Dream 663 – Thousands of Vessels waiting for God

Received on Sunday, January 22, 2023


Dear Father,

I am about to enter into my sixties.  This seems revolutionary to me… smiles.  I have come this far only to realize that nothing in this world satisfies us other than a healthy relationship with You.  Even my sons now see this.  They hold on to You and believe in Your promises.  Perhaps tomorrow will bring Transformational days ahead…

  • Blessed are You, Father, in all the Earth.
  • Blessed is Your Great Name.
  • Blessed are You in Heaven.
  • Blessed are You, Father, our Deliverer.

In Exodus 6:6-7, You deliver us in special ways…

  • Hotzeiti; which means ‘I will bring out’.
  • Hitzalti; which means ‘I will rescue’.
  • Ga’alti; which means ‘I will redeem’.
  • Lakachti; which means ‘I will take’.
  • Haveiti; then You promise You will bring Your people back into their own land.
  • You then declared it and sealed it with “I Am the Lord’!

Oh Father, it is hard to be patient because we live on borrowed time in this world.  While we believe in Your promises, we grow weary as evil rises.  How do we avoid the world when we live in it?  We cannot.  Thank You for bringing us Good News and being our special and perfect GOOD NEWS!  I had a vivid dream last night…

Sub-Dream 1 “Three Floors of Highly Organized Evil” begins…

I saw a three-story building.  However, one wall was cut away so I could view what was occurring on each of the floors.  While the bottom floor was below ground, it was accessible from the ground level by a door and stairs.  There was also an elevator that moved freely between the floors and was in the center of the building.

Deep in one end of the basement level of this building were several large creatures confined to these boxed offices.  Even though they were confined to these areas, they still had full access to a large staff.  While their staff was free to move about, they spent most of their time engaged in strategic interface.

While I am not sure what this fully means, they had as their mission to take directives from the several large creatures confined below.  These confined creatures were powerful bosses.  Each box of confinement represented a territory or realm.  There were ten realms over the Earth…

  • Seven were in charge of the land.
  • One was in charge of the air.
  • One was in charge of the ocean.
  • One was in charge of ‘all other’ (not sure what exactly this means, but I am guessing perhaps an unseen realm of sorts).

The staff was huge and their technology was only topped by Heaven’s technology in their advancement.  They were highly organized.  Anyone who thinks that the enemy operates in chaos is incorrect.  While their work may seem chaotic to our eyes, they are orderly and precise in their methodology.  From the basement level, they controlled evil of all kinds.  It was organized, neat, very orderly and focused.

The second floor consisted of things we see.  It looked like any normal office conducting normal business.  However, their business was evil and focused on destroying God’s children in any way possible.  I saw the staff from the second floor, invisible to our eyes, manipulate a situation against one of God’s children.  The following increasingly typical scenario is a Christian woman providing a resignation letter to her boss…

Woman:  “Here is my resignation.  This company no longer represents me or my values.”

Boss:  “Oh yes it does!  You just don’t see well.  While we are moving in the right direction, you decided to make religion your focus.  This cannot be tolerated.”

Woman:  “Wait.  All I did was wear a cross.  Besides, I am the one resigning.”

Boss:  “The cross you wore is a symbol of hate.  The company has already filed a complaint against you.  You are fired.  Good luck finding work out there.”

I then saw a massive number of evil spirits go out through computers into cubicles and other offices.  They were all focused on destroying this one Christian.  This was terrifying to watch and made me so angry.

I then saw the elevator move to the third floor.  There was no ceiling on this top floor.  This meant all that was below was free to move up and outward.  Frighteningly, barely anyone was aware of what was happening.  I then overheard one evil spirit say something to another evil spirit…

Evil spirit:  “We are destroying and defiling God’s children just as God destroyed the children of the angels of light.  Come, let us avenge them in spirit.”

I then saw these frightening entities go into various people.  Their bodies, the vessels of the individuals, were then filled with evil.  The demon-possessed people then proclaimed themselves as victims, even those that were killing innocent people.

Sub-Dream 1 over…

Me:  “Father, I am tired of these dreams where evil is winning.  I am ready for Your Army to rise up and put a stop to all of this.  I am praying for a series of victory dreams instead.  I want dreams of Heaven upon Earth.  I want dreams of revival and joy.  I don’t want any more dreams with doom and gloom.  Sigh… oh Father, let Your Will be done in all things, including these dreams, even if I do prefer sunshine and happiness.”

Jesus:  “Erin, come up!”

He once again spoke to me while I sat in my devotional chair.  His Voice was very clear.

Jesus:  “Erin, I am here and I am with you.  You are stepping from one state of being into another.  Your Vessel has been filled and has been waiting for the time of fullness.  You are moving from being a vertically complete body to Me working through you to pour out Living Water.  Erin, look…”

Sub-Dream / Vision 2 “Thousands of Vessels waiting for God” begins…

As I sat in my chair, a vision opened.  I was in a massive hall off of the Throne Room of God.  I could see the racks of thousands of Vessels filled with God’s Holy Fire and Living Water.  The Living Water was from the River of Life.  In turn, the River of Life flowed out from the Throne of God.  All the Vessels were upright on the racks.  They numbered in the tens of thousands.  Each one was unique and different.  The vision then disappeared.

Sub-Dream / Vision 2 over…

Me:  “Lord, did I really just see what I just saw?”

Jesus:  “Yes.  Remember that I filled each one in the River of Life by My own hand.  I even shaped each Vessel by My own hand in My Potter’s House.  Remember that you first came to Me as a child.  You were helpless and needy.  Despite how difficult your circumstances were, and even your beginnings, you still searched for Me so that I could be found by you.  I was with you.

“Despite the enemy’s great schemes to keep you from Me, you still traveled the path that led to Me.  Even though the enemy sent his armies and even dragons to deter you, here you are.  I sent My best angels to create a covering like a chuppah over you so you were unaware that the enemy seeks your life.  You came to Me there despite the circumstances.

“Despite the discouragement and insults of other Christians, you still came to Me day after day.  Because you were honest with Me in all things, I revealed more and more to you.  All the while, I kept you hidden to the outside until the time of your fullness came.  During your journey, I brought you up to show you where I was shaping My vessels.  You then saw that they were being prepared in the furnace of affliction.

“Remember that each one was shaped from miry clay and thrown on My wheel and formed.  They were then uniquely glazed and fired.  Some needed multiple times in My kiln.  After cooling, they were then filled by Me and by My Spirit.  Living Water filled My Vessels.  Erin, this includes your Vessel.

“As I filled each Vessel with Living Water, the angels I appointed carried each one to the Throne Room of God.  Thousands of Vessels there are filled and waiting on God to sound the trumpets.  Once this happens, each one will pour out Living Water to the territories they are assigned.  A great outpouring of Living Water and My Presence will change the landscape.  Nothing will come against you.”

Me:  “Lord, please let it be done as You have promised.  Please do not forget about me.”

Jesus:  “Erin, the Vessels are in the midst of Heaven near My Altar.  If you were not one of them, I would not have told you any of this.  If I did, this would make Me like those who have fallen.  Erin, I am the Good Shepherd and the Potter, understand?  I lead My Sheep and shape their outcomes for My purpose in Earth as it is in Heaven.”

Me:  “Thank You, Lord!”

Jesus:  “Isaiah 60 and 61 are for you now.  This year (2023), your 60th birthday centers around the last day of Tevet and the first day of Shevat.  This is the transition from your 60th year to your 61st year.  Your birthday this year occurs at the beginning, the first day of Shevat.  This is the time of blossoming and new beginnings.”

Me:  “Lord, it seems that I have been told this before.  Is this new?”

Jesus:  “Yes.  Oh Erin, do you not see how I have kept you covered and hidden in My Quiver?  While I know it hasn’t been easy, you just finished your years of completeness.  I have not forgotten you, Erin… not once.  Though you feel old and battered, you are not.  This is the Great Time of New Beginnings.”

Me:  “Lord, I have been sad as a storm is coming our way.  Can You move this storm offshore?  Please?”

Jesus:  “Do not worry as this will come to nothing.  Now, do not be afraid as I am with you and I am in you.  Soon, great will be your joy, as well as your children’s and your house’s.  All will be healed.”

Me:  “My husband and my faithful Nest friends too, Lord?”

Jesus:  “Yes, of course, Erin.  Now, the well My remnant have been drawing water from in this world never satisfies.  However, the water I have provided to fill your cups will heal the nations.  I see the wicked leaders who have risen in corruption to strike against the people.  I will topple them publicly one by one.  They will be exposed.  You will experience great miracles.

“Erin, revival is coming.  The world has never seen anything like this even from the beginning.  The alarm was sounded years ago that changes were happening.  The prophet Amos spoke of the great judgment of Israel.  Amos spoke of the fall if they did not turn.  He then prophesied of the great day of restoration (Amos 9:11-14).  Do you understand?”

Me:  “Yes, Lord.  This looks like a good time… a good day.”

Jesus:  “It is a great day!  It is a day that is significant to Me and hidden in plain sight.  Rejoice, Erin, for you, your family and your friends are not forgotten.  While I know you are scared and downcast, do not be.  I have taken care of you and your house and I will not stop.  You are loved by Me.”

Dream over…

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