Dream 257 – Jesus and the Storms from the Four Corners

Finished on Thursday, August 31, 2017

Received on Wednesday, August 30, 2017


Dear Father,

Thank You for another day!   Thank You for Your extravagant love and patience.  I felt as if something has changed recently and that the atmosphere is different.  For the last several mornings, starting with the morning of the Great American Eclipse, there has been an odd haze in the sky.  It really seems to be more of a haze than overcast.

We are also experiencing a bit of a drought here. We have not even had to mow our lawn in over a month now and neither have any of our neighbors.  This is definitely the driest summer I can recall since moving to the land of the trees.

We also had a frost warning issued over the last couple of days. While the afternoons are still warm here, there is now a real chill in the morning.  What else is odd since the eclipse is that, during the day, I now hear crickets.  I know the difference between locust and grasshopper sounds and these are ‘night crickets’ during the day.  It seems so odd.

We recently had some tree and bush cutters working around our place sent by the power company for the region. They have since sheared off entire areas of beautiful trees and bushes all the way up our road that were under their powerlines.  We were relatively unscathed though and it mostly affected our neighbors across the street.

The power company then put the ‘carnage’ through a powerful wood chipper. I must admit that I was a bit surprised that they would not have asked any of us if we wanted to use the fallen logs for firewood instead.  Well, too late for that now!

When we later looked at their handiwork, you would think that an epic storm had just come in and leveled that particular area. Debris is everywhere and all of the little animals that we occasionally have disappeared, at least temporarily.  I put some more seed and corn out for them just in case they return.  I pray that they soon return.

My eldest son and I have been uncharacteristically sick lately. We have both been experiencing a combination of anxiousness and disturbed sleeps.  While I don’t have this, he has also had trouble keeping his food down.  Despite this, his weight has not fluctuated that much and he seems to have no other symptoms.

As for me, I am feeling a sense of heaviness these days. It is not really like a depression, but rather like aches throughout my entire body that feel very much like growth pains.  I still remember what growth pains felt like when I was a teenager and these feel quite similar.

While I continue to eat, I really have no interest in food right now, but really in anything that would normally interest me. It is not that I feel unsafe, but rather it feels like no other feeling I have ever experienced.  I can’t really describe it.  It kind of feels like the anxiousness you get when you are on the verge of something huge.

There is really no other way to describe this. It is as if my physical body is now being prepared supernaturally for what is to soon come.  While the physical part seems to be advancing in preparation, it is as if my mental capacities have not yet caught up.

It really does feel as if we are being prepared for something right now. However, what I should really say is that we are being prepared for something.  While we now know this is happening as we can feel it, it is still as if our mental capacity just cannot understand what it all means.  Really, how can anyone understand that which has no precedent?

The Lord recently brought my attention back to a dream I had a few days ago…

Dream 1 description begins…

I was walking alone on a path in the woods when I came across a tree branch lying on the ground. When I went to inspect the branch more closely, I saw that a butterfly was just starting to emerge from its cocoon.  I was relieved to see that, even though the branch the cocoon had attached to had fallen, that the cocoon seemed to be intact.

As I continued to look in wonder at this amazing sight, the butterfly soon came out of its cocoon in record time. It was one of the most beautiful butterflies I had ever seen.  The butterfly then suddenly fanned its wings out.

Once its wings spread out, I noticed that some sort of fiber optic light design had been weaved right into its wings. It was so incredibly beautiful.  After a short time, the butterfly became so bright that it could have even been used as a ‘light source’!

Dream 1 description over…

After writing this dream down, my oldest son came to sit and talk with me. He was still feeling ill and I tried to comfort him the best I could.  I am still not that concerned though as he has not really lost any weight and still looks great.

I prayed about this after he left and I felt my Spirit tell me that this was the form of supernatural preparation being used for him. However, should his symptoms get worse or if he starts losing weight, I will bring him into the doctor’s again.  So far, we have been told that this is just a bug and that he would soon fight whatever it is off.

Father, I am not sure exactly what is happening right now, but I know that You are working in all of us. You are fully aware of everything and nothing ever surprises You.  While the carnage and devastation in Texas is incredibly overwhelming, You are not up there throwing Your hands up and saying, ‘Wow, I didn’t see that coming!’…smiles.

What the people are going through in Texas is just so heartbreaking. All, whether rich or poor, young or old, are being greatly affected by this ‘once in a thousand year’ flood caused by Hurricane Harvey.  This mighty storm covered so many living there, along with some of my friends that live there as well.

Oh Lord, I pray for my friends in the midst of these storms, along with their families and friends. Please protect them and keep them supernaturally safe from the rising waters.  Protect their homes, their pets, their families and friends and restore their livelihood in record time.  I ask this in Your Mighty Name, Jesus’ Name, Amen.

As for those there that do not know You, I pray that this tragedy serves as a wakeup call that brings them Home to Your love. May You use this tragedy to help them find Jesus in the process.  Lord, the entire universe is in Your hand…Heaven too!  Nothing is too big for You and only You can somehow use even this situation for Your glory!

Received on Thursday, August 31, 2017

I had quite a dream last night…

Dream 2 description begins…

I was standing on a massive property that extended as far as my eyes could see. The property had a massive field containing an abundance of crops.  There were several varieties of crops that formed a type of grid pattern with seven separate divisions…

  • Corn
  • Wheat
  • Cotton
  • Fruit trees
  • Rice
  • Sugarcane
  • Vegetables of various varieties

The crops were abundant and ripe for the harvest. There were also young shoots growing amongst the ripe harvest of crops.  Even though each grid had various stages of growth, all was still perfect.  This field of crops was surrounded by hills in such a way that the crops seemed to form a type of pathway right down the center.

It was a beautiful day and the blue sky was dotted with some puffy white clouds. The temperature was around 75 degrees and was just perfect.  As I scanned the horizon, I could not help but smile as I took in this great land of plenty.

As I continued to look around, I suddenly noticed storm clouds gathering right before my eyes. There were four storm clouds in all, one from each of the four corners of the land.  Each of them were heading towards this land, one from the southeast, one from the southwest, one from the northeast and one from the northwest.

I then heard something similar to a horn, but, oddly enough, it also sounded a bit like a type of humming at the same time. Though I cannot fully describe the sound I heard in earthly terms, it seemed quite ominous to me.

As these four storm clouds came closer, I soon realized that they were not clouds at all, but rather a type of swarm. The ‘storm’ from the southwest came up to the crops first, but was quickly followed by the ‘storm’ from the southeast.

I soon heard the horrible sounds of the first ‘storm’ cutting down the crops. I then heard the second ‘storm’ eating the crops that the first ‘storm’ had just cut.  I then saw the ‘storm’ from the northwest approaching in an odd up and down wave motion.

For a small frame of just a few minutes, the sky was still clear enough that I could see the remnants of stalks and small shoots in the light. I then watched as the land soon turned from a beautiful prosperous green to a desolate brown.  As I looked around, I could see that only a small amount of green was now left.

I looked upon the land in complete horror. I could not believe how quickly this had just happened.  I decided to move closer to get a better look.  As soon as I stepped out with my right foot, I heard a rumbling sound.  The ground started to shake and the hills to the west of the crops started to ‘dissolve’ (I really do not know how else to describe it).

After this, the land seemed to be resting. However, when I then stepped out with my left foot, a massive dark cloud started to quickly come over the hills to the east of the crops.  I could suddenly hear an ominous screeching coming from this cloud as it fell upon the land.  I quickly dropped to my knees in prayer.

Me: “Oh Father, when will this be?”

After kneeling there for just a few moments, I felt a hand on my shoulder. When I looked up, Uriel was standing there.

Uriel: “Erin, rise up!  Wake up!  Now, come with me.”

As I looked back over the desolated, I started to weep.

Me: Crying.  “Oh Uriel, I do not understand what I was just shown.  Where have the four angels that hold back the winds from coming upon the Earth gone?”

Uriel: “Well, do you see any other angels here other than the one who is standing next to you?  Now, come.  I have something else to show you.”

As we walked into the desolate land, I noticed that all of the crops that were so beautiful just a short time ago were no longer beautiful at all. As I looked closer at the ground, I saw some locusts.  It suddenly hit me.

Me: “Oh my, were these storms actually clouds of locusts?  When is this to be?”

Uriel: “This land was once dedicated to God and it was God’s land.  These swarms of locusts represent the corruption of evil now sweeping over the land.  The yields of their crops had been based on the blessings that God had given to these people.  While their swords had been turned into plowshares, they will soon turn back into swords.

“The people in this land have now been weighed in the Valley of Decision and God’s judgment is coming. The swarms that you saw have no regard for the crops and they are coming to steal, kill and destroy this beautiful land.

“A curse was sent over the land when the words of the prophet Isaiah were spoken by the land’s leader. These words came from the mouth of the destroyer of this land.”

Me: “So, what is next, Uriel?”

Uriel: Reaching for my hand.  “Come, Erin.  Come with me.”

We walked through the center of the field. Even though I was barefoot and the land was now brutalized, it did not hurt my feet.  As we walked towards the northern part of the property, we soon came across two tree stumps.

The tree stump to my left was grey and ashen and there was no life to it. On top of the stump was a very ornate, extremely beautiful, jeweled golden goblet.

The tree stump to my right was still alive. Even though it had been cut down, new shoots were still emerging from it.  On top of the stump was a clear glass of refreshing water.

Uriel: “Alright, Erin, now choose one.”

I smiled at Uriel and looked at both the golden goblet and the clear glass of water. Since I was thirsty, I decided to walk towards the clear glass of water.  Just as I was about to pick it up, I stopped to look back at Uriel.  He was smiling at me.

Uriel: “Go ahead, Erin, drink.  This is good water.  However, before drinking, perhaps you want to see what is in the goblet.”

I smiled at Uriel and walked over to the goblet. I peered into it.

Me: Laughing.  “Uriel, there is nothing in this goblet.  What does this mean?”

Uriel: “This is the cup that the world is now drinking from.  There is nothing in it that satisfies and only the stump from the ‘drought of death’ supports it.  As for the stump that supports the glass of water, even though it appears as if its branch has been cut down, it still flourishes.

“This stump buds and has fresh shoots as the roots are still deep, mature and healthy. In a similar way, and even though God’s Army consists of those who have endured various locusts, storms and even droughts, they still drink from that which satisfies.  The water that God provides to you refreshes you as it is from the River of Life.

“However, there are so many in the world right now that would rather drink from the empty goblet. They do so in the hopes that this empty goblet will still be able to save and refresh them.  However, it is only God that saves and it is only His water that refreshes.”

Me: “Uriel, may I ask you where the four angels that were holding back the winds have gone?”

Uriel: “They are off doing other things according to the Will of God.  However, do not concern yourself with this.  Now, Erin, look…”

Uriel pointed my attention back to the tree stump with the clear glass of water. As I stood looking at it, it started to grow supernaturally fast, yet the glass of water continued to stand upright and did not spill.  The stump was transforming right in front of us into a mighty tree.  I soon had to take a step back in order to take the whole tree in.

The stump was now a mighty tree with a thick trunk. From this trunk came 12 very strong branches.  I then watched as 12 branches grew out from each of these 12 very strong branches.

There were now 144 branches in total. Each of these 144 branches then grew beautiful green leaves and a variety of fruit.  The tree continued to grow and blossom until it was one of the most beautiful trees that I had ever seen!  My jaw dropped in amazement.

Me: “Oh Uriel, what tree is this?”

When I turned back to Uriel to listen to his reply, he was gone. I looked around me, but all I could see were the now desolated crops in the Valley of Decision, the Valley of God’s Judgment.  This all felt so overwhelming to me.  As I stood at the base of this beautiful tree, I dropped to my knees to pray to the Lord.

Dream 2 description over…

Father, I am unsettled in my Spirit as I just know that something is wrong. I do not know what to do.  I have never had a time in my life like this where I have felt so utterly broken.  I am in mourning for the loss of so many things.  The way life used to be feels like it is now gone forever.

As I watched these locusts devour the crops, I could do nothing. In reality, I have felt like locust food myself my entire life.  Just when one wave of locusts would finish sweeping over me, another wave of locusts would then seem to come right after.

Now what? Have I passed these tests and come through these trials only to now sit here whining and complaining?  Am I even useful anymore?  Lord, I feel in my heart that I will not be able to convince anyone to drink from Your cup unless I look like I am healthy.  However, I really am not healthy anymore, so what can I do?

One of the thieves on the cross had eyes that saw and knew that You were Who You said You were. He somehow understood the signs.  However, the other thief on the cross with the evil veiled heart either did not see the signs or he was so cold that he simply did not care to see them.

How can I do anything now unless You lead me? I cannot!  I have never felt so empty, and yet I still somehow remain very excited at the same time.  I am excited about what You are doing right now and are about to do.

Even though I do not know exactly what this will be, I do know that something is already happening right now. While You are working and moving things around right now, we just do not fully understand exactly what it is that You are doing yet.  Oh Father, please grant us peace and strength before that ‘Great and Terrible Day of the Lord’ comes!

Jesus: “Erin, come up.”

I felt a hand on my shoulder and it was Jesus. Even though He was fully illuminated with the sun behind Him and shining all around Him, I could still see His amazing smile!  I jumped to my feet, ran into His arms and hugged Him.  I was crying.

Jesus: “Erin, I am here and I am with you, so do not worry.  Why are you so troubled?”

Me: “Lord, I am having trouble offering any real comfort to our children right now.  All of them are now excited and waiting for Your promises along with my husband and me.  They love You so much!  Lord, how can I be of any worth too them in my current state?

“I am also troubled by the coldness that is sweeping across the land. As You know, a terrible storm came in from the south and the land was flooded.  I have seen this before and know that the thieves will now come in their many forms.  It hurts to see this.

“Oh Father, so many still cry out to You. They claim to love You, but then quickly go back to boasting about their own merits and abilities.  Lord, all I know is that I no longer have any real abilities left and that which I still do have is that which You have given me.

“I can do nothing on my own as I truly know that I am nothing without You. If I were to die tomorrow, would I even leave much of a footprint, even for my children?  Lord, please do not make our suffering account for nothing.  Please do not allow us to lose hope.  Please allow us to help You find the lost as they truly are lost and have no idea”

Jesus: “Calm down, Erin, calm down.  I know your anxious thoughts and now those of your children.  I am soon to strengthen all of you, so do not worry.  Even though this tree behind you had been cut off from the world, look at what happened, and so quickly, to restore it.  Now, do you remember when I cursed the fig tree?”

Me: “Yes.  You shriveled it with just Your Words.”

Jesus: “Yes, Erin.  Even though this tree took many years to grow, it shriveled all at once.  Erin, all of you mean so much more to Me than any tree.  I took you over each of your bridges and there were locusts there on each one.  However, there were not just locusts there, but also thieves and evil.  They were there to gnaw, strip, cut and destroy you.  Now, do you remember what you were in search of during your times of difficulty?”

Me: “Yes, Lord.  I was searching for You.  I just knew that my troubles were too overwhelmingly tragic and without explanation to be anything but supernatural, so I searched for You to get some answers.”

Jesus: “Yes.  However, I had kept you apart and here with Me during all of this.  I have kept you here until the time I will call you into greater service.  Your plowshares are soon to be turned into swords, Erin, but a different kind of sword…My Sword…My Word.  You are a part of this tree and your fruit is good.

“I have also shown you what I have prepared for you in Heaven. You now understand that there is nothing, not one thing, on Earth that compares to this.  As a result, you have now set apart your prison clothes and you will eat at My table for the rest of your life, understand?

“Even though you still sometimes wonder why I would call someone like you given where you came from, it is you that I have called. After calling you, this meant that you dined with Me at My table, but it also meant that you would drink from My cup of suffering.  It is now time to rejoice though as this cup of suffering is now over for you.

“Now, why would a King release a prisoner and have them set aside their prison clothes if He was not going to then clothe them in new garments? Does the King not then serve them food fit for a King and only drinks that refreshes since He too is dining there?  Erin, the time for this is here.

“Now, I am about to move you from the place that I have tucked you into a wide open space. People will be in amazement, but you will be unrecognizable.  When I then allow those who are evil to recognize you, they will run to the hills in terror.  When I allow those who are searching for Me to recognize you, you will bless them as I call you.

“You have asked Me why I tell you to find joy in the state that you are currently in. As hard as this is for you to believe, once you are healed and changed, you will even miss these days of rest.  I love you, Erin, and I care about what you care about, but even more so than you do.

“Erin, I know that look of pain in your eyes as I know your thoughts behind that look. While you have never actually spoken this out loud to me, I know what your thoughts speak and that these thoughts reflect what your heart is feeling and even right now.

“Your thoughts say to Me, ‘Oh Lord, if You truly love me as much as You say that You do, then why have You not healed me yet? You can do this for me in an instant, so why have You not done this? You know that I am in pain, so why have You not done this for me yet?’

“Erin, even though I could heal you in an instant, and even right now as we speak, just know that there are reasons that I have allowed this to continue. One reason for this continuing has been to test the hearts of those who judge you because of this ‘delay’, though this is not a delay at all.

“For those who have judged you harshly because of this, but especially for those that have spoken to others on this in ‘secret’, this has been noted in Heavenly Courts. Unless they repent of this and now, this will be weighed against them harshly.

“Erin, it is difficult for Me to see you continuing to suffer. However, when you are given strength and are healed, you will also be given the ability to supernaturally understand all of the reasons that I kept you as you are at the same time.  Until then, you must trust Me fully.  Just know that I have a plan for you and this plan is not to harm you.

“Just know that you have loved ones and friends that intercede for you and your family, both on Earth and in My Father’s House, both day and night. While the enemy also comes against you here, just know that he has been unsuccessful in his charges, pleas and petitions.”  He stopped to smile at me.

“Oh yes…you should know that the enemy has now moved onto easier targets, so do not worry. Now, you are a Branch of My Branch and your Branch bears Good Fruit.  Though you worry, do not, as I will not cut off a Branch which bears Good Fruit.  I am in you and you are in Me and, apart from Me, you can do nothing.

“I have not forgotten you. You did not choose Me first, Erin, I first chose you.  I have prepared your vessel and many will know about the Kingdom of Heaven through you.”  He smiled at me again.  “Oh yes, you are now in the season of ‘ice wine’.”

Me: “Oh yes!  This is my communion wine.”

Jesus: Laughing.  “Oh, so you are prepared then.  Now, this is an extremely hardy fruit that produces sweet wine.  Tell Me more about this wine.”

I shook my head and smiled as I suddenly felt that I should look this up on Wikipedia.

Me: “Okay, let’s see.  Well, it is a type of dessert wine produced from grapes that have been frozen while still on the vine.  Only healthy grapes can be used as they must be in good shape for when the opportunity arises for an ice wine harvest.  In extreme cases, this can even occur at the start of the New Year.

“Ice wine production is quite risky as the grapes may rot before the frost comes. It is even possible that the frost may not come at all and the grapes will be lost.  However, once the frost comes, it requires the availability of a large enough labor force to pick the entire crop within a few hours and at a moment’s notice.  This has to be done on the very first morning that it is cold enough.”

Jesus: Smiling.  “So, do you understand that this type of harvest is coming, one in which the laborers are few?  This will not always be pleasant though as you will be as despised by some as you will be loved by others.  As I have told you before, you are a Branch of My Branch and a part of My Vine.

“When I finally call you, this will all happen very quickly and you will then be strengthened. I will then provide for you and your family, as well as those that I will call.  While My Father owns the Vineyards, I am the Vinedresser.  This wine is on the ‘Wedding Menu’ and will be good and sweet to drink at My Banquet.

“Now, continue doing as you are and keep preparing your household. I am opening a door which no one can shut and I am shutting a door that no one can open.  This is a new harvest time and the workers are few.”  He reached over and hugged me.

“Though you worry about your provisions and the futures of your family and friends, do not worry. You will dine at My table and will be given a regular allowance.  You will receive this until I take you Home to be here with Me.”  He then smiled and gently nudged me.  “Do not worry, Erin, as I am generous to My Bride.”

Me: “Oh Lord, thank You!  Thank You for everything!”

Jesus: Smiling.  “You are welcome, Erin.  Do not worry!”

Dream over…

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