Dream 526 – The Wicked will now be Forced to Confess

Received on Thursday, October 14, 2021


Dear Father,

Thank You for another day!  Thank You for all we have.  We are forever grateful for Your provision.  Thank You for continuing to keep us under the shadow of Your wings.  My drive this morning to take our kids into town was so beautiful.  I love this time of year.  It is overcast today.  While this would normally be sad, the beautiful colors in the trees are just enhanced in this setting of gray clouds.

The beauty of Your Creation is spectacular.  I never grow tired of it.  My photo files have 28,000 pictures of landscapes, animals, birds and Your sky.  Oh, I forgot to mention Your flowers!  I just love flowers.  When I am in pain, I will look at these pictures.  These pictures will then serve as yet another reminder that You are here with me.  You are my God of miracles, signs and wonders.

As I write with my window open behind me, I can hear the sounds of leaves falling off the big tree just feet away from the back of my chair.  This wonderous warm fall with spectacular colors will soon be gone.  After You send the winds to remove these leaves from the tree branches, the trees can then begin their winter ‘slumber party’.  This year, there are seeds everywhere and less critters than normal to eat them.

There is something here that also saddens me at times.  I see evidence of animals and birds feeding that which lurks in the unseen.  With prey comes predators and I sometimes see evidence of a struggle.  More often than not, the predators wait until the prey runs back to their nest or den before they strike.  I sometimes even chase off a sparrowhawk or a kestrel.  The speed with which they swoop in is amazing.

Well, all of this has now made me a fan of the crows.  I can’t believe how much I used to dislike them.  Not anymore though.  When there is danger, the crows will let out a certain shrill caw that warns all of the wildlife that danger is in the air.  When they spot a hawk or an eagle, the crows will often act in unison to chase it away.  The crows then sometimes dive bombs them to get them ‘off their game’.  It is just amazing to watch.

Thank You, Father, for the continuous ways You make parables concerning the animals and birds, both prey and predators.  While I watch, You speak to me.  It is usually gentle instructions, but, at other times, it is direct and unmistakable.  Thank You for Your Voice in me.  You are truly my Greatest Treasure.  You are my Priceless Pearl hidden in my heart.  I had an incredibly epic dream last night, one of my favorites…

Sub-dream 1 “The Wicked will now be forced to Confess” begins…

I was witnessing a group of sports fishermen visiting a campground next to a pond.  Next to this pond was a small fishing store / shack.  The fishermen were purchasing some very expensive equipment from the owner of this store.  It appeared that these fishermen were wealthy.  After purchasing their equipment, they addressed the owner…

Fisherman:  “Where can we purchase some bait?”

Owner:  Pointing to a type of electric cooler with wood framing.  “We have free bait for you to use over there.”

I then recognized these coolers as being old convenience store ice cream coolers.  The fishermen were excited and took the bait they needed to fish.  Several of them then launched out in a boat, while others instead cast out lines from the shore.  After a while, I noticed that there were no fish biting.  I turned to the shop owner…

Me:  “Hmm, there are no fish at all in this lake.  Am I correct?”

Owner:  “Shh.  Keep it down.  What is the harm?  They are having fun, right?”

Me:  “This is evil.  No water feeds into this pond.  This is just a mosquito hole.”

As we spoke, a group of little children came to fish.  After buying a couple of items, I saw that the owner did not discriminate in doing evil.

Owner:  Smiling as he addressed the kids.  “Make sure to catch the ‘big one’!”  He then turned back to me.  “See, they are excited.  Look at how happy they are.”

Me:  “They would be happier to know there are fish to catch.”

Owner:  “This would be pretty well impossible.  Listen, I have worked hard bringing all of these people here.  Let them enjoy the hope of a fish on their line.”

Me:  “You are not a dream maker, you are a dream crusher.  Now, watch as God fills this pond with fish.”

Owner:  “This would be impossible as there is no water source to feed fish into it.”

Me:  “Nothing is impossible with God.  Now watch the miracles of God!”

Just then, the trees across the shore started parting.  A river then started to flow through the gap in the trees into the pond.  Large fish immediately started jumping.  There were large and healthy fish.  There was joy, laughter and a great celebration.  Some of the fish that were then caught broke various records.  I couldn’t stop smiling at God’s power to make the impossible possible.  I looked over at the owner and his mouth was now wide open in complete shock.  He dropped to his knees and began to weep.

Me:  “Even though God has reversed this, you must still make right your evil against these people.  You are then to turn from your wickedness and humbly submit to God all that you have.  When you do this… even now… even today… God will accept your apology for your evil acts and will turn and forgive you.  All you have will then be increased back to you a hundred-fold more.  However, you are not to wait as the days are numbered, understand?”

Owner:  Standing back on his feet, but now with a huge smile.  “But… but… there have never been fish here… not one.  This morning, there were none.  However, suddenly, this afternoon, there are too many fish to count… and so many big fish.  The fact that God would be willing to grant me mercy after I am so evil…”  He became choked up.

Me:  “If He can bring fish to a mosquito pond, then He can grant mercy.”

Owner:  “How do I correct my wrongs?  I had always prayed for fish.  I had hoped…”

Me:  Stopping him.  “Don’t tell this to me, tell this to God.”

I then taught him about ‘R2B2’… Repent, Renounce, Break and Bless.  As God gave me the perfect words, I was able to teach this to him in record time.  The owner also seemed to be grasping this with supernatural speed.

Me:  “If you do this with sincerity and with your heart desiring what is good, He will accept this.  However, God will not endorse evil… especially now.”

The owner immediately dropped to his knees again and started to confess his sins.  He vowed to God that he would turn from his wicked ways and follow Him.  He then stood up, ran inside his shop and started speaking on the loud speaker to the crowd of fishermen.

Owner:  “Come back to the store.  All of the equipment is now free.  I will also refund any purchases you made from earlier today.”

The owner then refunded all of the money he made in deceiving the hopeful fishermen.  They now were also able to keep the equipment ‘for free’.  They were now all very joyful, including the owner.  Music was then played on the loud speaker and more and more people came.  From that day forward, the owner was blessed.

From there, God sent me to a television studio.  There was a newsroom.  While I had no identification to indicate I belonged there, they still moved me through security.  I knew this had to be supernatural.  I then watched a cameraman talk to a female newscaster.  As they somehow did not notice me, they talked freely to each other.  The woman looked like she was comforting the man.  They were about to go on-air.

Woman:  “Look, you know this isn’t what really happened.  However, it is a paying job and you do as they tell you… period.”

Man:  “While I already know this, this is just too stupid.  The truth is literally on social media right now.  We are going to air this before they have a chance to take it down.  Once this happens, everyone will know that we are full of ‘it’.”

Woman:  “They will still believe us, so we sell it.  Sell it!  That is what we do.  We sell the story even if some are not buying it.  We do this everyday until they finally purchase what we sell.  They will have no choice.  Not only that, but we need the work.”

The ‘on-air countdown’ then began…

  • 10… God had me take three steps forward.
  • 9…  God then had me raise my hands as if I was a conductor of an orchestra.
  • 8…  The news anchors became angry.  While security rushed towards me, they were unable to come near me.
  • 7… God welled up inside me.
  • 6…
  • 5…
  • 4… I made a zip motion with my hands and no one was able to speak.
  • 3…
  • 2…
  • 1…… The on-air sign flashed on.

As soon as the on-air sign flashed on, I saw something like horse bits drop from the air.  I then saw their tongues protrude from their lips.  These bits then wrapped around their tongues.  While I could see this and they could feel this, all in the supernatural, no one else but me could see the bits in the natural.  God was now going to control their story.  Their tongues were no longer their own.

The entire crew, including the newscasters, had panicked looks in their eyes.  They were now doing exactly as God was directing through me.  I was His conductor.  The newscasters took turns confessing on air for the evening news.  The confessions were deep and the great depth and breadth of the streams of lies were revealed.  While the production crew then frantically tried to cut the on-air feed, they were supernaturally prevented from doing so.

Tears from the extreme stress they were under were now streaming down their cheeks.  Their eyes also showed sheer terror as secrets were being revealed for all to hear.  The camera crew were forced to continue to air this on national television.  The owner himself then came to get the anchors away from their positions.  However, once in front of the cameras, he froze and also began to confess openly on all of their secrets and lies.  He even tried to strangle himself to stop it.

All of the top news stations were now being forced at the same time to air these confessions.  Politicians, business moguls, movie stars and others were then forced to confess.  Emboldened by what they had seen, witnesses to their evil then started to come forward.  Thousands of people came out of their shelters… their homes and apartments… and swarmed these evil liars.

After a period of three days of this, God finally relented.  He then forced the evil to flee from the people.  While it was comforting to hear the truth finally come out over the lies, it was still a difficult struggle to watch.  Well, wait a second here, who am I kidding… this was great and such a long time coming!  Thank You, Lord!

Sub-dream 1 over…

Note:  When my husband and I were later discussing this Sub-dream, he wondered how the water flowing into the pond would disperse without flooding the area.  While I was just about to tell him that this was inconsequential to the main points made in this Sub-dream, the Lord put the words ‘Medicine Lake’ on my husband’s heart.  We looked it up and here is what we found…

“This large lake in Jasper National Park, Alberta Canada, is known for its beautiful water that disappears as the summer goes on.  This wonderful phenomenon is caused by the largest inaccessible underground system in the world.  This ‘incredible disappearing act’ caused this lake to be called ‘Medicine Lake’.”

Conclusion:  The pond in this Sub-dream now had an underground system taking the inflow away, thereby keeping the pond the perfect depth.

Me:  “Father, in my dreams, I have been at various places without having to travel.  I have also appeared in places that I am ‘out of place’.  Could You please help me to understand?  Could You also please reveal to us when all of this is to start?”

Jesus:  “Erin, come up!”

He once again spoke to me while I sat in my devotional chair.  His Voice was very clear.

Jesus:  “Erin, you are My Vessels.  I am the Potter.  You are no longer the clay that I must shape.  You have been on the Potter’s Wheel.  You have been formed.  You have been glazed, covered in My unique design for you.  At first, the colors seemed dull and the glaze was of no prominence.  You were of little use as you sat on the shelf.  You then went into the furnace or kiln at very high heat.  To make it so you would not crack under extreme circumstances, I held you in My arms there.

“You were there awhile.  At times, you struggled to let Me carry you.  However, the flame of increase would then bring you back to Me until your Vessel was ready.  The furnace was then finished and the flames were cooled.  There before Me was and is a beautiful Vessel in you.  All the extreme conditions and factors were of no trouble as you were ready.  There you found Me at the River of Life filling by My own hands the very Vessels I will use to pour out My glory.  What a joyful day!

“Now, your times of worry, doubt and fear will now fall upon your enemy as you will be confident in Me fully for that which is good, that which sustains and that which endures.  There has never been a time such as this under Heaven, yet this time was foretold.  How can this be?  This is because I have planned this from the beginning.

“In the beginning, there was life and life abundantly.  It was beautiful in My Garden.  All things lived and were Holy except for two things…

  • The fruit of the forbidden tree; and
  • The snake that dwelleth there.

“In the beginning, this Garden held great beauty and promise.  However, this all changed on the dark day when sin entered Eve and Adam and the Garden began to die.  Man’s days then shortened and evil increased.  You have seen evil increasing again as the land is once again being defiled with great speed.  The voices of the saints now cry out at the Altar of God.  This happens in His Courts both day and night.  The saints are asking the same question as you so often ask.”

Me:  “I know this question too well.  When will this all begin?  Speaking on behalf of not just me and my family, but also the entire Nest, please make this all start right now, as in immediately.  Please, Lord!”

Jesus:  “Yes, Erin, that is the very same question they ask.  The saints cry out day and night asking ‘when will there be the Vengeance of the Lord for those who have been slain?’  Erin, all of Heaven has been crying out for the lost.”

Me:  “Oh Lord, please answer their cries.  Please bind up our brokenness.  Please turn and heal us.  Please strike down the wicked as they clearly have no fear of the Lord.  Please don’t let my Vessel sit.  Please don’t let the thousands upon thousands of Vessels sit.  Please fill us with Living Water so that we may be useful to You.  Please open up Heaven so all can see the place You have prepared for those who love You.”

Jesus:  “When Heaven becomes visible on Earth, the enemy will be terrified.  In order to cover his evil tracks, he will then proclaim that God could have done these great things a long time ago and that He has been withholding good things from those who suffer.  In anger, many will believe this.”

Me:  “Then these would not be Yours, Lord.  I would rather look to see Heaven than believe the accuser.  Hey, I know how to make all of this okay.  How about just call on Your thousands of Vessels to stop these lies ‘right now’.  Once this begins, and though some will try, not one can argue against truth, Lord.  Please fill us up with Good Things, Lord.  We love You.  All of us on the Nest are praying in unison that You make Your Great Move with us now… as in right now.”

Jesus:  “Oh Erin, I love you and your friends.  Now, rejoice.  Rejoice as I am in you.  I am carrying your Vessel.  I am carrying all of your Vessels.”

Dream over…

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