Your people.  Please, Father, rise up and make this the day of Great Change!  We love You!

Jesus:  “Erin, come up.”

I was once again on a beautiful path with lush greenery and so many trees.  It was perfect and so fragrant.  I heard the sound of a waterfall nearby and decided to follow the sound through the trees.  I soon came to a clearing.  I was back at the seven pools with the waterfalls!  However, I had come from a different side this time.  The water was clear and pure light blue in color.

I could see stones in the bottom of the area I was standing in.  More specifically, I was standing where the waterfall from the third pool spilled into the fourth pool.  The stones were shining like faceted cut jewels.  There were rubies, sapphires and emeralds.  Since these stones were ‘the real thing’, they looked beautiful and natural…every bit a part of this supernatural landscape.

As I was gazing at the pool, a rock skipped in the water right in front of me.  The surface of the water then changed with the ripples.  I looked over at where the stone must have come from.  There was Jesus.  He was laughing and waving for me to come down to the seventh pool, the largest of the pools.

I ran to Him.  I was so glad to be here.  Jesus hugged me and handed me a stone.  The stone was a polished ruby, perfect for skipping.  I laughed as He smiled at me.

Jesus:  “Let’s see if you can still skip rocks in the pools.”

I decided to use a side arm technique.  The ruby made one skip, but then just plopped down into the water.  It made a huge splash for such a small stone.

Me:  “Oops!  Can I try that again?”

Jesus:  “Sure, go ahead.  However, I want you to send that stone skipping through each pool this time.”

He then touched my right arm as He handed me another stone.  This time it appeared to be a blue sapphire.  This stone was heavier than the red ruby I had first thrown.  While it would be impossible to skip a stone like this on Earth, I was determined to skip this stone here in Heaven.

Jesus:  “You can see where you would like this stone to skip.  However, do not look at the first pool only.  Look at each one and its sequence, understand?”

Me:  “I think so.”

Jesus:  “Have faith, Erin.  I am right here.”

Me:  “But it seems impossible.”

Jesus:  “Yes, it does…from a worldly perspective.  However, I am here, Erin, so go ahead now.”

I had trouble visualizing beyond the fourth pool.  I wound up my arm and released the blue sapphire.  It skipped in the first pool, then the second pool and then the third pool.  However, it then landed in the fourth pool with a massive splash and ensuing ripple.

Me:  “Oops!  Can I do this one more time, Lord?”

Jesus:  Laughing.  “Of course.”

He handed me a beautiful white opal.  It was so large that I laughed when He put it in My hand.  He then touched my right arm again.

Jesus:  Smiling.  “You can do this, Erin.  I am here with you.”

Me:  “Okay, Lord!”

I knew that God was giving me a huge task here, but I also knew that it was possible since He would not purposely set me up for failure.  He was smiling at me as He listened to my thoughts.  I looked around the area to study it.  I saw a large boulder.  I climbed on top of it to get a better view of my surrounding area.  It was a better view than when I was on ground level.

I climbed back down and decided to run up to the very first pool.  I looked down to see the path I needed to take.  When I arrived at the highest pool, the bottom of the pool shined like diamonds in the sun.  It took my breath away.  I then turned to look at Jesus.  He had a smile on His face as He waved over for me to study each pool.  To my surprise, I counted eight pools!  There was a new pool…an eighth pool!

I was excited.  It was as if I had something new to share with Jesus.  Of course, He already knew the eighth pool was there as He created it, but this didn’t stop me from thinking I could surprise Him with this revelation.  He smiled as I came to Him.  I cried as I hugged Him.

Jesus:  “Erin, you are to have laughter and joy here, not tears.”

Me:  “Lord, I love You.  Your children…Your Bride…loves You.  Lord, please show me how to skip this stone.”

Jesus:  “One more, Erin.  This one will cause ripples.”

Jesus touched my right arm again.  Having seen and surveyed the landscape, I knew exactly where this white opal was to go.  I released it and the stone skipped effortlessly uphill into all seven pools.  It then landed in the eighth pool…or the first pool, depending on your perspective.  I jumped up and down in excitement.  When Jesus reached for my hand, we were instantly at the eighth pool, above all of the others.  There were still ripples in all eight of the pools.

Jesus:  “Erin, you will create waves of disruption.  You will also administer waves of healing.  Small ripples can be far-reaching.  While you have created small ripples, you will soon create quite a wave.  You will be both hated and loved because of Me.  Change creates hostility when evil has continued unchecked.  Since I will be with you, you will defeat your enemies by your presence.

“I am about to reveal My Glory in a way the world is not expecting.  While the world is not expecting this, the enemy is fully aware that the Kingdom of Heaven is near.  While evil has increased in these days, you are not to be afraid.  You must look at all things from the perspective of Heaven, including the eighth pool…”  He smiled and chuckled as He nudged me.  “…or the first pool.  Now, are you ready?”

Me:  “Yes, Lord, please!”

Jesus:  Smiling.  “Wisdom is proved right by her actions.  Come, there is more to do.”  He reached for my hand.

Dream over…

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