Dream 224 – Jesus and the Great Awakening

Received Sunday, November 13, 2016

Day 6 of the Fast


Dear Father,

Thank You for Your amazing works as there is nothing beyond or over You. You control all things and everywhere that my feet step.  You have created and own everything we have here and every dwelling.  You own everything and it is all Yours.

You therefore are the determiner of our ownership or ‘worth’-ship. So we in turn thank You in great ‘worth’-ship, or worship, to You in all that we do.  You determine the heart of a man worthy or their worthiness.

To some, You give much, and to others, You give very little. However, no matter what, You give us the portion that You determine.  You do this because You understand what we are able or capable to accomplish under Your direction.

You measure not by our works or by our accomplishments, but by our ability to yield to Your instructions. Because I am the clay and You are the Potter, I have no right to question how You shape me.  As a lump of clay, can I really say anything at all (Isaiah 45:9)?

The best I can hope for is that You, God, would find me pliable to shape into a worthy vessel. After You are finished with me, I pray I still hold everything You fill me with, living water, and that I have no cracks or leaks.

I pray that I also have luster after all of these firings and that I show no signs of wear to You, but only beauty. Oh Father, I pray that You find me useful for Your glory.

When I woke up this morning after an incredibly clear series of dreams, I saw on my earthquake feed that Christchurch, New Zealand had just experienced a 7.8 earthquake at 12:02am on November 14th, 2016.  This was just after midnight their time as they are ahead of us by many hours.

Father, there was then also a tsunami, so please protect all of the people there. There are so many who love You, Father.  How horrifying it would be to awaken to this shaking.  When I was a child in the San Francisco Bay area, for some reason most of the earthquakes occurred in the second and third watches of the night.

Father, there is nothing like waking up to a shaking bed and moving furniture. For anyone who has experienced this, it is absolutely terrifying.  Father, we are so small and easily shaken, so please protect us.

Last night, I had two very distinct dreams…

Dream 1 description begins…

An angel had taken me to a ridge across from a very large mountain. There was nothing around it but a void of white space.  On the very top of the mountain was a very large tree.  It was incredibly old and wide spread.

The lower half of the tree was deeply rooted in the top of the mountain. The tree had beautiful structure and was healthy.  The growth was incredibly abundant, with large fruit on its branches.  The mountain was strong, the tree was healthy and water flowed from the roots.


Then the angel waved his arm and the entire left side of the tree, including the roots, the river and the mountain, all dried up and broke away, thereby splitting.


When the angel wave his arm again, I suddenly woke up from the dream.

Dream 1 description over…

As I lay awake, I noticed that it was around 4am when I heard the voice of Jesus.

Jesus: “Erin, the divide will grow as the time is now.”

I got out of bed and took a drink of water. I then went back to sleep and had another dream.

Dream 2 description begins…

I was carrying something up a number of flights of stairs. However, I was carrying a load wider than the stairs themselves.


After I struggled up the first flight of stairs, I suddenly recognized something so obvious and simple. I turned the load the other direction as my load or massive box was actually rectangular in shape.


The load also had a handle on the long side, so I thought I was supposed to carry it one way. However, when I stopped and turned the load the better and different direction, I realized that God had also provided a handle on the shorter side.

I did not think that there would be more than one handle, but this made it that I could now easily take this up the stairs. When I reached the top of the stairs, I was now in a type of field.  This field was all grass-like turf and man-made.  In the middle of this meadow was a river.  However, the water in this river was black and murky.

The river had no bank as the man-made grass ran over it, allowing only a narrow channel of about four feet for me to swim. While I did not want to swim in this water, I knew that God would protect me as I did.

As I began to swim, I realized that there was no soil and no bottom to this black water. I was not afraid as I knew that God was protecting me.  As I swam, I was careful to keep my head above water at first.  I also noticed that I barely made a ripple in the water.

As the Lord kept me moving, I began to gain speed even though I was clearly moving against the current. The water was lukewarm, but still somehow uncomfortable as I had wanted it to be either cooler or warmer.  I did not know why I felt this way though.

I then heard the voice of God say, “Stand!” I then stood and my feet were now in the muck on the bed of the river with my head still above the water.  I then heard the Lord say, “Swim a bit longer!”

I kept my eyes above the water and God made it so that I could somehow breathe under the water. However, instead of tasting bitterness as I breathed, since this water was both putrid and bitter to smell and taste, God had made it instead taste sweet for me.

I then noticed that there were worms swimming towards me, but that they were barely able to swim. I also noticed that they had no ground or soil to bury themselves in and that there were many of them.  I then stood and began to pick them up out of the black water to place them onto the man-made turf.

I then realized why they were in the water to begin with. These worms had been hoping to find soil as the man-made land here was not pliable.  The worms were unable to find soil to go into as whatever land was there was hard and impenetrable.

Dream 2 description over…

Father, thank You for giving me both of these clear dreams. I am not sure what they mean, but I trust that You will reveal that which You desire me to know.

We have been having a difficult time here and You spoke to me several times last week about being ‘unfriended’. I distinctly heard You say the word, ‘unfriended’ to me a few times.

When I later spoke to my kids about their social media accounts, I found out that a few of them had just been unfriended by family members. While this was not necessarily that much of a surprise, it was still hard to believe what it was caused by.

Father, this is a case of my close family turning on us and I was in shock. I am also unsure if I should do anything about it other than let time separate us.  Since many miles already separate us, perhaps time will heal.

To me, to be ‘unfriended’ means that a line has been drawn to separate enemies from friends. I was raised to believe that it is okay to agree to disagree, but to also respect each other’s rights to their own opinions.

But now to ‘unfriend’ someone else for so very little? Really?  Wow!  While my sons were not affected by this, I was.  Father, please help me and please protect us against the waves of trouble coming.

Jesus: “Erin, come up.”

I was on a path surrounded by trees and there in front of me was the Lord. He was enthroned in the light of the sun and it was a light unlike anything I had ever seen before.  He was standing with open arms, so I ran to Him and embraced Him.

I felt small, like a child, and completely encased with a love eternal surrounding me. As He held me, I could hear His beating heart.  It was thunderous and strong and very different from the sound of an ordinary human heart.  I started to cry as I listened.

Jesus: “Erin, I have heard your cries.  ‘I AM that I AM.’”

Me: “Hayah!  You are Hayah!”

Jesus: Smiling.  “Yes, Erin.”

Me: “I am afraid, Lord, and I am in fear.”

Jesus: “Do not be, Erin, as I called you to Me.  Since I called you for a purpose, would I not also equip you for the purpose in which I called you?”

Me: “Yes, Lord, but why are You so bright right now?  Can I have some of Your light in me to share with others?”

Jesus: “You already have this, but I will give you even more to generate.  Now, tonight is a sign for you in the Heavens.”

Me: “Do you mean the ‘Super Moon’, Lord?  Lord, the moon appeared in New Zealand and was followed by ‘King Tides’ and flooding.  Then the earthquake and tsunami came, as well as the aftershocks.”

Jesus: “Then perhaps this is like a parable for what is to come.  Erin, whether it is or not, understand that ‘I AM that I AM.’”

I thought on this as I gazed up at Jesus’ face. He was beautiful and like the sun.  He had a corona of light around Him and the corona was like the luminosity of a pearl, yet magnified many times.  His smile was perfect, His eyes were a light blue green and His skin was tan.

He was so bright that I could barely behold Him with my eyes, so I went down with my head to the ground. With my right hand, I held onto His robe and I placed my left hand onto His foot.

Me: “Oh thank You, Lord, thank You for this moment with You.  Please reflect Your light and goodness upon me as You are so glorious.  I cannot thank You enough for all that You have done for me and my children and for everything.”

Jesus: “Erin, it is not over.”  He bent down and laid His hands on the top of my head.  “I have you.  I am the Potter and you are the clay.  I have shaped you and My Spirit is in you.  I have shown you mysteries.  Now, what have I shown you which you cannot let go of?”

Me: “I have seen Your resurrection.  It was after the Sabbath and at dawn on the first day of the week.  Both Mary’s had went to the tomb.  There was a great earthquake and an angel descended (Matthew 28:1).  It seems like You will raise those asleep.  Lord, could You heal my sons?  Oh please, Lord.”

Jesus: He smiled and brought me to my feet.  “Erin, I will equip you with all that you need and I am with you.”

Me: “Lord, I keep seeing graves opening.  What is this?  It is like Matthew 27:51-53.”

Jesus: “Erin, the dream you had of the tree on the top of the mountain is similar to the veil of the temple.  It was torn in two from top to bottom.  The Earth quaked and the rocks split.  Tombs broke open, and the bodies of many saints who had fallen asleep were raised.

“There were many miracles, but no one likes to discuss this one, the waking up of those who were asleep. Did they not then go into the city and appear to many?  Did people not stand in horror and say, ‘You are supposed to be dead, what are you doing here?’

“Well, now is no different as those asleep will awaken, but not like you think. Wake up, oh sleeper, rise from the dead and I will shine upon you (Ephesians 5:14).  I have given a spirit of slumber, eyes that should not see, and ears that they should not hear unto this day (Romans 11:8).

“For it is also written, ‘For I have poured out upon you the Spirit of deep sleep and hath closed your eyes: the prophets and your leaders, the seers hath I covered.’ (Isaiah 29)”

Me: “Lord, is this us or Israel or both?”

Jesus: “Erin, love is the fulfillment of the law.  Do this understanding the occasion.  The hour has come for you to wake up from your slumber and your salvation is nearer now than at any other time (Romans 13:11-12).

“The night is nearly over, the day has drawn near. God is in her, she will not fall. I will help you at the break of day (Psalm 46:5).  Now, Erin, rejoice, rejoice, for I am with You.”  He hugged me.

Dream over…


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