Dream 222 – Jesus, the Coming Trouble and Divine Protection

Received Friday, November 4, 2016

Two children now back from their retreat today.


Dear Father,

Thank You for another day! Thank You for my family and friends.  Thank You for Your blessings and Your protection.

Yesterday, you protected us, me and two of my children, from a near fatal accident. It happened fifteen miles away from my child’s school and the person who almost killed us was a parent at that school.  Father, please forgive me as I went up to the woman as she had got out of her vehicle and confronted her publically.

However, instead of simply admitting her fault and apologizing, she claimed I was insane for confronting her. I am not even certain of what came out of my mouth after that, but, according to my children, I did not swear at her, so I have to believe You had gone before me, Lord.

My children were not embarrassed by my actions or words, but more upset that the teachers seemed to feel sorrier for the woman than they did for me. She played the victim even though her acts of road rage almost killed us.  We went from having a great day to all of us just being very thankful we were alive, an even better outcome.

I went to You personally after the incident in repentance for my offense of confronting her recklessness against us. You then gently rebuked me for not reading what Your Words say about this and that I was justified in doing this, but with some cautions.

You brought my attention to the difference between righteous anger and unrighteous anger and that there is a difference. You also reminded me that, to expose an evil done against the innocent is wise, but that judgement is from God and not me.

You also reminded me about the enemy’s tactics. This country school has known pagan and Wiccan instructors and the woman who came against us in her car is an active part of the school.

Essentially, I had stood on enemy grounds when confronting the enemy, while Jesus confronted evil when evil deeds were performed in God’s house and on God’s ground. Even though I had exposed the evil this woman did to us, I had also walked into an enemy trap in confronting her on ‘her battleground’.

My kids and I had also hoped that, through You, Father, You would allow us to shake their minivan or the flag pole so that they would know that You are behind us and are much greater than the pagan gods they serve.

Either way, what I learned, and had not been tested on before, was that, when it comes to my children, my stepchildren or any other children, I stand against what seeks to harm them. Well, at least that which I am aware of with Your revelation.

Father, You then instructed me to wait three days and, if anything comes against me or my daughter because of this, then we must remove her from the school. I do not know what You are doing, but I pray that You will have us remove her even though it would be a challenge for us as she would go to a school near the high school and almost twenty miles away.  I pray Your Will be done on all of this.

Father, my last dream for the Nest was followed by attack after attack on us and all five spiritual strategies were used against us. While  we are no longer surprised when these attacks come, we still stand amazed by the creativity of the attacks as these attacks come in unexpected areas and at various times.  Why then, even though we know trouble will come, are we still surprised when these attacks come?

Yesterday, I discovered strength that You have given me, Father, that I was unaware I even had and not one of my children had ever seen me like this. When I walked away from this confrontation, I looked at my kids and saw that their jaws had dropped.  My middle son looked at me with shock and respect.

All three kids, including my two daughters, had just witnessed this confrontation and they all agreed that how I had handled this situation seemed supernatural. Smiles, since I rarely seem to get upset, snippy or hot headed in front of them, I just know that I have never stood up against anyone like that before.

Thank You, Father, for this lesson. Please forgive me for not understanding that anger can be a tool of strength when used correctly to expose the wicked.  However, it was also important for me to remember that, more often than not, anger can also used as a weapon and punishing rod meant to chastise the innocent and give rise to evil.

Lord, please protect us from the enemy’s attacks as I am now fully expecting this woman to show up at our door with two large men just like my dream posted in September of this year (2016).

This seemed quite possible to me as I have since learned that this woman ‘just happens’ to live just up the street from us just like this dream. As a result, please grant us even more protection over all of us, especially during these next several weeks.

Several of my dreams last night were very clear and lengthy. However, almost all of them were mostly personal except for two dreams that I truly believe are important for now.

Dream 1 description begins…

My older daughter, now turned age 15, and I were looking through a vacant show home. This home was impressive and had many features.  The entire interior was white, including white furniture, white stone floors, white cabinets and white walls.

Now, this was quite impressive to me as the most difficult homes to design are modern, monochromatic homes that are all in one color. However, all white is especially impressive as it is the most difficult to pull off properly.  The primary reason for this is that the color white is void of pigment.

Different shades of white occur because different surfaces react to white differently. For example, there is often some pigmentation based even on the bleaching of the lamb’s wool used to apply the paint.  Naturally, especially with oils, it must be bleached to achieve the whitest white.

As my daughter and I were finishing up our tour of this house, my attention was directed to a small washroom. While this washroom was not small to me personally, it seemed quite small compared to the overall size of this massive house.  We found it odd that this particular washroom was in an octagonal shape.


There were other features that also made this washroom seemed extremely unusual to me. For example, the room itself was free floating and nothing, no walls, was connected to it as it stood alone.

Overall, it was exactly eight feet from one parallel wall to the other. At the very top of four of the walls, there appeared to be windows maybe two inches high and about eight inches wide.

Not only that, but this room somehow seemed to be much more than simply a washroom. I became quite curious for answers and looked around and found a man who had worked on the house.  I asked him to explain what this washroom really was.

Worker: “Oh, I see you found the ‘hidden room’.”

Me: “I did not realize that it was hidden.”

Worker: “Here, come let me walk you around the outside.”

He guided me and my daughter around the outside of this room. Sure enough, the exterior was nondescript and not easy to spot because the rest of the house seemed more attention grabbing.  From the exterior, it simply looked like gallery walls.

The windows on the outside of this room were each situated above some artwork. As there was a massive light coming from these windows that was redirected as a light source, like gallery lighting for the art, they blended in seamlessly.  The entire exterior of this ‘washroom’ was so fascinating that the fact that this room even existed was lost.

Me: “Why is there a refrigerator and a stove with a microwave in there?”

Worker: “You still do not know what this is.”  He smiled.  “Come on in and let me show you the features.”

As we walked in, the door automatically shut behind us. He then pressed some buttons on a panel and the windows were instantly blocked.  We noticed that anything from the outside was now kept from coming within.  I also noticed that the writing on one of panels above the keyboard read, ‘All is clear, safe to exit.’

Worker: “Now, this is a ‘safe room’.”

Me: “Do you mean a ‘panic room’?”

Worker: “Well, if you are in here, there is no need for panic or worries.  In here, the occupant has everything they could need.”

Me: “Did the home owner that built this house also design this room?”

Worker: “Yes.  I have a message for you from God.”

“Come into His Room. He has provided for you everything you need.  What is not here, just ask and you will receive it.  Do not worry.”

Me: I looked around.  “Clearly, everything is in order.  It is good to know that this is here.”

Worker: “You must understand that He will provide for your every need and that He has built this for you.”

Me: “What about the rest of my family and friends?”

Worker: “Well, you have this elaborate show home built by God under His direction, so invite them.”  He then light-heartedly laughed and added.  “Obviously this is meant to be a ‘spiritual’ invitation and not a literal invitation into your house!”  My daughter and I both laughed with him.

My daughter: Smiling.  “Okay, but what about phones or televisions?”

Worker: Laughing.  “God knows your desires, the desires of your heart.  You are welcome to call on others, but just do not give them your comings and goings as information is power and lends tools to those whose path is your destruction.  Now, rejoice as God has built you a house and a safe inner room with everything that you need!”

Dream 1 description ends…

Dream 2 description begins…

I was vacationing with my family in the Pebble Beach, Carmel, California area. We were staying at a resort which was extremely high-end and way out of the realm of our current ability to afford such extravagance.

While we were there enjoying our arrival, we discovered all the accommodations of our surroundings. We had arrived quite late on a Saturday evening, so it was not early enough to sightsee in town or dine in the hotel dining room.  Instead, we settled into our rooms and ordered some room service.

When we woke up on Sunday morning, we were all very excited about having breakfast in town and seeing this area that we had heard so much about. The kids were particularly excited as I had shared stories about this area from my childhood.

As we were preparing to leave the lobby to go outside, a concerned looking concierge stopped us.

Concierge: “There has been a problem in the town and we are advising guests to remain in the confines of the resort until it is safe to go into town.  Several areas were washed out overnight.”

Me: “How can this be as it is sunny and beautiful outside?”

Concierge: “Yes, I know, but this all happened last night as you slept.”

He then showed us a small area to one side of the road leading into town. It was completely gone with only a sidewalk to walk into the area.

Concierge: “I know you were expecting to dine in town, but please enjoy our amenities here first as you are safe here.  You are not stranded and you can leave to the north or to the south as these roads are clear.  However, you will not be safe if you travel east.”  I could tell by his tone that this was a stern warning not to go east.

The concierge then walked us to the banquet room and dining area where a ‘5-star’ banquet brunch buffet was waiting for us. Everything imaginable was there to eat, all prepared by world-renowned chefs.

I instinctively looked up at the corners of the ceiling to look for mold or signs of mold, but saw none. I smiled to myself about doing this.  Some may recall from an earlier dream that this was a sign of danger and for us to flee, but any mold was absent here.

We then saw that this buffet actually encompassed three separate rooms as there were many guests eating here. We decided to stay at the resort and enjoyed the safety of being there.  We later found out that the road going to the east was never cleared for travel into this beautiful, or once beautiful, little town.

Dream 2 description over…

Father, thank You for the mystery of these dreams! Pease reveal to me what, if anything, You are requiring of me.

Just a couple of minutes ago, I loaded some clothes into my washing machine. My two sons, who had been at a retreat, were standing in the kitchen with some incredible news of a miracle.  However, before saying what this miracle is, some background is required…

My youngest son had been asking me for a particular game, but I told him that things were tight right now and that entertainment expenses, such as movies and games, would now have to wait. I saw discouragement in my son’s face, but he understood.  I tried to encourage him.

Me: “If God grants a miracle overnight somehow, then this could change.  Why don’t all of you pray as we could all use some of your prayers right about now.”

He could tell that I was firm and would not bend on this. Well, apparently my sons later actually did pray together for a miracle.  They did not have to wait long for this miracle to happen!  Now, here is even more background on this!

Earlier that day, my eldest son had looked everywhere in his dresser drawers for money for this game for my younger son as he often leaves money there on occasion. He had thought by some chance he had overlooked some birthday money and did a thorough search.  He could not find any money there at all.

He told us that he checked behind the drawers, to the sides, the bottom and even the top just in case. He finally gave up the search and, just before bed, he prayed for a miracle along with my other sons.

However, after praying and without any of my other sons knowing, he added a prayer by putting a secret fleece out to the Lord for a specific and divine miracle. Well, guess what?  His secret fleece made in prayer had been answered.

In the morning and upon waking, he opened the drawer that he had already thoroughly searched for money just the night before and there, lying flat and right in plain sight, was a crisp brand new $50 bill. He ran and told the boys and they were all so excited when they found this out.

My eldest son then generously gave this $50 bill to my youngest son for the game that he had wanted just as he told the Lord He would do if this fleece was granted. This was a huge moment for all of them, but also gave all of us such a huge boost.  This was like a beautiful island in the middle of our current ocean of troubles!

Thank You, Father, for this amazing faith builder! My kids really needed this sign much more than the game – smiles.  Father, You are so amazing and I love Your works.  You are awesome in all that You do!

Jesus: “Erin, come up.”

I was on God’s overlook again and noticed that it was still sunrise. The colors were even more vibrant than the last time I was here.  The air was fragrant and had a smell of wood smoke and spices.

I cannot fully describe this, but there was also a slight smell of something like white ginger and nutmeg with the wood smoke. It was wonderful and I speculated that this smell might be from a mixture of different flowers and trees.

As I looked down upon the meadows by the River of Life, I saw animals grazing and drinking. I saw two horses walk to the base of a fruit tree where one of the horses appeared to call down some fruit to the ground so that they could eat.

Me: “Either the animals here can think something and receive food or, God, did You just know what they needed in advance and brought them fruit from the tree?”

The River of Life appeared to be illuminated from below by the river bed itself. In design, we would call this type of lighting ‘ambient lighting’.  I suddenly recalled that the incredible opal countertop that was three to four inches thick in the teenager’s condo in the City of God also had this ambient lighting from below somehow.

I should note that the countertop in this condo was simply one of the most stunning countertops, but really made of solid rock, that I had ever seen in my life. The value of this countertop in earthly dollars would be priceless and far beyond our understanding.

Amazingly, Heaven is always like this, but there is never any greed or envy and no theft or jealousy. All is so wonderful here that we are all truly happy for another person’s talents or gifts.

I looked over to the bubbling spring and there, next to it, was the beautiful little engraved confit pot. I went over to pick it up and, when I did, the water flowed right into it again.  I laughed and took a very long drink.

I felt so much better after drinking this water that I went to sit down. However, the very moment that I sat down, I felt a tap on my shoulder.  I turned and it was Uriel and he was smiling at me.

Me: “Uriel, where did you come from?  I did not hear you or see you.”

Uriel: Laughing.  “Well, I could have come to you with the sound of the trumpet or with a thunderous roar, but this would have frightened you.  Instead, I came at just the right time and in just the perfect way, sent by the Lord Himself.  Erin, the King is in the field.  Are you ready to see Him?”

Just as he began to turn away from me toward the horse after he said the word ‘ready’, I was somehow instantly already on his horse.

Uriel: Laughing.  “Okay then, Erin, it is time to fly.”

Without even a thought or action required, we had suddenly taken flight and were flying directly east over the Valley of Blessing. The Golden City of God was in the far distance and was truly an incredible sight to see.  He took me directly to the fields today.

There, and in the distance amongst the lilies, I could see Jesus waving at us. After we landed, I thanked Uriel, kissed his horse on the nose and I ran to Jesus as fast as I could.  As I ran, I noticed that the lilies were even more fragrant than normal.  Jesus had His arms open with a big smile.  I ran into His arms, hugged Him and held Him tight.

Jesus: Smiling.  “Erin, this is quite a hug.”

Me: “Lord, I am just so thankful for You, so incredibly thankful.  When I think of all that God has done from the beginning to the end, I am in such awe.  Thank You also for the sign and the answer to my son’s prayers.”

Jesus: Laughing.  “You are welcome.  Now, come with Me and we will review some of the items that I have shown you recently.”

He took my hand and walked me to the area south of the lilies with the seven pools.

Me: “This is a mystery to me, Lord.”

Jesus: “Why?  Some day you will remember this and say, ‘Ah yes, the Lord spoke of this.’  It will be confirmed and will be illuminated from Me.  Now, you have much anxiety.”

Me: “Yes, Lord, please forgive me.  Even though You have said ‘as it it written, be anxious for nothing’, well, how can I not be?  The world is at a tipping point and I see trouble coming.

“I have a family who needs me to be well, but I see now that my illness seems to be returning. Do I remain patient for my healing or should I now simply accept my limitations?  Lord, I feel like I will need to plan for this soon.”

Jesus: “Erin, Noah was called to build the ark.  He was then called to take his family and every animal onto the boat and prepare.  Noah was not an ‘ark builder’, but was still called for this.  As he was mocked by the enemy constantly for his actions, do you not believe that he was also anxious?  How about when the rains came and the water rose?

“Now, Erin, I have sent you the two dreams that you wrote about today, but do you know why I sent these?”

Me: “Lord, while I know that You had sent these two dreams, I am now afraid and worried that I might have accidentally misspoke or wrote something incorrectly.  Also, what if I sinned during my anger and hurt someone’s feelings?”

Jesus: Smiling.  “Erin, these two dreams were to show you that I have and will provide for you.  Even when trouble surrounds you, the ground shakes, people are in an uproar, floods, fires, storms, and winds come, and even wars, I am there with you in the midst of this.  During this time, you will think a thought or ‘thing’ and ask for a need and, before you make a movement, it shall be done.  You are learning to trust Me that I will not forsake you.

“Now, things are soon to change, but do not be discouraged at first when all seems at a loss. Out of the ashes, a glimmer of light comes.  I AM Who I say I AM.  You are hated because of Me.  Judgement is coming upon the land, so you must pray.”

Me: “Lord, I am worried for the nation and nations.”

Jesus: “Do not be.  You have only to keep an eye on the one appointed to divide and deceive Israel.  Whoever he is in support of is a fool of his.  However, I give wisdom to those who seek it and it is a wise man that comes to Me for discernment.

“Erin, many men will get stuck and refuse, from a prideful position, to go a direction of righteousness because of man. If any man asks for wisdom, let him come to Me and ask.  However, when given the answer, do as you are instructed and do not hesitate.

“Now, your recent anger was warranted as you stood up against a flagrant wrong. Although your voice was raised, you did not lose control.  You must stand as I am your solid rock and foundation and I will keep you steady.

“Erin, did you notice that this enemy coaxed you to her ground and away from your foundation? I was not in My Father’s House when being tried.  I said nothing but truth and even then I was convicted.  You spoke truth, but you did so in their court of popular opinion.  Based on who you are in Me, their judgement made you the guilty party.

“Do not worry and give them to Me as you are to no longer deal with those who want to destroy you. They will be a constant source of struggle, so do not engage them, understand?

Me: “Yes, Lord, I am sorry.”

Jesus: Smiling.  “Do not be as this was a good lesson in what you are capable of.  No one was harmed…”  He then laughed.  “…although I do know that you had wanted to call down fire.”

Me: “Yes, Lord, I did.”

Jesus: “Remember, keep your vessels ready for Me to fill you with the water of life.  I will satisfy your thirst, but allow Me to fill you.”

Me: “Yes, Lord, I am ready.”

Jesus: “I know, Erin, I know.  There is a change coming and it will bless you greatly and many will be amazed.  I am about to do something in your days that you would not believe even if you were told.

“Now, at night, thank Me for your daily provision and, in the morning, thank Me for the coming day. I am with you, so do not worry or be afraid and I have called angels concerning you to guard you in all you ways.  However, this is not just for you, but also for your family and friends.”

Me: “Thank You, Lord, I love You.  I love You.”

Jesus: “I love you too.”

Dream over…


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