Dream 234 – Lord, what are You working on?  Part 2

Received Tuesday, January 24, 2017

I finished writing Part 1 (Dream 233) on Sunday, January 22, 2017, but was unable to finish the entire dream. Right after taking communion today, the Lord had me first write down another sub-dream, which I numbered as “Dream 4’ since Part 1 already contains sub-dreams 1 to 3.


Dream 4 description begins (from January 24th, 2017)…

It was now springtime in what I believe to be this year of 2017. We were preparing for a massive outdoor celebration and my family was preparing our yard for the guests that were soon to arrive.

I was in the process of cleaning some glass troughs that I had built for the deer to eat from (but in the dream only). As the winter had been quite harsh, we had fed the deer some apples to help sustain them.  I laughed about these glass troughs being on our property as feeding the wildlife is something that we had always been taught to avoid.

As I was cleaning these glass troughs, I shook my head in amazement at how extremely dirty they were. When I finally realized that I simply could not clean them adequately within the limited time before our guests arrived, we decided to instead move them ‘out of sight’.

While we were carefully moving these glass troughs, I noticed that there was some scat (excrement) in one of them. However, since the scat was rather large, it seemed more like from a predator than from one of the deer.  Sure enough, when I looked around, I saw a fat coyote or perhaps a grey wolf walking in a field in the distance.

I shook my head as I realized that my good intentions of feeding the starving deer during the harsh winter had led to these predators. My youngest son overheard me muttering my disappointment at myself and offered some comforting words.

Son: “Look at it this way instead, mom.  How many times has your love of Jesus attracted wolves?”

Me: I laughed as I nodded my head in agreement.  “Thanks.  That is a very wise observation.”

Now feeling better, it was only then that I noticed that all of us now seemed vibrant and healthy. It also sunk in that all of my children were outside with me to help, but, even more importantly, all with true enthusiasm.  There was not a single complaint from any of them.  This was truly a joyous occasion!

It was a beautiful sunny spring day. As it was unseasonably warm today, it was very comfortable to be outside.  As I looked around some more, I noticed that our yard and the landscape around our yard had changed quite a bit.

To my amazement, our yard now consisted of massive tiers of green grass fields that extended well into our neighbor and his partner’s yard. While extremely improbable at this point, this could have only meant that we would have somehow been able to purchase the lot next to our place.  This would be such a relief to all of us!

Just as we were putting the ‘final touches’ on our yard clean up, my husband called down to us from our deck.

Husband: Smiling.  “The guests are arriving.  You all need to get dressed.”

I looked up and could see that several cars were driving down the road toward our property.

Me: “Oh yes!  Thanks.”  I then called to the kids to make sure that they had heard him.  “Alright, it is time to get cleaned up.”

As the cars came nearer to our property, I noticed that all of the cars were antiques. They soon arrived at our house and began to park in our yard as if in a lineup that you would see at a car show.  I counted twelve antique automobiles in total, with nine cars in the front yard and three cars in the back yard.

Most of the cars had four guests in them and all of the guests were dressed in clothing that I recognized as being from the 1940s based on old movies I have watched. I could not help but smile in delight as their clothes seemed to match the vintage of the cars.  One of the guests quickly noticed that I was not quite ready for their arrival.

Man: Smiling.  “So, are we too early?”

Me: Laughing.  “No sir!  I am glad you came!  I am running a bit late though, so please forgive me.”

Man: “No problem, you are right on time!”

Me: “Excuse me, but could you tell me something?  What make of cars are these?  They seem almost identical to each other.”

Man: He smiled as he pointed at the cars all around us.  “These are Packard’s.  All of them are from 1942.  There are not many of us left.”

Quite simply, this was the most beautiful display of cars that I had ever seen. Almost all of the cars had whitewall tires.  Their exterior paint colors were stunningly beautiful.  I was about to point out a particularly beautiful color to one of the kids, but only then noticed that they had already gone inside to clean up and change their clothing.

I was still in awe at this amazing car display as I addressed a different guest.

Me: “Why 1942?  Why the year 1942?”

Man: “You do not know, ma’am?  The world changed.  Change is coming again.  We are here to celebrate and remember!”

Dream 4 description over…

What made this particular visit a bit unusual compared to my previous visits is that the Lord started this visit as if the previous visit had never ended. Immediately after I finished writing down the above sub-dream, my visit from last time again started and Jesus answered my question from Part 1 without pause or prelude.

As a quick recap, I had just started visiting the Lord while He was glazing some pottery in the Potter’s House at the end of Part 1. During our brief conversation, I had just finished asking Him, “Lord, what are You working on?”  This visit starts with His reply.

Jesus: “Many notable things, but, here and right now, I am glazing this rack of pottery.”

After hugging me, He smiled and sat back down to continue His work. I watched Him as He put glaze on the inside of the pot that He was working on.  After completing this, He then carefully examined the pot to make sure that He did not miss anything.  I smiled as it was such a lovely pot.

Jesus: “Come, Erin, you are going to help Me glaze while we talk today.”

He pointed over to five unusual pots that were sitting next to me.

Jesus: “You will be responsible for those five pots.”

He then pointed to an entire rack of unglazed pottery.

Jesus: “While you cannot see it, I have already applied an undercoat of glazing inside all of these pots.  Now I will begin to glaze the exteriors.”

My smile of delight turned to puzzlement as, just then, I had noticed a few small broken pots sitting near us.

Me: “Lord, what happened?  I do not quite understand as I know that You never make mistakes.”

I could tell by the way that He smiled at my question that He already knew that I would ask and that He had purposely put these broken pieces there for me to see.

Jesus: “Oh these?  These had become oversaturated with water and some oil.  As a result, they were unable to accept the glaze.  Those would have taken time away from preparing those already prepared for glazing.  As for these broken ones, I had sanded them for glaze, but then discovered cracks.

“At this point, vessels should be usable and able to accept beautiful glazes. However, and more importantly, they also need to be able to hold what I pour into them.  This is why I take the time to inspect each of these vessels carefully.”

Me: I pointed at the five unusual pots sitting next to me.  “Lord, why am I responsible for these five pots?  After all that You have done for us, what if I mess up the glaze?”

Jesus: Laughing.  “You will not as I am here to help you.”

Me: I pointed at the broken pots.  “Lord, why did You break those vessels instead of fixing them?”

Jesus: Nodding His head in agreement.  “Yes, Erin, I certainly could have done this and I have done similar things in the past.  However, it is a rare pot that has cracks or holes in it that will make it through the fire after being glazed.  It would be rare for such a pot to make it through the pressure of the refining fire without breaking apart.

“Even if such a vessel was able to endure the fire, but could then barely hold what I poured into it, then how is this useful to Me? Can you drink water from a cup which is unable to hold what you pour into it?  Does it not leak all over?

“Imagine the guests drinking wine at the wedding where only half ends up in their mouths and the other half ends up staining their clothing. What host would serve from such a vessel?”  He was now laughing.  “There would be so much criticism of the Host that no one would remember the beautiful wedding ceremony.”

Me: “You are right, Lord.  The guests would be outraged.”

Jesus: “Yes, Erin.  When I bring out My best vessels, I already know that they can hold My best wine and will be able to preserve it.  Now, have a seat and watch what I do and follow Me, okay?”

He laughed again as He said this and looked over at me. He could tell I was excited, but also a touch nervous about making a mistake at the same time.  I then saw Him take this beautiful pot and delicately smooth out the slight imperfections.

Jesus: “I am now sanding off some of the rough patches.”

He then held the pot up and blew the dust off of the surface. I laughed as I noticed that all of the powder instantly disappeared the moment that He blew on the surface.

Me: Laughing.  “Okay, so this is why You do not need a mask!”

Jesus: Laughing.  “Yes, Erin.  Here, I do not have to be concerned with dust, chemicals and poison.”

As He said this, He motioned for me to pick up one of the five pots assigned to me to do the same. I looked the pots over and selected a tall and wide one.  There was another pot next to it that was quite similar, except that the one I selected had a smaller mouth and more extreme ridges to sand.

After I did exactly as Jesus did, I blew the dust off of the unglazed pot. The dust instantly disappeared without even a hint of residue.  I smiled when I noticed that He was watching me.

Jesus then went back to work on His pot. He picked up a brush and put an amazing underglaze of metallic gold on it.  He then blew over the entire surface of the vase and it instantly dried perfectly.  He then used a different brush that was finer and smaller and began to paint a grape vine on it.

Me: “Lord, how are You able to put glaze to paint a design over the underglaze so quickly?”

He looked over at me as I asked this and smiled and laughed. As He replied to my question, His accompanying laughter was so good-natured that it filled me with a loving warmth that it is simply impossible to fully explain.

Jesus: “Now, Erin, who am I?”

Me: Smiling.  “Lord, this is all just so incredible.  This process usually takes such a long time on Earth.  After the work of ‘throwing the pots’ (that is, turning them on the pottery wheel), I usually became impatient and wanted to hurry up the process.”

Jesus: Smiling.  “Hmm, would you like Me to send in an angel to finish your pottery?”

Me: “Oh no, Lord.  What is important to You is important to me.”

As I said this, I took a broad brush and began to apply a metallic copper glaze on the pot that I had selected to work on first. After I was finished, I blew on the pot and it instantly dried.  I then carefully checked to make sure that I did not miss any part of it.

After I was satisfied that I had not missed anything, I began to paint an apple fruit tree design on it. I tried my very best to copy what the Lord was doing.  I watched Him as He blew His pot dry each time that He used a different glaze color and then continue.

The pot Jesus was working on was simply stunning. It was shimmering gold with bronze branches and purple grapes.  While seemingly odd to point out, I felt that I was to specifically note that this particular pot was somehow ‘very masculine’ in appearance.

Jesus was amazingly efficient as He worked. I watched Him gently place the pot down and then reach for a different pot.  I noticed that His next pot was quite similar to His first pot, yet slightly different in shape.  I became quite excited by what He was doing.

Me: “Lord, what happens next?”

Jesus: Laughing and smiling.  “Now, Erin, you have not even finished your pot yet.”

He then pointed back at the pot He had just put down.

Jesus: “Oh yes, I am not finished with this one yet.  I still need to put a glaze over the entire surface, both inside and out, before the final firing.  It will then cool for a few days before it is ready.”

Me: “The underglazes and designs you made are so beautiful, Lord!”

I then finished the final touches to my first pot / vessel.

Me: “Lord, will You please inspect this for me?”

He picked up my pot and inspected it closely.

Jesus: Smiling.  “Why this is a fine vessel, Erin.  Do you know that you were a part of what this vessel has become?  It is a very useful pot.”

Me: “Lord, these pots are almost too beautiful to be used.  Should they not be a vase for flowers or displayed in a museum instead?”

Jesus: Smiling.  “Hmm, tell you what.  You help Me with what I have assigned you to as I have a much greater use for My vessels than just to be gazed upon, understand?”  He laughed.  “Trust Me to assign use.”

Me: I laughed and shook my head as I knew I had overstepped.  “Oh forgive me, Lord.”

Jesus: Smiling.  “You are forgiven.  Just remember that My uses for all of these are much greater than you can imagine.  Each one will do far more than hold water for flowers or be on display.  There might be some counterfeits out there, but none will be filled with what I have.  I offer living water, but so much more.  Each one of these was created for a purpose.  Although their value seems great to the world amongst collectors of vases, their worth to Me is priceless.”

I then selected the pot that was similar in shape to the pot that I had just finished. I looked it over, sanded off the rough edges and blew off the ‘instantly disappearing’ dust residue.  I then began the underglaze, but chose bronze for this one.  I then decided to paint an apple fruit tree on this one as well, but chose a different variety of apple.

We continued to talk as we worked on our pots.

Jesus: “Erin, you were given some dreams and now you have questions.”

Me: “Yes, Lord.  The dreams of Islam are quite frightening.  I watch as the world tolerates crimes against Your people.  There is raping, killing and so many other atrocities being performed, yet the world does not condemn those guilty fully.  Instead, we are all called upon to adjust to their ways and accept their religious practices.  Lord, I do not see much good coming from any of this.

“Also, the dream of the ‘Plunder Warehouse’ has me a bit baffled. I also do not understand the dream of all of the 1942 Packard’s from last night.  Lord, please help me on all of this.”

Jesus: “Erin, what did you discover when researching the 1942 Packard’s?”

Me: “Well, they were produced in the USA and seemed to be a higher end vehicle.  1941 was their last successful year for profits.  When they produced the 1942 ‘series 8’, they had only 34,000 in production up to February 7th, 1942.  After this, the manufacturers had to help towards the war effort.

“Lord, it was just prior to 1942 when the USA officially entered WWII after declaring war on Japan on December 8th, 1941.  Shortly after this, all production was redirected towards winning the war.  This lasted for around three years.  The Packard line never really recovered, but what I should really say is that its beautiful design was ‘no longer’.”

Jesus: “The glory of the former things on Earth has passed and any glory from here on out will come from Me alone.  Now, I also did not forget the 34,000 who were murdered and thrown into a massive grave at around this same time.  I have never forgotten the sounds of the cries of those buried under the dead.”

I took a break to look this up. This war crime had taken place at a ravine called ‘Babi Yar’ in the Ukrainian capital of Kiev.  This was a site of massacres carried out by German forces and local collaborators during their campaign against the Soviet Union.  The most notorious and best documented of these massacres had taken place on September 29th and 30th, 1941 when 33,771 Jews were murdered.  It was not even three months after this event took place that the Pearl Harbor sneak attack on the USA by Japan occurred on December 7th, 1941.

Me: “Lord, I just looked this up.  Forgive me as I did not know much about this.  In school, much of the material on the Holocaust had been clumped together and minimized.  We spent much more time learning about all of the different battles.  I am sick just thinking about this.”

Jesus: “Erin, there are many atrocities over the centuries and these are far reaching over time.  I am bringing this to your attention to remind you that I never forget.  In the same way, know that I do not forget what has been done to you.  Erin, I do not forget what has been done to the meek.”

Me: “Thank You, Lord.  However, I feel so blessed compared to so many.”

Jesus: “Erin, each vessel has a purpose.  However, while each is valuable…”  He pointed to the broken pots.  “…not all are useful.  The ‘Valley of Dry Bones’ is about those massacred…”  He then pointed to the beautiful vases.  “…but it is also about an army built up with My breath and assembled for My purposes.  The former things have faded, but My work continues.”

I suddenly became worried about my husband as he was returning from work in the middle of an ice storm. I quickly prayed, ‘Father, there is an ice storm outside.  Please let my husband arrive home safely, in Jesus’ Name’.  When I returned to our visit, Jesus smiled at me as if to reassure me that my husband would return home safely (which he did, thank You, Lord).  However, He could tell that I was now distracted with worry.

Jesus: Smiling.  “Erin, this is enough for today.  However, I will tell you something before we stop.  Rain and dew from Heaven, along with an abundance of grain and new wine, are soon to come upon My vessels.  You are one of My vessels and this is ‘The Year of My Favor’ upon you (Isaiah 61).”

Me: “Lord, will I be back here to see You?”

In addition to worrying about my husband driving in the ice storm, I was now worried about this as well. Yes, I am still a vessel that is a ‘work-in-progress’ – smiles.  Smiling and laughing, Jesus reached over and hugged me in order to reassure me.

Jesus: “Well, you still have some pottery to glaze, so yes.”

Dream over…

After finishing this dream, I felt strongly that it would be timely to revisit and read Psalm 91. I also felt that now was a good time to study Ezekiel 37 and Psalm 46 again.


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