Dream 601 – The Wicked will be filled with Shame

Received on Friday, April 29, 2022


Dear Father,

Thank You for another day, another week, another month and another year!  I am glad to still be alive and in the fight for Your Kingdom Purposes.  Last week was brutal as attacks flooded our home, both literally and figuratively.  My husband and I need to make an actual list because, when weeks like this happen, it is always a testimony to the greatness of God and His Great Love and mercy towards those who love Him.

I learned last week that the initial waiver of my injury appeal didn’t go through.  Now there is a mediation on June 6, 2022 to determine the strength of my case and whether or not it will be granted a hearing in the courts.  My attorney told me that one person delayed all of this an extra three months.  He is frustrated.  All in all, these are coordinated attacks by those who hate truth and evidence.

Well, here we are, Father, completely dependent on You for our provision as my husband still hasn’t found work.  While we know this is Your Will for now, it is still hard.  In a personal word for me a few days ago, You reminded me that You control everything.  You reminded me not to fear.  While the enemy does his work to fight, he is removed from advancing against Your children with success.

While the enemy will try, his attempts will now faulter.  I am so thankful for this.  My main enemy struck on his birthday (Tuesday, April 26, 2022).  He was drunk.  While he never used to drink heavily when we were married, this has obviously changed.  My children had called him during the day to wish him Happy Birthday.  He then attacked each of them, but no one more than my daughter.

He made terrible accusations and claims against her and me.  He even told her that he would be in Heaven, but he hoped that he would never see her there.  My daughter remained quiet as he spilled out of his mouth all that was in his heart.  The alcohol he was drinking obviously acted like a truth serum.  My daughter is now questioning what she wants to do next.  We just know that the Lord will soon make this obvious.

The enemy didn’t stop there though.  He attacked my boys next.  He used the money he would be inheriting as a dangling carrot.  However, my younger son didn’t fall for this.  My older son, sadly, was temporarily persuaded.  However, once he heard what his father had said about his sister, he was disgusted.

It is very difficult to hear horrible words spoken about my loved ones and me.  This is especially hard when the accusations are completely untrue.  The enemy always accuses you of things he had done, thereby exposing his plans.  It is even more disturbing when such lies are told about our children.  Thankfully, God has us!

I signed over the title of my car to the auctioneer yesterday.  While I know God has a purpose in everything, it was still a sad feeling.  We are hoping for enough money from the sale to purchase a more reliable replacement car.  All of this was just a lot of big changes in a very short period of time.

My stepson went to work for a wood corporation for the summer yesterday.  It is a remote position deep in the forested mountains of the west.  He had bear training and fire certification.  While he applied to a few positions nearby, he did not hear back.  We are praying for him as this is very dangerous work and we sometimes are unable to hear from him for long periods of time.

We have had so much stuff happen to us during these last 14 days…

  • Flooded basement from rainfall.
  • Enemy attacks on me and my children.
  • Unfavorable ruling by L&I.
  • Pacifica off to auction.
  • Stepson left for the west.
  • My daughter may now be returning for a longer time.
  • Repairs were needed on our working vehicle.
  • My younger son’s last day at one job and he now starts a new job.
  • First Zoey was sick and then Snigglet.
  • Taxes were filed.
  • Purchase of a new wet vac to replace our faulty old wet vac.
  • Dream of Sparrowhawk with a dead Sparrow.
  • Actual dead Sparrow.
  • Picked up a wounded finch and put it in a safe place.
  • Several household items are seeming to break down.

Me:  “Father, it has been a rough time for our house.  Please have mercy on us.  You are our Miracle Worker.”

Jesus:  “Erin, come up!”

He once again spoke to me while I sat in my devotional chair.  His Voice was very clear.

Jesus:  “I am here, Erin.  I am with you.  Why do you believe you are under such great attacks right now?”

Me:  “Well, this usually happens right before something really great.  I also feel as if I ruined my Sabbath.”

Jesus:  “The issue with this was between you and Me and this has been forgiven.  While I have now moved on, you continue to bring this up.”

Me:  “I am sorry, Lord.”

Jesus:  “You are upset with yourself for making an obvious mistake.  While it was a painful mistake for you, you have turned away from this.  I allowed this so you would understand how easily even someone called of God can be deceived and veiled.  The timing of this came in advance of a great enemy attack on your house this week.  You had just come out of your own trouble and were on heightened alert.

“Your heart… your Spirit… was contrite.  You were then careful with your words.  This was very good.  Do not worry as I have your children.  Time seems to often veil the memory of the innocent.  This is when the enemy calls out from his position.  I allowed him to expose his position and plans for them in his drunken state.  I am sorry this caused a flood of bad memories to arise from the depths.

“Still, the rise in remembering past events caused all three of your children to turn from your enemy’s persistent calls.  Erin, all three have now turned away from his deception.  While I know this was difficult, all was done very quicky.  It was done quickly so that I could carry out My purposes in all of this.  There is a great reason for My allowing all of this.  Erin, I want you to be encouraged by this.  This is a time of great changes.

“Erin, there is a great war over you that you cannot see.  Princes and principalities are toppling in unseen realms.  The residual effects are here.  There are wars and rumors of wars.  There are great wars all over the world that the people do not recognize.  This is because they are no longer fought as wars on physical battlefields.

“There has been a great invasion, a massive overthrow, of the government of the adversary over the nations of the Earth.  While the physical war you see is real, a great diversion is in place to carry out a more diabolical plan.  Here is a partial list that the enemy is using against God and His people…

  • Gather all nations under a one-world government. This is the rebuilding of the Tower of Babel.
  • Removing all references to the name of God, My Name and any dedication, music or worship to God. Churches will be destroyed in greater number.  This will be a difficult time as people were created by God to worship Him.
  • Destroy God’s Creation as unholy. Destroy the DNA separating men from women and men from animals.  This will turn man unclean.
  • Destroy God’s Covenant of keeping marriage between a man and a woman, a holy union to be fruitful and multiply as a family.
  • Destroy children as they are closest to the Kingdom of Heaven. Kill unborn babies.  Kill newborns.  Confuse their sexuality and provide them with the ability to mutilate themselves.
  • Lies and false indoctrination to be forced on young children and those who are impressionable.
  • Edification of one race and the demoralization of another, all on a massive universal scale.
  • All things will be permissible except anything from the Bible. The Bible will be deemed as hateful.
  • Criminals are set free to steal, kill and destroy. The free are imprisoned with no trial, jury or justice.
  • One economic currency to be digital. All will be controlled by one banking system.  Every single transaction is to be monitored.
  • Food is controlled. All cattle and livestock are to be removed as bad.  Only plant-based foods will be permissible.
  • Wave after wave of plagues are to continue to come. They will be used to control the population.  They will also be used to corrupt fair elections.  These are really all about controlling the population.
  • All that is evil is now called good and all that is good is now called evil.

“This is only a small part of the whole list.  The adversary and his government are working quickly to destroy the great nations.  They want to lower the great nations while raising up the evil nations.  This will then allow the evil nations to plunder the once great nations.  This war, a war unlike any other, is already here.  You now understand what type of war you are in the midst of.

“Now, if you experience great personal attacks in a coordinated cluster that seems unreasonable, you can know by this that the hour is late.  My Kingdom is here.  My Voice is in those I have called.  It is louder than the Holy Spirit.  I did not replace it.  I amplified it instead.  Now you know why I said in My Word ‘even before they call, I will answer’ and ‘while they are still speaking, I will hear’.”

Me:  “I thought this referred to the New Earth and Your Kingdom.”

Jesus:  “Erin, is it not like God to bring forth a Remnant Witness to testify to the Goodness of God in advance so as to save those who have lost all hope?  If I do such a thing, then will I not do even more?  Have I not promised that you would do even greater things than I because I am in you and work through you?  Now, begin to put this into practice.  Pray for a thing.  Pray and see if I won’t fulfill these prayers for My Kingdom purposes.”

Me:  “Lord, so many need healing.  Can we start there?  With healing?”

Jesus:  “Very well then.  Then pray.  I will work through you in big and small things.  Now rejoice, Erin, as My Miracles are just beginning.”

Me:  “Please hurry, Lord.”

Jesus:  “Erin, what is better?  Is it better to catch a thief when he is thinking about committing a crime or to catch him while he is committing the crime?”

Me:  “I am not sure?  Catch him before?”

Jesus:  “No.  You do not understand.  If God had moved before any trouble, while the enemy was behind closed doors operating in the shadows, then who would know the Great Power of God in this matter?”

Me:  “Oh, I see!  You are right.  No one would be affected by delivery from things they didn’t know they were being delivered from.”

Jesus:  “While this is true, this is also done.  Now, I have sent angels concerning you and your house many times to divert and or destroy the enemy’s plots against you.  You will one day see everything and be amazed.  What I mean for right now as far as God is concerned is that the world has to be affected by the evidence of evil in their midst.  Many have seen the lies and the great deceptions.  Others have experienced many of the items on the list.

“What this means is that, when the Kingdom of God appears, the world will be in awe at the exposure of the wicked.  I will turn the lights on and expose him in the middle of his crime for all to see.  They will then confess to their evil.  They will be unable to harness their tongues from spilling out all they have done.  They will run for darkness.  Terror will be their kingdom (Exodus 23:27).

“Erin, I will send My terror ahead of you.  I will throw into confusion every nation your encounter.  I will make all of your enemies turn their backs and run.  The wicked will flee to caves in the rocks and to holes in the ground.  They will cower at My fearful presence.  They will flee from My splendor.  They will cower and flee as I rise to shake the Earth.

“Erin, I hear the cries of My people in the days of their distress.  I will answer them.  I am about to remove the enemy’s supply, support and reputations.  I am about to remove all that they cling to.  I control the hero and the warrior, the judge and the prophet, the diviner and the elder, the captain of 50 and the man of rank, the counselor and the sorcerers.  My Army will now free My people.”

Me:  “Lord, in Isaiah, this was done to testify to Israel.”

Jesus:  “Isaiah was a prophet with prophecies of God given to in that day for this current day and tomorrow.  When God has heard the cries of his people against the wicked, the wicked will not be prospered.  Right now, the enemy has taken from the Word of God against My people.  His plans are to remove all that is good, including meat and water.  He wants to oppress and turn neighbor against neighbor.

“The youth rise up now and strike down the old.  There is no honor in fools.  I gave you this so you know what I am about to do to the wicked.  I will display their wickedness so that the world will see it.  Foreigners will run and hide in their own lands that I send them back to.  In an instant, I will remove thieves and idolaters.  I will remove those who harm children and their innocence.  They will be cast away until the day of judgment.

“Their plots to send sickness across the nations in wave after wave of illness will come to a close.  The Earth will be filled with the glory of God just as the waters cover the sea.  Erin, you know this from My Words as a promise… I will avenge all of those who hurt you.  Woe to him who gives drink or drugs to his neighbors, pouring this out until they are drunk or unable to know what has happened.  Then all this so he can gaze in full view of their naked bodies (Habakkuk 2:15).  This has happened to no end and continues.

“Now the wicked will be filled with shame instead of glory.  It is their turn.  Their nakedness will now be exposed.  Their positions and plots will be laid bare.  My cup from My right hand will come around them and in utter shame will be their covering.  Remember that I am the God who sees.  I see and I am about to expose things done in secret.  Now, rejoice, as I am in you.  I am with you.  Pray for miracles.  I love you.”

Me:  “I love You too!”

Dream over…

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