Dream 446 – A Fun Day after being Transformed

Received on Sunday, November 15, 2020


Dear Father,

Thank You for another day!  Thank You for Your love.  Thank You for all that we have.  You are a blessing, Father.  Please be blessed in all You do.  Everyday, I hear curses come against You.  However, no matter what man does with his vile mouth, nothing can stop You!  I am so grateful for all of Your protection.  Sigh…part of my disability income was removed for no reason last week.

We have filed an appeal because there was no reason given for this happening.  This is yet another thing in a long string of battles.  I have to give this to You, Father.  As per usual, I went to Your Word for wisdom.  Thanks for You guiding me to do this.  I was then guided to read the Book of Jude again.  This small book seems specifically written for this exact time that we are in.

First off, truth is always worth fighting for.  Some out there today are defending truth publicly and defending the beliefs we cherish.  There are people on the frontline.  They are unafraid to defend the Gospel of Truth.

Secondly, there are those who have sneaked in amongst us unnoticed.  They have been sent by the enemy to pervert the message of God’s Grace into a license to commit immorality and turn themselves and others against Jesus.  There is a warning as well that there were those who still had unbelief even after seeing God deliver His people out of Egypt.  Moses was later not allowed to enter the Promised Land, dying in the desert.

In a similar way, the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah gave themselves over to sexual immorality and the unnatural desire for ‘different flesh’.  1st Enoch states that there were two hundred fallen angels or ‘watchers’.  They lusted after earthly women and bore offspring…the Nephilim.

The Book of Jubilees mentions holy angels sent by God to punish the watchers.  2nd Enoch describes the people of Sodom as committing abominations such as pedophilia, sorcery, magic enchantments and the worship of many gods.  Both fallen angels and sinful humanity violated the boundaries that God had set in place.

In the Book of Jude, You point out those You have granted amazing blessings.  While they had incredible privileges from You, they still abused Your grace.  They were punished as a result.  The Book of Genesis describes the area around the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah as being fertile and fruitful, similar to the garden of the Lord.

Israel’s exodus, angels that sinned and the cities of sexual abominations are all examples providing a warning from You.  This warning is that You are the Judge and You always judge sin.  There is an eternal punishment of fire for all of those who refuse to come under Your great love and grace.  Many with hearts of stone still rebel against the Great Gift of our Lord Jesus.

This is what we are seeing and experiencing right now.  So much deception and corruption.  What is good is called evil and what is truly evil is called acceptable and good.  So, Father God, do not forget us.  Do not forget Your people.  We believe!  There are still righteous truth seekers.  The cold wave of evil blows throughout the land.  Many who have risen to power are lovers of self and far from You.  A few days ago, You clearly instructed me with Your Voice…

Voice of the Lord:  “Jude…then Revelation.”

This is all You said.  You then repeated it.  When I asked You to explain, I received no answer.  However, You then placed on my heart an urgency to read and pray about the Book of Jude again and then proceed to Revelation.

I awoke early this morning with a dream about my family…

Sub-dream 1 “Cruelty against our children as we are today” begins…

You showed me their current state and the sadness they experience because the current state of the world seems to completely and openly come against the values You hold dear.  Without You, Father, the status of a future for our children, especially my two sons, is grim.

You showed me the dreams of my sons and their hopes for a future compared to others around them.  In their current state and aside by a miracle from You, they will be unable to live in this world today.  In this dream, my daughter was detested by others close to her.  This was heartbreaking as her kindness towards others was met with cruelty.

Sub-dream 1 over…

I awoke from this dream crying.  We have come through all of these difficulties and hurdles only to be met with such coldness.  While it shouldn’t, I am still surprised by this.  I can barely look at their childhood photos without tearing up.  Things were different then.  Times were different.

They were born in Portland OR.  The city was beautiful.  We often went to the gardens and zoo, as well as the beach.  I was often alone with them.  However, even at ages 6, 4 and 2, I had no fear as there really was no reason to fear.  Or so I thought…smiles.  There was so much promise.

When things then became bad, we still had each other.  Life was good.  We still had friends, playdates and adventures.  My sad dream from last night reminded me that the party is over as we had imagined it.  This means a difficult road for our children.  Seemingly to make up for my horrible dream, I then had a dream of a beautiful day…

Sub-dream 2 “My daughter enjoys a day of Transformation” begins…

I went to wake up my older daughter.  As I approached her bedroom door, there was a bright light shining underneath it.  I opened the door and called her name.  She had a huge smile on her face when she replied.

Daughter:  “Mom, look!  Look at what has happened.  Everything has changed.  Mom, look at you!”

All I could see were my hands.  They were young looking.  There were no flaws on my skin.  My fingers were perfectly straight.  My nails looked like pearls.  I don’t mean they are shaped like pearls, but rather my nails have the same Mother of Pearl finish.  I had obviously now been changed as well.  I then saw my daughter clearly for the first time:

  • Her eyes were a beautiful blue green
  • Her skin was radiant and a beautiful warm light honey color
  • Her teeth were straight and white
  • Any scars she had disappeared
  • Things she must have thought were flaws were made perfect
  • Her nose changed and became perfectly balanced between her eyes
  • Her figure was simply incredible

She already looked beautiful to me before, so it was hard to imagine how God could change her to be even more beautiful.  Well, He just had!

Daughter:  “Mom, watch this!!!”

With a single thought, she changed her hair from curly to straight and back.  She then did the same with her hair color.  She changed her hair from light brown to white and back.  As I looked at my shoulder, I realized that my hair was now white and curly, but also longer than normal.  With a single thought, my hair became light brown and straight.  I could also change the length, as could my daughter.  This all happened at the speed of thought.  We were now holding hands and jumping up and down in excitement.

Because of the morning ‘discovery’ of our Transformation, my daughter was now late for her class.  We rushed into the car, but then something odd happened.  Without driving, we were instantly in town parked on the street.  This happened immediately after we prayed that we would make it to her college on time.  After getting over the shock of our translation, we both prayed for her protection as she was about to go into the classroom where her instructor revises art history.

Daughter:  “Mom, I will stand out like this.  What do I do?”

Me:  “Let’s pray for God’s Will to be done.”

We prayed and her brightness dimmed.  However, her stunning physical attributes remained.  As I watched her get out of the car, I was still in shock as to how perfectly beautiful she was.  She was as beautiful as any super model or actress I had ever seen!  As she walked to her class, I decided to pray again.

Me:  “Thank You, Father.  Please strengthen her.  I wish I could see what was happening in her classroom.”

I was immediately there next to her walking to her class.  While she could see me, no one else could.  I was able to communicate with her without words.  When she walked in the class, I could hear various shouts of surprise.  This is a secular college, so the words they used were ‘colorful’.  I decided to leave the words used out.

The teacher could not even look at her.  Her eyes rolled back in her head and she began to confess how much she hates this, how much she has done here, and on and on.  Without warning and like a wave, confessions then started happening around the room.  I heard someone crying out ‘Oh God, please leave.’  I reached over to take my daughter’s hand and I immediately became visible with her.

What transpired next was bone chilling.  There were demonic manifestations like I have never seen before.  Several students then came over to us and asked for God’s mercy.  In His power, we then healed half of the class.  We saw something like veils lift off of them.  Piercings and tattoos, most of them demonic in nature, were removed.  Their physical ailments were also healed.

God then called us to go to our church.  There was a function going on, but it was for staff only.  We listened to our instructions and walked in where they were praying.  When they saw my daughter, they immediately began to confess.  When they saw me, they did not even recognize me as I looked not much older than my daughter.  We healed many at the church.

As we walked back out to our car, several young men ran after my daughter to indicate their interest in her.  She simply smiled and told them that the Lord’s work is more important to her now than dating.  She was very kind about it.

I then saw one of the young pastors pacing back and forth.  He was hitting the side of his head.  He was having a conversation with an entity in him.  I walked over to him and healed him of a demon of anxious thoughts, all in Jesus’ Mighty Name.

Many then began to gather to ask us for healing.  We delivered many from horrible sicknesses, handicaps and other strongholds.  We then went home to see the others and rest.

Sub-dream 2 over…

Note:  A previous sub-dream had insinuated a possible Transformation on a Saturday Sabbath.  This sub-dream, however, seemed to point to a week day Transformation instead.  Now it seems like it could be any day.  He is keeping us guessing…as per usual.  It makes even more sense that He is also keeping the enemy guessing.

Father, thank You for this wonderful glimmer of hope.  I still don’t know what I will look like fully, but I know it will be for my benefit.  However, based on how my daughter looked, You are simply extravagant, with all of this much more than we deserve.  However, just to function without pain again will be a great miracle.  Thank You, Lord!

Jesus:  “Erin, come up.”

I was out on our side yard feeding the small animals and birds.  My kids tell me that I am an older version of Snow White…smiles.  I turned to look toward the front yard.  There were no cars in our driveway.  I then looked back at the area with the bridge and the rock.  There was a light so bright and brilliant, I just knew it was highlighting Jesus.  I dropped my little feeding tray and ran to the Lord.

His arms were stretched out to receive me.  His smile was as white as His linen tunic and pants.  He also had a beautiful type of engraved breastplate made of gold and twelve jewels.  I had never seen this breastplate before.  He was also wearing a crown with layers of spires and jewels.

He held my hands in front of Him.  He was so handsome.  His eyes were blue and green and simply stunning against His tan color.  This made His eyes look like jewels.  His smile was brilliant as He looked at me with love.  His love went deep into my soul.  His eyes could truly see me as I am…fully and in every part.  As I gazed into His eyes, my lips began to quiver as I held back tears.

Jesus:  “What is the matter, My Sparrow?”

Me:  “Lord, to stand here with You and to have You look upon me with love, fully unconditional, fully supernatural…well…I am overwhelmed.  Who am I that the God of all Creation would love me as You do?  You love me despite all of my times of battles.  You love me despite my times of lack.  You love me despite my times of sin against You.  You love me despite the times I doubted Your plans for me.

“I am so sorry, Lord.  No one has ever looked upon me and gone to the very heart of who I am and loved me.  Not my mom.  Not my father.  Not even my husband.  In turn, I too have never looked upon anyone like this.”

Jesus:  “I Am God.  I Am Who I say I Am.  There is none beside Me.  Since I know you, it is I Who truly loves you.  I know you.  I know you have become weary.  I know you, at times, wonder if you have lost your mind.  I know in times of your great pain how hurt you feel that I am your Creator and Friend and yet I still do not heal you.  You then see that I heal others, but still not you.  You then wonder if My promises are true.  They are.

“Erin, through your pain, faith and endurance are perfected.  While this is a difficult concept to fully understand, My Bride cannot be completed until she chases the knowledge of her Groom.  With great anticipation, she watches, waits, studies about Him and longs to be with Him more.  The more she learns and understands, the closer she draws near to Him.  My Bride, more than anyone else, must TRULY understand what faith and endurance means.

“Remember, you will have troubles in this life.  However, take heart for I have overcome the world.  This also means that, as I have suffered, you too will have suffered for My sake…and you have.  My Bride needs to know what it means to be mocked, outcast and hated, enduring many kinds of evil against them.  My Bride needs to be seasoned with tests, trials and tribulations, all for the sake of loving Me.  Erin, this is a special status, understand?”

Me:  “I think I understand, Lord.”

Jesus:  “Well, you will understand fully very soon.  Now, I know that it has been difficult to watch the heartbreaks of those you love go through troubles.  However, instead of praying that they endure no troubles, pray for their endurance to stand victorious through these.  Erin, it is through faith as small as a mustard seed in which nothing is impossible for you.  Now rejoice, Erin, for I am with you.  I am with your family and friends.  I continue to prepare My Bride, My Army, for what is to come.  The City of Brotherly Love (Philadelphia) will become that city again.”

Me:  “I had a dream of a large tree and a branch with low hanging fruit.  It stretched out across the map of the East Coast of North America.”

Jesus:  “The branch extends from the Capital of Decision.  The fruit is a peach.”

Me:  “Oh…Georgia?”

Jesus:  “The battle is over fruit.  The corruption of the land that is Mine continues.  Evil is coming into the light as darkness is exposed.  Because most was hidden, no one saw the plans made in secret.  However, I did…every one of them.  Although it seems hopeless, do not be afraid.  I am God over all things.  Nothing shall be impossible for Me…

  • You are seeing the rise of persecution, rebellion, idolatry, greed, lies, hate beyond reason, prejudice, slavery and murder
  • You are witnessing divisions in the nations, the churches, neighborhoods, friends and even among families
  • You are witnessing perverted truth and elevated lies
  • Men have become lovers of themselves…with appetites unsatisfied like never before
  • Those who have Bibles in certain areas are tortured and killed

Me:  “Oh Lord, the Great Harvest has not happened yet.  Please let Your justice rule.  Your Bride is at jeopardy.  Please raise us up.”

Jesus:  “I have a plan in place.  This is not a surprise to Me.  I have known about this time even as I hung on the Cross of Salvation.  Now, please understand…I am the God Who knows…the God over all things.  I stand before you in complete peace.  To Me, nothing, not one thing, is out of My Order, understand?  The enemy is NOT in control.  Watch and see that I am good.  They will eventually run to the hills.  However, they will not be safe there either as they are subject to My Army of Heavenly Hosts.

“Do not worry, Erin, as I have this.  I love you.  I love your family.  I love your friends.  They are Mine.  Nothing can take those I call Mine.  Now, have peace.  Ready your houses for celebration and lights.  Dine with friends and family with no fear of plagues.”  He reached over and lifted my chin.  “Keep your chin looking up.  I am with you.  I love you.  I have called you for My purposes and have prepared your vessels.  They are beautiful beyond compare.

“All will know that I am the Potter Who shaped them, prepared them and filled them with Living Water for the Great Outpouring over thirsty souls.  These Vessels…My Vessels…no one can break them.  No scheme can break them.  No weapon can destroy them.  No fire can penetrate them.  No man can hold them.  So too is My Bride, My Vessel, made and prepared by My hands and for My purposes under Heaven.”  He smiled.  “So, Erin…”  He nudged me.  “…go ahead.  I can see it in your eyes.  Go ahead and ask Me.”

Me:  Smiling and crying at the same time.  “Okay, Lord!  When?”

Jesus:  “Very soon.”  He smiled.  “Hold fast.  Hold on and pray.  Watch and see that I am good.  There is no other before Me.  I am jealous for My Bride.”  He smiled at me again.  I felt His peace throughout my being.

Dream over…

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