Dream 330 – Jesus has risen…and so shall His Bride

Finished on Sunday, April 21, 2019


Dear Father,

I love you!  It is Passover today.  Yesterday was Good Friday.  You represented the Lamb, perfect and unblemished.  You, as the Lamb, were bludgeoned for our sins.  No perfect lamb had ever been treated so horribly prior to sacrifice.

Early in the morning of Good Friday, somewhere between 4:30am and 7:00am, I had a dream.  It might have been long or it might have been short, I just do not remember.  I just remember that it was a very clear dream.  Just like a sub-dream in the previous dream, it started off with two parallel lines.  This time though, these lines meant something different…

Sub-dream 1 “The Groom stands with His Bride” description begins…

I saw two parallel lines in front of an incredibly beautiful altar.  There were flowers everywhere.  The green grass, or perhaps it was moss, under my feet was lush and even softer than the softest animal fur.  The River of Life flowed behind the Altar.  There, before my eyes, I saw Jesus facing a woman, a bride.  I soon realized the woman was me and it took my breath away.

Jesus was on the left side and I was on the right.  He took hold of my hands and we smiled at each other.  I then saw a very large door with a wreath made of very small silver fish.  It was like nothing I had ever seen before.  I quickly counted that there were exactly 153 fish on the wreath.  I then heard a Voice:  “You are My Bride.  I choose you!”

Sub-dream 1 description over…

Father, I know that I am just one of many brides, but I have never actually literally seen myself as one until this sub-dream.  Even though it was from a distance, the sight of me with You left me speechless.  Oh Lord, I thought for certain that today would be our ‘Day of Change’.  You are a glorious mystery, Father.  Chasing after You is like searching for hidden treasure.  Each day seems like ‘the day’.  Each day, at dawn, there is always a new hope that today will be ‘the day’.

If You leave me in my current state, I honestly do not know how much time I would still have left here.  It is truly only by Your Grace that I am still here at all.  I am not sure, until You showed me first hand in Heaven, what significance I have had, if any, in my whole life.  I am not sure that I have really lived.  I have had so many things I wanted to share, places to explore and stories to tell, but many did not materialize.

I had personal desires, things that I had hoped for here, so many things involving impossible things, things way to lofty for one such as me.  I went from wanting to be a professional golfer on tour to now only dreaming about being able to play just one round, one hole, just one swing.  All of my dreams have been reduced down.  I went from wanting to be a professional artist, painting and drawing several hours a day, to praying I could just paint one painting, even a small one.

I went from being in such excellent physical shape that I was unstoppable…until I was finally stopped almost altogether.  I went from being envied about my health to being told that I am lucky I am not worse or even dead.  I went from having a photographic memory, very sharp and clear, to not even remembering what You have promised me.  However, I am grateful that I at least remember Heavenly places clearly.  You have etched these in my memory until I am finally Home with You.

Oh Father, I am disappointed today.  I had such high hopes for our Transformation today.  Everyday, I wake up and check the state of my condition.  Well, and as You know, so far and every day, I remain the same…inching towards the grave.  Yesterday, while taking a shower, I heard You tell me in a clear voice, “Erin, there is a storm coming.”  I went downstairs to tell my husband, but there was no wind at all.

We discussed taking down our birdfeeders, but then decided to wait.  Well, within about 45 minutes, the wind began to gust.  My husband laughed as he knew we had been warned while it was still calm and went out and took the feeders down.  While there were some strong gusts, the wind never became that ‘epic’.  We realized that what Jesus had said was meant as a warning of a figurative storm coming.  That being said, our county has received several flood warnings as the rain continues to fall.

Received Sunday, April 21, 2019

Father, I am hurt, but mostly sad.  I know Your hand has been over my life, but I long for more of You.  In this life, we have had great trouble and it continues.  Yet, somehow, I would even have fear without it.  Trouble from the enemy always reminds me that I must therefore be on a ‘Godly Course’.  I then watch in relief as Your hand delivers us so very many times.  That being said, this last year has been one of my most difficult seasons, if not the most.

First off, I am in dire need for medical attention.  At least I am now on waiting lists and am in line for them.  However, the system is somewhat overrun and there are waits.  Father, You know that I will not make it without a miracle from You.  You know this.  Over the years, You have blessed me with Your signs, wonders and miracles.  You have sent these and they have helped me keep my faith.  In reality, no enemy has been able to come against us with any success UNLESS we stepped outside of Your Will.

In 2007 to 2012, I made so many mistakes, most of them caused by my poor understanding of the Scriptures.  My ignorance allowed me to be led by the incorrect preaching of others on what You have told us.  I didn’t know then, but I know now…yes, it is okay to fight back!  Do not surrender to the enemy when God is with you in the battle.  You are not to surrender until He tells you to.  He will then give you tactical orders while in battle and will deliver the enemy into your hands.

While I was never alone in the world, I often felt lonely.  I too often would listen to people who claimed to have been sent by You.  These other Christians claimed they were from You, but clearly were not.  No matter how poorly I fought my battles, You somehow always eventually delivered us from them all.  Often times, I had no choice in the matter.  It is painful to recall some of these and I have been humbled by all of it.

Soon, Father, my children will be far away, beginning their new lives.  I pray that I gave them the proper tools to battle.  I wanted so much to be whole again after all of these wars.  I wanted to walk again in the land of my heart, near the base of the Cascades in Central Oregon.  I cry when I think of it.  Still, I was punished brutally there and this eventually led me to move to the Tri-Cities in Washington State.  This was the ‘desert place’ where I went into closer communion with You.

Later still, You supernaturally brought me, along with all of my children, out of the Tri-Cities, the desert, to this beautiful remote place we are currently in.  Here I learned to become Your friend and learned about Your love for us.  We have seen miracle after miracle here.  Each one of us have witnessed Your miracles.  We have all also had dreams and visions of you, including my children…

My oldest son had a dream on Good Friday.  A lamb walked up to him and it laid beside him.  The lamb was then followed up by the appearance of three baby foxes.  My daughter also had a dream of something supernatural on the day before that.  Thank You, Father, that our household is stirred from our sleep by these small blessings.  However, all I know is this…I give up my life to You, Father.

My heart is Yours.  These are not idle words…I truly mean them.  Your Words are a lamp to my feet and a light to my path.  There is no greater journey on Earth than the journey orchestrated by Jesus, the Lover of our souls.  I would do it all over again.  I would have given up nothing other than a life filled with empty darkness and things which do not satisfy.  This would be like a thirst that is never quenched.

I would give it all up just for a moment given by Your breath into my dead body.  You determine our days here, Father, as soldiers of righteousness in a dark place.  Some of us are even pulled from the battle before the fight and brought Home for Your purposes.  However, others are trained, armored up and are now waiting for our General, Jesus, to call us into battle.  Though I have been just a scribe, I feel as though my pen is a weapon and the paper that I write on is my battlefield.

Oh Father, I do not know if I have truly surrendered my life for Your purposes.  I give this to You though as it is not for me to determine what course, battle or field I am to work.  These are Your decisions alone.  While it makes me uncertain of time, I am then certain of God.  While it makes me uncertain of how, I am then certain of Your perfect plan.  While it makes me uncertain of where, I am then certain You have a venue.

Sigh…I am tired, Father.  Please strengthen me.  If I am not to be healed yet, please allow me to live life more fully.  I love You!  You have given me everything.  Please just allow me more time.  Seeing myself Transformed …I have no words.  It is like every little girl’s dream to be a princess.  My gown was elegant.  My hair was woven with flowers.  I do not want to go on describing how I looked standing there with my Groom, Jesus, as I do not want to seem boastful.  Thank You, Father, just thank You!

Jesus:  “Erin, come up.”

I was once again by the River of Life where Jesus was filling our vessels and signing them.  Jesus was reclining and talking with His angels.  Sometimes He seemed serious, but, at other times, He was laughing.  While I saw more vessels, they had not been filled yet.  I sat and watched them from a distance for quite a while.  I was in awe at the beauty of this place, at Jesus’ majesty and at how strong the angels were, the strongest warriors you have ever seen.

I laughed as I was witnessing the most awesome ‘group of men’ (really, Jesus and His angels) while they were taking a break after a long task in which they were delighted doing.  What could Jesus and the angels be talking about?  While Jesus is God and the angels are His army, they clearly were also good friends.  As I drew closer, I could hear the angels telling their stories to Jesus of all that they were witnessing on Earth.  Some of the things they talked about were serious, but other things were more lighthearted.

I then heard Jesus say to the angels in a loud voice, loud enough for me to hear, “Oh yes, where is Erin?  Erin?”  They all were laughing and so happy.

Me:  “I am here, Lord.”

I felt a bit embarrassed as, from their perspective, it may have seemed like I was spying on them from behind one of the boulders.

Jesus:  “Well, hello there!”

He smiled and sat up.  The angels smiled at me as well, but then went right back to their activities and preparations.

Me:  “Oh, you do not have to breakup Your time because I arrived.  While I was enjoying observing all of you, I was starting to feel more like a spy.”

Jesus:  “I knew you were there, Erin.  After all, it was I Who had called you here.”

Me:  “Why did You not call me directly to this place instead of having me looking over all of you from over there?”  I pointed to several boulders by the waterfall.

Jesus:  “Why do you think?”

Me:  I took a deep breath.  “I know that there is a great reason for this as You do everything perfectly.  Lord, there is nothing beyond You.  As for me, I am not sure why.”

Jesus:  “I did this so that you could observe the fact that I…yes, even I…take breaks!  I rest, Erin, and so should you.”

Me:  “I am so sorry, Lord, for not doing this until recently.  Well, to be perfectly honest, I have had no choice but to rest due to my recent bout with the flu.  In reality, I brought this upon myself.”

Jesus:  Laughing.  “Oh Erin, there is a reason to rest.  It is by My command.  Why do you think this is?”

Me:  “Our bodies need it?”

Jesus:  “Well, yes, but this is only a partial reason.  Now, let us look at these vessels over here.  These vessels are still waiting to be filled and sealed.  They do not fill themselves.  Instead, I delight in filling them.  My workers here, the angels, delight in their assignments as well.  However, there is nothing wrong with taking rest to commune with friends and delight in this.  This keeps our work joyful and worthy of praise, understand?”

Me:  “Yes, Lord, I understand.  I have overworked myself by pushing myself to do chores when my body clearly was telling me I needed a break.  I then became sick with the flu as I was then susceptible to illness.  I have also been in a great deal of pain.  I have cried a lot this week as well.  I mostly do this when my family are unable to see me.  Oh Lord, I have been discouraged lately.  So many days go by and I feel so useless in my current condition.”

Jesus:  “Well, the enemy gains a foothold when there is no rest.  While I have given you strength beyond normal in cases of emergency, you then must rest.  You are not God, Erin, and even God rests.”  He smiled as He said this next part.  “Yes, Erin, I am admonishing you right now.  I do this because I love you.  When your body is denied rest, your mind then thinks things not of Me.  Your thoughts then run wild.  The same is true in reverse.  If your thoughts run a wild race with imaginations and sinful ventures, so too will your body become weak.”

Me:  “Am I doing this right now?”

Jesus:  “No, Erin, I said this to illustrate that the reverse can also be true.  Obsessive thoughts can lead to mindless activities.  Once given over to them, a man is no longer stable.  Now breathe, Erin, and do not worry.  This is a teaching lesson on rest, not one on paranoia.”  He laughed.

Me:  Laughing.  “I have never heard You use that term before.  That was funny!”

Jesus:  “Hmm, that is interesting.  Well, I am fairly certain that I have used this term in My Word somewhere.”  He looked in my eyes and smiled.  I felt a download.

Me:  “Saul.  Of course, Saul.  He had that!”

Jesus:  Smiling.  “Very good, Erin, but there is more.  He was given over because of his sin, but also because he did not rest.  However, even when he did, even then he was not without trouble.  There is much more also.  Today is a lesson in rest, not demon possession.  This has no place here.  However, I am only showing you that exhaustion can lead to trouble when a man is unstable.

“When a man is stable and chosen by God, but then begins to act contrary to My commands, all without rest, then expect that man to be humbled.  My commandments are not ‘suggestions’ or I would have named them as such.”  I laughed.  “Could you imagine the world today if I had given them Ten Suggestions instead of the Ten Commandments?”  He laughed.  “Very few follow them as they are.  Who would then follow the Law?  Now, there are many things on your heart.”

He looked over at me and I was caught just staring at Him.  I love Him so much that tears started to stream down my cheeks.  I dropped to my knees and put my face to the ground as I wept.  Jesus had such a beautifully compassionate look on His face as He looked at me.  My mouth quivered and my body shook.

Me:  “Oh Lord, how I love You.  I am so sorry that I have been mad at You lately.  I have been discouraged, tired and scared.  I am at a loss for words.”

He bent down to help bring me over to sit next to Him on a rock.

Jesus:  “Erin, you are seldom at a loss for words.  This is impossible.” He smiled at me with such compassion.  “I know your deeds.  In your dream, I placed an open door.”  Just then, I saw the door, white like a pearl, with three panels and a massive wreath of 153 silver fish.  “This door, Erin, no one can shut.  While you have very little strength, you have still kept My Word and have never denied Me…”  He smiled.  “…even when angry or tired.  Do you understand what I am saying here and what I have shown you?”

Me:  “No, Lord.  Who can know if You do not show them?  Who can know if You do not grant them this?  It takes the glory of God to conceal a matter and the honor of kings to search it out.”

Jesus:  “Yes, Erin, for I am about to do something in your days you would not believe even if you were told.  I have filled your vessel and sealed it, as well as others.”  He then pointed to some still empty vessels.  “These too will be filled.  Now, Erin, what is in these vessels is not just Living Water, but also new wine, the choicest.  I have saved My best wine for the last, understand?

“Though it seems as if I am idle, I am far from being idle, for I will now make My signs and wonders clear.  All will then know that I have sent you…”  He pointed to the vessels again.  “…as well as all of these.  The land has been stirred up and my fields have been tilled.  The rains have softened the soil.”  Tears were still streaming down my cheeks.  He reached over and wiped them away with His thumb.  “Erin, why do you cry?”

Me:  “I had a dream, Lord.  Also, Your churches are being desecrated.  Your saints are being persecuted and slaughtered.  Children are dying horrible deaths in record numbers.”

Jesus:  “Yes, Erin, but this is ‘as is written’.  Even though you have watched in wonder waiting for signs, you are now surprised as you did not realize that many of these signs would have you watching in horror.”

Me:  “While this is true, Lord, I also fear that all of this will become even worse!”

Jesus:  “Well, the ‘ball’ is rolling now and I am not stopping it.  While it is visible, soon it will stop being blamed on one particular individual.  Instead, it will then turn into being blamed on Me.  See, the enemy knows the course of time also as he was once here and knows what to look for.  What you are seeing and experiencing right now is called ‘posturing’, as if in a game of bluffing.  This is where being puffed up, lying and boastful becomes pervasive.

“This too has happened before.  It begins small, but then, when two or more are gathered, it quickly gains momentum.  During the week prior to My sacrifice, the posturing had begun.  I knew the treacherous thoughts of those who desired evil.  They were fearful of Me because they enjoyed their power and sin.  They knew that, by their lies, I would be crucified.  However, even that was not enough and they desired even more punishment.

“What they did not realize, at first, was that the way I came and how I died, as well as how I rose, was an exact fulfillment of prophecy.  However, it was not long before they knew it.  They knew it!  They knew it, but they also had a way that they had expected, a pre-conceived unwritten way in which they had imagined their savior would come.  While it was fulfilled in the way they knew matched Scripture, it was still not fulfilled in a way they thought it should have been.

“However, many others truly did believe.  Many who did not know anything about Me knew that day that surely I was and am who I say I am.  Since it seems like I have been relatively quiet for two thousand years, even though I really haven’t been, many do not know Me and many more do not care to.  Like the Roman soldiers, I speak to the hearts of those I call.

“The thief on the cross next to Me was found more worthy than those who served in the Temple of God.  You, Erin, are not considered worthy by those who claim to serve Me.  You are not what is expected.  When this happens, there will be great anger.  Erin, there will be gnashing of teeth when all of these are signed and filled.”

Me:  “Lord, when will this be?”

Jesus:  Smiling.  “Erin, give yourself to Me.  Surrender your ambitions to Me.  Find joy and rest.  Delight in Me and I will give you the desires of your heart.”

Me:  “I don’t understand.  I thought I have been doing this.  Have I somehow delayed my own healing?”

Jesus:  “No, Erin, no!  If you were, you would not be here with Me.  I am just letting you know to rest and to not worry.”

Me:  “Lord, what about my dream last night?  What did this dream mean?  I have a broken heart from it.  I only knew a few people in my dream.”

Jesus:  “Tell Me your dream.”  I smiled as I knew He already knew it.

Me:  “There was so much to this dream…

Sub-dream 2 “A young girl has two months to live” description begins…

My body was young.  I was young.  I had befriended a woman at a prayer event.  She had a little girl around the age of seven or eight.  While my children were also somewhere at this event, they were now grown.  The woman was a single mother.  She was a larger woman and very kind.  While she usually appeared to be a light-skinned Caucasian, her arms and hands would sometimes appear as a dark-skinned woman.

I somehow felt that this woman represented ‘both races’ or ‘all races’.  Her daughter was so sweet and very smart.  She had a great sense of humor and said funny things.    I somehow suddenly knew that she was terminally ill, but I was not certain with what.  At the end of the prayer meeting, the woman and her daughter came up to me…

Woman:  “Would you like to get together at a park sometime.  It would be great to meet somewhere where my daughter could play with your children.”

Me:  To the woman:  “That would be great.”  Now addressing her daughter:  “So, what is your name?  What do you like to do?”

Girl:  “My name is Savannah and I love singing.”

Me:  “That’s fun.  Will you please sing for us?”

Without hesitation, the girl started to sing with an unbelievably supernatural voice.  My children could hear her singing and came over to her.  They were amazed with her incredible talent and sang along with her.

Woman:  “Here is an address.  Let’s meet there tomorrow.”

Me:  “Sounds good.”

The next day, I went to the address my friend had given me.  It was a Children’s Hospital.  In the waiting room, there were so many children waiting to be seen and admitted.  I could hear their stories as they talked with one another.  Savannah and her mother came out of the hospital area about twenty minutes later than she had told me.

While they both seemed downcast, they said nothing as to why.  Savannah hugged me.  I could tell they didn’t want to talk about what had happened.  I walked with them down the sidewalk and we small talked.  Savannah saw my kids up ahead and she ran to them.  I turned to my friend…

Me:  “Is everything okay with Savannah?”

Woman:  She started to break down in tears.  “She has two months to live.  Two months…no more, but maybe even less.”

I reached over and hugged her.  I was in shock because her daughter did not look that close to death.

Me:  “Well, maybe not.  You never know what could happen.”

Woman:  “Once she dies, I will be all alone in this world.  I will have no one.  She will surely be in Heaven, but I will be all alone.  My bright star, my only child, will be gone.”

Sub-dream 2 description over…

“…Lord, I was overwhelmed by how clear this dream was.  Why was it about a woman and a child that I have never met?  Many of the children in the waiting room were all alone.  How is this possible?  I was young and thin physically, but my current age mentally.  Why was I hesitating, by Your command, to heal her?  Why, Lord?”

Jesus:  “There are many neglected children throughout the land.  Many have no home.  Many have been exchanged for money for evil purposes.  Many have become ill with incurable diseases.  Many have been murdered by those they have trusted.  Even though they all reside here with Me now, why would I allow such things?”

Me:  “I don’t know.  You love the little children so much and they are Yours.”

Jesus:  “Erin, do you believe that I have a greater purpose for this?  While the actions of man are senseless, God’s actions are never senseless.  These children are also My warriors, Erin.  I have called them.  Now, why?  It is because I am preparing my fields for planting, for the rain.  You were changed in your dream, yet not called to heal yet or display My awesome deeds until I said to.  Erin, you will see difficult things and when I call you to serve, you will serve.

“All of you, these vessels, will serve new wine created from Living Water.  However, until all of these are complete, you will only observe.  Then, in a final moment, you will be called to heal the broken hearted and to protect those who cannot protect themselves.  You will display awesome deeds, but not until I command it.  When I do, you will be in unison and you will not hesitate.  There has never been such a move of God in history nor will there ever be again, understand?”

Me:  “Yes, Lord.”

Jesus:  “So now, rest, observe, pray and do as I have called you to.  I love you, Erin.  I know the desires of your heart and these are good.”

He reached over and held me.  I could feel His breathing.  His calmness made me feel calm.  He is powerful and simply perfect.  I then felt Him laughing.

Jesus:  “Erin, are you measuring My breath?”

Me:  “Yes, Lord.  I feel safe here.  It is so beautiful and peaceful.”

Jesus:  “I am alive, Erin.  I have risen.  I am who I say I am and I will do all I have promised, understand?”

Me:  “Yes, Lord.”

Jesus:  “Now, Erin, rest and rejoice!  This is good.”  He smiled at me.

Dream over…

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