Dream 447 – Evil will soon be overtaken by God’s Mercy

Received on Saturday, November 21, 2020


Dear Father,

Thank You for another day!  Thank You for all we have.  Please continue to watch over all of us.  Please protect us and bless our comings and goings.  Please also keep our parents, children, pets, animals, birds and our property under the shelter of Your wings (Psalm 91).  Please bless all the Sparrows on our Nest and keep them close to Your Altar during the coming storms.

Father, so many of Your people are experiencing extreme attacks right now.  These attacks keep us distracted from pressing into You with prayers of supplication.  So far, this month of November has been a month of division, fighting, heartbreak and bad news.  It has been a great time of the rise of evil.  God, You are the Father of miracles, the Giver of Good Gifts and the Lover of our souls.  There is nothing besides You.  You are God over all things.  I had a couple of vivid dreams last night…

Sub-dream 1 “Good triumphs over evil” begins…

I saw two parallel lines.  They were dominating the horizon.  I was not sure if this was the number 11 or if it meant something else.  I just knew it had significance that God would need to illuminate.  I was then turned around to look at a different landscape.  There was a beautiful orchard.  This orchard bore good fruit and consistently performed according to the orchard owner’s plans.

As time went by, the orchard owner became old, so old that he could no longer walk amongst the trees.  He then appointed his sons to care for his orchard.  Without the orchard owner knowing it, only one of his sons was good.  He cared about his father’s orchard and loved the fruit.  His heart was good.  He reported good news to his elderly father and brought him the first fruit of the harvest of his section of the orchard.

The other sons were lazy and didn’t care about their sections of the orchard or the fruit within.  They also didn’t care about their father, a man who cared deeply for the land, the trees, the harvest and his sons. In reality, they were now all hoping their father would soon die so that they could inherit his land and sell it to foreigners.

The good son was the opposite of the wicked sons.  Each morning, the good son would walk through the orchard.  As he did, he would pray for his father’s health, his crops and that his land would be blessed.  He also prayed for his brothers to be blessed and that their hearts would be changed and softened.

One morning, one of his brothers was sleeping in the good son’s section of the orchard.  He had stumbled to the ground the night before in his drunkenness.  He was awoken by his brother’s prayers.  He overheard the prayers and that they were good, but this only served to enrage the evil brother.  He then went to the other brothers with a bad report.

Bearing false witness, he convinced his other brothers that the good son was actually evil and was plotting to the take each of their inheritances away from all of them.  After being convinced, the evil sons devised a scheme.  They decided it was better to gather up as many outside witnesses as possible.  They knew they would need this outside influence to help them as the father had not been happy with their production nor with the taste of their fruit.

They then decided to go to suppliers, workers they knew were disgruntled and customers.  They then persuaded all of them to go to their father with confirmation of their bad reports.  Day after day, each witness came bearing false witness against the innocent son.  While the father listened to this every day, he never said anything in return.

In the meantime, one of the evil sons, in desperation, had already sold his portion of the orchard to foreigners.  While the money was really his father’s money, he kept it for himself.  He then went to the other evil sons and told them about the deal he had received from the foreigners.  The brothers became even more excited at the prospect of this offer and the money that would ensue.

In order to move this forward faster with their father, they had experts bear false testimony to the father, stating that the orchard had a parasite and that the entire orchard would need to be cut down and burned.  The father became full of grief as these wicked sons he mistakenly trusted had promised to keep the orchard in good condition.

Before the father approved of the sale of the orchard, the good son reported the wicked deeds of his brothers.  Since the father no longer approved of the sale, the orchard was no longer going to be sold to these foreigners.  However, in anticipation of the deal going through, something disturbing was already taking place.  The foreigners had already begun to plant their foreign trees with the domestic trees.

The good son now recognized fully that the domestic trees were being mixed with foreign seed, causing trees with unrecognizable fruit.  Unfortunately, the good son now had very little power to do anything about it.  Many of his former allies, in fear, had left him to work against him.  They didn’t want to do this, but they did because they were being threatened with harm and even death.

When the good son informed the father, the father became enraged.  He then called a meeting of his workers, his special reserve, to report back.  The news of his workers matched perfectly with the news from his good son.  In response, the father ordered his workers to remove the foreigners from his land and to heal his orchard.

The father then appointed his good son as ruler over the entire property.  However, and even more so, he gave his good son an additional group of orchards to govern and grow.  The father then blessed the lands.

He then decreed that his good son would govern and that his special reserve of workers would be his special governance.  His special workers were then also designated to bring forth the healing of the land in order to prepare it for a record harvest.

When the foreigners heard of this turn in events, they were furious.  However, they remained quiet as they were in fear, knowing that this was an act of the father.  They instead continued to plot against the father and his servants in secret.  The evil son and his evil brothers then decided to go into exile until the time of the father’s ‘removal’.  They also remained quiet as they were in great fear of the father’s special workers.

Sub-dream 1 over…

Sub-dream 2 “The valley of bones and babies” begins…

I was on an overlook.  In front of me was a vast valley.  It was a barren valley with cliffs so high that no man could enter unless by falling.  It was a valley of judgment and death.  Off to one side of the valley was a pile of bones.  There were several million bleached white bones.  To the left of these bleached bones were millions upon millions of tiny fetuses.  I felt sick as I looked at this sight.  It was so horrible and empty.

A throne then appeared.  Soon after, a figure appeared on the throne.  It was dark, so I could not see much details.  It almost looked like the Lincoln Memorial of Abraham Lincoln on his chair, but I could now see it was Satan instead.  I could hear him laughing in a sinister and mocking tone.  It was so disconcerting that I immediately cried out to God.

Me:  “Oh Father, please help us!  You are greater than all of this.  You are greater than the enemy and his plans of death for all of us.  Please rise up in Your people.  Do not let the enemy rule over the land.”

I then heard something like a roar and a rumble.  I looked again and the enemy was no more.  I knelt down at the cliff overlook.  I saw the grim bones and bodies of the slain.

Sub-dream 2 over…

Jesus:  “Erin, come up.”

I immediately heard the Voice of God…

God:  “As I Am God, it is I Who knows the end from the beginning.  The land of Israel is Mine and My Name is Holy.  The house of Israel defiled it by their ways and their deeds.  The land was not unclean, but the people who dwell there is what makes this unclean.  As I did in My land, Israel, I poured out My wrath upon the great nation because of the blood they have shed in the land, their idolatry and their continued sin.

“As I scattered Israel amongst the nations and in accordance with their ways and their deeds, I judged them.  With profanity still on their lips, they continued to stay on their course of desecrating My Holy Name.  The countries around them then said ‘these are the people of the Lord, yet they had to leave their land.’  See, I vindicate My Holiness.  In horror, the nations watched the enemy of My people rise to power and punish all of them to the horror of witnesses.

“In advance of this, I set up a great nation over many waters.  I rose up the gentiles to dedicate and consecrate this land and to prosper it greatly and multiply over it, a blessed land.  This land and its prosperity greatly increased and My Name was praised.  However, then too, and over time, this great nation became defiled and My Holy Name profaned.

“So, just as I blessed the land of Israel and I gathered all those who were scattered and brought them home in the land I originally promised them, I also birthed a new nation.  I brought all those I called into their own land that I prepared for them.  At the place of dedication, there I made you clean and consecrated you there.  I cleansed you from idol worship there.  I gave you a new heart and a new spirit within you.

“Erin, I removed your heart of stone and replaced the stone with gold, though your heart is still flesh.  I put My Spirit in you, causing you to walk in My statutes, being careful to obey My rules for you.  You have dwelt in the land I gave to your fathers and declared you shall be My people and I will be Your God, one nation under God, with liberty and justice for all.

“It is in this great nation that I summoned the grain and made it abundant, laying no famine upon you.  I make the fruit of the tree and the increase of the field abundant so that you never suffer the disgrace of famine.  I have done this in the hopes that this nation then turns away from their evil ways and deeds, knowing that they are no longer good, loathing their actions.

“Instead, evil has now struck the land.  Innocent blood has been shed in dedication to the evil Molech.  With their perversions ever increasing, what was once evil is now good and permissible and that which was once good and holy is now labelled evil.  Erin, I have never forgotten this great land, even with their ever increasing evil.

“Rebekah was barren for 19 years.  Isaac prayed in great supplication for Me to open her womb and give her a child.  However, there is more than even this.  I saw the heart of Jacob versus his brother, Esau, and I saw Jacob’s heart was good despite his mistakes.  I then placed a womb into Rebekah, a place where she could bear sons.

“In her womb, a battle ensued while she was pregnant.  While she then worried something was wrong, I then told her ‘two nations are in your womb and the two people within you shall be divided, the one stronger than the other, the older shall serve the younger.’  And so it is again.  I birthed a nation.  The heart of this nation was good, but then it began to follow idols.

“They then became lovers of self, liars, murderers, shedding innocent blood, and much more, all in a short span of time.  I have now accelerated this as the blasphemies have continued.  There is now another nation, more evil and void of God, that covets the land.”

Me:  “Oh Father, this is so frightening.”

God:  “For the sake of My people, My elect, the time of the reign of evil is not yet.  My mercy is greater.  I will rise up My Army from My people.  On that day, I will cleanse you from all your iniquities.  I will then cause desolate cities to be inhabited.  Those areas that are poor and laid to waste will be rebuilt.  I will make this land like the Garden of Eden.  The land will be inhabited and fortified with My grace.  I Am God and I have spoken.  Erin, I will do this.”

Me:  “Thank You, Father!”

God:  “Now, what do you see?”

Me:  Crying.  “Old dry bones.”

God:  “I will cause breath to enter you.  However, this will be as the breath of the eternal saints in Heaven.  Your body will be strengthened to be greater than the strength of the sons of Jacob.  I will open the graves and raise you up.  I will put My Spirit in you and you shall live.  I will place you in your own land.  You will then know I am God, the Lord Who has called you.”

Me:  “Father, what of the two lines (11?) in my dream from last night?”

God:  “The nation of Israel will be as one.  One was lost and is now found.  It will be joined with Judah, indivisible under Me.  What the enemy has planned for evil, I will turn this to good until My great mercy is removed.  The enemy will then rise for a short number of days until the time of My Son’s return.  I will take My rightful seat before the nations.  While the enemy mocks Me, soon…very soon…he will be silent.”

Me:  “Father, please help us.”

God:  “Erin, I am here with you now.  I know you are scared.  I know it seems as if the enemy has won and that their wicked lies and false testimony has replaced truth.  However, Erin, I am your Creator.  I love you.  I see the wicked plan in secret.  I can see them scheme against those who I have called.  When I come upon you, it will be like a great roaring wind.  This will be followed by My Spirit of Living Water flowing into you.

“Rejoice, rejoice, as this is good.  Now, this is a time for prayer unlike any time.  As Isaac prayed for 19 years, prayer means to dig and is like the word for the pitchfork to winnow wheat.  Prayer is like grains of wheat being suddenly shifted from one state of being to another, understand?  It can change My anger to mercy.”

Me:  “I will pray to You, Father.  Bless You, Father.  I love You so much!”

God:  “I called you in your 20th year to be still and know that I Am God.  I will not desert you now, even in your old age and pain.  You say that you are ready for the grave, but I say I have the power over life and death.  Erin, I will strengthen you and heal you.  Nothing will come against you.  Now, be still and know that I Am God.”

Dream over…

One possible interpretation from my husband on what God may have meant by the following:  God:  “The nation of Israel will be as one.  One was lost and is now found.  It will be joined with Judah, indivisible under Me.”

To understand what this means fully, I believe one has to look at the Old Testament.  After the death of King Solomon, Israel split into two kingdoms…Israel and Judah.  When Israel was dispersed, the identity of the inhabitants was melded into that of their conquerors.  Only God could have kept track…and He did.  Israel is once more…but now known as the United States of America (USA).

As for Judah, they too were dispersed.  However, the identity of the inhabitants was kept separate despite incredible odds.  Under just as incredible odds, the descendants of Judah are now back in their own land…Israel.

So how could this be?  Well, this makes sense when you view the two countries being ‘indivisible under God’.  So how does this work out:

  • USA = The New Israel
  • Israel = The New Judah

Is there a further hint that this is the case?  I believe there is!  Jerusalem has USA right in the middle of it.  Jerusalem = Jer-USA-lem!  A perfect fit!

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