Dream 600 – Today is a Day of Great Significance

Received on Sunday, April 24, 2022


Dear Father,

Thank You for another day here!  What a difficult week it has been.  Brutal.  However, I am thankful for brutal as this is a call for change.  It forced me to rethink my position.  The humbling experience of vacuuming up water that kept coming despite my efforts was exhausting.  Still, to stop doing this would have meant an even more devastating effect.  We eventually got it under control, thereby avoiding disaster.

So, what was God telling me here?  Well, Father, Your love is brilliant above all things and certainly above our abilities.  You often call us to greater service in various degrees and levels of action.  In these, You test our resolve, our attitudes and our patience.  You also test our abilities to work together toward a common goal, each of us in our abilities to meet God’s call to action.

Water pouring in from the walls doesn’t wait for us to go about our business or focus our attention on something else.  At that moment, our entire family worked together as one.  All were present and all hands were on deck.  We had to quickly act in conjunction to prevent an even worse outcome.  This is also the case in our spiritual lives today…

  • Actions in urgency: Some action is required on our part to immediately rush in and put our faith in You, Father, to stop the rain and the flooding.  We ask You to hear our prayers to relent and dry up the ground.  At the same time, You also call us to action.
  • Actions during a delay: Some actions require You to move.  We then wait until You present the open door.  During this wait, we remain diligent and still active in prayer and thanksgiving.  We do this while You continue to perform a good work.
  • Actions forced by self: Some actions are forced by self to coax God and test Him to do something.  This never goes well.  I have acted on my own before and all I have done is cause a greater mess than the original problem.  Sometimes this has messed things up so much that I regret the day I set foot on the Earth.  It then takes me so long to get back what ground I had gained.  I then spend time wallowing in my mistakes.  I then often endure great punishing storms after this.  The wake of the aftermath of my actions are then worse as I sit in my own condemnation.  These types of actions are definitely to be avoided.
  • Actions during cleanup: Storms come and, in minutes, they are gone.  However, the aftermath, the cleanup, is then in stages.  Depending on how severe the storm, the cleanup can even last a lifetime.

I somehow thought that I had graduated in my walk to a different platform, a platform where all my battles, tests and trials were over.  However, this is not the case, nor should it be, if I personally do something to test You, Father.  This I did!  I am sad to admit this, but it is true.  While You gave me ample warnings, I failed to recognize them fully.  To make matters worse, I acted as judge against the patriarchs in the Bible.

‘Before humiliation’ me:  “Wow, how could David, Saul, Solomon and the others do such terrible things when God had given them so much?  How could this happen when so many signs and wonders were sent their way?”

‘After humiliation’ me:  “Well, ‘judge sparrow’, never measure your spiritual walk against those who have gone before you.  Don’t do this even with those next to you.”

I then thought about Job and his difficult walk.  Remember that Satan was allowed by God to test Job.  Note that the below is a ‘paraphrased’ version of his woeful story and is not to be mistaken for being taken word for word from Scripture…

Satan:  “You have a hedge around Job, his household and everything he has.  You have blessed the work of his hands.  His flocks and herds are spread throughout the land.  However, take away all he has and surely he will curse you.”

Lord:  “Very well then.  Everything Job has is now in your power.  However, you are not to harm Job Himself.”

Satan went out and did what he was given permission to do.  The reports poured in…

Messenger 1:  “The oxen were plowing and his donkeys were grazing when foreigners stole them and killed the farmhands with swords.”

Messenger 2:  “The fire of God fell from the heavens and burned up the sheep and the shepherds.  I am the only one who escaped to tell you.”

Messenger 3:  “The Chaldeans formed three raiding parties and swept down on your camels and made off with them.  They killed your servants with swords.”

Messenger 4:  “Your sons and daughters were feasting and drinking wine at the oldest brother’s house and suddenly a mighty wind swept in from the desert and struck the four corners of the house.  It collapsed on them and they are all dead.”

Despite all of these horrible calamities, Job did not sin by charging God with wrong doing.  Satan wasn’t finished though.  Satan then requested and was granted permission to test Job physically.  Job was then infested with painful sores.  He then had to endure harsh words from his wife.  Job didn’t take her insults lightly…

Job:  “You are talking like a foolish woman.  Shall we accept the good from God and not the trouble?”

While in no way am I comparing myself to Job, this last week was filled with troubles.  Still, God is gracious.  He sent signs so that I would be on heightened alert.  I was then prepared for a different type of attack based on past patterns.  Despite this, I was still fooled by a sneak attack by the enemy.  Because of my sin of judgment against others, my walls were already weak.  I was an easy target.

Still, my sins uncovered promises I had made to God that I had failed to fulfill.  This was like a vow to God, so He sent calamity to our basement to ‘abase’ me, to humble me.  Troubles came to us all week.  I was not in tune to the Holy Spirit or to the Voice of the Lord in me.  Still, it was not that He left me, it was me who failed to go to Him.

In my own arrogance, somehow believing I was beyond all of this, God then quickly revealed that I can do nothing without Him.  Yes, I am nothing without God.  I am just a person to write as God has called and no more.  I am to remain small so that God can be increased through me.  My vessel is empty.

I then told my ‘self’ a few things:  “So long, self.  It’s been real.  While it’s been a long journey, I can no longer stand you.”

I then felt called to create an epitaph for the tombstone that would mark the death of my ‘self’…

R.I.P. Self

February 23, 2000 – April 24, 2022

Erin was her best ‘self’ until God sent the Blacksmiths

Buried here this final day… so she could live in Jesus’ way

So, Father, in our spiritual walks, no two souls go through precisely the same experience, the same journey.  We should therefore NEVER measure ourselves against anyone else.  All that we work through daily has to be through prayer.  The day that Jesus hung on the Cross and atoned for our sins was a great mystery.  No one on Earth fully understands all that His death means.  We will though once we are in Heaven.

We are told to believe in His things here even though we cannot see them.  One day, we will see and all will be reconciled.  Faith in Heaven will be manifest before us.  Job was an upright man of integrity and righteousness.  However, when the tests came, Job handled it incredibly well.  He then asked himself what he had done to deserve this, wanting to make things right with God.  We can all learn from Job’s example!

In my dream a few nights ago…

Sub-Dream 1 “Earth plunging into darkness” begins…

I saw the Earth falling over a shelf into darkness.  It plunged into the darkness.  I then heard ‘Four Score and 7 Years Ago’.  After this, I heard ‘Four Score and 1 Year Until’.  I felt greatly troubled as I watched this unfold.

Sub-Dream 1 over…

In my dream last night…

Sub-Dream 2 “Toddlers longing for adventure” begins…

I saw a classroom of toddlers all peering out a large window.  They could see birds and little animals.  The children were so happy.  All of them were laughing and asking questions.  The children longed to go outside and explore the wonders of the yard and beyond.  However, they could only see things through the windows.  This was all that was allowed for them.

Sub-Dream 2 over…

Lord, You are a great mystery.  I have nothing to offer You but my heart.  I am dead without You.  I pray now that I am able and You would find something useful in me.  My only asset, the only thing that I had to show for all of my years of work, is now at the auction house.  The heart of my car, my beloved 2007 Chrysler Pacific, and its veins… the entire electrical system… has flatlined.

The initial diagnosis did not outline all that was now wrong.  Well, now I have to let go.  The Lord told me it was time to let go of this.  While it was the end of the car for me, the Lord told me it was not the end of me for Him.  What a relief!  I felt better knowing that this is a step closer to total reliance on our Father, the Most High.  Oh yes… I found a Scripture in Isaiah that seems to speak of the ‘Mask Mandate’…

Isaiah 25:7 (King James and some other versions):  “And He will destroy on this mount the shroud that is drawn over the faces of all the peoples.  And the covering that is spread over all the nations.”

Wow, this is amazing.  The mask mandate is right there.  Father, I can’t wait for You to raise up in the Earth and free the captives.  Please lift the veil and open the windows so that the children can play outside… freely and without fear.

Thank You also for the miracles You began to work here starting on Friday, April 22, 2022.  My stepson graduated with honors from his Forestry Program.  My youngest son had his last day at an abusive workplace.  The ground has dried up.  No water has seeped back into our basement.  While the house is still in shambles, we are making our way through it.  I am donating a lot of items and this is helping.

We then had a ‘Cupcake Miracle’… smiles!  We went to the bakery to pickup cupcakes to celebrate my stepson’s graduation and my youngest son’s new job.  We arrived 11 minutes too late.  However, the baker saw us outside and brought out 12 cupcakes.  We wanted to pay for them, but they insisted it was on the house.  We were in shock as the cupcake assortment was exactly what we would have asked for!  I then remembered a funny doormat slogan… “A cupcake is a muffin that believes in miracles!”

Me:  “Oh Father, this ‘minor cupcake miracle’ was huge to me and my husband.  Thank You, Father, for this gift and faith builder.  We all enjoyed the cupcakes immensely and there was great laughter with our celebration.  Free gourmet cupcakes… a miracle!”

Jesus:  “Erin, come up!”

He once again spoke to me while I sat in my devotional chair.  His Voice was very clear.

Jesus:  “I am here, Erin.  I am with you.  Why do you think I allowed all of this?”

Me:  “So many reasons, Lord.  I am just sorry that You had to allow any of this.”

Jesus:  “You have proved yourself faithful.”

Me:  “Really, Lord?  I feel as if I failed yet again.”

Jesus:  “Erin, I am not after ‘perfect’.  You had great growth in this last week.  Perhaps you had more growth in this last week then maybe even 7 years.  While it is true that the enemy advanced in an unexpected way, when he did advance, you quickly did what was necessary and corrected all of it.

“You wrote down My instructions and followed them.  You did not veer.  Even more so, when the storm came and your abilities faltered, you remained steadfast and allowed Me to work through you.  The rains then stopped, the grounds then dried and your test then ended.”

Me:  “I am sorry, Lord.  I made a long list of errors and I couldn’t correct them all.”

Jesus:  “You gave everything to Me.  You listened to Me.  You spoke to Me.  Do not run from Me.  Come to Me.  It is when you don’t just talk to Me that I can’t be heard by you.  Stop what you are doing, drop the ambitions and roll My cover over you (stop, drop and roll!).  I promise you that I will instruct you in the ways you should go.  While I know that this was a difficult week for you, something wonderful happened.”

Me:  “Yes.  Any holdout I had of ‘self’ appears to now be deceased.  It is over, Lord.  I even put today’s date on my tombstone to ‘self’.  So many things came at me this week.  I was so afraid of losing You that nothing else mattered.  It was freeing to end all of it.”

Jesus:  “So, this is a very good day!”

Me:  “While I am not sure what all of it means yet, I am certain You will use it for Your glory, Lord.  Just in this moment, I had an impression of something I didn’t know I was longing for.    I am searching my memory banks for something I don’t understand.  Lord, what is this?  While it caused me to long for a moment and chase it, it couldn’t be found by me.”

Jesus:  “Ah, yet another mystery.  This will be reconciled one day.  It is not of this world, but of the place I have prepared for you.  I am causing you to long for the place I have prepared for you.  You no longer long for the things of this world.”

Me:  “All I felt was a deep longing for something that is missing here.”

Jesus:  “All will soon be made right.  All will.  I am not finished with you yet.  A great chapter has closed and a new one begins.  You are ready for your weapons and your armor.  I have prepared you for battle.  You will rest and strengthen.  I will then send further instructions.

“You have completed your preparation, your war manual, for the great battle that is soon to come.  However, never will a battle be so joyful as this one.  You will be going into the battle with Me.  However, your weapons will be of Heaven, yet fought on Earth.  Erin, the winter has passed.

“The blossoms have appeared in the land.  The time of pruning has come.  The song of the turtledove is heard in our land.  This signifies the ending of one season and the beginning of a new one.  Erin, before you there is a dying vine.  Still, it prospers with fifty buds about to blossom.  Eight have already blossomed.  This shows you that the dead vine still lives.”

Me:  “It is a miracle, Lord.”

As soon as I said this, a King Bird was singing behind me.

Jesus:  “I am with you, Erin.  I am about to equip you with great weapons.  While these weapons will be gifts to you, these will anything but gifts to the enemy.  They will be especially great gifts to those who are in anguish.  The promises I have given are here.”

Me:  “Is this dream (Dream 600) my last dream, Lord?”

Jesus:  “Hmm, where is it written that I will strip all dreams and visions?  This is not what I said.  Instead, this is where the prophets’ words are fulfilled.”

Me:  “Isaiah 61… the Year of the Lord’s Favor!”

Jesus:  “Don’t stop at only one chapter, Erin.  There are many directives in My Words through My servants.  Perhaps this is a good time of fulfillment.”

Me:  “There is also Isaiah 45, 49 and 62!”

Jesus:  “There are also other prophets.  I leave this to you for further study.  In the meantime, I am your lamp to your feet and the light to your path.  Remember, it takes the glory of God to conceal a matter and the honor of kings to search it out.  This is a great day, Erin.  You don’t even understand the great significance of this day.

Me:  “Oh Lord, I truly don’t.  I just know it has taken 22 years and 2 months for me to die to this ‘self’ of mine.  Lord, I am so sorry that this took so long.”

Jesus:  “Erin, did you not think I would know this would take you this long?  I always knew that 22 would be a good number for you, Erin.”

Me:  “Lord, I heard something in my dream when the Earth plunged over the shelf into the darkness.  I first heard ‘Four Score and 7 Years Ago’ and then I heard ‘Four Score and 1 Year Until’.”

Jesus:  “Well, the first one is 87 years and it refers to the time of a Great War and the years before when the nation I had prepared for those who were separated and persecuted had been birthed as a nation before Me with a Covenant Contract.  This contract has now been broken or is in the process of being broken by evil people.

“First comes the seed of a nation brought forth by Me.  Then there is the conception where the seed grows.  Then it is birthed… a birth nation.  This is the nation I prepared for those I have chosen to govern as I would.  However, they do not obey My Commandments.  Justice is no longer equal.

“While all of the attention is here, troubles brew in Israel.  The enemy has begun to advance against her in greater measure.  This is because the world is distracted.  However, you are not to worry as this is God’s Land.  So too is the nation of your birth.  Nothing comes against God with success.”

Me:  “Lord, foreign invaders have come and with them killers too.”

Jesus:  “I am the God who sees.  I see all of it.  I know the plans of the wicked.  I know the plots of the sons of perdition.  This will not end well for them, so pray.  You have seen the punishment of the wicked.  I see the wicked plots to destroy the food supplies of the nation.  It is a foreign leader who has begun to advance inside the borders to destroy the food sources.  He is purchasing the fields, the lands, all secretly and under the cover of night.  However, I see all…

  • Woe to him who strikes against God.
  • Woe to him who elevates himself.
  • Woe to him who lies to the peoples.
  • Woe to him who is shrouded in darkness.
  • Woe to him who steals what he has not earned nor planted.
  • Woe to him who was made rich from the nations of God.

Me:  “Lord, this took a dark turn here.”

Jesus:  “Well, you will be a light in the midst of darkness as I am with you.  Now, rejoice, as I only let the wicked go so far before I come for them.  This time, they will run and hide and cower at the sound of My Voice and the multitudes of My Army.  I tell you this… the 600 who proved themselves faithful in David’s army were nothing compared to what is to come against the enemies of God.

“God’s Army, My Army, will be equipped with heavier shekels of iron than Goliath’s spear.  Erin, this is coming now, so rejoice!  You are loved by Me.  I am with you in the battle.  I go before you and I move through you.  Now rejoice!”

Dream over…

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