Dream 692 – God is Greater than the Evil One

Received on Wednesday, April 19, 2023


Thank You for another day!  The spring rains have come.  Please bless our area and let this be the best spring ever.  Father, I am deeply concerned over several events wherein it was based on information You gave me.  At first, I was fearful to write this.  It focuses on a parking garage that collapsed in New York City yesterday.  You spoke to me about all of this…

Voice of Jesus:  “I give the people warning after warning of impending troubles.  Still, none turns their ears to hear nor do they drop to their knees and humble themselves before Me.  What do you see, Erin.”

Me:  After a Holy Download.  “The Five Ws.  Who, what, when, where and why.  Questions that need to be asked here.  In what way?  By what means?  Who was affected?  Well, the workers in the garage and the car owners were affected.  One walked away uninjured, four were injured and one was killed.”

Jesus:  “Very good.  Now elaborate on this.”

Me:  “Narrowing the people first.  We look to the workers and the owners of the cars.”

Jesus:  “Okay, but think larger.”

Me:  “Perhaps this represents the auto industry.”

Jesus:  “Okay, what happened?”

Me:  “This event involved the collapse of a five-story building.  The first breach was the collapse of the second floor onto the first floor.  Five survived and were pulled out.  One was killed.  It had a total of 23 violations against it over the last several years.  Of these 23 violations, 19 were completed and 4 were pending.  The building was unstable.  Oh Lord, does this mean that the auto industry is about to collapse?  Will one escape unharmed?  Will four be hurt?  Will one die?  The garage was in the financial district of Manhattan.  Will our dollar soon collapse?”

Jesus:  “Okay, now you are going ahead of the signs.  Now, let Me tell you this… corrupt leaders have risen, corrupt leaders whom the people did not elect.  The corruption has now expanded.  By the words of the mayor (of NYC)… ‘the building was completely unstable.’  This seems obvious when you look at this from My view.  Well, as far as My view sees it, the entire city is unstable.  This is because God has been evicted by its leaders and even the residents.  However, God is the Owner and the Creator.

“Now, it seems as if squatters have taken over this once Great Gateway to a beautiful land.  I do not tolerate those who serve the gods and practice lies.  There is a coming storm and it involves this city and the finances of the nation.  There are evil entities that are the enemy of the people.  They have taken over as the people lack knowledge and do not know Me.”

Me:  “Oh Lord, please help.  Please send revival first.  If one industry, perhaps the auto industry, collapses on the first floor, which would be ground level of the financial district, then the others will fall.  They said the garage floors collapsed like a stack of pancakes.”

Jesus:  “The foundation is unstable.  It was made that way in four years.  The country is unstable because the enemy is at the gates tearing down the cities.  It will be a ripple effect.  Erin, in order for a Great Nation to turn to God, it must be humbled.”

Me:  “Lord, but I thought… Well, I had hoped…”

Jesus:  “It’s simple.  Keep this simple.  Through Me, there is life and more abundance.  With Me, a nation flourishes, grows, prospers and nothing can come against it with any success.  A life lived for Me is prosperous.  The favor of God is behind you, before you, over you and beside you.  Now, what is required?  What is the Greatest of My ‘Ten’ Commandments?”

Me:  “To love You and Your Father with all of my heart, mind and soul.”

Jesus:  “Very good.  Then where are we here?”

Me:  “Staying the course, Lord.  I am terrified apart from You.  There would be no hope.”

Jesus:  “So many have dropped away from God.  The nations have grown darker as there is no good.  Only evil prospers apart from God.  You must use My Word to see the history of the rise of evil leaders.  What is now occurring is meant to cause instability.  There is always a root.  Apart from God, these civilizations eventually collapse.

“Remember that this is the same pattern and course because evil does not bring about good fruit from a wicked branch or rotten root.  What you see all around you is a great acceleration of destruction of all that was once good.  You are seeing nations now separating from the once great nation.  This moves faster as lawlessness rises and fear gains a foothold.

“Leaders appear as laughing stocks and weak.  The borders are open and anyone is now able to enter in.  The wicked are taking all of the storehouses of oil, food, resources and even gold.  The leaders are giving it away for pennies to people who are ungrateful.  The nation has given rise to its captors.  They scoff and laugh.  They say, ‘Will the nation now not pay us to come in and rescue it by plunder and make the citizens slaves?’

“Erin, make no mistake… all of this was planned.  There is a great attack to try and destroy this land dedicated to God.  Their hope is that those who enjoy peace in God there would then be destroyed.  Erin, you are experiencing the collapse of a building built on shifting sand.  God’s people are in the midst of the collapse.  Everyone but the world’s elite are now experiencing the negative effects of all of this.

“Now, 19 was the number of years given to turn back.  Covid-19 then came.  Unrest, destruction and great chaos then came.  Churches were shuttered and many turned from God.  The only thing that could change everything is prayer, but very few prayed.  Evil increased and corruption entered in to silence the truth.

“Christians then became the target to silence.  An evil leader and his army were raised up within the nation.  He set out to collapse it.  His great plan is to destroy all of the people, save a few of his loyal subjects.  He has an army of unholy worshippers.  Anyone opposed to him is marked for destruction.”

Me:  “Lord, please stop this.  Is there anything we can do at all?”

Jesus:  “Keep your sights fixed on Me and pray.  Erin, I have you.  Do not worry.”

I then went about my day concerned about all that He had just spoken to me about.  I drove into town.  I prayed that God’s Will be done in all things.  I had a dream last night that horrified me…

Sub-Dream 1 “False Parents lure the Children” begins…

I saw a group of children looking for their parents to come home.

One child:  “There is mom.  She is out there.”

A second child:  “No, we have to stay and wait.”

A third child:  “Hey, dad is out there.  He needs help.  He is in the trees.”

I then saw the children walk outside into the yard to greet their parents.  However, the parents were actually illusions.  The children were instantly struck down.

Sub-Dream 1 over…

I woke up and prayed.  I was startled by what I saw.  Father, deception is increasing.  Would I run outside if I saw what I thought was You?  I hope not, but does anyone truly know?  It is all so disturbing.

Jesus:  “Erin, come up!”

He once again spoke to me while I sat in my devotional chair.  His Voice was very clear.

Jesus:  “Erin, I am here and I am with you.  Do not worry.  My Voice is in you.  However, this is a wise concern based on what you see coming.  You ask, ‘How can someone who loves the Lord be lured out of a place of safety?’”

Me:  “Deception?  I realize that the enemy is very smart.  While he may seem confused and crazy, he really is neither.  They have created great distractions so they can advance an extremely wicked scheme against the children of God and against the innocent.  In my dream, children were longing for their parents to come home and comfort them.

“Lord, please help us all.  I heard that this new technology could change the brain without a person knowing it.  It can be used to lie and to even change history.  It will destroy all of civilization if You don’t step in.  This is worse than the Tower of Babel.  It could change the Bible.  It could mimic You.  People will be deceived.”

Jesus:  “Erin, I come with the Sword of Truth.  Remember that man would not survive unless the evil of those days were cut short.  Remember that I am God over all things.  Now, I will not let you be deceived or your children.  Do not worry.  Stand watch.  Only do as I instruct you.  I am here.  Do not worry.”

Me:  “Lord, they want to take our meat, our cars, our eggs, and now our rice.  Will they come for our oxygen next?  They have taken our freedom and our churches.  They will soon come for our money and our homes.  They will call in our loans.  They will steal our titles.  They will…”

Jesus:  “Erin, throughout history, this is what the enemy strives for.  He constricts as if a snake that chokes its prey.  It is difficult to even know how to escape.  The snake proclaims that his way is better.  It then slowly removes all freedoms.  As in a war… consider this and remember… the enemy surrounds the encampment and restricts food, information, water and supplies.

“He restricts communication and the transmission of information.  His mission is to not allow Good News.  He instead wants to disparage, discourage, divide, separate and deceive.  He turns brother against brother, children against parents and parents against children.  Then, while all of the commotion in the encampment is occurring, he continues his course of controlling everything coming in and out of the area.

“He then controls food, water and medical care.  He controls all of it.  This way he can now declare shortages where there are really none.  By creating more and more fear, the enemy makes people adjust to less and less of what they use to enjoy until they are either too weak to rise up or too exhausted to stand against it.

“If the enemy had revealed his position at the start, the people would have resisted.  The enemy instead behaves like a constricting snake.  It is patient and surrounds and tightens.  It soon tightens so much that its prey is overcome and then consumed whole.”

Me:  “This is a horrible way to die… in darkness and all alone.  Oh Lord, this kind of death is just awful.”

Jesus:  “While this is true, remember that I am here.  If the people turn to Me, I will then hear their cries.  I will turn My face toward them and I will rescue them.”

Me:  “Your people need You, even the ones who don’t know they need You.  I didn’t know how enriched my life could be until You came.  I am so thankful.  I was in darkness.  You saved me and I am ruined for this life because I long for Heaven with You.  This world becomes darker every day.  Lord, I often wonder about just how bad all of this will soon become.”

Jesus:  “Do not worry.  While I know this might not make sense to you, the things of Heaven under God’s Kingdom are advanced.  They are advanced far beyond what I have allowed you to see.  Remember that cell phones, televisions and other technology had a root from somewhere.  All creativity, inventions and inspiration come from God.  No man is smarter than God or even the angels.

“As for the fallen angels, they had knowledge in certain areas.  They then knew how to wield their knowledge in the face of man.  The fallen angels were told of the severe consequences of teaching man their secret ways, but they did so anyway.  This is why there are remains in architecture and artifacts that raise questions about alien life.  Well, this is not alien life.  This has a heavenly origin.  These complexities came from something not from humans.

“When there has been a great increase in evil, it is rooted from man requesting more knowledge, turning this into worshipping something not of God.  Evil is increasing because of the appetite of the wicked.  Man longs to consume more evil.  All is increased.  All good is decreased.  What was good is now considered bad and what was bad is now considered good.  All is wrong.”

Me:  “All of this is so confusing.  Lord, this is so sad.”

Jesus:  “I know.  However, soon, when you are finally Home in Heaven, you will learn truth.  As for there, truth is quickly fading.”

Me:  “Lord, truth needs to rise again.”

Jesus:  “Erin, I have a Perfect Plan.  I have not forgotten My promises.  Now, do not worry.  At times when you worry, remember that I am always with you.”

Me:  “Lord, are You not soon to deliver us?  Is Nisan not to be the month of our delivery from oppression?  Nisan is supposed to be the month of miracles.  At least it has been when studied in the Bible.  Lord, there are only two days of Nisan left after today (Nisan ends at sunset on Friday, April 21, 2023).”

Jesus:  “Erin, always remember that My Ways are higher.  A Wise General keeps his enemy guessing in all things, especially about any information on an upcoming offensive.  While perhaps this pattern of miracles (in Nisan) will continue, remember that I am also doing a ‘New Thing’ here.  A ‘New Thing’ means ‘something new is happening’.  Oh Erin, all of you will just have to continue trusting in Me.”

Me:  “Yes, Lord, we will!  We love You!”

Jesus:  “I love you too!  Soon, very soon.  Do not worry!  Remember that I am in complete control of all things all of the time!”

Dream over…

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