Dream 472 – God’s Answer to the Mocking

Received on Wednesday, January 20, 2021


Dear Father,

Note:  This dream was finished in the middle of the 11th hour (11:35am EST).  The typing of this dream started at 11:55am EST, just 5 minutes before the 12 strikes of noon, the transition time of the presidency, Inauguration Day.  This was such a bittersweet time of waiting.

Thank You for another day!  Thank You for Your love, care and protection for my family and friends…all those whose hearts are on You.  I prayed and prayed.  I petitioned.  I fasted.  I knelt.  I cried.  I prayed loudly in the Holy Spirit, a cry to battle.  I prayed to activate angelic armies.  I begged You, Father.  Oh yes, did I mention that I prayed.  I then mourned.

During times in my life when personal events left me with terror or grief, especially as a little girl, I would imagine that God would see me and rescue me.  I would imagine that God would do something really amazing and all would be okay.  Though God saved me, even when I didn’t know it at the time, it was usually filled with shock and drama…not exactly the miraculous story book ending I had asked God for.

Even though the attacks have not had any real success lately, there are still attacks taking place.  I am not sure why they continue, but obviously God knows.  I was then reminded of the ongoing war in the heavens that we cannot see, things which hit all of us behind the scenes.  There is not much I can do either.  Well, Father, I give all of this to You.  No matter what, I still believe!

I have had three incidents now that revolved around the Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool.  I had first seen glimpses of the sub-dream below in a dream three days ago.  However, it was not yet clear enough to post.  Then yesterday evening, I watched, in reality, the silhouette of the newly ‘elected’ President and VP, with their spouses, having a moment of silence over the 400,000 COVID-19 deaths in America.  I then saw this sub-dream again last night, but this time clearly.

Sub-dream 1 “The Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool” begins…

I heard the clear Voice of God:  “I Am the God Who sees.  I Am the Alpha and Omega.  I Am the Beginning and the End.  I Am the God Who sees.”

I then saw the Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool reflecting the black sky.  As in the newscast from last night (that is, as in reality), the sides of the Pool were lined with lanterns.  These lanterns were meant to represent those who had died due to the Coronavirus.  I then saw the lanterns form into something like ghosts.  However, they were the saints of those who have died.

All of the saints then turned to look at the four people, the newly ‘elected’ President, the VP and their spouses.  They were silent and in shock.  I then heard a rumble as if something was coming in the distance.  The sound became louder and louder.  The saints were now illuminated as lights, but in human form.  The saints raised their hands to God in Heaven.  As the four of them stood trembling, there was a mighty shout.

As the mighty shout rang out, the sky was peeled open.  This was magnified as it was mirrored in the Reflecting Pool.  I then saw four massive white horses.  They were easily 70 feet high.  Each had an angelic warrior riding him.  They came down quickly and rode swiftly on the top of the water.  I then heard the saints sing…

“My Deliverer is coming.  My Deliverer is standing by.  My Deliverer is coming.  My Deliverer is standing by.  He will never break His promise.  Though I doubt my heart, I doubt my eyes, my Deliverer is coming.  My Deliver is standing by.”

The horses then stood at the base of the Lincoln Memorial.  They were lined up side by side.  As they stood waiting for God’s command, their swords drawn, I saw people screaming and scattering.  I then saw a large Vessel.  It tipped downward toward the Reflecting Pool.  The 400 saints who were represented by the lanterns for the 360 days of punishment of the land then became 144,000 saints.

Evil scattered at the sight of the 144,000.  All those who had harmed the saints were particularly terrified.  The four massive horsemen then went to the four corners of the area and faced outward as if to guard the area.  The 144,000 then knelt before God by the Reflecting Pool.  An angel more powerful than any other then came.  He was a ruler of God’s Army!  He was the angel Michael!

In a loud shout, Michael called the 144,000 to step into the healing waters to be strengthened.  I then saw the saints transformed as they touched the Living Water of Heaven.  The saints changed from one state to another and were refreshed and strengthened.

I then heard a song, a new song, as all of the saints and angels on Earth, as in Heaven, sang a Holy Song unto the Lord.  The song was so powerful and the power of God’s Cover so awesome that no man near the area could stand on his own strength.  There was no one there who could witness this, only the 144,000, all with the angels and all of those watching in Heaven.  The Voice of God then rang out…

Voice of God:  “My servants will receive a double portion of the sons of Jacob and a double portion from Heaven.  Nothing, no man and no weapon, formed against you will succeed.”

I then heard the crowd of saints cheer:  “Holy are You, Lord!  Great and Mighty is Your Name!  Who was and is and is to come!  Amen!”

The cheers continued and rose and rose.  It was resonating and unlike anything I had ever heard.

Sub-dream 1 over…

Father, please help us.  We will need to be strengthened soon…but so much more.

Dream over…

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