Dream 502 – Trust in Me as you are readied

Received on Sunday, July 4, 2021


Dear Father,

Happy 4th of July!!!!

Thank You for another day!  Thank You for my husband, children and family of friends.  Father, please bless them supernaturally in all things.  It is cloudy and cool with a heavy mist in the air this morning.  I went to feed the animals today, but none came to greet me.  They are now indifferent.  While they still want the food I have to offer, they no longer care about me.  It will make the transition when I stop much easier.

For the third time this week, I was awakened by a woodpecker.  This was a new variety, a ladderback who insists that the side of our home right by my nightstand is a good place for nuts and grub.  Even though it is so loud it rattles items inside the house, my husband sleeps right through it.  However, that is not what woke me up from my slumber this morning.  It was instead how God would make all of what He spoke of in the last dream possible.  To me, it is all impossible.

My injury makes traveling extremely uncomfortable.  I am not nimble.  I hate traveling as it always comes with significant pain.  This neck of mine is fractured in two areas.  It hurts.  In my prayers this morning, I found myself complaining about how physically difficult this new call from God is in my life.  This also feels like a physical split, a split between two very different places.

First off, there is the place where we are now, our home here in the trees.  Secondly, there is the place where my heart truly is, our non-existent home in the West.  Even going there to investigate will be a huge undertaking.  I really feel that my questions are valid based on our current great limitations.  For example, how will my husband walk into a company, hand them a resume and get hired?  This is impossible for someone in his particular field.  I know that I can’t work, so how will this be?

More than all of this is the sorrow of the way we have come to work together as a family unit.  There has been peace for all of these years.  With my Asperger’s sons, this is truly a miracle!  While things crop up as they do in any family, we come together and resolve the issues.  With my daughter leaving, this just doesn’t feel the same.  It is really getting the best of me and I am crying sporadically because of this.

I have been talking to God about the events He has showed me out West.  How will anyone survive the stuff what is coming.  My daughter, along with any other of God’s children there, will need Divine Strength and Intervention.  As I spoke to Him on this while being in great despair, I heard His Voice…

The Voice of God:  “Erin, Erin, Erin… I give you the Oil of Gilead and the Healing Springs of Negev.”

Me:  “Father, will these come to me or will I go to them?  Will these heal me or will they heal the land?  Where is Gilead?  Where is Negev?”

The Voice of God:  “You will know, Erin, you will know.”

This was then interrupted by the pecking of the Ladderback Woodpecker.  This bird visitor reminded me of the months leading up to my departure from the desert to here.  I would receive visits from a purple finch.  One famous birder once called the purple finch ‘a sparrow dipped in raspberry juice.’  Well, this purple finch would peck at the glass window of my office in the final months leading to my departure from the desert.

The desert to the trees transition had been marked with miracle after miracle.  It had to be as I could not see a clear path aside from God on my own.  Still, I have tried to be careful about how I boast of God’s miracles in our lives.  I feel that I am to mostly keep to myself the unique ways in which God carried out the miracles of our release until He tells me I am allowed to share more.

My fear is that boasting of His ways would make it look like we are higher than others… more holy or more worthy.  Well, we are not!  I pressed into God for years looking for answers, saying ‘why are You silent?’  At the time, all I mainly got was punishment after punishment.  I would then ask ‘what did I do to deserve such treatment?’  No answer!  I would then consult ministry leaders and pastors.

I went to tent revivals.  I went to deliverance ministry sessions.  I repented.  I prayed.  I fasted and prayed.  Still nothing.  God was particularly silent during my hammering years of 2003 to 2008.  Still nothing.  I received nothing but humiliation after humiliation.  Anyone I consulted would then explain it was because of my ‘hidden sins’.  Well, what were they?  I searched for it and repented often, but did it remain hidden?

I pressed in even more.  It was then that my heart stopped for the second time.  Well, God certainly now had my undivided attention.  I was alone in my decision making and prayers.  People I consulted avoided me because I had an experience with Heaven.  I was then placed into the ‘crazy category’ by so many.  There was then a call for me to have a mental evaluation.

To keep my children, I needed proof that I was stable.  In the meantime, my civil liberties were being stripped.  I fought back as I wanted to keep my children.  While my older son was already living with my enemy, they were now trying to take my other two.  In the end, they were unsuccessful because of my daughter.  She had great grades, consistent attendance and was loved by her peers and teachers.

Since she was always raised by me, this showed that I was a stable parental figure.  They then came to the conclusion that any problems with my sons were because of issues related to their Asperger’s and their exposure to their father’s abuse.  As has been a pattern before and since, the Lord then used my physical injuries to move me where my sons were in the desert.

This was the greatest heat of my journey.  This was my furnace of affliction.  My agony was in the desert.  It was scary as I knew I was now trapped there.  In order to have consistent access to my older son, I decided to give in and bloom in the desert.  Well, after three years of hammering, the dreams came.  They came in like a flood from Heaven in 2012.  This would then lead to so many changes, including where I live now.

If God would have told me in 2012 that I would be married and have all of my children with me in a place far away within three years, I would have thought myself crazy.  Well, 3300 miles later and deliverance on the exact day He said He would, I am anything but crazy!  There were miracles after miracles.  We did everything exactly as He had instructed us and everything went smoothly as a result.

God even showed me what the house would look like where we were to go.  This house wasn’t on the market yet, so there was no way to know it existed in advance.  Well, this house then pops up for sale one day.  In a strange turn of events, the people who built it came into trouble after trouble with the project.  They even endured a hurricane, knocking out their power that solidified their decision to leave.

While we wouldn’t find out until later, we were then able to purchase this house at an incredibly great price.  For the same price as in the Tri-Cities, we would get a mobile home on a small piece of land.  My husband made a reasonable offer and all was signed within a couple of days.  The sellers decided not to entertain any other offers.  While other offers came in, God solidified the miracle and granted us the house He built for us.

I certainly had my doubts and fears during all of this.  It was a huge thing.  I was scared.  I started to run from God as a result.  It made no sense.  I was spending more time at work and at the gym with my kids than with the Lord.  This all changed when I had to drive from my much-loved Bend OR for some projects to the Tri-Cities WA.  The very next morning when I arrived in the office, I needed to unload my car.

It was May 8, 2014 and everything was about to change.  I only had about twenty minutes to unload my car in time for my 9:00am meeting.  The showroom was torn apart for the remodel.  I was navigating different floor levels.  My last load I was carrying consisted of a box load of tile mosaics.  My foot got caught under the edge of the carpet and I went into a devastating fall.

After hitting a tile display, I landed on the edge of the table with my head.  My face ended up into the mosaics and trims.  All of this came crashing to the floor and broke into pieces.  I yelled for help, but no one heard me.  I knew I was in trouble as I could feel the pain resonate immediately.  I was struggling as I tried to pick up the broken pieces.  Just then, my client came in.  She told me to go to the hospital now.  I did.

Well, the rest is history.  Father, You used this injury to close doors in the desert.  You forced me to leave using this injury.  Father, please don’t allow troubles to fall upon us.  We are doing as You ask.  Please forgive me for questioning You in anything.  As our Most High God and the Creator of both Heaven and Earth, we ask You to please make a way for us and to make it obvious.

Jesus:  “Erin, come up.”

There was knocking at the door.  I hobbled to the door and there was Jesus.  He opened the door.  When He took my hand, I was completely healed.  Oh, how I long for this to happen fully in real life.  I cried as I hugged Him.  I could not stop crying.

Me:  “Lord, I need You.  I need Your strength and love.  Please protect us.  My children have come against unreasonable attacks recently.  I am exhausted.  Are my prayers even getting through to You?”

Jesus:  “Hmm, are My answers to your prayers not being returned?  Are your children not safe?  Has My cover not come?”

Me:  “Of course it has.  Lord, You asked for me to pray BIG, so I will.  Lord, please do the impossible for us, but even greater.  My daughter is leaving in 18 days (July 22, 2021), which means I really only have 17 more full days with her.  It isn’t becoming easier.  I know You are using her to draw us out, but don’t allow my heart to be destroyed by losing her completely.  Please keep her safe.  Please keep Your covering, Your Chuppah, over her.

“I wake up and I am old and in great pain.  I need something extremely supernatural from You.  Today is the 4th of July.  While this is supposed to be our nation’s Independence Day, the enemy has instead turned the nation into a country I don’t recognize, one without justice, one with a wound which does not stop bleeding.  There is no cure.  While the nation’s people were being sheltered at home, a cloud of darkness swept across the lands.

“They removed our freedom and brought in foreigners to pillage our earnings.  There are even groups who claim sovereignty and seek to take homes, property and even highways.  Law enforcement is scarce and the cities are now unsafe to walk in.  Segregation is becoming worse as the land once dedicated to You is now a land of slavery.  Everything the enemy accuses us of are the very things they are doing.  They will soon make us denounce You, Lord.”

Jesus:  “Just because the enemy appears to be advancing in the hearts of men, the enemy is an enemy and those witnessing this know it is evil.  The enemy will be stopped.  Those who turn to Me to be saved will be helped.  The others will need to run and hide.  However, no matter where they go, they will be found.  I will send a New Wave of Peace on the Wings of an Eagle.

“An order of peace will be sent throughout the land.  Praises of joy, the cymbals and the tambourines, will go out in front of My Army, a New Revolution.  While the music will make many hearts glad, the enemy will tremble in fear as they will know that I have sent peace and truth.  The mouths of the wicked and corrupt will confess in public spaces.  It is written that I will cause your enemies who rise against you to be defeated before you

“They will come against you in one direction, but will flee from you in seven directions.  They will be unsuccessful.  As they run to the hills, their mouths will be unable to speak curses.  Their mouths will instead condemn themselves.  Now, don’t rejoice at the punishment of the wicked.  You must instead focus on that which was poured out over you… the Oil of Gladness, the Healing Balm of Gilead.  The Springs of Living Water have been poured over you and soon from the Healing Reservoirs of Heaven.”

Me:  “Negev?”

Jesus:  “Well, like Negev, but much better.  Now, you are not delusional.  It has been Me that has given you dreams and visions of what is coming to the lands.  I also understand that you fear that you will be where the troubles are.  Just know that, when the days of trouble come, you will be removed to a safe place.”

Me:  “But, Lord, I have seen myself there.”

Jesus:  “Yes, but you won’t be of the world.  You will go on My behalf and I will send out many more.  This is so you can witness to the stubborn late grapes who cling to the vines.  I will then call My Elect to the valley.  There you will be hidden in mountain clefts awaiting the end of the rise of the enemy and to usher Me into ‘The City’.”

Me:  “Lord, will I be there like in my dreams?”

Jesus:  Laughing.  “Yes, but you did not understand this until now.  Now, if I have already told you your outcome and I have told you your children are Mine and I have them, then too can you trust Me to carry you to the place I have planned for you?”

Me:  Crying.  “Yes, Lord.  Do You mean the cave?”

Jesus:  Shaking His head good-naturedly.  “Oh Erin, much has to occur before you arise from the cleft of the mountain.  I am speaking of today and each day forward.”

Me:  Still crying.  “Yes, Lord.  Without You carrying me, I won’t make it on my own.  It is impossible.  I know Your heart is so good.  I know Your love for us is true.  You are always faithful even when I must frustrate You.  You are always quick to turn with love and compassion.  When we wait on You, we have success.  When we move on our own, we fail.

“Though You allowed adversity to feed me and suffering was the quencher of my thirst, You were still there with me to teach me.  I have seen You, Lord.  I hear You.  With my arm, I reach to You and there You take hold of my right hand.  With tears streaming down my cheeks, You wipe them away, each one.  It was Your Voice on my rock path who said ‘this is the way you should go… I am here… Walk with Me.’

“You even met me at a river with me and my children and carried us one-by-one across swift currents which should have consumed us.  You took us on a journey with You from the home we loved (Bend OR) to the desert (Tri-Cities WA) and then to the land of the trees.  There You spoke to us in the meadow.  There we grew up our children and healed their hearts and afflictions.

“It is here that we learned to let go of the things of the world, distractions of idols, and put these away behind us forever.  Here we grew closer as a family, a special seven years.  While this has not always been easy, I was able to experience what it was like to be a full-time mother to my children.

“Here we were away from the enemy and focused on healing and growing them into Your Kingdom Warriors.  It is also here where we are near Heaven, the place where we are married to You, Beulah.  We have done all You have asked of us.  Our quiver has been prepared for the day You call us into Your service, into Your presence.”  Yes, I was still crying… smiles.

Jesus:  He reached over and hugged me.  “Oh Erin, I will soon bless you with plenty.  It is written that when your enemies are removed and the towers fall, there will be streams of water flowing down every mountain and hill.  It is written that the moon will be as bright as the sun and sun will be seven times brighter, like all of the light of seven days into one day.

“So, it will be like this when I heal My people and cure their wounds I have given them.  Erin, do you understand what I am saying?  If My Spirit is upon you and I am in you, then nothing shall be impossible for you.  I have made your feet like that of a deer.”  He smiled.  “Though you call yourself unloved, you are loved.  Erin, you are greatly loved by Me.  I pulled you from the mire and set your feet upon sold rock.

“This place here is Beulah and you are Mine, understand?  No scheme of the enemy or that of man can keep you from Me.  This is also for your husband, your children and those close to you.”  He hugged me.  “Now rejoice, Erin.  Do not be afraid.  I am with you and I delight in you.”

Me:  “Even with my tears of sadness?”

Jesus:  “Especially with your tears of sorrow.  Am I not a Big God that I should shy away from the tears of those whom are broken?  Now, allow Me to carry you.  Again, do not be afraid.  Nothing will come against you all of your days.  I love you.  My plans are to bless you.  You will never stop singing songs of joy.”

Me:  “Lord, You are such a blessing to me.  I am honored that You would love me and choose me for times such as this.  Please grant me strength, wisdom and knowledge from You so that I never bring disgrace upon Your Name.  Please bring only great healing and joy to those who mourn.  Allow me to carry with me the Good News of Your Great Love and Promises.”

Jesus:  Hugging me.  “Your request is given and honored.  Now sing praises.  You are loved by the King.”  He smiled.

Dream over…

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