Dream 233 – Lord, what are You working on?  Part 1

Received Sunday, January 22, 2017

I started writing the below on Sunday, January 22, 2017, but was not able to finish. I am sure that Part 2 will come ‘soon’, but always on the Lord’s perfect timing…smiles!


Dear Father,

Thank You for another day! Thank You for all that You have done from beginning to end.  Thank You for my family and friends.  Thank You mostly that I have lived and died and continue to live for You.  Thank You for the gift of You, Father, as You are a miraculous gift.

Father, it seems like You have recently taken us from what seems like bad to even worse. Like so many of Your people all over the world right now, we are just one accident, illness or mishap away from total financial ruin.  Even so, You continue to sustain us in a supernatural way and certainly not by any of our own capabilities.

On Friday, January 20th, 2017, I started off having a very good day up until around 3:00pm.  Things seemed to be going smoothly and I could see You at work in everything that I was doing.  However, it was then that trouble struck.

While I will not go into detail as to exactly what happened, it involved one of my sons, along with my constant conflict with my main and greatest source of trouble. By the time this all ended at around 5:00pm, I was in blubbering tears.  Really, I cannot even remember crying this hard since way back in May of 2012.

When we finally got home and I was taking some of our groceries into the house, my daughters tried their best to console me. Sadly, this was really to no avail as I was quite inconsolable at that particular moment.  With the children all now safely back in our home, I decided to stay outside for a while to ‘cool off’.

There was snow and ice outside and it was a balmy 17 degrees – smiles. Okay, well it was obviously not balmy at all, but I barely noticed as I was so frustrated with all that had just occurred.  Father, I was just so frustrated and hurt!  I was upset with all that has continued against me even though I had done nothing to deserve it.

After I told the kids that I would be right back, I walked in the snow out to our yard. To my surprise, I soon found myself looking up and screaming at the very top of my lungs.  I screamed so loud that it seemed to come from my stomach.  It seemed that I was even using parts of my lungs that I had never used or even knew I had.

As I looked up yet again, I screamed ‘why?’ After shouting out in frustration a total of five times, I somehow felt better and decided that would be enough.  I shook my head and wondered if a neighbor may have heard and thought I was in trouble.  Given the time of day and the distance to our nearest neighbor, I knew that it would be okay.

After my shouting rant ended, I could barely speak. Even today, my voice is still raspy.  In reality, I have been quite physically exhausted ever since I cried out.  If I am to be completely honest with myself and God, I had become frustrated with the Lord and started asking Him questions.

Father, what does ‘soon’ mean? What timeframe is ‘in a short while’?  What exactly does ‘the time is upon you’ mean?  Father, I have cried out to You at the top, and now the bottom, of my lungs now.  After I did this, I went to You in prayer.  My heart was broken and it still is.  Please heal my heart.  Please strengthen me.

As I prayed, I felt the Lord tell me that He had heard my cries and to read Psalm 34. He told me that He would soon deliver me from the troubles that have been pursuing me.

Father, I must confess that it somehow felt good to yell. I also really needed a deep and long cry.  You have been preparing me, but really all of us, for something, but I have no ‘true’ clue as to exactly what or when.

You then reminded me that I am Your daughter and friend and that You had allowed me to vent to You as My Father and Friend. However, instead of becoming angry with me, You then comforted me as a loving Friend and respected Father.

Lord, You have continued to give me dreams that are very clear. You have also given me some incredible visions.  However, I need some help interpreting all that You have been showing me in these dreams and visions.

Dream 1 description begins (from January 20th, 2017)…

I was in a massive warehouse that had been named ‘Plunder’ for some reason. Inside this massive brick building, there were many sectioned off rooms.  Each room contained valuable items.  Some of these items were from very wealthy estates.  One of the rooms here seemed reserved specifically for chandeliers and lighting.

As I looked into this particular room, I saw a massive floor lamp that must have been in a very large room at some point. This lamp was made of bronze and the canopy glass shade was made up of thousands of colored glass panels.

I was pretty sure that this massive lamp was an actual ‘Tiffany Lamp’ as I believe that I had seen a similar miniature version of this at the Museum of Art in Richmond, Virginia. The lamp was beautiful and must have been at least eight feet high and eight feet wide.

As I walked up to the lamp, I noticed that the price tag said ‘$7.00’. I was shocked at how low the price was and read this a second time.  Yes, it did indeed read seven dollars!  I could not believe my eyes and thought that this must be a mistake.  I went to find a clerk to enquire about this piece.

Me: “Is that lamp, that massive ‘Tiffany Lamp’ over there, really only $7.00 or is it more like $7 million?”  The clerk began to laugh.  “Well, if it is only $7.00, than I will take it.”

Clerk: Still laughing.  “Yes, that price is correct.  However, are you able to move it or have it delivered to where you live?  Can the floor of your home even withstand the weight of this lamp?  Ask yourself these questions and, if you can answer ‘yes’, then the lamp is yours for only $7.00.  By the way, the lamp has been here quite a while.”

Me: Smiling.  “Hmm, I am going to have to really think about this.  I will get back to you.”  I walked back over to the lamp to have a dialogue with myself.

Me: “Wow, I always wanted a lamp like this, but much smaller.  However, this deal is just so amazing.”

I then began to imagine the massive flat-bed semi-truck I would need to have it delivered, along with the service and transportation costs. As I imagined the overall logistics, I suddenly felt heavy and burdened.  Soon this turned to anxiousness and I heard the Holy Spirt counsel me.

Holy Spirit: “Really, Erin?  This is an enemy orchestrated distraction.  Remove yourself now.”

I immediately listened, turned my back to the lamp and walked out of the room.

Holy Spirit: “Now, Erin, turn right at the second doorway.”

I walked down the massive hallway until I once again heard the Holy Spirit speak to me.

Holy Spirit: “Now, this door.”

I opened the door and walked into the room. As I did, I saw cases and displays of vases and pottery.  These were not just cheap production pieces, but instead there were Cameo Glass, Bavarian, Tiffany, Loetz, Murano, Kosta, Heron, Walther and so on.  There was even some uranium glass, something that I had never seen in real life.

As I stood there gazing at all of this in awe, it seemed almost like a ‘Glass Makers Museum for the European Union’, if such a museum even were to exist. The pieces were simply stunning.  I was fascinated.

All of the cases were lit from the base of the vases as if to illuminate the glass in a vivid way. The colors were incredible.  As I looked over to an area to my left, I saw a lalique-type display of glass vases.  Next to this, I saw an incredible display of cut crystal.

There was also pottery pieces lighted from the top down displayed at the very back of the room. I was amazed at the renowned labels that I saw there, including Weller, Newcomb, Antonio Campi, Roseville and so on.

As I continued to walk around the display cases, I then saw a massive area of Chinese vases, although some of them were Japanese raku. After this, I came to a display of French confit pots in the very back right hand corner, some of which had been incorrectly labelled as ‘Italian olive jars’.

I grimaced when I noticed that most of the confit pots had been broken up into chards. As I moved the broken pieces out of the way to get a better look, I saw a tipped over seven inch high confit pot that was in perfect shape.

I picked it up to see the price, but noticed that there was no price tag attached to it. I went back to the clerk to enquire about this item.  As I walked towards the clerk, the Holy Spirit again counseled me.

Holy Spirit: “Now, Erin, it is settled.  What was lost is now found.  Take this and search no more.”

Dream 1 description over…

I did not fully understand this dream as I am no longer searching for this ‘elusive’ seven inch confit pot as I once had. It had been around sixteen years since this pot had been sold out right from under me and I was not looking for this pot anymore.  Instead, I had sold my entire collection of confit pots about eight years ago, along with my Loetz vase.

Father, in my heart, I do not feel that I am still longing for these items. If I am still longing for these in my heart, then I repent and ask that You please forgive me.

Dream 2 description begins (from January 21st, 2017)…

I was looking over the Earth from the Heavenly overlook as I have in the past, but now noticed that the Earth somehow seemed to be much closer. As I stood there looking, an angel to my left drew my attention to a massive machine.

This machine was like a giant rototiller or even an earth carver of sorts. It was pointed out to me that this machine had begun in the Middle East, then went to India and Pakistan for a time, but then turned back to Iran, Syria and the areas surrounding Israel.

I then saw this machine starting to back up. I could not help myself from having a puzzled smile on my face as it started to beep as it went into reverse.  The beeping was quite similar to the sound a construction tractor makes when reversing.

I then saw that this machine had gone into Europe, but had somehow split off into three separate branches. As it blazed highways throughout Europe, I noticed that all of the beautiful green areas were chopped up like salad and tossed.

As this continued, I noticed that one of the three machines had gained power and was going north. As it did, it destroyed all of the beauty in Europe, including the historic areas and the greenery.  The ground was now desolate with brown dirt and roots.

Since the scenic highways had also now been turned into ‘dirt highways’, traveling became difficult. The areas there were also stripped of its resources.  These machines were incredibly devastating, especially the largest one.

As this all occurred, I saw that the officials there were turning their heads to ignore the machines, mostly out of pride. They were simply unable to accept that their poor decisions had led to the imminent ruin of their landscape.  By ignoring this, these machines were then allowed to continue to change the landscape unhindered.

I then saw the largest of the three machines destroy Sweden and Finland. After doing so, it then jumped across the Atlantic Ocean to Canada.  It then skipped over to the area of the Great Lakes and began to cut up Canada from there.

I then saw this massive machine try to breach the northern border of the USA, but it became hung up on something. Even so, this massive machine was able to continue to weaken Canada.

As I continued to look over North America from the Heavenly overlook, I saw three angels travelling up and down the entire West Coast, from northern Canada right down to the tip of the Baja Peninsula. While I could still see the angels that were already there from before, these new angels were drawing blue lines with paint brushes.

When the angels had finished painting these blue lines, I began to see the land break apart to the west of the blue line. I then saw many terrible events.  I also saw some small machines being activated from various parts within the USA to stir up the land.

I saw the ground shaking, rain, mudslides and flooding. I saw whole areas breaking apart.  As these areas broke apart, I could hear the people from inside these areas crying out.  However, they did not cry out to God, but rather to the Bull.

Even as the Bull helped them and continued to help, a different ‘savior’ called upon outside help from ‘the nations’. A war was then waged between the ‘former things’ and the ‘promise of hope’.  There were many in the land that now wanted the ‘former things’ to return and for this to still be completely void of God.

As the angel continued to show me the North American continent, I saw it growing thin and transparent. However, I also saw something like a cord or rope reaching across the ocean from Washington DC over to Israel.  I then saw that the construction of the Third Temple was underway.

The prayers of the Jewish people were for God to protect the cursed land and prosper it. However, ‘the nations’ rose up against the cursed land, all led by deception from within the cursed land’s borders.

Me: “Angel, what or who are these machines?”

Angel: “What movement desires destruction?  Who hates the Jewish people?  Who hates anything lovely, peaceful and fruitful?  Who believes that, when the whole Earth is in turmoil, this is when their ‘savior’ will come?”

Me: “Islam!  It is Islam.  Angel, these machines are Islam.”

Angel: “Yes.  Now, who forbids you from even saying one word against them or even to proclaim the Name of Jesus?”

As the angel said this, he then pointed down to Italy. As I looked down, I saw Italy being shaken.  I also saw that two of these ‘machines’ had a place to rest there.  I then pointed to Italy as I looked over at the angel.

Me: “When will this be?”

Angel: “This is now, Erin.  Now!”

Dream 2 description over…

Dream 3 description begins…

My family and I were called in advance with others to the Cliff House Restaurant at the opening point from the ocean to the Golden Gate Bridge in California. The Lord had told us that there were to be 59 people killed there by a single person, but also that there was an even greater purpose for us to be there.

We arrived there early on a beautiful sunny day. As I looked around, I could remember this area well as I had spent a lot of time on this San Francisco beach as a child.  As we entered this particular restaurant, I could also remember eating here once and that it looked similar, but that it was now a bit more modern looking.

There were two separate sections in this restaurant. The section to the back served Asian infusion style fare, including sushi, Thai and Korean Barbeque.  This entire section was quite high end.  In contrast, the other section was much more casual and served pub style fare, including burgers and micro-brewery beverages.

A massive patio surrounded the entire place. However, they had several beautiful and modern wind barriers in place in order to make the dining experience more pleasant.  As this restaurant is next to the ocean, the related ocean breezes seldom cease, so this would have been a necessity.

As we settled into this beautiful setting, several other believers arrived to meet us there. After a while, and as other unrelated parties arrived, the place became quite crowded.  While this may seem odd, there were soon so many of us believers that we decided to hold hands and pray and were able to encircle the entire property while doing so.

As we came closer towards the arrival of nightfall, several of us were called by the Lord to leave for other areas. However, soon all of us believers had been called away from the restaurant, with the last of us leaving just after sunset.

The news came to us the very next day that a woman had blown herself up at the restaurant after we had all left. It was reported that 59 people had been killed by the explosion.  When I later saw photos of this particular woman, I immediately recognized her as someone who had been sitting quite near to me for most of the day.

At one point, this woman had even engaged me in conversation. When this happened, I prayed to the Lord on what I should do and He told me to answer her questions and to be kind to her, but to do nothing more.

I was still unclear as to why the Lord had called so many of us to stand and pray at this restaurant only to have all of this death and destruction come shortly after we had left.

Dream 3 description over…

Father, I am not certain what all of these dreams mean. I am also still really bothered about what the stirring up of ‘the land’ is doing.  This is destroying everything around it.  What makes this even sadder is that it seems that everyone knows this is happening, especially the politicians, yet no one is doing anything to stop any of it.

In reality, the time has now come that anyone speaking out about any of this is considered a hater and labeled as such. Lord, I am truly afraid for the world now!

Jesus: “Erin, come up.”

I was by the water fountain on the path leading to the Potter’s House just as the sun was rising over the studio. After I walked over and took a drink of water, I ran down the path over to Jesus’ pottery studio.  I heard music as I approached the front door and saw that it was open.

Me: “Hello, Lord, are You home?”

Jesus: “Come in.  I am over here”

I turned the corner and saw Him glazing some pottery. He stopped what He was doing, stood up and gently hugged me.

Me: “I am so glad to see You, Lord.  I just love it here.”

Jesus: “Oh yes…”  He laughed.  “…but this is not My home.”  He smiled and laughed again.  “This is just one of My workspaces.”

Me: “It is so wonderful and I love it here so much.  It is so creative and beautiful.  Lord, what are You working on?”

Dream over…for now…


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