Dream 206 – Three Tribulation Dreams

Received Sunday, July 24, 2016


Dear Father,

Thank You for another day! Thank You for my family and friends.  Please bless them in everything they do which brings You glory.  I thank You today for all You have done.

I am not much for social media, but I occasionally look to see about my family and friends and every time I do I am left with a sense of lack in myself. I find that looking at or through the lens of the activities of others leaves me with the feeling that I have missed something big.

When I see photos of my brothers golfing, swimming or enjoying social activities, I feel unable or unqualified to participate. In fact, I am so far out of their minds, it is as if I do not exist.  This is okay though as You, Father, have put me now on a different path in a different region and under different conditions.

I still miss the Pacific Northwest very much as the beauty of Oregon, Northern Idaho and Washington is undeniable. That being said, I do not miss the desert portions there at all.  For reasons which only You know Father, You have brought us here, far removed from our previous home, and in an area which is still like a foreign land to us.  I thank You so much for the sense of safety that I have here that I did not have before.

In this life, it seems You have given man two choices. We can either invest in this world or invest in eternity.  I have been forever ruined now for the ordinary and I feel out of place here now as I become more and more a citizen of Heaven each day.

The world is declining rapidly now and even faster than just a year ago and I see it in every aspect of life. The sun is becoming hotter, the price of food is rising, the quality of goods purchased is declining and wages are low and we are becoming slaves to this world.

My dreams this week have been quite elaborate, yet short and with a common theme. My most horrific dream was three nights ago…

Dream 1

I was looking down in the spirit over North America wherein I saw a massive playpen the size of a Roman Coliseum. In this arena, there were thousands of babies in diapers.  These babies looked to be around seven to eight months of age and none were able to stand yet, but only sit.  These babies were adorable, were of different skin color and ethnicities and all were well fed.

On the floor of this massive pen or coliseum, there was a massive tiger. This tiger seemed to be protecting the babies like a parent and brought the babies milk and toys.  The babies loved the tiger and he performed tricks to make the babies laugh.  The tiger even presented his soft coat for them to pet and some of the babies would sleep on or around the tiger at night.

Then one hot sunny day, a gate to the coliseum opened and a swarm of other tigers suddenly entered. These tigers walked counter-clockwise seven times around the babies on the perimeter of the floor.  At first the babies were scared, but then started to delight in them.

When the first toddler began to stand, a mighty roar came from the tiger that had previously been caring for them. Within seconds of this roar, all of the tigers descended on the innocent babies and all of the babies were devoured.

Dream over…

I woke up suddenly and was so disturbed by this dream that I could not go back to sleep because of the graphic horror. This was all so horrific to witness that I will not describe what I saw any further.  Father, I ask that You would replace the final scene of this terrible dream with something lovely.

Later in the week, I had another dream in which I had been transferred either in spirit or flesh, but was still fully present to interact with others.

Dream 2

The time was during days darker than now and I was in a city in the United States. While normal commerce had ceased, money was still being used for purchases.  Shopping malls were now empty and were instead being used for meeting halls, distribution centers or triage areas.

Larger cities or centers were now hubs for gangland activities, including crime, drugs and prostitution. However, there appeared to still be a few office towers located in the downtown areas that continue to operate.  In the particular area I was in, large portions of the center city was to be avoided altogether due to the rampant crime there.

I now found myself in the downtown area of this one city in order to locate a friend of mine from college. I noticed that there was a massive electric fence or wall surrounding this business area.

I had a specific directive, but I did not understand what exactly this directive was. I was there with another person, but they also had a Heavenly assignment, so at times we were together and at other times we were apart.

I went into a tower of all concrete and rebar wherein the top ten floors had not been completed. It appeared that construction had come to a sudden halt during a time of extreme trouble.  The people now occupying these buildings seemed to work for either various banks or the government.  I was somehow aware that all of the insurance companies had now collapsed.

As I looked out of the window, I saw a very large building that was home to a pharmaceutical company. This company provided vaccines and medications for the sick.  Somehow the building this company was in seemed unaffected in comparison to the destruction of the surrounding areas.

As I continued to scan the horizon from this window, I could see seven towers or high rises on the sky line. Somehow these seven towers or high rises also seemed unaffected by the surrounding destruction.  Indeed, each of these seven towers or high rises had beautiful windows and none of them appeared to be broken.

I left the window and began to search the building for my friend, but I could not find her anywhere. As I searched, I noticed that the people in the building seemed extremely odd.  For some reason, all of the people that I came upon here were now either off of work or were after their business hours.

There was also an unusual amount of drug use, but with high-end drugs. There was drinking as well, but the liquor was cheap and nothing I recognized.  There was also some wine available, but this was rare.  As I looked around, I noticed that a man was now standing next to me.

Me: “What is happening here?”

Man: “Oh, this is our way of numbing the pain.”

Me: “The pain of what?”

Man: “Where are you from?”

Up until this point, this man had been staring vacantly and had not truly noticed me. However, when he actually looked at me, I could instantly see a change in his thoughts and that he was now planning to do something evil to me.  Before he could do anything, someone came by and distracted him, so I quickly turned and left.

As I continued to search for my friend, I soon met a woman in another area of the building. I asked her the same question as I had asked the man I just escaped from.

Me: “What is happening here?”

The woman looked around to make sure she was not being listened to. She seemed nervous and distraught, but I could tell she wanted to answer me.

Woman: “We are all slaves.  We are the best and brightest of what remains.  We all stay useful or we are removed to places with no electricity.  We are taken to places and tortured, raped and killed!  It is not to say it does not occur here, but it is mild here in comparison.”

I looked around and was disgusted at what I was seeing. It reminded me of the worst spring break party you have ever seen, but with the worst behavior in people.  This was neither fun nor funny and was the kind of party no one talks about and everyone later regrets attending or being at.

I could tell that she was quite nervous about talking where she could be overheard, so I decided to change the subject. I told her that I was looking for my friend and described her.  After a short while, she knew who I was talking about.

Woman: “Your friend is now working in a shop at the bottom of the building.”

She then took me there via a make-shift service freight elevator. It was extremely small and was used to send up supplies for the construction crews.  She took me to my friend’s shop and it was on the ground level.  While I had been expecting this shop to be a high end store based on the particular area we were in, the shop instead looked like a small thrift store.

As I walked into this ‘thrift store’, I was surprised to see that there was a rack of untouched high-end gowns, along with a rack of prestigious wedding dresses. There was also an area for suits and some other everyday clothing racks.  There were also various accessories and antique household items on display.

As my friend was currently busy with customers, I decided to continue to explore the racks of clothing. While my friend had glanced over at me several times, I could tell that she did not recognize me.

The gowns were very high-end couture, unworn and were brand new with their tags still on them. There were Versace and various others high-end brands that would regularly sell for $5,000 to as high as $15,000 retail.  There were also alligator handbags and designer shoes that were quite simply the best of the best.

As I was laughing in wonder that such high-end brands would be in a ‘thrift store’ of all places, I heard a voice address me from behind me and noticed that it was my friend.

Friend: “Oh please, take all of them.  They are free today!  Please end the misery of me looking at them.”

I turned towards my friend and smiled, but she still did not recognize me.

Me: “Why would you even have these high-end brands here?”

Friend: “They were already here from when this shop carried these.  The shop changed to suit the buyers.  No one needs these.  Anyone buying any of this is mad, crazy mad.  However, the wedding dresses still sell.”

Me: “Why?”

Friend: Smiling.  “People still marry and even more so now.”

I looked at the wedding dresses and flipped through them. I noticed that the price tags were from $5,000 to $20,000.  These were clearly high-end wedding dresses.

Me: “How can people afford these?”

Friend: “What are you talking about?  Look at the signs.”

I looked above the racks and the signs said that couture gowns were one dollar each and that wedding gowns were five dollars each.

Me: “Oh, what a great deal.  This is amazing.”

Friend: “Yes, but senseless.  These are more in demand.”

My friend then pointed over to a few racks of jeans, sweaters, coats and athletic clothing. The prices of these were ridiculous in comparison to the high-end clothing.  The jeans were selling for one hundred dollars each and the sweaters were selling for fifty dollars each.

Me: “Who can afford this?”

Friend: “People are given vouchers for clothing, essentials and food and all of the other care is provided.”

Me: “Oh, so they work here for these companies?”

Friend: “Yes.  We are all very lucky to be here.”

Me: “Do you recognize me?”

As my friend started to look at me closer to try and recognize me, she was suddenly distracted by another customer who had come into the shop to speak with her. When the customer glanced over at me, her face suddenly changed and became like that of a demon.

As this ‘woman’ continued to speak with my friend, I noticed that there were some extremely expensive collectables for sale. There was Lalique glass, a Faberge egg and a Tiffany box in sterling.  All of these items were being displayed with items with little or no value, such as work gloves.  This did not seem to make any sense to me.

As the ‘demon’ customer finished up with my friend, it started to walk towards me. As ‘she’ did, it kept shifting back and forth from being a ‘woman’ and then back to a demon.  It was as if a digital virtual image was being placed off and on over the demon.

Demon: “I know you.”

Me: “I do not know you.  Leave now, in the Name of Jesus!”

When I said this, the digital image instantly came off of this demon and the people in the store around us began to scream at the terrifying sight. The demon then fled from the store during the ensuing commotion.

Friend: “How did you do that?”

Me: “Do you not recognize me?  I am your old friend, Erin.”

Friend: “That is impossible!  She is now fifty-plus years.  That is impossible.”

Me: “It is me.  Now, you must remain as you do as God has seen you in prayer.  You have many people who cannot wait to see you in Heaven, so do not believe the lies of the enemy.”

Friend: In tears.  “Do not leave me here.  Please take me with you as everyone surrenders eventually.  Please, Erin, take me with you.”

Me: I tried to reassure her.  “Your time has almost come.  I am only here to let you know that you are not forgotten.  I must go.”

She was still quite distraught, so I attempted to comfort her by lightening the mood and show her that I was confident in what God planned for her. I smiled and pointed to the Faberge egg.

Me: Smiling.  “So, how much for the egg?”

Friend: “Eight dollars, but free for you.”

Me: “There is more of these where I come from and the quality is incomparable.  I was just curious as I could never afford them when I was here.”

Friend: “They are a dime a dozen now as no one needs them.”

Me: “I certainly do not.  Just remember that you are loved by God and that He has not forgotten you.”

As I smiled at her, I was taken up to a place where I could see over the entire area. It seemed as if there was only electricity in these buildings.  The city looked like an eastern city by the water.  It may have been Baltimore or Boston or possibly even Chicago, but I could not tell.

The landscape looked charred and depressing. As I perused the destruction all around the landscape, I was joined up with my Heavenly assignment friend.

Dream over…

Dream 3

I was in America visiting a city somewhere in the west, but inland. I was in an extremely large hospital.  I was in my transformed state and was younger and healthier, but I was not in my glorified Heavenly body.  For clarity, I was still ‘in the natural’ in this dream.

In this hospital, it appeared as if I worked as a person that was like a chaplain. My job was similar to a new trend called a ‘death doula’, but I was called a ‘life care giver’.  In reality, I was an ‘eternal life coach’ to the dying.

This hospital had a massive burden and there were three floors for those who had no hope and were terminal patients. As there were so many of these patients, each room consisted of several beds.  There were so many beds that there was virtually no room to walk around them.

It appeared more like one massive room of mattresses with safety bars between the bodies. There were gurneys in the halls with dying people everywhere.  Each floor had only one staff member whose job was to register the patient in and clock the estimated time of death and call for cremation of the body.  She was basically not a care giver, but a record keeper.

There were no chaplains on these floors because there was no hope, but I was sent to go where God called me. As I went from dying person to dying person, I realized that I was not sent to heal them, but rather to offer them comfort as they came to their death.

For some, I put my hand on their chest and their labored breathing became easier. For others, I was there for them to hear my voice.  I told them about Heaven and various relatives waiting for them.  As I spoke to them, I could feel them clutch my hand and then let go of it as they moved from this life to the next.

Many of these people only needed to hear the voice of someone speaking out of love and tears would stream down their cheeks. I would talk to each of them about how much Jesus loves them and how He is much greater than they believed or were told.

Those who could speak told me various stories about being misled by false doctrine or not taking things seriously about warnings from others. Some told me stories about Jesus appearing to them, but that others would then tell them convincingly that Jesus was a myth.

The people I spoke with seemed to be those who now recognized who Jesus is, but after the fact. I was not quite sure when these people recognized Jesus, but I knew it was after something big had happened and that it was my job to send Good News to those who lacked hope at the end.

Each day that I stayed with dying person after dying person, I grieved for their pain and was able to relieve it supernaturally as God instructed, but I was not to heal them completely. I was only there to listen, comfort them with my stories, sing at times, pray, testify and tell them “Goodbye for now, my friend.”  I celebrated after they went Home because I knew they were reunited with family and free from pain in Heaven under God.

At some point, a rumor had spread around the hospital that I was a healer sent from God. When I was asked to come to the other floors to visit, I instantly noticed that there was a much different atmosphere on these floors and felt a strong demonic presence.  I could do nothing for these patients as they were strongly opposed to God.

When I was not at the hospital, I stayed at a small little community of one room cottages. Each cottage had a small bathroom with a shower and a kitchenette.  People knocked on my door to ask me questions about God, Heaven and the saints.

In the state I was in, I needed very little sleep, but needed even more time in communion with God as He was my energy source. God gave me the ability to minister, pray and even heal some.

After a while, I was told my services were no longer needed at the hospital and was asked to leave immediately. I cried as I wanted to get back to the three floors of the dying to comfort them some more.  However, I was unable to as I was physically removed from the hospital.

After I was removed, I looked behind me and saw a massive group of Heavenly beings sent from God arrive at the hospital. I had been removed just as this army of angels had arrived at the hospital.

Dream over…

Father, I am disturbed in my sleep these days as my dreams are disturbing. I am troubled about the state of the world as it is, but these dreams make staying here even more difficult.  Lord, please help me to understand all of this.


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