Dream 432 – Trust in God for His deliverance

Received on Tuesday, September 15, 2020


Dear Father,

Thank You for another day!  Thank You for Your blessings and great love.  We have had such a busy month so far.  My body is unable to do simple tasks.  My small motor skills are becoming worse.  Typing, texting and writing in my journal is becoming very difficult.  My communication is at a standstill as a result.  Without staying in contact with my friends and even my children, I then become lonely and separated.

My pain has increased and my handwriting is poor.  Oh Father, please heal my hands so I can write easier.  Please remove the pain so that I can focus completely on my time with You.  I am struggling.  Please also bless all of our friends on the Nest.  I am so sad that troubles are increasing for so many.

Three days ago, on the Jewish Sabbath, Synagogues around the world recited Isaiah 61:10 and forward as part of the Haftarah.  On the Sabbath before last, Synagogues recited up to the end of Isaiah 60.  This means that Isaiah 61:1-9 were purposely left out.  You had recited Isaiah 61:1-2a as per Luke.  Isaiah 61, in its entirety, is about the Year of Your Favor.  The purposeful skipping of what You recited is so heartbreaking.

This week is Your Covenant that You will bless Your people.  You will bless the young and the old, citizens and foreigners, the least to the greatest.  You generously offer a place in Your Kingdom, the Kingdom of God (Deuteronomy 29:13).  It was also for those standing at present and those who were not present at that time also (Deuteronomy 29:15).  Though the ancestors broke this covenant, God then made a new covenant (Jeremiah 31:31-32).  You then extended this to everyone (Jeremiah 31:34).

Oh Father, please let this upcoming Ten Days of Awe be the Great Time of Turning.  Please let this be the Great Time of Transformation.  Surely, Father, we need to turn our faces towards You now.  Moses warned the people that they would be forced to endure tragedy after tragedy because of their rebellion, idolatry and sin.  These tragedies included siege, famines, poverty, war and even forced exile and desolation.

Father, the rebellion in the USA is so visible, so blatant and so graphic that it is difficult to even write about.  The Governors and Mayors of the Western States have allowed lawlessness to thrive.  They have turned away from You.  Still, not all have turned.  You still have people there who love You.  Please have mercy.  Please turn and heal the land, Father.  The stories and photos my friends are sending are so difficult to view.

So many areas in Washington State, Oregon and California are now burning up.  Father, You are allowing the punishment of the USA.  It is so painful to watch the beauty of Your land, once dedicated fully to You, now being in flames.  Corrupt government officials have allowed our cities to burn.  This comes right after being forced to stay indoors due to the plague.

After treating us like prisoners, we are still not allowed to fully keep our businesses running.  We are still not allowed to fully have church services.  Though casinos, liquor stores and rioting continue unabated, they tell us that singing or even worshiping is still too dangerous to happen.  In terms of the protests, these too are only allowed if the causes are acceptable and fashionable to the ‘narrative’.

I am witnessing some very angry people right now.  Many even look like they want to kill you if you counter their views.  Just as You said, Father, the demons have come and advanced against us through people with no understanding.  These same people have anger, bitterness, envy and hate in their hearts.  The demons have been amplified.  The behaviors we are witnessing are so visibly shocking that I simply have no words.

Elderly people are being hurt in broad daylight.  No one is there to help.  The world is falling so quickly now, but especially the USA.  I am struggling, Father.  I am grieving the loss of all that used to be.  The world has turned so dark and so quickly.  Nothing lasts here.  Nothing here is forever.  All of what we see around us, all of our earthly possessions, will burn.  Nothing can be taken with us, those things that we toiled for.

Even our earthly debts are removed at our time of death here.  Father, so many of my dreams recently have been quite grim.  The landscape throughout the world has changed and grown so dark.  I have to believe there is a coming financial collapse.  In my dream last night, I was only an observer.  I was not present in the physical…

Sub-dream 1 “A Post-Rapture Hell Scape” begins…

I saw people being hunted for sport.  All law was now removed.  What was left were something like gangs.  It felt like I was witnessing a type of ‘civil war’.  One side was fighting for order (as they saw it), while the other side was fighting for totalitarianism.  These people took what they wanted.  However, there were turf wars withing these groups.  They fought both externally and internally for dominance and power.

The side fighting for total control had hate so extreme that their demons did things in a prevalent manner.  There was no filter, no hiding and no one opposed.  Whole cities were fenced up.  While they said this was to stop the spread of the plague, this was not the case at all.  It took six months to take many of the cities over.  The people who lived there then served as slaves, handing over their property to save their lives.

However, many stood against the tyranny and then died doing so.  Many were also killed because of their skin color.  The churches were burned.  Bibles and even history books were also burned.  All evidence was removed.  However, God’s people were already gone…raptured.

I then saw a mansion used specifically for human trafficking.  The highest bids were given to those who could produce youngsters that looked as young as ten that were certified as virgins.  However, these pedophiles were then in for a nasty surprise.  As part of the deception, some of the young girls and boys that had been raptured were now replaced with demon impersonators.

These demons looked around the age of ten, a much sought-after age by pedophiles.  Since all of those under the age of accountability were already removed in the rapture, all of these young children were really demons.  Things then went very poorly with the perpetrators when they later tried to have relations with them. To make a long story short, it was as gory as anything I have ever seen in any movie.  I will leave it at that.

I then saw massive freight trucks carting bodies to an incinerator.  There were thousands of bodies.  Many of them appeared to have died of fright via a heart attack and/or being grief stricken.  There were also underground groups of people.  Some were crying out to God, but more were speaking about God’s ‘Great Abandonment’.

All God’s favor had now been removed.  There were no hospitals or schools.  There were no businesses, only markets with booths.  Some looked like giant carts that could be locked up and shuttered at night.  I saw no animals or birds.  I saw no dogs or cats.  I saw nothing that would bring someone joy.  It truly seemed as if all of God’s light had now been removed and that all those who remained were simply trying to survive.

It was horrible to watch.  No one would want anyone they know endure this.  No one would want anyone they love to remain here.  No one would even want this for their worst enemies!

I was then taken to a surprisingly beautiful area.  This area was completely out of place with the hell scape I had been witnessing.  This was obviously a place for the wealthy leaders to meet.  I was not sure of the location though.  I then saw several global leaders in a meeting.  They were discussing several key points.  One was establishing a world market, complete with a means of a trade-like currency.

There were two leaders speaking via teleconference.  One was now in control.  He spoke of the situation with a global leader who was threatening to shutdown shipping lanes, roads and airways for supplies unless certain demands were met.  The one world leader seemed very much in control.  However, something was odd about him that I can’t fully explain.  I noticed that his eyes now had an odd type of film over them.

This leader then used many expletives when talking about God.  He bragged that there were no other gods but him.  Any speaking of the Christian God or Jewish God was to now be deemed as a myth.  He indicated that any remnant Christians be sought out and ‘removed’ in order to have a clean slate free of any ‘disinformation’.  He then went on to brag that he was now the only ‘god’ that could save the planet.

He spoke a message of hope.  He encouraged those who remained that he would rebuild the Earth into an ideal environment for ‘his people’.  This leader then devised a scheme to work with the other leaders.  However, he really wanted to subdue them until the countries he controlled were strengthened and had recovered from their losses.  I then witnessed a chilling conversation:

Controlled leader of a small country:  “What about Israel?”

World leader:  “Do not be afraid.  This will all be under my control very soon.  I am the savior of all that is left.”

Sub-dream 1 over…

Father, this was a horrible dream.  As much as I hate the things people with no understanding are doing, I don’t wish this for any of them.  Oh Father, please open their eyes so that none are lost!

Jesus:  “Erin, come up.”

I was in my yard carrying a nut tray to feed the animals in the yard.  I suddenly realized that Jesus should be there.  I ran over to the rock where Jesus usually is waiting for me, the rock that doesn’t really exist.  I was saddened when I saw the rock, but not Him.

Me:  “Lord?  Where are You?”

I then heard the sound of a shofar.

Me:  “Lord?  Where are You?”

I then heard the sound of a shofar again.

Me:  “Lord, where am I to go?  I need Your help!”

Just then, a bridge appeared over our stream.  There waiting for me was Uriel and his horse.  I dropped the nut tray and ran across the bridge to Uriel.  I looked back once I crossed and I could see all the little animals come to the tray that was now laying on the ground.  I giggled with delight.  When I looked down, I noticed that my sweatpants had now turned into a beautiful linen gown of white.  I looked at Uriel and laughed with delight.  He smiled back at me momentarily.

Uriel:  Looking serious again.  “God requests your presence today, Erin.”

I smiled and nodded in agreement.  I reached up and took his hand.  We were instantly at God’s door.  Uriel put salve in my eyes and brought me into God’s Throne Rome from His Garden.  I could hear the sound of the choir of angels.

Choir of angels:  “Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord God Almighty!”

The voices created layers upon layers of voices that went higher and higher.  The light from the Throne of God was brilliant.  While I could see no details, I caught glimpses of some movement by the angels that surround His Throne.  The music and song went into my body and through me.  As Uriel walked me nearer to God, my legs grew weak and my cells were no longer mine.  I bowed before him.

While my rational thinking may tell me I could stand, my being simply would not allow it…nor would I want it to.  This is hard to describe.  The best way I can describe this is that His presence is simply irresistible and impossible to control even in the slightest.  I then heard the choir of angels singing in perfect harmony again.

Choir of angels:  “Holy is God, Strong, Mighty and Wonderful.  How Great is Your Works?  How wonderful is Your Court?”

Me:  Needing all my strength to shout out.  “Oh Father, You are so awesome!”

I knelt with arms lifted high in praise to God on His Throne.  I could feel the deep blue stone, the living floor, under me.  Even this seemed to breathe.  The depth of this sea was simply beautiful.  Even the stones breathe and worship here in Heaven.  Everything worships God here.

Me:  Speaking from within my heart.  “Oh Father, please forgive me for my poor attitude these days.  I have been so discouraged by all of the bad news.  I have become depressed.  I have failed to remember that You, Father, reign supreme over all things.”

God:  Having read my thoughts.  “Please, Erin, speak out loud.”

Me:  “Oh Father, bless You!  Bless You in all that You do.  May my family and my household be a blessing to You.  May the Nest and my friends also be a blessing to You.”

God:  “Erin, I am glad you came.  I missed you.  So, how are you?”  He already knew.

Me:  “Father, I am sorry.  I have seen troubles upon the nations, but especially the USA.  I see no end.  This is becoming worse every day.”

God:  “Do not worry, Erin, as I have a plan.  I have reserved this for a time such as this.  I send the earthquakes.  I send the storms.  I allow the fires to be set.  I allow the cities to be ravaged.  Now, why do I do this?”

Me:  “Is it because the USA has turned from You?”

God:  “Well, yes, but more than this.  I am the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end.  Before Me, no other gods exist.  There is no ‘Mother God’.  There is no shaman or high priestess who can stand against Me.  This was all allowed to humble the land in advance.  This was all allowed to prepare for the Great Harvest of Souls.  While it looks like the man of lawlessness has beaten My leader right now, he has not.

“Be careful of what you are shown with reports.  What you hear is only in part.  It is not truth.  As the plague came over the Earth, people went inside to shelter.  However, this did not stop this plague.  This is because I knew in advance which ones I would allow to be affected.  The enemy launched a counterattack to scare people further.  In order to see how long it would take to be god over all and control the masses, they then used lies and fear to further imprison my people and silence their voices.

“To ensure their silence, they then sent those with demons to further silence those I have reserved.  Despite this, I continued to prosper the land.  I did this to further frustrate the enemy.  I then sent storms and fire to further divert attention away from the destroyer and his ‘uplifting’ message of fear.  Erin, you are seeing corruption on full display and in full view.  I have sent angels to continue to punish the land.

“In wave after wave, I will continue until I hear the prayers of My people for help.  I will then turn and heal the land.  There is a great plan of deception in place.  There are many lies.  However, I will soon bridle those tongues to confess to their wickedness, their wicked deeds.  None will escape.  None will hide from My hand of judgment.  Now, take heart, as I am the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end.”

Me:  “Thank You, Father!”

God:  “Erin, take heart and be strong in this.  I will not let the enemy win.  I love you.  I love My people.  I have heard their cries and I am God over them.  I do not sit by idly and watch the wicked prosper.  Who is like a man who gains the world, but loses his soul?  He is soon forgotten.  Though he reigns on Earth and punishes those less privileged than he, his glee and power will be like a millstone to him.  He will then be thrown into the depths.  No one will hear him curse.

“Now, you are witnessing a foreshadowing of the wicked who host demons.  You are witnessing the operation of their schemes.  Take note as this is wisdom to discern their schemes.  This is enough for now.  Remember…I Am Who I say I Am.  Erin, I Am!”

Uriel came to bring me up and to the door.  I looked back towards God as best as I was able to.  I now had tears in my eyes.

Me:  “I love You, Father!  Please help us!”

God:  “I love you!  Yes, I will help.”

Uriel brought me out as I waved goodbye to God.

Uriel:  “God has a great plan, Erin.  Be encouraged.  All the things and events you see are all part of His plan.  He has allowed the troubles, understand?”

Me:  “Yes, I know.”

Uriel:  “Then trust in God for His deliverance.  Pray for those who are lost to see.  Many will be deceived by what you are now seeing as obvious.  Some will be deceived, but only for a short while.”

He walked me to the bridge.  He smiled at me, but was then gone in an instant.  I crossed back over the bridge to my yard.  It was now back to how it normally is.  While I am over 3,000 miles from the fires, the haze of smoke is even now over us.  Father, my former homeland is burning!

Dream over…

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