Dream 334 – Jesus and Too Many Signs to Count

Finished Sunday, June 2, 2019

Received Sunday, May 26, 2019


Dear Father,

Thank You for dreams!  Thank You for all You have done.  Father, I look to You in everything.  I look for directions, signs and wonders in everything You do.  Nothing in this life has meaning for any of us aside from You.  Everything is a chasing.  A person could work their whole lives, do all the right things according to the world, could have the right investments and be fully insured…

…however, when that one tragic event occurs, or even a series of them, life can quickly turn.  There are so many things that could occur to change the dynamics of a person’s life, things such as an injury, an incurable disease, old age or dementia.  At times, time moves faster than our plans can take shape:

  • One family endures great loss, but they love You. Your Name is spoken in faith at their table.  Still, they do not appear by the world as blessed or privileged by You.  They have many tests allowed by You.
  • Another household lives next door to this family, yet thrives with great material wealth. They have great status and have help grooming their grass and maintaining all outward appearances.  Their children are given the best of everything the world has to offer.  When the storms come, their houses are spared and they even prosper off of the losses of their neighbors.  They do not seem to have any tests from You.

Father, these wealthy neighbors have no need for You.  Their hearts are far removed from the things You offer.  The wicked prosper.  The wicked avoid, and often even mock, those who love You and serve You.  While this doesn’t always make sense to us, I know that You do all things for the good of those who put their whole hearts into loving You.  I love You, Father!

Our blessings because of You are greater than the storms of life which seek to destroy us.  You allow these troubles and losses in order to bring us in complete mercy to You.  We then seek You in all things.  You also allow our troubles as a measure of how others treat Your people.  You call Your angel with the great plumb line to measure the level of man’s love to those who experience troubles.

Here, I am mocked by our neighbors below us.  I am tired of it.  I know it is not just my imagination.  I sometimes use a walking cane to stabilize myself, especially in the morning when I walk outside to feed the small animals.  I have experienced the scoffing laughter in their cars as they drive by when they see me.  They don’t think I see them, but I do.  I just turn away, but it also sometimes makes me cry.

Father, there was a time when that would not happen.  I know there are others who wonder ‘where is her God now?’  However, I know, Father.  You are here and You take every note.  You see every injustice.  You restore what was lost and You return all that the enemy has stolen.

The storms in the middle part of the USA are raging over all the areas of my family’s roots.  One house stands, another is gone.  One college girl survives, another is gone.  Oklahoma, Missouri, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas and other states are being hammered by unstable air.  This is creating unbelievable tornadoes.

I read one of the horrible comments made on this.  A person wrote:  “Why would anyone with half a brain live in these areas?  Why should the rest of us have to pay for it?”  Wow, let their own words condemn them, Father.  The judgments by the wicked here are so brutal.  Father, You give and You take away.  Blessed is Your Name and great is Your works…

  • Some people who chase after You will never see Your blessings manifest here
  • Some people have gained and lost and gained again and see Your blessings and miracles
  • Some people You have raised up to be a blessing as they are fully aware that everything comes from You

These are Your people.  You love everyone of us.  We must pray for protection for each other.  We must never become angry when we are passed over in favor of another.  We must never become jealous over what someone else has.  We need to remember that You are the Author and Finisher of our race.  You are the Determiner of our days and the Lover of our souls.

In this world, there is a price, a cost, for living on this Earth.  There is almost always a lender and a borrower, a landlord and a tenant.  One thing is certain…the costliest investment in this life is You, Father.  It is not an easy life for a follower of Jesus and it does not matter if you are rich or poor.  Our reward is in Heaven and our reward is with You, Father.

We press on daily in full faith knowing that we are ground troops in the battle for Your Kingdom against all that comes against us.  There are days when my physical body is not in sync with my mind.  My mind has lofty plans, great ideas and a mission to fulfill.  My body has its own ideas.  My body wins against my will at times.  Lately, even small things cause great upheaval.

I must admit I wonder if I will see Your promises in this life as I had hoped.  I am scared, Father.  I am surrounded by date watchers and I must confess that I am a date watcher too.  I love a great date on Your calendar, as well as patterns leading up to them.  So many align with the prophecies in the Bible.  I stay looking for You even when the better dates come and go.  Your timing has and always will be…perfectly Yours.

Received Sunday, June 2, 2019


Dear Father,

Thank You!  Thank You for another day.  You have enriched our lives by leading us in Your way, not ours.  The ‘Way of Yahweh’’ is a difficult personal path, but it is also enriching, rewarding and even adventurous.  A life of surrender to God’s path is a journey of trust in something we cannot see.  It is a journey where we know that He is there, despite the lack of ‘visible and natural’ spiritual manifestations.

Even so, we know that He is there, so we believe.  No matter what happens, we believe this His good and perfect Will for us will be manifested through the trials, tests, storms, caves, deserts and dead ends in our journey.  I love You, Father.  I know how I came to You.  I understand how this painful process of refinement was necessary to bring me here.  I am just in awe every day about how You can take someone like me and gently guide me down this path of life…well, in reality, not always ‘gently’.

I am still on a type of fast that I am anticipating to continue for forty days.  Because of my health issues, I decided to create a different type of fast.  For forty days, I am staying away from indulgent foods, fast foods, sweetened foods, grains and starches.  I am also trying to avoid things that I partake in when severely under stress, things such as fats, sugars and other harmful ingredients.  Today marks the 11th day of the fast.

While this fast has not been an easy one so far, at least I have felt clearer headed and have had more energy.  I am joyful.  I have also been praising God more often through worship and prayer.  I am also believing for others who are burdened and suffering because I just know that You are the Father of all miracles and have them too.

On Thursday night, I had a very vivid dream.  I then had another vivid dream, a shorter one, on Friday night.  They were such awesome dreams that I remember them clearly.

Sub-dream 1 “A Stage Show Starring a Tree” description begins…

I was in a youthful body.  My family, as well as my close friends, were all together in a large gymnasium with a stage.  We were gathering there in prayer for ‘The Night of the Great Reveal’.  While we were gathering, some women that we did not recognize approached us to express a desire to join us.

Woman 1:  “We are ‘Friends of the Way’!”

Woman 2:  “We would like to bless you with a positive prayer.”

All of us were so confident and excited about what God was about to do with us that we did not question these women’s request.

Woman 1:  “We need you to form a circle and hold hands.  Now, close your eyes.”

The women then started to speak over all of us.  At first, I could hear their words, but I soon couldn’t hear what they were saying.  I was now becoming sleepier and sleepier.  I then heard the Voice of the Lord instantly stir me from my slumber…

Lord:  Loudly and sternly.  “Wake up.  All of you, wake up now!”

Just then, all of us woke up.  We looked over at the women again.  While they looked kind and good when they first arrived, they now appeared evil.  We now realized that we were clearly being placed under a sleeping spell.  We stopped forming a circle and instead gathered together as a group apart from them.  The evil women did the same.  We were about to say something to them when we heard movement from the stage.

The curtain lifted and there, before our very eyes, was the most amazing sight that I had ever seen.  It was a beautiful tree planted center stage.  The entire area was lit in the most amazing of ways.  The light came from within it, above it, behind it and even from its roots.  At this point, the evil women had dropped to their knees out of fright.

As for us, we had now formed several lines facing the stage.  More of us were arriving and we were now forming lines.  We all continued to face the stage.  Stunning!  The tree had white leaves and the trunk looked like silver and porcelain.  It was living.  There was suddenly a thunder clap from above and we all cheered.  Music soon started right after.

As we stood looking at the stage, the leaves broke away from the tree in the form of small white birds.  The empty branches that remained then formed into the Cross.  The Cross was then soon adorned supernaturally with 12 fruits, each a different kind.  We all cheered and fell to our knees.  God was giving us such a beautiful show that it would be absolutely impossible for man to replicate no matter how unlimited the budget.

Sub-dream 1 description over…

Sub-dream 2 “Two Extremely Large Spiders” description begins…

There were two very large spiders.  The first one just sat there and I crushed it immediately with a large book.  While I had originally believed the second spider to just be the shadow of the first spider, it was still here.  I looked more carefully and was horrified to realize it was a gargantuan spider on the back wall of this auditorium / lecture hall.  While difficult to gauge, the sack of the spider seemed to be about two feet in diameter and the legs seemed to vary in length between 6 feet to 9 feet each.

I screamed for help to draw everyone’s attention to this entity on the back wall.  By the time they turned to look, the spider had jumped to a very large column and wrapped itself around it.  The people quickly stopped looking as they did not see the spider there.  All I knew was that this spider was not going to leave by ‘the power of man’.

Sub-dream 2 description over…

Since these two dreams were extremely clear, I just knew that they were notable and a message from You.  Father, thank You for everything.  You are so above and beyond amazing.

I also want to thank You for all of the encounters we are having with birds at our feeders and out and about.  New birds are being sent by You and seemingly daily.  We have had bright orange orioles, small ‘nugget blue’ songbirds, baby woodpeckers, hundreds of yellow finches, indigo buntings, grackles and now our hummingbirds are back.  On a sunny day, these birds look like jewels in the sun.

When I was young, I used to think people who liked birds were either old or nerds.  I admit I just wasn’t a bird feeder watcher.  That is, until I began to see how unique each bird is, how beautiful their songs, how amazing their feathers…well, the list goes on and on. However, at this point in my life, I look for God’s signs in more things than just ‘His birds’.  I also look for His signs in the following:

  • Weather events
  • Geological events
  • Astronomical events, especially the sun, moon and stars
  • The activities of nature – animals, birds and all other living creatures
  • The activities of man – both through His people and the enemy’s children

Each year, I say, ‘Father, You have to be close.’  However, then another marker or date passes and I think, ‘Well, surely we have another date that seems even better!’  Oh Father, I just know that You delight in those You know are looking for You in wonder.  We are like children here.  We are small.  We have only a small part of a bigger picture.  You, Father, know all things.

You know the times and seasons.  You know!  You shelter us and keep us close.  We doubt our abilities every day, but I never doubt Yours.  You can do all things.  Father, I pray that You would soon use us.  We are at the end of our reserves.  We have been given some disheartening news.  No doors have opened for my husband.  Without Your intervention, we have to travel to see specialists in July and it takes so much out of me.

Sigh…Father, You knew in advance that we would still be in this position.  Please, Father, open that door for us.  I am tired of saying to my children, ‘I don’t know.  I am not sure.  Keep praying about it.’  In reality, I have no idea what Your timing is.  You are God and I am Erin.  I am small and You are big.  I have no answers, no plans, no course…only You do.  We, as a household, face an uncertain future and four of us are now fasting.  Father, please help us.  Father, we need encouragement!

Jesus:  “Erin, come up.”

I was immediately in front of Jesus at the banks of the River of Life in Heaven.  Jesus’ sleeves were rolled up ‘for work’ and He was filling a vessel, blessing it and sealing it.  He then handed the vessel off to an angel and off it went.  He nodded His head towards another angel and the angel tossed Him a beautiful towel.  He wiped His hands dry and came over to me with His hands out.  He held me close as I began to cry.

Me:  “Oh Lord, it seems as if I am always crying here now.  I feel so weepy.”

I felt Jesus’ laughter come from His chest as my cheek was against Him.  He pulled me away slightly so He could look into my eyes.  When He then smiled, I noticed that His teeth were perfect and white.  His skin was medium olive in tone and radiant.  His eyes were a glistening green / blue.  His facial features were chiseled and strong.  He is perfectly Jesus.  He is perfectly God.  His personality is amazing.

When I am here, He treats me as He would a daughter, a friend or someone really close to Him.  He loves unconditionally.  When He looks at me, I can sense His approval of me.  There are times I have said the wrong thing about a matter, but His correction is always gentle.  He is always relaxed and in control.  He carries Himself with the confidence that One would have when You already know the outcome of a story.

His smile fills me with such joy as to be indescribable.  He is quick to comfort.  He is gentle, but firm to correct us.  He is engaging, warm, funny and fascinating, all in one.  He makes me feel as if I am the only one that matters when I am with Him, yet He makes each person feel the same way just because He can and just because He is God.  His guidance and ability to see everything, past and future, is unparalleled.

Me:  “Oh Lord, I wish that everyone could see You like this.  You are perfect.  So many would adore You like I do.  You are my Best Friend.  You are everything to me.  You would never harm me.  You are my Defender, my Counselor and my Rock.  I love You!”

Jesus:  Smiling.  “Oh Erin, while I know you are enduring so much, please continue to hold fast.  There is hope on the horizon.  Look…”

He pointed to the two long lines of vessels that remained for Him to fill, sign and have delivered.  I began to try and count how many were left.  He laughed and shifted my focus back to Him.

Jesus:  “You will be here a bit if you continue…”

Me:  “I am sorry, Lord, I was just hoping…well, I was…well…”  I let out a sigh.

Jesus:  “I know, Erin.  I know your concerns.  I know all your dreams.  I have heard your prayers and those you pray for.  I plan on answering them all as they are good.  Please be diligent and continue on the course you are on.  If you wonder about something or someone, just ask and I will answer immediately.  When you call out, I will answer.  I will send help from the angels.  See, one of the angels even threw Me a towel.”

He pointed behind me and I turned to look.  The angel that had thrown Him the towel was laughing.  However, there was also an entire army of angels now behind me.  What a stunning sight.  They were all smiling at Jesus and me.  The angel that threw the towel was now so mighty looking that I figured he had to be an archangel.  The other thing that made me think this way was that he had different armor than the rest.

Jesus:  “My angels are greater than any army known of on Earth or in Heaven.”

Me:  “I am glad he was throwing You the towel instead of You ‘throwing in the towel’!”

They all laughed at my tongue-in-cheek joke.  I now felt so comfortable with all of them that I decided to ask Jesus and all of them an odd question.

Me:  “May I ask all of you what you talk about together when I am not here?”

They all laughed again.  Jesus smiled and looked at me with such kindness.

Jesus:  “Well, much the same as friends who have stories to swap and have seen many things that their enemies have attempted.  See, all of us were present when the one-third (1/3rd) of the angels were cast out.  There are things which we still talk about.  It was a difficult thing for Heaven as we all had gathered together with My Father.  We were close.  There are things that are happening today, and even as we speak, that we also talk about.  Erin, there is still much you do not understand, but, one day soon, you will.  Just know that we are not just quiet up here while the world suffers.”

Me:  “Please, Lord, I still want to know more.”

Jesus:  “Do you not currently have enough on your plate?”

Me:  “No, no, no, please, Lord, I am fine.  Yes, I have enough on my plate.”

Jesus laughed and so did all of the angels.

Jesus:  “Just know that God, My Father, knows all things and has given Me charge over all.  You are under My care.  I will order angels concerning you to guard you in all you do.  Now, there is much activity in the world.  There are wars, rumors of wars and the like.  However, do not worry as I have not forgotten you.  I will help you from My Sanctuary.  The doors will soon open in ways you think not.  The way this will happen is much better than if you had stepped out on your own.  I know what you need before you ask.  I will even throw you that towel before you need it, but at the right time.

“Now, there are many out there who are declaring a matter to provoke Me.  They are trying to do this by using manipulation.  This is wrong.  God cannot be manipulated.  I know your need and I will bless you.  However, to those who provoke Me to anger by putting out a fleece and making demands, they must repent and humble themselves.  I am not conjured in ceremony.  I show up when you call Me, as well as those I call friend.  Where two or more are gathered in My Name, I also come.  Erin…”

I became frightened and interrupted Him without realizing I had done so at first…

Me:  Trembling.  “Lord, Your face has become so serious…”

Jesus:  “Erin, pray for the land, as well as the leaders I have placed in power.  When the wave of truth sweeps over the land and the enemy of the people is exposed, there will be great anger in the land.  This time is very soon.  There are also several plots in place to destroy Jerusalem and those who support her.  Continue to pray, Erin.”

Me:  “I was down by the water last night and, right there in front of me, a young eagle swept up a fish it had caught.  It then landed on top of a ‘Danger Sign’ in order to eat it.  When I saw this, I just laughed as I knew this had to be a sign from You, Lord.”

Jesus:  “When I send signs, look at the conditions.  Perhaps the young eagle represents those I have called, those who are catching fish while perched on a ‘Danger Sign’.”  He laughed.  “Perhaps instead the harvesting will continue in the midst of danger and, during this time, you will be like that young eagle.”

Me:  “I would like that!  The eagle had no fear of me.  He was big and strong.”

Jesus:  “You encountered something else on the way to the place of eagles.  Tell Me about what happened.”

Me:  “Oh yes…a fox ran across the road and, a second or two later, there was a skunk.”

Jesus:  “So this occurred before the young eagle sighting?”

Me:  “Yes.  This happened within minutes of each other.”

Jesus:  “About twenty minutes, right?”  He smiled.

Me:  “Yes.  Are the timing of these sightings also a sign?”

Jesus:  “Erin, you could spend an eternity reviewing signs.  Be at peace instead as, when a sign comes that is clearly from Me, you know it, right?”

Me:  “Yes.  That was all a sign.”

Jesus:  “Yes, but so were the eight eagles, the oriole and your other discoveries.  I am the God of signs and wonders.  It is written.  You will see so many signs in the news, signs like never before.  Why?  It is because I have called My vessels to ready and prepare themselves for service.  There is a war in the heavenlies and the fall out is now visibly manifesting in events on Earth.

“Even though I will often make these signs so clear that there can be no mistake its from Me, yet still so many are blind.  There are flood waters across areas that have never seen flooding before.  Levies have been breached.  Bridges will be thrown down.  The land is being portioned up and humbled.  The arrogant lands will be shaken.  Fire will strike from Heaven, all as the enemy is stirred.  Still, Erin, please do not be afraid.”

Me:  Sighing.  “Thank You, Lord, but I had hoped…”

Jesus:  “Stop, Erin.  For now, you cannot know with certainty the timing of all of this.  This is good and by My design.  Now, there is a reason that the land is being prepared.  These things are already occurring right now, not way out into the future.  As such, please do not be discouraged.  While the enemy has a plan in place, My plan is much greater.  Now, do not worry about this unless I place it on your heart at the proper time.  For now, rejoice, young eagle, My Bride, and let’s find some fresh fish.”

He smiled at me with an infinite kindness (hard to describe) as He reached for my hand.

Dream over…

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