Dream 661 – Small in Number, Great in Power

Finished on Tuesday, January 10, 2023

Received on Sunday, January 8, 2023


Dear Father,

Thank You for all things wonderful, both great and small.  You are so good!  You answer prayers and petitions.  All things You do are miracles.  Father, please keep my heart upright.  Please keep my focus on elevating You and diminishing things of this world.

We fall down when we diminish You.  We then increase the importance and power of the world.  When You are my focus instead, the things the world offers to take me from You are always better with You instead.  I read a devotional this morning that outlined this.  This is in Luke 15:22-24 and is referring to the prodigal son.

The prodigal son had asked for his inheritance in advance so that he could leave his father’s house.  He then spent all of his money and ended up much worse than the illusion of what he thought was greater.  When he arrived back home after he had lost everything, his father told his servants to…

  • Bring out the best robe and put it on him.
  • Put new sandals on his feet.
  • Put a ring on his hand.
  • Ordered that a calf be slaughtered.

Each of these seem to have a specific purpose:

  • Robe: This seems to signify status and cover in his father’s presence.
  • Sandals: This seems to signify a fresh start.
  • Ring: This seems to signify a return of authority and power under his father.
  • Calf: Perhaps the son’s sins were transferred to the calf symbolically.

They then ate and celebrated together in communion as one again.  We don’t spend enough of our time in this relationship with God.  We then believe the lie that things are better or ‘more fun’ outside of God’s House.  However, this is so untrue.  A long time ago, I believed these lies.  I believed that the only way to have a fulfilling life was to stay away from this punishing constricting God.  However, God is the very opposite…

  • How many times a day does God gift us, both in the tiny things and the big?
  • How many times do we see that this was Him all along, recognizing Him as the Giver of Great Gifts?

He studies us, keeps records on us and knows us.  He remembers.  He is the Ultimate Father.  When it is written that God is preparing a house for us, get excited because it will be so wonderful.  I had a couple of interesting dreams last night…

Sub-Dream 1 “Being big isn’t always better” begins…

I was in a quaint country town.  It was winter.  I was invited to help a church with the design of their lobby.  There was fresh snow on the ground when I arrived by taxi to the address given to me.  I then discovered that there were two churches at the same address.  Both were beautiful white classic churches with steeples.  Both were well maintained.

However, the one church to the right had been remodeled through the years and had some bad additions to the back of it.  The architect or builder didn’t even try to be cohesive with the church as it was.  It had a bad brick façade and horrible windows.  I hate seeing crimes against design like this.  Then there was the perfect little church to the left with no additions.  I addressed the cab driver…

Me:  “Which one is hiring me?”

Cabby:  “The one to the right.  They are always remodeling.  They have the money.  They took all the congregants from the little church over the years.  This means the little church has no young people to give it promise.  Still, I can tell you this… Jesus shows up at the little church and the big church knows it.”

Me:  “Okay, this makes sense to me.  When I look to the right-side church, my stomach turns just thinking about it.  God doesn’t seem to be in the design there.  I am sure Jesus decided to go simpler, so He is operating in the left-side church.”

We both had a good laugh.  I then tipped him well as I had just received such great information from him.  I began to walk up the walkway dividing the churches.  I couldn’t help but gaze at the pretty little church.  An elderly pastor opened the gothic style doors.  When he saw me, he started speaking to me…

Pastor:  “Hello and greetings, stranger.  So glad to see you.  I heard you were coming.  Please consider stopping back to say hi before you leave.  I have a fresh ripe cantaloupe that you will want to grab a piece of.”

I smiled as my head tilted towards the cantaloupe.  It was beautifully sliced.

Me:  “There are no bags and they aren’t frozen.  How?”

Pastor:  “We carry a lot of fruit here.  Old farmers bring it here for their offerings to Jesus.  He loves fresh fruit.  We don’t have fruit flies or bugs.  We like to have plenty of fruit here though.”

Me:  Laughing.  “Yes, of course… I will stop by after my appointment.”

He smiled such a beautiful gracious smile.  He had a sparkle to his eyes.  I felt the Lord’s presence around the church and upon his face.  I then proceeded to my appointment next door.  When I went in, I found them waiting for me.  The entrance was tacky and confusing.

Some young boys who were overweight and in suits that did not fit came over to greet me. While they were nice, I felt they had been sent over with an ulterior motive.  The boys escorted me to a large island table in the center of the lobby.  It was made of granite with a mahogany veneer.  It was kidney shaped.

The greeters stood behind this granite kidney shaped table.  The ceilings were low for a church, about eight feet tall.  There was no lobby for people coming in to move and convene prior to service.  The island was about eight feet wide and at pub table height.  I was then escorted to a boardroom.

There in front of me were prominent board members in charge of the design.  They barely greeted me before they began their arguments.  While they had a large budget, they were stalemated due to differing opinions on how to use the money.

I suddenly then realized that I was there to mediate.  I laughed when I saw a fruit selection in a plastic clam shell container from the grocery store.  The fruit looked tasteless and it was.  I barely took a nibble and I had to stop eating.

Me:  Addressing the board members.  “Can we pause to pray first?”

Silence fell upon the board members.  They looked at me in anger as if I was trying to accuse them of not being holy.

Church lady:  “Well, since you are so concerned about prayer, then why don’t you say it then.  We thought we were hiring you for design services, not as a prayer leader.  Time is money.”

All of the board members promptly agreed with her.

Me:  “Sorry to offend you.  This is how I begin all design projects.  Perhaps I am not the right fit.”

As I began to get up out of my chair, the board members started to protest.

Me:  “Then here is my prayer… Father God, please grant us supernatural peace.  We offer up this project to You.  This is Your church.  Let Your Will be done.  In Jesus’ Name, Amen.”

While the board members were still offended, they kept quiet as they knew I would simply walk off the job if I received any ‘attitude’.

Me:  “I see major problems here in the lobby.  It is not inviting at all.”

While some agreed, others did not.  A woman then got up and acted as hostess.  She opened up the fruit clam shell and began to circulate it amongst the board.  It made my stomach turn as there were fruit flies all over it.  They were oblivious.

Me:  “While I haven’t seen the sanctuary yet, I can tell just based on the additions and the front lobby that an entire remodel will be necessary.”

Board member:  “We are expanding because we have so many members.  When we are complete, God will then show up.”

Me:  “Wait!  Is God not here now?  I must instead pray for deliverance.  You need to start with this first before God can be present.  You remove God with this arguing.  As for this project, this is too big for me right now.  I must respectfully decline.  I like projects with God present.”

They all became furious and chased me outside.

Board member:  “Wait!  We want our money back!  We mailed you a check.  We will stop it.”

Me:  “Don’t worry, I have it here.”

I opened my folder and handed them the check.  One ripped it apart violently.  They were now yelling at each other as they went back inside.  The pastor of the little church then greeted me.

Pastor:  “Are you leaving town today?”

Me:  “No.  I fly back tomorrow.”

Pastor:  “Please come tonight to our prayer meeting.  While we are small, the Lord is with us.  Now, how about trying a piece of cantaloupe?”

Me:  Taking some.  “Whoa, this is amazing.  Thanks so much.  You have the best fruit.”

Pastor:  “So, will you come to our prayer meeting?”

Me:  “I will!”

Sub-Dream 1 over…

Sub-Dream 2 “Renovating my old house for sale” begins…

I was writing in my bed when I was a child in California.  The bed also had a strange mixture of my bed when I was a teenager in Idaho.  My bed was set up around me like my devotional chair.  I had my journal devotional items around me, along with a spinning turntable with pens.  Interestingly, all of my bedding was white.  There is no way that I would have had white bedding at that time.

My room was dark as it was nighttime.  I had a lamp allowing me to write.  In the same room was a bunkbed that my mom and I had slept in at one point in Idaho.  I hadn’t seen it for more than forty years.  I heard a knock on my door.  It was my mom.  She appeared young.  She was holding a large camcorder…

Mom:  “Hi ‘big girl’ (sometimes her nickname for me).  The school came by and dropped this off.  They want me to film you now so that they can have footage capturing your early years.”

Me:  “Oh mom, this is ridiculous.  I am not sure why I would want a camera here.”

Mom:  “This is your dream place.  They are curious.”

I got up and walked down the hall.  In the living room were my children.  They were all young… ages 5, 7 and 9, respectively.  There was an odd configuration of furniture.

My older son:  “Grandma took the Christmas tree apart so we could move it.”

There were tree parts everywhere and furniture on cinder blocks.  The furniture from the small dining area was mixed in with the living room.  It was not possible to sleep on any of these.

After inspecting this, the kids and I started to redesign the entire area.  We soon transformed my entire former house.  As we were moving around, my children became adults.  The room changed as they aged.

My younger son:  “Mom, I can’t believe you once lived here.”

My daughter:  “Mom, why is the oven door open?”

Me:  “Sometimes we needed to do this for heat.”

As I walked over to the oven, I realized just how dangerous this was.  The oven and stove were monstrous and haunting.  We all carried it outside.  After continuing our redesign, we finally had the house ready for the agent to sell it.

Sub-Dream 2 over…

Me:  “Oh Lord, this last dream made very little sense.  However, since it was so clear and concise, I know it was from You.  Help!  Father, please help me to understand these dreams.  There are no mistakes with You.”

Jesus:  “Erin, come up!”

He once again spoke to me while I sat in my devotional chair.  His Voice was very clear.

Jesus:  “Erin, I am here and I am with you.  Let Me address this mysterious night of dreams.  This one about your former house is one that has shaped your life from the beginning of your journey.  You had very humble beginnings, yet your mom reminded you that there were those who were worse off.”

Me:  “At the time, it didn’t seem so.  Our clothing and appearance indicated that there were issues.   I wasn’t a very good kid.  I was angry a lot of the time.”

Jesus:  “This is because you rarely experienced peace and security.  You slept with one eye open.  When there was arguing, you couldn’t sleep through it.  You went from difficulty to even greater difficulty.”

Me:  “I went from the frying pan to the oven.  I became tough and cynical.  It was depressing.  I felt so alone.”

Jesus:  “These stories and events matured you.  You then passed your friends in maturity.  Instead of asking ‘why me?’, you instead began to ask ‘what can I do so this stops!’  You then begged God to help you even though you sometimes forget begging Me.  You learned to follow Me through all of your pain.

“Your children witnessed this and came to Me as a result.  You were able to believe in My miracles through your trials and they witnessed this.  Your pain, their gain.  Erin, they believe because of you.  This is good.  The mistakes your mother made gave you the beginnings of maturity.  This was enhanced through all that you had experienced.

“As for now, you are spiritually mature in Me.  You can spot a counterfeit because I dwell in you.  You have warned and taught your children about this.”

Me:  “Psalm 31 seems to sum this up.  In part, this tells me to be glad and rejoice in Your mercy for You have considered my troubles.”

Jesus:  “Oh Erin, you need to read the entire Scripture to know your journey.  How can you relate to My people if you are unrelatable.  God sent His Son… Me… to walk amongst the people in order to give them a message of salvation.  I am raising up a New Church, a people with Me, and I will do amazing miracles through you.  Every now and then, I bring you a dream to point out your amazing Transformation.  You then write this down.  Even though you hate writing, you continue to write, always in My strength.”

Me:  “Lord, I have read all of Psalm 31.  It is incredible!”

Jesus:  “You have gone from valley to pastures to the wilderness.  One day soon, you will be a Bride of My choosing on a Throne.  This is a miracle.  Now rejoice.  Erin, humble are your beginnings, yet how wonderful your eternal dwelling place near My Altar!  You are greatly loved by Me!”

Received on Tuesday, January 10, 2023


Dear Father,

Lord, please bless and look after all of the states and countries who are in turmoil.  So much is happening in Brazil.  Please bring Your justice there.  There are also terrible weather events happening in California.  Please protect them.  There is also trouble in the Middle East, France, Belgium and China.  Please look after the Ukraine as well.

Sub-Dream 3 “Caring for Groundhogs on their day” begins…

I had to care for three groundhogs we had found on our property.  One of them wasn’t doing well, so I picked it up.  It was then that I realized that it was keeping two newborns warm.  As I was tending to the mom, she died from something.  I then decided to bring the two baby groundhogs inside.

I knew they needed milk, but I didn’t know what to do.  I knew in my Spirit that cow’s milk would kill them.  When I went online, I found out how incredibly complicated it would be for me to keep these two babies alive and thriving.  I decided to pray to the Lord instead and put my full trust in Him…

“Lord, You led me to their den to help the helpless, these little ones.  Did You allow me to bring them inside just to have them die in my care?  This doesn’t seem like You.  I would ask for their food and that I could cover the rest of their other care.  However, even this is impossible for me on my own.  Oh Father, I can literally do nothing without You.  I need a miracle!”

Just then, the doorbell rang (even though I don’t have a doorbell in real life).  I went to the door and there was a courier dressed in a white bellhop outfit.  He was wearing a triangular white paper hat.  He was also wearing white gloves.

Bellhop:  “Are you Miss Erin?”

Me:  “Yes.”

Bellhop:  “Here is everything you will need.  Please sign here.”

The clipboard said ‘Bell Hope Couriers Service’.

Me:  Laughing as I signed the order sheet.  “But I didn’t order anything?”

Bellhop:  “You just did.  Have a great day.”

He turned and went into a white box van that said ‘Bell Hope’.  As he drove out, I heard another ring.  I looked at the front door.  When I looked back, he was completely gone.  I looked at the small box.  It was labelled ‘Baby Groundhog Care Kit’.

Me:  “Oh Lord, You are so funny!”

I opened the box.  Everything was prepared.  All I had to do was drop the babies into this box.  This box was then somehow able to feed them and care for them (obviously with God and His angels help).

Me:  “They were hungry, but can now feed themselves.  They were blind, but their eyes were opened  When they ate, they were revived.”

They became lively and wanted me to pick them up.  I had a warm shirt jacket with two chest pockets.  They each stayed there as I walked around.  I went from panic to prayer to provision.  Father, You delivered the impossible.  You are so good!

Sub-Dream 3 over…

Me:  “Oh Lord, thank You for helping those groundhogs.  Surely, they are the least of these… smiles.”

Jesus:  “Erin, come up!”

He once again spoke to me while I sat in my devotional chair.  His Voice was very clear.

Jesus:  “Erin, I am here and I am with you.  I know unrest and storms cause great anguish.  You then wonder if I am seeing all of this.  Well, these events are necessary to soften the land and to tear down hearts of stone.  This is allowed so when Heaven is revealed upon Earth, many millions will be ready and willing to receive the help that only God can bring.  I will use you and your friends to bring about waves of miracles and healings.”

Dream over…

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