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Testimonials & Miracles



Testimonial 1

Hi Erin,

I had an experience this weekend that I wanted to share.  Hopefully it will lift your spirits.

I live on a small farm – 13 acres.  We have a lot of wild fruit trees and bushes, including wild blackberries.  We also have domesticated blackberries, which are about 4 times the size of the wild ones.  These domesticated blackberries have shown up on our driveway – so a bird must have propagated them over there.  Yesterday I went down there with a small dish – about 5” diameter and picked half a dish full.  I picked all I could see were ripe.  I then knelt down and prayed out loud, something like this:

Lord, you taught Erin how to multiply food.  You instructed her to look up.  I have little faith.  I have never seen this happen before.  But I know in the future I will need this to happen.  Please show me Lord that you still do these miracles today, increase my faith, please multiply this dish of blackberries supernaturally.  Please show me today that you will do this so in the future when I need it, I will not doubt that you will provide.

After praying like this, I set the dish down, walked to the end of the driveway and checked the mail, then came back.  When I got back, the dish looked exactly like I had left it… no extra berries.  So I picked it up, and looked at the bushes again, and spotted another pickable berry.  Then I saw some more.  I walked back and forth and kept picking good berries until the number of berries in my dish had doubled.  I laughed and thanked God.  I heard in my spirit “What did you learn?” – I learned that when we pray a prayer like that, we might need to put forth some effort.  The berries didn’t just appear in my dish like the bread did in your dream.  But they were right there for the picking.  I put forth a very little effort and God answered my prayer.  I then walked down to a different wild blackberry patch and picked until my dish was piled high.

He increased my faith yesterday.  I know He will provide no matter how great our need is.  He answers our prayers.  Not always how we expect Him to.

God bless you sister!


Testimonial 2

My life with the Lord has changed in so many ways since beginning to read Erin’s dreams. With each dream I have learned so many wonderful and valuable lessons on a closer walk with the Lord.  I have learned the importance of putting on my amour each and every day even when life gets busy!  As the Lord has taken Erin on a journey of learning about faith, trusting in Him and the importance of not getting ahead of Him…He has been teaching me the same things right along with her.  Many times I have been shown from the Lord something and then just day’s later Erin in her dreams is shown something similar.  I love how the Lord works!

With each dream, I can read it and there are layers of teaching that each time bring me closer to the Lord. So many times in the last few years I have faced struggles; financial, health and other problems and through the teachings in the dreams have learned to trust.  Even though circumstances are difficult sometimes, the Lord provides a way for me.  Until reading Erin’s dreams I did not have an understanding of what these circumstances were teaching me.  Now I know they teach patience and a closer walk with my Lord.

I am so thankful the Lord led me to the dreams! In a world that has so much falseness in it, it is wonderful to see through Erin’s eyes that there awaits a heaven for us that is perfect for us void of all these earthly things.


Testimonial 3

I would like to give a brief testimony about how my life has changed since reading Erin’s dreams and being a member of the Sparrows Barn. I left the organized church several years ago after the Lord revealed Gal 5:1…Stand fast therefore in the liberty wherewith Christ has made us free, and be not entangled again with the yoke of bondage….I felt in “limbo” for a long while but studied on my own and in a small bible study.  When I came across the Sparrows Barn website and read the dreams, I knew right away I wanted to be a member.  I love prophecy and truly believe that God speaks to us in dreams and visions.  I joined and have been so inspired and felt like I was part of the True Church finally. These dreams have opened my eyes and heart to who Jesus really is and how Erin interacts with Him has helped me change my relationship also. I feel like I have been on a journey with Erin to Paradise and Heaven a she describes the wonders and beauty that awaits us. I have learned greatly thru Erin’s trials with family and situations that has helped me through my own problems as Jesus molds her into a faithful and beautiful Bride of Christ.  We have been given a Gift through these dreams to have a better understanding of the Love of God and His plan for his Kingdom to Come. I feel like the Love of God has bonded all of us together here as He reveals more of His self to us thru Erin’s dreams. With love to all, Joanne

Testimonial 4

The other night, I received a Word from the Lord, actually in an audible voice that said “write”, then, nothing else.  I feel lead to write a response to this request as perhaps this was what the Lord wanted me to write.

My name is Becci (Thankful for Jesus) and I began reading Sparrow’s dreams in November, 2013. I feel Jesus, Himself, called me to the website containing her dreams.  He had showed me a few months prior to this that He had something urgent for me to do. I don’t believe in coincidences. Jesus brought me to Sparrows Barn where I joined the beautiful group of Sparrows to assist in the interpretation of Erin’s dreams.  I found Erin’s dreams to be AMAZING, and the people on the forum to be Godly, kind, compassionate, and wise.  When I first started, I was anxious to join in.  I am actually amused at some of my earlier posts because they were so, um what’s the word, physical rather than spiritual.  I have changed a great deal since then 🙂

After reading Sparrow’s dreams for two plus years now, I see things differently.  I understand things differently.  My eyes have been opened.  I am very poignantly aware of the spiritual battle taking place around us all of the time.  These are the things we cannot see, and are yet more real than what we can see and touch.  Jesus is real.  He is with us all of the time.  We can talk to Him all of the time and He hears us.  My faith in Jesus, my belief is Heaven has gone from Wishful thinking to thoughtful knowing.  I now know and understand that Heaven is real, tangible, and more beautiful than we can ever imagine.  I have a new home now, a Heavenly home.   I have learned how powerful our spiritual armor, particularly prayer is!  When the Bible says pray without ceasing, that’s exactly what we need to do. We need to have a constant awareness of God with us, God in us.  I now understand that even the simple prayer of a small child can open up portals of light and empower Angels to come down immediately to aid us in our battles. Whenever things get ugly in my house, my children begin to fight, my family starts to “break down”, I immediately go into prayer.  I have found time after time that when I do this, the atmosphere changes almost instantly.  Everyone calms down and a peace permeates throughout the room.  Erin’s dreams have shown me the importance of prayer, of praises, of spiritual armor, of fasting, of the Word of God.  Through her dreams, Father has illuminated the Holy Scriptures to me in a new and powerful way.  God’s Word is ALIVE!  I have learned to stand in Faith upon Abba’s promises as He is faithful to His Word!!!

I have also seen miracles in my own family.  My father healed from an illness that nearly took his life. My son healed from an ungodly attack by a witch who had him convinced he was a transgender.  Each time I had asked for prayer from the sparrows, and I believe that the prayers of the righteous availeth much!  My spiritual “hearing” has also sharpened to the point that I am able to occasionally receive Words from the Lord via the Holy Spirit, as well as dreams and visions. Father God is increasing in me wisdom, compassion, love and discernment.  I pray every day to do His Will rather than my own.  I am very aware that we need to die to self in order to follow Him. This is a daily battle, but it’s one that I enter into eagerly each day.  What do you have for me today Lord?  A good day is one in which I have done His Will, not my own.  When I fail or falter, as I often do, I know to repent daily and ask for forgiveness.  He is faithful to forgive all our sins and cleanse us from all unrighteousness.

I truly believe that the Lord is using Erin and the rest of His children whom He has awakened for His end-time Army to help the Israel of God (Christians and Jews) reject the deceptions that are rampant in this world and to receive the Love of the truth of the pure, unadulterated, Gospel of Jesus Christ before the Day of the Lord. The end will be like that of the beginning.  The dreams will also be a blessing to many during the Tribulation who will need the HOPE of what they have to look forward to if they remain faithful to the Lord Jesus Christ, even unto death.  Though they die here on earth, they will not die because they will awaken to a glorious reality that Heaven is real, Jesus is KING and HE loves them so much, and their REAL home is with HIM!

I pray that I have written here what Jesus wanted me to write.  May the Lord Jesus Christ pour out His blessings and Love upon His people in these final hours before He calls His Bride to Him in the Heavens and before He brings His glorious Kingdom back to earth!!

Blessings and Much Love,

Thankful for Jesus!

Testimonial 5

I am so happy to share how the dreams have affected my walk with the Lord! I have learned so very much and grown so much.

By reading the dreams and the fellowship with other sparrows and like-minded people has been very heartwarming! I have learned more about the deep need we all have for a stronger prayer life, how the Lord just truly wants us to sit with him. I have seen so many wonderful sides of Jesus, I am forever changed and blessed by the dreams. The descriptions are so vivid of heaven; I can barely wait to be home in heaven, I learned about the scenery, the sites, the tastes, the smells, the pure living water! So so many things I have learned, I love the Lord with such a deeper love than before and I yearn and long for home in heaven! I truly never thought my home was here on earth but being a person with a very limited imagination I could never picture heaven quite like I do now!

I feel so much closer to Jesus and I have come to realize how much protection we truly have thorough our Fathers Angels. The dreams have forever changed me and in a good way! I pray many many souls are won to the kingdom by the new site!  I have learned that Jesus and God have a sense of humor and I also could almost see the scene at the crucifixion when Erin witnessed that scene! Heart wrenching to read but I’m so happy to have the opportunity to be a tiny part of Sparrows Barn!  Learning that there is so much deception and greed in the world was disheartening but knowing our Lord Jesus has control of every single moment of each of our lives is such a blessing!  I have experienced amazing personal growth and feel more equipped and bolder to share with others that JESUS is indeed coming quickly! I pray this testimony will bless someone out there and give them an intense desire to dig into the dreams. They are truly, truly a gift from our awesome and magnificent savior, Lord Jesus Christ. Blessings to you all!    Jesus is coming soon! 🙂


Testimonial 6

I am eternally grateful for God’s infinite Design and gifting of Erin’s Dreams.  At the time the Lord directed me to the dreams I had suffered a loss, and not knowing, there would be many more to come.  As a child I had always been afraid of death, simply because I did not know what followed.  I had already been in sincere search for the Lord as much as I knew to do or was taught to do, but by His Word alone, I always knew there was more of Him somewhere, somehow.  The very first dream I read, out of sequence, took place at a friend’s funeral, and I said, “Hmm…What are the chances of that?”  And from that first read, I never looked back.  It had to be God.  The last three years have been nothing short of a miracle after miracle.  God is so awesome and now I know Him as Father and Jesus as my Beloved Groom.  I’ve learned to search for Him every day in nature, something I would never do.

One morning during prayer, He formed a rainbow right in front of my eyes that began as a red stripe in the sky.  I always saw sparrow’s every day at work, which I used to call them “chee-chee birds” because that is the sound they would always make.  I did not know their names and low and behold I learned they were sparrows by reading the dreams.  But the most important reason I love the dreams is because they brought me into an intimate place with my King of Kings and Lord of Lords.  And I wouldn’t trade that for anything in the whole wide world.  Only the God of the Universe could create and author such a tapestry like this, and I am in complete awe of His Love.  Thank you to Erin and her family.  May she be richly blessed for her faithfulness and dedication to her ministry sent from Heaven above.  I am being forever changed for the glory of God.  Thank You Adonai for being My Way Maker, Rock, and Shelter in the time of a storm.  The Spirit and the Bride say come!  Come Lord Jesus!

ith Heartfelt Love,

4evrUrs (Alexia)

Testimonial 7

In the dreams God promised us that he will bless us when we bless Erin, however God’s blessing is so much more than I deserve!  I am so grateful!!! We have been blessed with;

  • An unexpected raise and promotion for my husband.
  • An unexpected bonus.
  • An unexpected payout from a disestablished fund (my husband was a former member thereof).


Testimonial 8

My name is Linda, and I am living in Cape Town, South Africa. I was a member of Sparrows Barn, from January 21, 2014. For years, before becoming a member, I was looking for true messages from God.

One day, I have seen a link that took me to the Sparrows Barn.  I have read one or two dreams from time to time, but have wandered off to other websites again.  But the Lord has sent me back to the Barn again and again. Then, one day, I have realized that there was something more in Erin’s dreams.

I have started reading the dreams from the beginning, and soon have realized that this is what I was looking for all the years. I have found true messages from God!  Shortly after that, I have joined the Sparrows Barn Forum, and that was certainly one of the best decisions I’ve made in my life. Previously, I wasn’t sure about the pre-Tribulation Rapture, and I was scared to die. Now, I know for sure that Jesus will come for His church before the start of the Tribulation and I’m no longer afraid to die.  I also have learned that I have to give my children and loved ones to Jesus, and I can stand in the gap for them. I have learned that Heaven is for real and that I have a real home in heaven. I have learned so much about God, Jesus and the beauty of Heaven. Erin’s dreams have changed my life forever.


Testimonial 9

In the fall of 2012 my heart was troubled, I was aching for Gods Peace and Truth in so many areas of my life…  I was aching for more of Jesus…I could see a war waging amongst the brethren…..everyone was right, no one seemed to be getting along and everyone had scriptures to back their belief…I was in tears and heart ache for a week asking God…”what do I do?” “Are you really coming soon?”  I said “Could you just come down and tell me yourself?”….then I thought about that and cried “well Father maybe not because if you did I would be so scared and probably doubt anyways….

The painful week of mourning passed and the LORD woke me up one morning out of a dream I kept hearing “Blow the trumpet in Zion, sound the alarm in Jerusalem”…I laid there repeating this and I was so excited as I knew this was in the Bible in the Old Testament somewhere, with great joy I grabbed my Bible and asked God for help, I opened right to Joel and there it was in the 2nd Chapter “Blow the trumpet in Zion, and sound an alarm in My Holy Mountain: Let all the inhabitants of the land tremble for the day of the Lord cometh it is nigh at hand.”

As I kept on reading I was so excited and I knew He was coming back soon and everything was going to be okay no matter what!

There was a site I had visited a few times briefly in the past called R.i.t.a.n…Shortly after my week of mourning God led me there. That’s when I seen Erin’s posts! I was so excited and knew instantly by the Holy Spirit these were messages from God in and through her precious very sweet and humble vessel! God gave so many confirmations in each letter of love, sharing bits of the dreams to my heart personally in unique ways before the next one would be posted and continues to do this to this very day. Immediately I felt such love for Erin and protective of her as I seen the enemy trying to squish her out time and time again….long story short I have watched God move powerfully on Erin’s behalf again and again to protect her and her calling! MIRACULOUS!

Gods gifts in and through Erin have changed my life forever! I have come to know and hear Jesus intimately , I have come to know the unending Love and Security I have in Him as my Father and Faithful Friend, I  have seen glimpses of  Heaven through  Erin’s  eyes and so much more!. Jesus has quieted my heart through these dreams and visions and I know without a doubt my Beloved Love will come at His appointed time and everything leading up to that moment is a walk of faith falling deeper in love with Jesus while He walks with me on this narrow road, holding my hand the entire way, I’m not alone, I never was and He is preparing me to meet Him face to face one day and be ready!!!!..He is helping me to learn the basic element of surrender and waiting on Him patiently in faith even when I don’t understand…. it’s been a time of training, taking up my cross, drinking from His cup, and losing my life so I could have HIM…a time of learning how to be faithful in the little things and loving unconditionally without judgement knowing God will work it all out for His Glory in His good and perfect time!. To let go of the past and forgive myself…..I am learning Gods timing isn’t my own and He loves Surprises…Yay!!!Through Erin’s faithfulness to share all God has given her I have learned to laugh more and worry less, to keep praying and Worship! I have learned what my weapons are and how to use them for His Glory! I have learned  to  be Faithful in running to my King daily for my strength and encouragement on how to face the day, to spend real quality time with Him, Communion, HE is my Full Armour, and all these blessings have poured into my family and we are sooo different thanks to Jesus!… I’m learning how giving Jesus all that concerns my heart throughout the day leaves me free to sing and dance or just lift my hands and thank Him for His goodness……to me all these things are Miraculous!!…God has given me amazing friends along this journey to walk with and these gifts of relationships have also changed me forever….  I will hold onto and cherish you all for eternity…..

Thank you Father God for loving us so much, for giving us Jesus and  these gifts in and through Erin’s precious vessel Father you are Faithful and True! Thank you that you will continue to work in and through Erin today and for all eternity!…Thank you for all you have in store for each one of us…This is only the beginning of something beautiful and we are eternally grateful for more of YOU!…Lord Jesus YOU are our gift and it’s been such a blessing  to get to know you better, to hear you and see by Faith, to be held by you in complete peace  learning to be still in your perfect loving arms and know you are God!

Our King is coming soon!…He answered my heart cry, Love came down and rescued me, I seen JESUS through Erin’s eyes and I believe!!!!!

I thank God for your beautiful Heart of Gold Erin, your Faithfulness to Christ through it all , for laying down your life for your friends, following in Jesus footsteps you have loved unconditionally through forgiveness , your Lamp is Blazing  Bright!

I’m thankful for your willingness to run after Gods own Heart full speed!!! You Delight HIM! You are LOVED by the King! I love you soooo much!!!!

With squeals of Joy for all God is doing and going to do!

Love for Eternity!!

Sarah…aka..Prayer Warrior

Testimonial 10

I learned about Erin’s dreams in a newsletter from the prophet, Susan Davis, on March 27th, 2013. Susan wrote, “I (Susan) also received this series of End Times Dreams, and I believe it is for me to share with others. God bless you.” I don’t know why, but I suddenly just knew that I was to read those dreams, and as I read them, what I experienced was unlike anything before. I could not see what Erin saw, but God’s Spirit somehow made the experience so real and deep for me. What Erin wrote that she felt and thought so often matched what I felt and thought. I laughed, then would immediately read that she laughed. I cried, then would immediately read that she cried. It was as if the Lord let me be her somehow, to experience Him and heaven as if I was her. Those dreams led me to such a greater intimacy with Jesus, making Him so much more real for me. — Something for which I had been longing for so long. Then, I got to Dream 27, where Jesus said, “Erin, now look at your growth and the growth of those that have entered this story with you!…They are with you on this tremendous journey of drawing closer to Me before the wedding ceremony…The Holy Spirit has spoken to them, and they have become you in the story!” Suddenly, I shouted, “That’s it! I knew it!” The simple experience of reading these dreams broke a life-long barrier inside of me that I didn’t know was there, and now I finally have intimate access to my Creator, and I’m never letting Him go. I am so thankful to Him for that miraculous experience.


Testimonial 11

God fixes broken people.

I came into this world and into a broken set of parents. My mom had emotional problems from a young age. My dad was tossed around by his uncles who dropped him and his leg was jammed up into the hip region so he walked with a limp all his life.

My parents divorced in a time when divorce was frowned upon so we grew up with that stigma.

My older sister was born in 1938, me in 1943 and my brother in 1946. I do not remember much from my earlier years other than a few ‘clips’ that have stayed with me. My little brother stuck a bean up his nose and my mom could not get it out. My older sister stuck her finger in my eye, and when I was doubling on a bicycle with her my foot caught in the spokes hurting my foot. Another time she spilled hot grease on my arm and I wore scars from that accident for many years.

Once my dad had left my mom, who had a third grade education, could not support us so my

grandmother scouted around and found a place for us in a children’s home. This is one clip I do remember. It was the day the lady from the Home and a driver for the car came to collect us.

That was not a happy day for us, especially my two year old brother.

Later my brother had whooping cough and I awoke in the night to him coughing and I was afraid he was going to die but he lived and lives today.

My sister ran away from the home several times and finally went back to live with our mom three years later. I do not know where or how they managed to scrape up a living during that time. Sis eventually went to live with our dad and step mother.

Once a couple wanted a couple of kids to spend Christmas with them to determine if they wanted children. My younger brother and I were chosen and they adored my brother but didn’t want me. Mother would not allow us to be split up for adoption so that ended that. Little brother and I stayed in the children’s home for five years. I was six years and seven months old when we went to the home. My mother was notified that they were going to adopt us out and she called my dad in a panic and he then took us to live with he and his new family.

There was a lot of conflict in this combined family as you may well imagine. Eventually I married to get away from the house and that ended six months later. I was a troubled soul. I managed to walk a rough and rocky path until the Lord finally got my attention when I was thirty eight years of age. I had attended church and had made my first profession of faith at a Methodist church when I was in the children’s home. Not one soul paid any attention to the fact that I was searching for God and it was not long before that spark died. When I was mid teens I attended another church and made another profession of faith. I walked that isle many times because I knew something was still missing. I was not growing in the Lord. It was not until I was thirty eight years of age and the mother of my son that I finally got serious. By this time I had left a trail of sin behind me that needed to be cleaned up. I would walk on the beach and talk to the Lord. It was as if the breeze off the water would blow the cob webs out of my mind and it was healing. God knew that I wanted to make a major change in my life and He met me where I was. My life began to improve and change, but not all at once. I still managed to get into sin but God was faithful to deliver me. Eventually my son also became saved. His dad and I divorced when he was ten years of age and that created problems for him. I never wanted him to have a step parent because of my experience.

I can now look back at the path of my life and see that God had His hand on me and my life from the very beginning. There is no life without Jesus, there is only existence and no promise. In Him there is Life forevermore.

The dreams God has given Erin have made a huge impact on me and my life and I will be eternally grateful to Him for calling to me and allowing me to be a part of this sparrow family. I am also thankful to Deb who introduced me to the sparrow site.

I consider myself greatly blessed and this is the name I use when posting in the forums.


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