Dream 208 – God, The Sleeping Church and Isaiah 30

Received Wednesday, August 17, 2016


Dear Father,

Thank You for another day. I thank You for this safe place tucked away in the trees.  I thank You for my husband, my children, my family and my friends.  I thank You for bringing us down a straight path.

Father, I am in a low place right now, a place You often bring all of us before You do something amazing. Lord, I believe for the amazing.

Recently, You have given me several signs and, after these signs, dreams. Please help me to understand these signs, as well as the dreams which followed.

Historically, the summer months have never been the best for me. Not only are they uncomfortably warm, but I am always hit with attacks from my enemies.  It seems like a time in which tempers flare and my enemies ramp up against me.

The very day I finished organizing my papers, the website opened. On this same day, a letter arrived that rocked my world.  As a result, I cried out the following words in petition to You as I went to my knees:

“Oh Father, I have done everything You have asked. I have not been perfect, but why would You allow such trouble to come upon me?  I love You, Lord, so why?”

This was Your answer:

“Your papers are organized and your task is no longer heavy. Now present what you have as who can refute proof in record?  Your evidence is good.  Now, have I taken this care with you just to allow your imminent destruction?  Do I take you through the pains of labor and not deliver what I have promised?”

Okay, Father, You are amazing in Your works. What God is like You?  There is none like You!  I stand in awe of Your good works.  Now, please help me to endure as I often become discouraged and doubt my own abilities to carry through with Your instructions.

Something happened the other day that was of interesting timing. I had rebuked my daughter for quickly becoming discouraged when You did not immediately give her answers to her prayers and revelations of her dreams.  Lord, please encourage her as she is a younger version of me and I often do the same thing to You.  Please forgive us.

I have noticed that we live in an area of various protestant churches. Many of these churches are a branch of a Baptist denomination that does not believe in Your miracles, signs or wonders and do not share in our beliefs that You work in miracles of the gifts of the Holy Spirit today.

Father, please use all of us for Your glory to witness to those sleeping. I had a dream a few nights ago that related to all of this.  This dream was so unbelievably crystal clear that it was even clearer than a high definition movie.

Dream description begins…

My children were with us at a beautiful white rural church with a steeple. It was a very traditional church and had a weathered patina cross with an angel on the top of the steeple.  It had twelve stained glass windows and each depicted Jesus and His disciples.  The windows were very colorful and elaborate.

We were there for a baby dedication. Inside the church, all of the surfaces were painted white.  The ceiling clapboards, the wood rafters and beams, the plank floors, the side Lathe boards or walls and the pews were all painted white.  There was no insulation on the walls, but rather just the side lathe boards.

It was a sunny day and the pews were packed with about three hundred people. The congregation consisted of all nationalities, both young and old alike.  The temperature inside the church was around seventy degrees Fahrenheit and it was neither hot nor cold, but rather just in the middle.

There was a sizable choir and a large pipe organ. We sang hymns first and then the pastor began to call up babies for dedication.  The children were adorable and had Jesus reflected on their faces.  We all began to pray and dedicate each child to the Lord.

As this was occurring, there was a wave of light which rolled over the atmosphere. In an instant, all of the children were gone.  I was not sure if they had left for Sunday school or were taken to the nursery as it seemed as if I had blanked out for a moment in the dream.

I was then not in my body, but in my spirit, as I scanned the church. While I noticed that the children were all now gone, I also noticed that my family was also no longer present.  However, the pews were still mostly full.

I then saw a massive amount of parishioners asleep in the pews; mostly elderly. The faces of the sleeping had a grayish tone to them and were ashen in color.  I stood up and tried to wake them up, but I could not.

I looked to the front of the altar area and saw that even the pastor was sleeping on his chair and that his Bible had tumbled to the floor. The choir had a few empty seats, but all were asleep there as well.

As I scanned, I noticed that only one person remained awake. A woman continued to play the pipe organ with her back to the entire church.  As I approached the woman, I noticed that she was about my age.

Just then, she turned and looked at me. I then saw that she was really a demon.  I quickly commanded her to flee to the pit of hell in Jesus’ name.  I was shocked when, instead of fleeing, she instead laughed at me.  She smelled putrid and her face was twisted and gnarled.  As she talked, I noticed that she had fangs.

Demon: “This is our time.  You have no authority here now.”

I suddenly woke up as soon as the demon spoke.

Dream description over…

Father, this dream was so real. Please help me understand what, if anything, we can do to prevent this.

I later had a different dream. Dream description begins…

My family was vacationing at an ocean resort and we were staying on the seventh floor in a large suite overlooking the bay inlet. The inlet was beautiful and had a sandy beach with a slightly rocky shore area.

On one of the mornings of our stay, we received a knock on our door. I looked through the security hole and noticed that it was someone from the concierge.  I opened the door to speak with him.

Concierge: “Did you see what has occurred?  The tide went out overnight and never came back in.  There are shipwreck remnants and treasures exposed.  We are alerting our guests so you can take part in the hunt for treasures first.  When this story breaks on the news, many people will come from all over to hunt for coins and jewelry.”

After we thanked him, we went to the balcony and, sure enough, the tide was lower than low. There were nothing but shipwrecks, treasures and seashells, along with various other items, over a span of a mile or so off shore as the ocean had receded.

As first, both my husband and I wanted to go to the beach. However, as I turned to him, both of us hesitated at the same time.  As we looked out, we noticed that there were hundreds of people digging through the treasure looking for artifacts of value.

My husband: “Erin, the tide will eventually come back and I think it will be a tsunami at that point.  I think we should evacuate immediately instead.”

Me: “Whoa, it had not even occurred to me that a massive tsunami could be coming.  Although the thought of treasure is intriguing, I agree that we should leave now.”

We quickly packed up everyone and fled to our vehicle. While going to our vehicle, we came near to an area where the water had once been.  There was a glob of sludge made up of oil and tar mixed with a human skull, some old boots, and some trash.  It had a horrible stench to it.

As we were leaving, I glanced back towards the shore as my husband drove our vehicle. As the day was sunny and beautiful, I noticed that people were now even picnicking out where the water once was.  I then noticed that, somehow, the mossy seaweed had already turned to grass.

People seemed to be relaxing and having a fun time when, just then, we saw a massive wave approaching in the distance, larger than anything I had ever seen before. The wave was at least a hundred and fifty feet high.

Dream description over…

Father, these dreams were so real.

Jesus: “Erin, come up.”

I was immediately at God’s door. I felt a hand on my left shoulder, so I turned and saw that it was Uriel.  Uriel had a small beautiful bird on his shoulder, which I instantly recognized from a past visit to Heaven.

Uriel: “God requests your presence, Erin.”

He reached over, put salve in my eyes and ushered me into God’s presence. I heard the beautiful choir singing, ‘Holy, Holy, Holy!’  I could not help but be moved to tears at the voices of these angels.  The incredible perfection of their sound was unlike anything under Heaven or on Earth.

The light from the Throne of God was intense in magnitude and power as His glory is greater than the sun. His Throne shone on the sapphire sea, which in turn reflected and created something like aura borealis in emerald, blues and gold.  It was incredible, but difficult to describe as I am limited in my capacities to describe the indescribable.

When my legs could no longer stand, I fell to my knees in worship to God. I listened to the Heavenly choir praise God.  I lifted my hands to thank God for all we have.  I thanked Him for calling me friend even though I do not feel worthy to be called friend at times.

I long for Him, but yet I complain when I do not see His work in my life come immediately as I pray for it. I repented of my error in thinking and asked Him to fill my remaining days here with a zeal for Him.  I asked for His Will to be done on Earth as it is in Heaven.  I thanked Him for His beauty and provision.

I worshipped Him for some time there and could feel my energy being restored. The choir seemed like the voices of a thousand angels.  I am not sure of exactly how many more angels there were and there could even be more or less than a thousand.  Regardless, this was simply incredible to hear.

God: “Erin, you are my friend.  I call you friend.”

Me: “Thank You, Father, but I do not always feel like I am that much of a friend to You.”

God: “Erin, you are here seeking Me and are looking to Me for your confirmation.  Here I will be found by you.

“Now, the church is asleep and they are lukewarm. They enjoy their place, so you cannot wake them up to prepare them for what is to come despite your best efforts.  The churches which are asleep have compromised their first love.  The churches now serve both men’s sins and mammon and no longer serve Me.

“However, those churches who keep their eyes fixed on Me and stand in My laws and commandments will be spared from what comes. Each house should stand on the foundations of My Word, but many stand on shifting sand.

“I sent My cornerstone, My Son. What house can stand without Him?  The structure would collapse.  What does the roof over them cover them from?  Who is the cover over their houses?”

Me: “Father, Jesus is our foundation and our cover and many others claim to stand on the solid rock of Jesus.”

God: “This is good.  However, it is one thing to praise Me in good times, but it is another thing to praise Me in times of trouble too.”

Me: “Father, I am guilty of this at times as I wonder if I am on the right course.  It is easy to praise You in good times, but it is harder when trouble comes to see You in the midst of it.”

God: “I am with you and I will deliver you in both good times and bad times.  I am in the eye of the storm.  I am the cool relief in scorching heat.  I am the fountain spring in stagnant waters.  I am the tender shoot in a sun scorched land.

“Erin, call out to Me in both good times and bad times. I will be there as I am with you, so do not be afraid.  I have you, Erin, so allow Me to carry you.”

Me: Crying.  “Thank You, Father.  Please be with all of my friends and their families too.  Bless them and send Heavenly angels to protect them in all of their ways.  If it be Your Will, please heal all of us who are sick or troubled.  Strengthen us for what comes.  Please pour out the gifts of miracles over us, Father, so we can testify to who You are in the midst of these mighty storms.”

God: “I have sent calamity upon the lands.  This should wake up those who I will call one final time.  Then I will do more.  I will grant you your requests, but in My timing and for My glory.  Do not be discouraged or dismayed when things do not seem to move on your timing.

“Remain focused on who I am. Suddenly, and without warning, I will deliver on My promises to you.  The enemy seeks your discouragement, but you must focus on Me.  Do not listen to naysayers, understand?”

Me: “Yes, Father.”

God: “Now, people are comfortable right where they are from their pews.  They are sleeping.  They do not see what is happening.  You must pray that they wake before the great and terrible day is upon them.  This is enough for today.”

I felt Uriel’s hand on my shoulder as I rose to my feet.

Me: “Father, please be with us.  Do not forsake us.  Please provide for us.  Things are becoming difficult.”

God: “I have you.  I will provide abundantly for you.  Do not worry.  You are loved.”

As Uriel was bringing me out God’s door, I turned back to praise Him.

Me: Shouting.  “I love You so much, Father.”

I heard His thunderous laughter and it shook the ground as I walked.

God: “I love you too, Erin.”

Uriel: “Erin, God showed you recently that a toad placed in boiling water will quickly jump out.  However, when a toad is placed in warm water and then the flames are stoked slowly to an eventual boil, the frog then is boiled alive.  The frog is unaware that the water around him was increasing to a boil, so he does not even try to escape.  Many years ago, a wise counselor sent you a message from God.  Do you remember it?”

Just as he spoke this, I recalled my Christian counselor warning me of a trap she saw me about to walk into. She then told me how God would eventually call me out of the desert place, speak tenderly to me and deliver me.  She gave me Isaiah 30:15-23.  She then spoke prophetically over me about how my race was a difficult one and how much the Lord loved me.

Me: “Yes, I remember this and it haunted me seven years ago when I had made a horrible decision.  I was busy and led unto my own understanding because God was not answering fast enough.  God said nothing, which I now know means ‘No, for now’ or ‘wait’.

“However, I was impatient and lost so much because of this. I did not take the advice from Isaiah 30:15, ‘In repentance and rest is your salvation, in quietness and trust is your strength’.  I would have none of it and I made horrible mistakes as a result.”

Uriel: “This was brought to your attention because you no longer do as you once did.  You no longer conform to man’s wishes, but obey God’s requests.  You stand firm.  Now, this is good.

“There is more to this Scripture related to the current state of the world. It begins in Isaiah 30, the 25th verse, and continues. Scholars will argue this was for an earlier time and they would be correct, but it is for the time you are in also.  Do you see it?”

I then had several visions, one after another:

  • The twin towers at the World Trade Center in New York collapsing.
  • The sun’s veil slowly being removed.
  • A membrane like cellophane being removed from the Earth.
  • The moon was now brighter and so was the sun.
  • Heat and fires.
  • Floods.
  • Earthquakes.
  • Then people were rising up to the mountains.

Me: “Is Isaiah 30:25-33 the time from now until the end?  Is 30:25 when the towers fell and people were slaughtered by the hands of the enemy?  Is 30:26 when the sun and the moon are brighter and the sun is seven times hotter?  Is 30:27 speaking of the heat and fire?”

Uriel: “Yes, but also of those who speak with truth over the lost that do so with hearts ablaze for God and with zeal.”

Me: “Is 30:28 speaking of floods and earthquakes?”

Uriel: “Yes, about floods as high, or higher, than the neck.  God shakes the nations with destruction by several methods and sources, not just the ground from earthquakes.  He allows them to be of free will and, in their mouths, are bits like horses, steering them into trouble from their own sinful desires.

“You will witness the trouble of the lost from a new vantage point. The trouble coming upon the land is like the parable of the toad.  Very few are aware that the heat has been turned up by the hands of God.  Soon the pot will boil, so continue to pray for those fast asleep to wake up from their lukewarm pews.”

Dream over…


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