Dream 332 – Jesus and His Great Love for Each Vessel

Finished on Sunday, May 12, 2019

Received Sunday, May 5, 2019


Dear Father,

Thank You for another day!  Thank You for Your undying love.  I am thankful that, despite what the world sees as a grim outlook for our household, You instead see something special.  There are days in which my pain is so great that my walk is unstable.  On other days, my brain does not seem to run at full capacity and my eyesight is blurry.  Still, and despite this, my heart’s joy is like a child’s, full of imagination and possibilities.

However, on other days, I sometimes cry for no personal reason.  Instead, I cry for the reason of the decaying state of the world.  Things are declining right before my eyes and that is just what is reported.  Much of this is hidden.  When we look over the local news even now…scary!  We used to be such a great nation.  We did not tolerate and would not shelter criminals like MS-13.  We are allowing them to get a foothold in our nation.  In a dream a few years ago, You showed gangs taking over major cities.

At the time, I thought this would be impossible.  It seemed farfetched and something not for my lifetime.  Well, like so many things, I did not see this until it began to unfold right before our eyes.  I am sorry, Father, for holding hope that this gang dilemma would not come to pass, but, and as always, You are right.  Cities are even protecting these criminals as we speak.  Quite simply, they no longer care about their citizens.  However, it is not just gang activities…all crime is going up…and rapidly.

As for my husband, he has possible job opportunities.  However, almost all of them are in cities where we do not desire to relocate.  So many cities I loved as a child, like San Francisco, are becoming less and less safe.  It was so much safer when I was younger that I was even able to ride BART (rail transit) to San Francisco’s China Town with three of my ‘just as young’ friends.  There was no real sense of evil yet and all four sets of parents said yes.  So, with our tickets costing just 55 cents each one way, off we went.

Don’t get me wrong, there were still areas that one dared not wander into.  However, these mostly seemed to happen in certain areas only and we learned to stay away from the ‘bad areas’.  As for crimes outside of these areas, it was very rarely anything more than a house break in or petty theft.  There were also the hidden crimes that happened near school yards, but this was in an era where such things were not covered by the news unless a dead body was involved.

We happened to live in one of those ‘bad areas’ where a lot of the crimes happened.  My mom finally had enough and moved us.  We went to a place where the crimes occurring were vastly reduced.  She was right to be worried and I am so glad she took the brave step of getting us out of there.  As for our current household situation, we are in a safe place.  This means that our kids are not really that street wise.  They have not really been victims of crimes other than something minor, like a stolen lunch bag.

The other trend I am noticing is that of empty churches.  These abandoned churches, now just empty buildings, dot the landscape here.  The pews used to be filled with those praising you, but now they sit hauntingly empty.  The generation before me that filled these pews are now going Home to You.  Sadly, the Word of God on their lips leave with them.  Now there is a systematic movement to shut down the voices of those who stand for righteousness and truth, Your truth, the Gospel!

The world is now in a free fall.  The world is falling quickly.  Where are You, Father?  Please do something soon.  Vindicate those who have died in the pews.  Show Your might.  Father, please silence the mockers.  Oh Lord, please send miracles!  Lord, so many of us need Your miracles and not for later, but now!

As just one example of many of us needing a miracle, I received word this week from my Neuro-ophthalmologist.  In summary, I now have three options for treatment.  Two of these options involve a craniotomy of the left side of my face and head.  This includes my cheek bone, forehead, brows and eye area.  The third option is to do nothing.  Well, I am opting for the third option, but also including plenty of prayer.  The first two options simply do not work for me, but the third option, waiting and praying, brings me peace.

Thank You, Father, for the ‘Do Nothing Option’!  This option is the only one that relies on complete 100% faith in You alone.  While I was saddened by the news I had received from this doctor, my daughter became excited.  I was confused at first, but then she reminded me that I would receive two ‘bad medical reports’.  Well, this is definitely the second one.  I had forgotten about this prophecy and I started to cry about it.  I cried, yet felt at peace with my decision.

Even the doctor agreed with my decision to ‘do nothing’.  While my one eye is quite painful at times, I can deal with this pain.  My eye is rubbing against the tumor when I look in certain directions.  On my last visit, the doctor expected there to be no change.  Instead, when measured and examined, there were indeed changes that he had not expected to see.  It is interesting to see a doctor then go from being very casual and upbeat to suddenly being very serious and silent.  Even his posture changed.

Anyway, I have really been struggling with a type of depression this week.  I melted down and cried harder than I have in many years.  I must have needed it.  No one could console me.  It was just a needed block of tears.  However, on the very next day, I decided to choose joy for the entire day.  I decided to smile and engage no matter how much pain I was in.  While in this upbeat mood, I decided to go into one of the thrift stores that is similar to Value Village.  When I walked in, the greeter pointed to an area.

Greeter:  “We have teacups on display for sale for Mother’s Day.  These won’t last long as they are only $5 each.  I cannot stand them and anything left unsold will probably be then thrown out.”

As his comments seemed so bitter and harsh, I had no reason not to believe that he would be throwing these things out at the end of this.  What an attitude!  I looked into the two rooms he had pointed to and I saw a sea of teacups and saucers.  They were so beautiful that they actually looked like flowers.  There had to be several hundred sets of these teacups, almost all different from each other.

Me:  “Thank you, but I don’t really collect teacups.”

Greeter:  “Well, try thinking of this as more like a gift to us as we don’t want to wrap these back up for storage again.”

Me:  “Where are these teacups from?”

Greeter:  “One of the ladies clubs just dropped them off.  They had their final ‘Transformation Tea’ on Tuesday (April 30th, 2019) and no longer had any use for them.”

I knew what club he was talking about as I saw a poster advertising people to come and attend the final ‘Transformation Tea’.  I had snickered as I knew God’s hands were behind something as unusually named as this.  I decided to gather a few sets of tea cups.  I based my selections on one criterion; that I liked how it looked.  I did not turn the tea cups over to see the makers as I just don’t have any real knowledge in this area.

I continued to look around when I saw two familiar cars pull up.  As they pulled up, I recognized them to be some pickers that frequent the area.  I have since come to the conclusion that this was not just a hobby, but their actual fulltime jobs.  One of the men that came into the store is a gentleman by the name of Gary.  He recognized me as we had run into each other before and he waved hello to me.  I waved back.

While I had already picked all of the teacups that I had wanted, a beautiful little blue teacup near the cash register caught my eye.  It was in an unusual place away from all of the other teacups.  When I lifted up the teacup and saucer to look at them, I received a mild ‘rebuke’ from the greeter.

Greeter:  “I am sorry, but this has been put aside for someone else.”

Me:  “Oh, is this for Gary?”

Greeter:  “Yes.  Gary phoned ahead and asked us to set this one aside for him.”

I laughed at myself as I now wanted this one more than the rest.  Is it not just like our sinful nature to suddenly ‘envy’ that which we cannot have?  Clearly the enemy was afoot and I prayed to the Lord to forgive me for my ‘greedy attitude’.  When I looked back at the two rooms of teacups, it was now as if a swarm of flies had descended on it.  I placed my basket on the counter, but was still in shock over the ‘feeding frenzy’.

Me:  Smiling.  “Well, I am glad that I got here early.”

Greeter:  “True, but these are ‘just teacups’!”

He signaled to one of the volunteers to come and ring me up.  After this volunteer, an elderly woman, had rung me up, she carefully wrapped each teacup piece in paper.  She had such a peaceful look on her face that reminded me of ‘the old days’.

Volunteer:  “I am so glad to see these go to a good home.  What will you do with them?”

Me:  Smiling.  “Well, I guess I will have some tea.”  We both laughed.  “These are so beautiful.  I even believe that some of these are hand painted.  However, I am not entirely sure as I don’t have my reading glasses on to check the bottoms.”

Volunteer:  “Did you know that many of these teacups are from two generations before me?  I think any of them would be so glad that these are in your hands.  You rescued them.”  She smiled.  “You should take all of them.  There are hundreds more.  The ‘final tea’ is now over and their children have no use for them.”

Hmm, this seemed prophetic.  I held back tears at how profound all of this was.  The Lord was using teacups as a lesson for all of us.

Me:  “Do not worry, I will take care of these.  They are special.  However, I really cannot buy any more of these right now.”  The greeter must have overheard as he jumped in.

Greeter:  “Don’t come back later than Monday though as I will be…”

Me:  Interrupting him.  “You will be meeting the remainders with a baseball bat, right?”

Greeter:  Laughing.  “Okay, I must admit that I am all talk.  However, what is true is that I really hate those things.”  He pointed at the teacups.  “I want them all sold!”

Volunteer:  “Oh hush now.  Let her be on her way.  These are going to a good home.  The ladies would be so happy.  However, so many of them have already gone Home.”

I thanked them and took my box of teacups.  More people were coming in the door and the two rooms with the teacups were now jampacked with people.  When I got to my car, I prayed to the Lord and thanked Him for the ‘Transformation Tea Ladies’.  I felt sad though as I had a strange feeling that the final tea on Tuesday had been sparsely attended.  Perhaps there was no one there other than the person packing up the tea cups into boxes for donation.

I then went to another second hand thrift store.  When I arrived there, one of the clerks recognized me and was excited to see me.  He pointed to an item off to the side that had not been put out yet.  It was an Adirondack chair with matching stool and side table.  These were usually so expensive, yet were on sale for only $38 for all of them.  Brand new, these are usually worth a couple of hundred dollars, so I was thrilled.  This would have normally been something I waited on, but this low a price was just unheard of.

However, my day got even better.  When I got home, I decided to look up the value of the various teacups I had just purchased.  Well, it turns out that the teacups I had chosen ‘just happened’ to be worth several hundreds of dollars.  I was in shock.  My $5 each teacup purchases were actually worth many times more than what I had paid.  I thanked the Lord for His generosity as I just knew that these teacups, then the Adirondack set, were such wonderful gifts from Him.

However, and in an unusual twist, the enemy tried to make me feel guilty for getting such an incredible deal on the teacups once I got home.  I was wondering if I had done something wrong here and went and told my husband how I was feeling.

Husband:  “Why feel guilty, Erin?  It is a gift specifically for you from Jesus.  Is it better with you or one of the uncaring ‘pickers’?”

Me:  “I am not sure.”

Husband:  “Well, I am.  They are much better with you!  If I were the original owner of the cup, I would choose someone who received joy from it, not just joy from the thrill of reselling it again.  I would choose a person who would tell the story of the ‘Transformation Ladies Tea Club’.  By you purchasing it, these will still have life and a good story to tell ‘over tea’!”

I felt in my heart that he was right.  Oh Father, thank You for Your wonderful lesson in joy.  You not only gave me joy, but also a great story.  You rewarded me with something I didn’t even know I wanted.  You gave me something I didn’t expect, all with a great story to share!  Thank You, Father.  My dream last night was very unusual…

Sub-dream 1 “The Homeless Take Over” description begins…

An old client invited me to his home in a new development.  When I arrived, I recognized many of the items I helped them purchase twenty years ago.

Client:  “Hi Erin, I am glad you could make it.  Would you like to go golfing?”

I readily agreed as I was in great health again and the weather was beautiful.  I was Transformed, but operating in ‘low beam’ mode.  As I was preparing my clubs and outfit, I heard a knock on my door.

Client:  “I guess we will need to cancel for today.  The course is having more trouble on the 17th hole.  This is also ‘Lot 17’ of the development and is near the brook.”

Me:  “I don’t understand.”

Client:  “Come, I will drive you there.”

As we drove, I could see a massive amount of drug needles, human waste and other trash.  It looked even worse than some third world countries I have seen in various fundraising commercials.  I felt a bit sick to my stomach.

Me:  “What is this?”

Client:  “Well, they have decided to claim this land and none of us are allowed to stand up to them.  Some of our children are even in the camp.”

Me:  “I am so sorry to hear this.  Have you called the police?  This doesn’t even make sense.  This golf course is private land.  It is certainly not theirs to possess!”

Client:  “I know this makes no sense, but, at this point, we are just thankful that they haven’t claimed our property yet and come into our home.”

Me:  “How is this even possible?”

Client:  “Oh, it’s possible alright.  We cannot use force to remove them.  They can live wherever they want to now.”

I then watched as a bunch of men from the camp started to run toward us.  They were clearly coming straight for us, so we quickly turned the car around and drove away.

Sub-dream 1 description over…

Received Sunday, May 12, 2019


Dear Father,

Thank You for a beautiful day here, a calm day before the storm!  It has been awhile since You called me up.  It seems like I have not been feeling very well lately.  I know You have heard this before, but this time it is different.  I am trying hard to keep a joyful heart inside me, but I cannot hide from You, Father.  You know me.  My heart breaks for the world, the lost children who are hurting and the many with dreams unfulfilled.

Perhaps the idea for this life is to keep dreams small and attainable so we are always reaching them.  However, Father, by Your very definition, by history and the miracles of Jesus and those who walked with Him, why should our dreams be small and the impossible never being possible?  What a hopeless life without dreams!  When I was a child, my dreams were my safe place.  In my imagination, dreams were attainable and good.  In these possibilities, I was not helpless and without hope.

However, after being bullied at school, I would imagine being a superhero and coming back so no one could hurt me.  I imagined a beautiful little cottage in the country with a stream, flowers and a white picket fence.  While this was unimaginable to me as our home was small, dark and scary and a place of fighting, struggles, worry and trouble, I still dreamed.  While our home was unsafe, sparse and depressing, I still dreamed.

This is why we loved playing for hours outside and away from our home.  When we later moved to a new and safer city, my mom was able to create a wonderful home for us.  This seemed to be when our family life truly began.  Unfortunately, this didn’t happen until I was 15 years old and the experience was mostly lost to me while being a typical ‘free willed teenager’.

I kind of chuckle when I think of my life as a child.  My brother and I spent a lot of time outside of the home playing.  I was, by some definitions, a type of ‘street kid’ (though not truly, as I had a home).  I spent the majority of my time playing in the street or under the BART rail system tracks.  Thankfully, playing sports back then involved little money and basically what you were wearing.  All you had to do was sign up and show up.

I was always signing up.  With school, I was always there, even when I was sick.  There was always something happening and I never wanted to miss one moment.  In my dreams, I was going to be the greatest athlete in the world.  I was going to be the most amazing reader of books.  I had plans to read them all…at the library, that is.  The world outside our home was my tablet, a place where I would sometimes even forget to eat.

I was all over the place and was often reckless.  I can only imagine all of the times my guardian angels came to my rescue!  Father, thank You for sending them to mind my careless ways.  As a child, I looked forward to the possibilities.  As an adult, I look back and reflect on what can never be again.  I have memories of looking forward.  As a Christian, I still imagine you, Father, doing something amazing, something so exciting.

I imagine being a beautiful Princess, a Bride in the Gardens of My Father.  I imagine and dream of being young and alive again, hopeful of all of the possibilities.  I imagine my own children having a real childhood with the same excitement I had as a child.  I imagine my Prince, my Lord and Savior, coming to me on a horse, white like lightning with wings outstretched, a massive sword on His side and a beautiful crown of gold.

This is what I dream of now.  I usually now cry during worship.  I cannot help myself.  I grew up never crying, but now I am always one praise song away or even one thought of You away from a salty downpour.  Sometimes they are tears of joy, sometimes of pain, sometimes of grief for another and sometimes they are tears of awe of You.

Even certain secular songs are bringing me to tears lately as they seem written with You in mind.  I am not talking about obvious ones like Crowder’s ‘Crushing Snakes’, Jeremy Benjamin’s ‘Something broke today’ or a classic like ‘The Revelation Song’.  This day, it was Chris Jones’ ‘Young Again’, Rod Stewart’s ‘Forever Young’ and I cannot seem to forget the haunting lyrics of Lionel Richie’s ‘Just for You’.

Father, it breaks my heart.  How can I dream when I have seen what I have seen?  How can I ever go back?  My children, their childhood, the trauma, blocks their happiest of memories.  All I have is photographs for evidence.  However, these can disappear, be lost or damaged, and then all is erased.  So, Father, I am asking for a miracle for them.  I have really had a full life, but my children have mostly been without adventure.

While most of my superhero imaginations have not come true for me, my children still believe.  Father, they fully believe in our greatest Superhero…You!  So then, for Mother’s Day, I ask for Your promises to begin to manifest in our children’s lives.  I have delivered three wonderful children and You, Father, have delivered all of us through Jesus.  Could You see it in Your heart to now deliver Your promises today?  Please?

Spring has finally arrived here and the trees are blossoming.  Flocks of migratory birds are in the air.  Our lawn is almost in need of a mow.  The winter was long.  Spring is late and short.  Summer comes with a vengeance and the beauty of fall is fleeting.  Then comes winter once again.  When, Lord?  When will You fulfill My dreams?  I know You love me and even more than I can imagine, but I really feel that now is the time!

You have made me with the heart of a child again, but my body is that of an older woman.  I long to be in Your presence with the breath of Heaven.  I long to drink from the beautiful River of Life.  However, I know that we must work for You here on Earth before we get there.  Father, we are ready for the first step.  Oh Lord, my vessel is aching to be strengthened for the next step.  However, it is not just me, but so many others, here on the Nest and elsewhere…

Jesus:  “Erin, come up.”

I was on the overlook in God’s Garden and could see the beautiful River of Life past the meadows and flower fields.  The abundance of animals and birds living there, all without fear of a predator, is too amazing to describe properly.  It is the most peaceful thing you could ever imagine.  I could see baby animals with their mothers.  Heaven is truly a place of new birth and new possibilities.

A thought then popped into my head, ‘Hmm, if nothing dies here, then how big must Heaven truly be?’  While the City of God, the New Jerusalem, has a measure, Heaven seems immeasurable, at least from my tiny perspective.  As I looked over the horizon and admired the size of Heaven, I saw a massive eagle flying in the sky towards me.  I could see it soar.  It was starting to circle down towards me.

The eagle was breathtaking and each wing seemed to be 14 feet in length.  It then flew past me and out of sight.  I sighed and so wished that I had my camera handy.  As I continued to search for it across God’s beautiful valley, I heard the ruffling of feathers behind me.  I turned to look and was startled to see this massive eagle now landed on the ground right behind me.

His feathers shimmered of bronze.  His white feathers on his head were like a beautiful iridescent pearl.  His beak and talons were of shimmering gold. I then saw something I did not expect…his eyes were a stunning blueish black.  I have never seen a bald eagle with eyes other than yellow and black.  His blue eyes shimmered like jewels.  The eagle turned from me as if to fly off.

However, the eagle instead stretched out his wings and motioned me with sound and a gentle flap of his wings to climb aboard.  I didn’t have to be asked twice!  I knew it was time to mount up on the wings of this eagle (Isaiah 40:31).  I giggled when I noticed how very small I was compared to this massive eagle.  Once I was on, and in a heartbeat, he turned and soared off the overlook and over the valley.

The eagle flew westerly and then circled to the south.  I was now looking over the river near the rocky outcropping and waterfall.  I could then see Jesus there.  He and the angels were still filling vessels with water from the River of Life.  I found it curious that it was taking so long to fill these vessels and apply His signature.  After all, could He not just do this with a simple wave of His hand like He said He could?

I became excited when I noticed that the eagle was circling lower to drop me off with Jesus and the other angel ‘workers’.  We came up to a clearing and landed.  I quickly jumped off the eagles back.  Before running to Jesus, I thought I would give the eagle a hug of thanks.  I wrapped my arms around his head and kissed him.  When I looked into his eyes, he seemed happy, even though he still had that serious look all eagles do.

As I thanked him for the fun flight, he stretched out his wings and went up into the air.  He circled the area a couple of times, but he was soon out of sight.  I quickly turned in the direction of Jesus to see what was happening.  I looked down towards the bank of the River and there were still so many vessels to be filled and signed.  Confession time!  I was very disappointed as I really had wanted Him to be finished already.

Jesus smiled at me and waved for me to come over.  I didn’t have to be asked twice.  I ran over to Him immediately.  He signed a vessel, filled it and then handed it off to an angel.  The angel then took the vessel and flew off as fast as the eagle just did.

Jesus:  “Erin, where have you been?”

Me:  “You know, Lord…not exactly ‘to and fro’ though.”

He reached over and took my hand.  He then brought me to Him to hug Him.  He was so happy and upbeat that I could not help but smile.

Jesus:  “I missed you.  I am glad you are here.”

Me:  “I am thankful, Lord.  I am thankful to be here.  Thank You!”

Jesus:  “It was a beautiful sight to see you soaring on the eagle.”

Me:  “Yes, it was wonderful.  I only wish it was on Earth as it is here in Heaven with You.  Nothing I write or say of what I see around me can adequately capture the wonders of You, Lord, or this beautiful place You prepared for us here.”  I began to cry.

Jesus:  “What is wrong, Erin?  Did you not enjoy the beautiful view of spring here?  It is fall season on the southern part of the Garden.  Perhaps you would prefer that?”

Me:  “Oh wow, that’s cool.  I forgot that this Garden is in the four seasons at all times.  Oh Lord, it is just that…well…I am just discouraged!  I want so much to have all You have shown me come to pass.  I want to live to see it.  There are some days now that I even welcome death so that I can be here.  However, I mostly want to begin our fight on Earth in our Transformed state.  I want to live to see the miracles, but…”

Jesus:  “Ah, I see…you are once again discouraged by time.  Have I not even allowed the scuttling of time by your clocks so that you would stop focusing on that which you do not have control over?”  He smiled and laughed.

Me:  “Lord, this has been Your Will the whole time?”

Jesus:  Laughing.  “Tell Me about all of your clock troubles.”

Me:  “Well, I have five little clocks in my office.  One is battery operated and is always behind about an hour.  One is running too fast and moves ahead about five minutes each day.  I have this ‘eight-day clock’ that is two hours and 20 minutes fast.  The little hand painted porcelain clock keeps accurate time, but the chime is off.  When twelve noon strikes, it only rings out five chimes instead of twelve.  It is way off.  I then have two that are overwound and look good, but do not move.  One is frozen at 3:00.  The other is buried with things in front of it.”

Jesus:  “Yes, but one day soon, all of those clocks will give the correct time.  However, you are forgetting one of your clocks.  What about the massive clock over your head that has been there for four years?”

Me:  “Oh yes, I forgot about that one.  I probably left this one out by accident as I now view it as only a wall decoration.  One of the screws came loose and it has never been the same again.”

Jesus:  “Well then, Erin, don’t get hung up on time or on what you perceive as a lack of it.  I have not given you the limitations you have.  However, you can only gain accuracy by what My Word says the days will be like.  You are unable to guess all of this.  Why?”

Me:  “I don’t know.”

Jesus:  “Well, I do.  It is because only My Father knows the day or the hour.  You can only conclude that the final hour is upon the Earth by the signs.”

Me:  “Yes, Lord, but I am not looking for ‘that time’.  I already know that this is a time of mystery.  Right now, I am looking instead for the time of our Transformation, the time of the great harvesting of souls.  This will be a time like no other in history, a time of Your miracles manifested, a time of Your arrows being pulled out of Your quiver.  This will be ‘The Great Day of Change’, Your filling of these vessels.  Will we not be like the mighty men of valor of old?  Will we not be displaying awesome deeds?”

Jesus:  Laughing.  “Oh, you meant ‘that day’.”

Me:  Smiling as I knew that He knew what I meant.  “Yes, Lord, ‘that day’, that ‘Great and Terrible Day’ of Yours.”

Jesus:  “If I were to disclose the date of this to you, then Your enemy would also know.  Erin, you must trust in how I am doing all of this, okay?  In the meantime, have you not been sustained and cared for?”

Me:  “Yes.”

Jesus:  “Have you been hungry or lacked clothing?”

Me:  “No, Lord.”

Jesus:  “Have your flat tires been repaired?”

Me:  “Yes, Lord”  (We have had two flats in the last 12 months.)

Jesus:  “Well then, Erin, surely you can let Me finish My good work here.  Hmm, perhaps you would rather have Me skip out on the rest of these?”  He pointed at the yet to be filled vessels as He smiled at me.

Me:  Laughing.  “Oh goodness no!  Please, no!  Please finish!  I am sorry, Lord, so sorry!  I am just impatient because of the pain I am in while waiting for Your timing.”

Jesus:  “Erin, this wait has been even longer for Me.  Many of My saints have gone to the Courts of God, at His Altar, and cried out.  I have just begun to unfold many mysteries in this final hour, things which have been hidden for a very, very long time.  The evidence is mounting and each day brings another answer to prophecy.  Please understand that you have been given some revelation, but not all of it.

“I have purposely only given enough to peak your desire to look and watch for it.  I did this so that, when all things occur that I have told you in advance would come to pass and your King is glorified, you will then understand why I have done it in the way that I have.  Erin, this is the perfect plan of God, a plan to capture the hearts of those that I have called, those who love Me.

“Though you love Me, Erin, remember that I loved you first.  One day soon, you will be as you were in your youth, but much better.  You will display awesome deeds.  You will scale a wall, but even more than this and at the proper time.  When all of this comes to pass, you will finally say, ‘It was perfect for all those called by God.’  These visions and dreams are a gift from Me.  These dreams have been hidden in plain sight for those I am readying for My purposes.”

Me:  “Thank You for these dreams, Lord!”

Jesus:  “Erin, I delight in your love for others and for your wonders like the heart of a child.  This is a treasure to Me.  Even the angels ask about you and inquire of the angels I have assigned to you and your household.”  He smiled and nudged me.  “We all run together here and are close knit.”  The angels working around Jesus nodded in agreement and waved at me.  “When you feel scared and wonder if you have been passed over, I call you to Me…

  • First, by signs in your daily walk
  • Then by wonders
  • Then I send more and more
  • I then send gifts of love
  • Then more signs
  • Then, finally, you are here
  • Erin, by using these, I call you here.”

He then downloaded a plethora of different signs He had sent to me.  There were so many just in the last few weeks.  In reality, there were almost too many to count.  The signs that were provided came in such unique ways:

  • By others, particularly those on the Nest
  • By nature and by environment
  • By songs, both secular and Christian
  • By confirmation in my Spirit to all of these

Jesus:  “I pursue you, Erin, and you pursue Me.  This is a healthy relationship.  Now, I know you become hurt when I don’t do things according to your timelines.  However, remember that I hurt when you don’t run these timelines through the One Who created them.  Perhaps it is not all about ‘your time’.”  He laughed.  “Perhaps this is why I confused your clocks…so you would consult Me.”

Me:  “Okay, okay…”  I was laughing so hard.  “Seriously though, You don’t really become hurt, do You?”

He looked at me and then over at the angels.

Jesus:  “Okay, all of you have known Me for a very long time.  Have I been hurt?  Have you seen it?”

He was smiling as the angels looked at each other and smiled.  They then looked at Jesus and each answered in various voice tones, “Yes, Lord, of course”.  They were all smiling and chuckling.  They all knew what He was referring to.  He then pointed towards me and then to all of the vessels.

Jesus:  “I took some stripes for all of you here, so, yes, Erin.”  He then showed me His hands and the scars.  “How do you think it feels when those who claim to love Me don’t even want to know Me?  How does it feel when those who claim to love Me don’t come to Me often?  How does it feel when they finally come to Me on their knees due to some tragedy, but then do not come back to Me again even though I granted their request?  How about those who come to Me faithfully, yet are cruel to those around them?”

Me:  “I am sorry, Lord.  I am guilty of expecting so much out of You.  I never want to take you for granted.  I am so sorry for doing this, Lord!”

Jesus:  Pointing at the vessels still to be filled.  “I am talking about why I have all of these here.”  He then pointed at me and hugged me.  “I am talking about why I have you here.  I have called many of you and now ask that you press into Me.  Call on Me and I will answer you.  You will hear from Me.  You are My love letters to the nations.  I have not forsaken you, but I have hidden you as an Arrow in My Quiver.  All of these vessels are My Arrows and are soon to be released.  The best wine is in these.  Now rejoice, Erin, rejoice!  I have heard your cries.  I am here with you.  I love you!”

Me:  “I am sorry, Lord.  I know I have hurt You.  I love You.  I am so sorry!”

Jesus:  Smiling.  “Do not worry, Erin, as I accept your apology and have already forgiven you.”  Laughing.  “Despite having to forgive you many times before, do I not still have you up here in Heaven with Me?  Do not worry as I do not even remember these.  Look, Erin, you are now wearing a beautiful gown and are with no blemish in the presence of the King.  Rejoice, Erin, as the King is enthralled by your beauty.”

He then reached over and plucked a nearby flower.  It was the most beautiful ‘heart of Gold’ rose that I have ever seen.  He smiled as He handed it to me.

Me:  Crying.  “I love it, Lord!  I love You!”  He hugged me.

Dream over…

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