Dream 444 – The Last Sunday before the Election

Received on Sunday, November 1, 2020 (All Saint’s Day)


Dear Father,

Thank You for perfect peace!  Thank You for divine rest.  I was exhausted yesterday.  My nights have been restless.  I have been unable to get comfortable.  It has created broken bits of dreams.  Lord, You are with me all of the time.  You are my greatest resource and my source of wisdom, knowledge and rest.  However, pain often draws me away from You, not towards You.  I saw an analogy to this when greeting my little lamb dog, Zoey, this morning.

Zoey was in so much pain today.  She normally waits for me to walk into the room.  She then greets me and is so excited to just get some love and attention.  However, she was shaking in the corner this morning.  She was hurting and retreating, completely out of reach to give her comfort.  When I give her a little bone, she normally plays and pounces on it like a cat.  This morning, she just sighed and laid her head back down.  She is in great pain.

This is what I sometimes do with You, Lord.  I grow tired and weary.  Sometimes so much so that, when You tell me to have faith in Your promises, I retreat and ‘grumble’.  I say things like ‘of course, Lord, but I am in pain and tired now.  I cannot even lay down my head, the pain is so great.  I can’t imagine healing.  It hurts when relief never comes.’  This is how I am like my dog Zoey was this morning when I come to You like this.  I am sorry, Lord.  Oh Father, You are never constrained by time.  Everything we do is based on time.  Time for this.  Time for that.  It goes on and on.

I read the Book of Hebrews again this morning.  Who is brilliant like You, Lord?  No one.  You give us directives in this.  Even though You wrote this primarily for Jewish / Hebrew converts to Christianity, there is wisdom and knowledge of things man could not possibly know.  However, You would know as You are the Author and the Creator of history…Your story.  Your instructions are clear and I am sorry I did not give this book the proper attention it deserves.

However, I now realize it is designed for us right now and right here (John 1:1-3).  I smiled as I read God stating ‘in the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God and the Word was God.  He was in the beginning with God.  All things came into being through Him and, apart from Him, nothing came into being that has come into being.’  As I read Hebrews, I could picture You writing this…speaking in human form, but still in Heaven.  Yet another mystery.

I now find myself wondering about other books.  What about Joshua, Esther, Song of Songs and others.  This made me really stop and think.  If the Word is You and You are the Word of Truth, then You are also the Author of all Good Works.  This is our light to our path and our lamp to our feet (Psalm 119).  To You and through You, all truth is formed and all Creation has come into being.

I am small, Lord.  How can the Creator of all things, the One Who mapped out the stars, galaxies, the moon and the sun, know my name?  How great is Your love that You may know me, but really all of us, including the things we care about?  Quite simply, it is impossible for us to comprehend Your vast love.  You count every tear that falls and collect them.  These are then recorded (Psalms 56:8).

We are imperfect here on Earth.  We stumble, fall, get lost, get attacked, run away and rebel.  Even though we chase worldly things, You chase us.  You love us and still pursue us.  You see something in us that we don’t see.  You understand our lack and love us unconditionally.  When we are physically frail enough to stumble and fall, we reflect on our mistakes and we look back to see all the areas of our lives where You were there.  You stayed with us.

Even when I wasn’t nice to You and foolish, You still loved me.  Who is like You, Lord?  Who?  Who could ever love us like You do?  You know everything about us.  Nothing is hidden.  You are the Greatest God, the Only One.  You love me, but really all of us.  Your love has no bounds.  You are impossibly impossible to comprehend.  Through You, all things are made possible.  This is a great day, a new day.  Each dawn brings a new day!  I had a couple of dreams last night…

Sub-dream 1 “Snow time:  All things are made new” begins…

I was sitting in a beautiful meadow near a small brook.  I sat down on a small rock by the brook.  The meadow was lush with fresh grass and beautiful wildflowers.  I closed my eyes.  I soon felt something falling gently on my face.  I opened my eyes and snow was falling.  It was such a pretty sight.  It was not cold though.  Unlike on Earth, the snowflakes felt pleasant.  I then heard God…

Voice of the Lord:  “I make all things new!”

I was so excited to hear His Voice that I got up from the rock and started dancing in the snow.  As I spun around, I could see all types of small animals step out to play in the snow with me.  It was so delightful.

Sub-dream 1 over…

I woke us suddenly to a small gnat flying into my mouth.  It tasted like bitter honey… yuck!  I coughed it out as I got up to get a drink of water.  I then went back to sleep and had another dream…

Sub-dream 2 “Animal Rescue Place run by demons” begins…

I had been invited to an animal rescue place.  When I arrived, there was a woman there waiting to greet me.  Over her head was a sign with the words ‘Huggables Resort’.

Woman:  “Not many come here.  When they do, they do not enter in.  It is heartbreaking.  I am so glad you came.”

Me:  I smiled.  “Well, let’s see these ‘Huggables’.”

I walked into a giant caged yard.  While it had been snowing outside the fence, it was not snowing where we were with the animals.  When we entered, all of the animals ran to the corners to hide.

Woman:  Talking to the animals.  “It is okay.  She is here to hug you.”

I then saw them, little by little, turn to walk towards me.  I gasped when I noticed that all of them had been abused.  Most of them had deformities.  Some had been burned.  It was so bad that, for some, it was even difficult to distinguish the type of animals I was looking at.

Woman:  Now talking to me.  “Please don’t run away.  They are so grateful to have visitors.  Many of them will soon need to be put down.”

Me:  “No, they won’t.  They will be healed instead.”

A small cat came over to rub against my leg.  I placed my hand on its back.

Me:  “Hi, little one.  You are healed…in Jesus’ Name!”

The cat changed immediately.  It now had strong legs and beautiful fur.  When the other animals saw the healing, they all came running to me.

Me:  “Jesus is here at the ‘Huggables’ today!”

Just then, Jesus appeared.  I knew that we could all see Him, except for the woman.  There was a bright light.  As soon as the light flashed, every one of the little animals were healed and made whole again.  He reached down and took a small lamb.  He smiled at me and then they were both gone in an instant.

Woman:  “Who are you?  What has happened?  My funding will be lost!”

I suddenly realized that she was evil.  She began to confess to how the animals had become so gnarled.  She had allowed it and even participated in it.  She was proud of her work.  She then began to curse me.  I had enough.

Me:  In a firm and calm tone.  “Close your mouth.”

Her lips were sealed instantly.  I gathered up all of the animals and took them to a beautiful little farm where they could roam freely and without harm.  They would also have children visit them there.  When I came back to the so-called ‘Rescue’ Place, I realized that the entire organization was corrupt.  The woman and her associates had been abusing the animals to create online posts to bring in money.

The woman was still trying to curse me through her sealed mouth.  It was muffled and impossible to understand what she was saying.  With a motion of my arm, the entire facility became a barren lot.  The building was gone, as well as the entire cage system.  The woman was trying to curse me even more now.

After confining her to the now barren lot, I unsealed her mouth.  There, in isolation, she could swear, curse and confess to her deeds all she wanted.  Upon leaving, I looked at the sign over the lot.  It had now been changed to read ‘Judgeables Resort’.  I laughed so hard that God had turned the word ‘Huggables’ to ‘Judgeables’.

Sub-dream 2 over…

Father, what an odd couple of dreams.  I also remember another dream where an angel was speaking to me.  Upon waking, I remembered a few of the things he had said.  However, my memory of this was soon gone.  What I am sure of was that I had been receiving instructions for what is to soon come.  Father, please help us!

Jesus:  “Erin, come up.”

I was in my yard feeding the animals.  I placed my tray down and ran to the large rock next to the stream.  Jesus was there waiting for me.  He had a smile on His face.  I ran into His arms to embrace Him.  I didn’t want to let go.

Me:  “I love You, Jesus…so much!  You are so amazing.”

Jesus:  “I love you, Erin.  You make Me smile.  Now, come with Me.”

I took His hand and He walked me half way across the bridge.

Jesus:  “Do you see the difference?”

I looked and noticed that everything in front of us and to the right of the rail was beautiful, lush and alive.  Behind us and to our left, everything was flawed, brown, barren and preparing for the cold.

Jesus:  “So, Erin, what makes you smile?”

Me:  “So many things…

  • Beauty in Your Creation
  • Baby animals and birds
  • Flowers
  • Little children and babies
  • Dancing
  • Worship music that moves through me (the song ‘Freedom is Here’ has been going through my head last night and today)
  • Sunshine
  • Shooting stars
  • Rainbows
  • The moon, sun and the stars
  • My husband’s smiles and hugs
  • My children’s laughter
  • The look of my dogs Zoey and Snigglet smiling at me
  • The birds that land on my seed tray as I am holding it
  • Your face, Lord…You are so handsome
  • Your presence…that brings me so much comfort
  • A new day

“There is something else that will surprise You.  Wait, nothing surprises You, even though You sometimes pretend that it does.  Maybe this will be one of those times.  Anyway, I would like to add ‘Your smell’ to the list.  Lord, You smell wonderful!”

Jesus:  Laughing while pretending to be surprised.  “What?  Really?”

Me:  Now crying with joy.  “Also, Your touch, Lord.  Your presence leaves me breathless.”

Jesus:  “Erin, you make Me smile.  I delight in your wonder, your discovery, your worship and your prayers.  I am always with you.  Now, 20 means a complete and perfect waiting period.  Erin, with you, it has been 20 years.  For all of you, this is the Year of My Favor.  It is a great year of promises fulfilled.”

Me:  “Yes, Lord.  Thank You.”

Jesus:  “This is the Year of My Favor.  This will be a year of New Beginnings.  Things are about to change for the better.  Your roles are much greater than you think or imagine.  Now, remain encouraged as all things are about to be shaken.  A Great Revival will bring with it a harvest unlike anything before or ever again.  Rejoice!  Erin, rejoice!”

He reached over and hugged me.  I was wrapped up in the most incredible feeling of complete and utter security.  His hugs are impossible to describe adequately as there is no earthly equivalent.

Jesus:  “Erin, this is the month of Thanksgiving.  This is also the month of the Remembrance of Sacrifices.  This is followed by the Festival of Lights.  You are My lights.  Rejoice, Erin.  Do not worry.”  He hugged me and smiled.  “Remember…20 years!”

Dream over…

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