Dream 701 – God Keeps Us on the Right Track

Received on Wednesday, May 17, 2023


Dear Father,

Thank You for another day!  Thank You for all we have.  Thank You for my family and friends, even my furry friends and feathered friends too.  You are in the forefront of my thoughts all day long.  There are days that drag on in this world and I say, ‘Oh Father, how much longer will You be?  Did You see that (referring to something wicked)?’

There are other days that go too quickly and, in praises to You, I long for more of those days.  Now, looking back, just as You told me would happen, I would long for brighter days, even past ones during the midst of my epic furnace of affliction period.  Why was it so different back then?

Because I pretty much knew 100% that if I was unable to perform my duties because I had become sick, I knew life would go on without me and my children would ultimately be okay.  This is because, for the most part, people were kind, helpful and honest.  Evil was hidden from sight and only surfaced once in awhile with people you met.

Now though it is upside down.  I go out and never know what will happen today.  For the most part, there are still kind people.  However, more and more I now witness seem possessed by evil  Well, it is shocking.  Every able body in our home now has a job.  This means they are encountering things that we wouldn’t have heard of just a few years ago.  It is an interesting conversation every night at the dinner table.

All of this is not for the faint of heart.  Up here, we have a huge population of pagans and witches.  I know there are several covens locally and these are very active.  You have told me that a few will one day be redeemed.  As a result, I pray often for these lost souls, lost souls void of the God who loves and created them.

Christians up here are now mostly silent.  While there is a huge Baptist presence, very few I have met are truly watchmen on the walls.  I therefore say very little to them when I have an opportunity to speak with them.  How is it possible to not notice that the end times are here?  Truly all we see must be similar to the days of Noah now (Matthew 24:37-39).  It is coming closer, if it is not here already as I speak.

While there is little resistance to evil now, there is still some resistance around.  Back in 2008, I began to notice all of this.  I wrote some of this in my journal.  In many ways, my journaling back then was mostly just a weekly check in with Jesus and a log of occurrences.  I soon became shocked at all of what I saw on TV commercials on cable and on mainstream media…

  • Pharmaceuticals and drug pushing.
  • Gambling sites. Advertising open casinos.  Online betting on sports.  Video poker.
  • Tattoos and piercings. Actors and actresses.  Good guys and villains.  Women and men.
  • Movies and TV shows. Turning villains into superheroes.
  • Meat and dairy were bad for us.  Even doctors pushed it.  They did this instead of recommending the cutting of fats.
  • Fewer people owned homes. Pricing increased and the demand for rentals meant they cost more than purchasing a home.
  • Rise in divorces.
  • Rise in autism, ADHD, ADD and severe anxiety disorder.
  • Rise in seeker-sensitive churches. Not wanting to offend those seeking God for answers with the truth.  The hard truth of the Word of God and sin.
  • Rise in studio musicians and manufactured stardom.
  • Social media.

The list goes on and on.  What happened?  A change came to America.  The year 2008 was a type of turning point year.  The people didn’t turn to God.  This is when they began to serve other gods and turn to them.  Then God granted permissions for the release of judgments upon this nation that was once God’s.  The USA then fell slowly at first, then rapidly.  It has not stopped falling and other nations are falling with the USA.

The nations are falling!  All we can do is brace for the impact.  Now a leader who claims to be God who says he is to be worshiped and has removed Jesus and replaced His Name with his name in all Bibles.  All Christian churches in this communist nation have had their crosses removed.  Father, rise up and subdue these evils against You.

Your salvation is being replaced by a man who thinks himself to be You.  He will ravage the nations.  What can we do to stop him?  If all truth is suppressed, then how will the lost know You?  If churches are shuttered, how will people worship You?  Please move now, Lord, as this is agonizing to witness.

Jesus:  “Erin, come up!”

He once again spoke to me while I sat in my devotional chair.  His Voice was very clear.

Jesus:  “Peace, Erin.  Peace be with you.  I am with you.  Your name means peace.  Do not worry.  There is a great plan of God higher than any worldly king could even conceive.  The wicked will witness the miracles of God as they are subdued and forced to see the glory of God manifest throughout the world.  They will groan from their hills and caves as they will be helpless to act against the Living God.

“I understand it is difficult to see the rise of evil.  From the reports you read, it appears to be taking over.  However, understand that these things had to occur in order that the words of the prophets would be fulfilled.  Be encouraged instead that these things are coming to pass.  The prophecies indicate that I am standing at the door.  This is good.

“Recall when I told you that the events and increase in evil would come quickly, even as one report finished from the message, then another arrives to deliver an even worse report.  So again, do not worry, but instead rejoice that these times have come because I am here with you now.  Wait for it.  Do you hear it?  The shouts of the multitudes are soon to be heard.  This is good.  I also know some troubles have come to your home.

“However, did I not warn you that the enemy sends his messengers out to report on any breech?  When he finds a possible entrance, then does he not move quickly with many spirits to descend upon the house with an opening?  So, if it can happen to you, and I am here with you, then can it not also happen to others?  I sent you at least 30 or more signs to alert you.  However, you were in denial.”

Me:  “Yes, Lord.  I was incredulous.  Incredulous was one of my mom’s favorite words.  You gave me two warning dreams in addition.  I am so upset at myself… in shock and angry.  I am now on heightened alert and even my kids tell me I seem different.

“My son said, ‘Mom, you are usually so kicked back and laughing.  What is wrong?  Are you in pain?’  I replied, ‘Yes, but now I am also angry and focused.  I was tricked by the enemy.  Now I am determined not to have this happen again.’

“So, Lord, was I too relaxed?  I was confident in You and my faith was strong.  What happened?”

Jesus:  “Even though you were hyperaware of the enemy, he went another route.  The enemy used weakness in another family member to gain access.  The ultimate goal of the enemy was to discredit.  Now, this is a good lesson for you all.  Strengthen your walls.  Strengthen your firewalls, as in your technology.

“Now is not the time to fall asleep or take an extended nap.  The enemy has sent a wave of wicked spirits throughout the nations.  These are designed to lull and cause dullness of thinking.  Dull awareness.  Sleepiness.”

Me:  “Well, it has shaken me awake.”

Jesus:  “Remember the ten virgins.  All had fallen asleep because the wait was long.  So now you have risen up quickly.  You have shaken up your senses.  For doing this, I gave you a double portion of wisdom to be on high alert.”

Me:  “I have been shaken to my senses.  Lord, I remember as a child living in the San Francisco Bay Area… Albany.  When earthquakes came, it always seemed to come at night.  It was terrifying.  I am reminded of the helplessness of enduring an event beyond my abilities to aid myself or others.  With an earthquake, we were taught to find the door jam.  We were to stay in that until the shaking was over  Running to the door entrances were the only thing we knew.”

Jesus:  “Ahh… a door.  Well, Erin, I am the door during anything that is beyond your comprehension (John 10:9-16).  See, I am your Shepherd and you are My Sheep.  I care for My other sheep as much as I care for you, understand?  You are never beyond My reach because I am with you in all things.  I know you have been wearied in your travels lately.  You have great resolve in your intentions.  You also seem upset and tired at the same time.”

Me:  “I am a weary traveler on the path You designed for me, Lord.  Recent events have left me worn.  Sometimes the threat of storms on this path is worse than the actual storm.  At times, I over prepare and nothing comes.  Other times, I am completely taken off guard by the sudden impact.  At the end of the day, I am just thankful You are with me on my journey.  You stand at my door.  I am so grateful that You are my Shepherd.  As You know, I am not always the brightest of Your sheeple.”

Jesus:  “You are made for My purposes and are greatly loved.  I want you to hold onto My promises.  If any of you feel the need to jump ahead… well, what do you call this?”

Me:  “Going rogue.  Off kilter.  Flying solo.  Full on rebellion.”

Jesus:  “It is interesting that you came up with these terms so quickly.  It must be that double portion of wisdom?”

Me:  “As You know this about me… I have done all of that at one time.  It is a lonely and humiliating experience to be caught in the ‘Act of Stupid’.  It is just a critical time.  We are worried about many things, Lord.  However, You have been faithful and carried us through each storm.  Some big ones are on the horizon and we are really helpless to do anything.

“In worry, we can then act ahead of Your plan.  This impatience then creates foolishness and stupidity.  A blessing with my sons’ autism is that they stay the course and will not turn to the left or the right unless they are instructed to.  I am so thankful, Lord.  I questioned You for many years why not heal my sons of autism.  However, You knew the end from the beginning and the lateness of the hour.  I am thankful.”

Jesus:  “You have now learned the most important lesson… stay with Me.  Now is not the time to lose heart and change direction unless I tell you to go here or there.  Just as I warned you of great trouble coming in advance, you were still mostly unprepared.  I am thankful that you listened to My instruction and acted without hesitation.  You knew that it was My Voice.  Erin, all of these times of instruction has produced great fruit.

“Now, you must understand what is coming… events are coming to shake the nations and awaken those who have been asleep.  All will know that God is angry and that He sees.  He will command each head to bow.  Many will have no one to blame but to look at their own station, a personal inventory to turn from evil.  All you thought you had prepared for, all you had spoken about in conjecture of the likeness of God, nothing will prepare you for what is coming.

“Well, here I am and I am with you.  My recompense I bring with Me.  Nothing you ever imagined will manifest the way you thought it would.  In this hour, many will turn, even the elect of God, as they will be shaken as their understanding of what they expected to transpire will be different.  All is according to the Word of God, yet many thought My Word is not literal.  Well, here is the literal Good News… I am here and I will do all that I promised I would do.”

Me:  Crying.  “I am sorry for anything I have ever done against Your Will.  I am a fool and I was raised in rebellion.  Please forgive me.”

Jesus:  “You are forgiven.  As for you, I am not housed in the vessel of a fool.  Erin, I do not dwell in an unclean vessel who yields to their selfish ambitions.  I did not shape you to hold Living Water only to destroy you in broken shards.  These dreams are for My purposes and you are only to write as I guide you.  Now, one last word here… by the word of the prophet Jeremiah (31:25), I satisfy the weary ones and refresh everyone who languishes.

“I have an important comfort for your soul so you know that nothing is beyond My ability to take care of those under My cover.  I love you and, as you care for those I have given to your care, then how much more will your Creator care for you and them under you also?  Do not worry.  Don’t let troubles, money or anything the enemy loves to torment you with take you from Me to act apart from Me.

“I promise you that I will care for you much better than the wolves who beckon and call you out from the fold with promises of great things when their real plan is to devour and charge high interest while consuming you.  With Me… well, there is no interest like that of the Groom to her Bride.  I give a perfect interest rate… 100% interest… in your heart.  I realize this is high, but I have paid a high price for you and there is no interest like Mine.  So, this is My proposal… can you trust Me to take care of you?”

Me:  “Yes, Lord.  I will take Your high interest over the world’s high interest.”

Jesus:  “Great then… this is done!  My recompense is with Me.  I love you.”

Dream over…

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