Dream 357 – Our Engagement Banquet is almost here

Received Sunday, September 15, 2019


Dear Father,

Thank You for this beautiful day here!  The leaves are changing.  While it is not fall quite yet, the temperatures have been very cool lately.  I am so thankful today, Father.  I am thankful for You.  We went to church service last night and listened to the new pastor of the church.  This new pastor is actually the son of the recently retired pastor.  It was hard for me.  As I listened to the message, I felt it barely scratched the surface of who You really are.  Hmm, quote time…

“Because You have been preparing us for the extraordinary, we have now been ruined for the ordinary!” – SparrowCloud9

You have taken me to many places.  You have granted me access to places I never thought were possible.  While I had imagined Heaven in my mind before these dreams began, it is so much more than our mind is even capable of imagining.  You have extended the pegs to my tent and stretched me.  It was only possible because I had emptied myself of my own presumptions and expectations.  I allowed You to fill me.

I remember that late spring/early summer day in 2012 after my difficult weekend when I went for a drive alone.  I opened all of the windows of my car and put my arm out the window so that I could feel the wind as I drove.  I said to You, Father, ‘What good has my life been?  I never accomplished my dreams.  I did a lot of things and worked in many different jobs, but I never quite got there.’

Yes, I knew a little about a lot of various things, enough to carry conversations with almost anyone, but this was just not enough.  As I drove down this desert road on a Friday night as the sun was setting over Snake Mountain, so many thoughts came into my mind.  Does any of this matter?  If I died on this road tonight, would anyone, other than my children, really miss me?  I continued to drive, playing my music loudly.  I then heard You call out to me…‘Be Still!’

Me:  Instead of ‘being still’, I replied to You.  “Yes, Lord, but I have been stripped of everything.  My dignity, pride, friends, money and social status are all gone now.  All I get now is criticism from other Christians.  I am like a leper to everyone else.  What was my crime, Father?  What did I do?”

I then got on my knees and started to pray.  I wept until there were no more tears and I could not sleep.  My grief made my heart skip and even it was now failing me.  I then heard You again call out to me…‘Be Still!’

I then went home and walked my dog Zoey.  After coming back home and doing some organizing, I sat in my chair and felt so lonely.  My children were at their dad’s home this particular weekend.  It was so quiet in the house without them.  I would then attend Saturday night service at Bethel Church.  I would then go home.

However, on this particular Saturday night, a series of prophetic dreams would begin.  While I did not write them down at first, I felt prompted to start journaling them as they became clearer.  I still soon became even more concerned…‘Father, after all this time, now people are going to think I am delusional.’  As a result, I was very careful to keep these dreams to myself until I finally found a safe venue to share on the internet.

Yes, I was extremely careful, and for good reason.  People are unkind to Christians that are doing anything other than ‘Standard New Age Practices’.  In some ways, Christians are even worse.  I simply did not share much with my Christian friends as I knew the backlash would be very difficult.  I kept all of these dreams to myself until I finally felt that ‘gentle nudge’ from You to finally have these posted.

Father, I am closing in on the seventh-year anniversary of You saving my life.  I now wanted to know, and I mean ‘really know’, what it means to love You.  While I heard so many people acknowledge their love for You and claim it, some didn’t seem believable and I felt a void in my heart.  I just didn’t have this greater love relationship with You.  I had now given up my personal ambitions and I wanted to know You.

I wanted to know this mysterious, elusive God, the Father.  While I knew that He was ‘always there’ back then, I just did not believe that He was ‘always available’.  I had come through the fiery furnace by Your Grace, but now what?  Well, He began talking to me directly on September 30, 2012.  Here I am, seven years later.  This is what You have done with me and I can’t thank You enough…

  • You have given me a deeper personal relationship with You
  • My journey now has meaning because I surrendered my way and chose Yahweh
  • You were patient with me and I longed to be in Your presence
  • You changed from being a name written on paper to Your signature written on the tablet of my heart
  • When I was overwhelmed with troubles of this life and avoided You, You chased me and said ‘wait, Erin, I am here…come to Me’
  • You became my best friend
  • There is nothing about me which is hidden before You
  • You have me, but You already had me at ‘Erin, come up’
  • When the world treats me as old and feeble and I begin to then reflect what I see in the mirror, I see what You reflect in me…young, strong, beautiful and without blemish…and I cry with thankfulness
  • When I am with You, I can scale a wall, climb a cliff and leap over an obstacle, all with ease
  • I can even fly on the wings of an eagle
  • When I start to think that perhaps I am just a delusional woman, You give me confirmation that Your Words are truth and Your promises remain
  • When my enemies ramp up against me, You shut them down every time
  • You make my enemies schemes come to nothing
  • When I have been struck with grief so deep that I can barely catch my breath, You are there with loving arms to hold me, speak tenderly to me and carry me through the pain
  • When I have worried about something, You still my heart and reassure me of Your goodness and kindness
  • When I have been afraid of the fire and heat in the furnace of affliction, You stood with me and held my hand through the flames
  • Who is like You, Father? Who?  No one, no god, no man.  You are great and mighty!
  • You found something in me
  • You found a broken woman with a broken heart
  • You came for me
  • You let me know You and I am forever changed
  • I am forever ruined for the ordinary because I now chase the extraordinary through You
  • Oh Father, I just love You so much

Jesus:  “Erin, come up.”

Jesus was holding the reins of His horse in His hands.  The reins disappeared as I ran to Him.  He was smiling.  This time, I was running full speed.  I jumped up into His arms and wrapped my arms around Him.

Me:  Crying.  “I love You so much.  Thank You.”

Jesus:  “I love you, Erin.”

Me:  “Lord, it has been almost seven years.  You have given me a massive gift, a large diamond, on my path.  You have unfolded a hidden treasure.  I can’t thank You enough for everything.”

Jesus:  Smiling.  “I was always with you.  I was there in every one of your dark moments.  I was right beside you.  I saw what had happened, along with things you did not see.  However, through all of it, even when you did not know to call on Me, I was there to see you through it all.”  I hugged Him again.

Me:  “All of this…the dreams, the visions, my writings…it is a miracle.  Even if the world rejects it all, it doesn’t matter.  They just need to see a glimmer of what I know about You and what Your heart is like.  Lord, I only know a very small part of Your heart and it is more than enough.  I grieve for the lost, Lord.”

Jesus:  “Erin, I did not make you responsible for the lost.  I am the Good Shepherd and I go after those I call, understand?  Not one is lost…not one.  I did not appoint you to be responsible, but it is I who controls these reins, understand?”

Me:  “I just hope that people see more of Your heart.  I just hope they see Your heart in the same ways that children do.”

Jesus:  “My Words are living water to those who choose to drink from the cup.  Some read them once or take a sip and that is enough.  Some drink a glass and spend some time reflecting on the historical significance of the text and go no deeper.  Some read it over and over, gulping down the water in the cup, but never truly tasting it.  Then there are those who read My Words in order to pick up the cup to throw it in the face of others.

“However, there is yet those of you who read My Words and seek deeper understanding.  They pray for illumination.  They pray for My Words to have life.  They then keep going deeper still, uncovering the veil from the surface and seeing the revelation within.  This is the fullness of taking a vessel to the wellspring of life and filling this to overflowing and drinking and drinking because you are thirsting for more.

“This is a hidden door presented first by a key, a story, My story.  Once this desire is placed on your heart, the Voice of the One calling in the desert is then in you knocking.  The invitation is the key.  The key then unlocks the door, understand?  You took the path not knowing where it would take you, but, trusting in the Father’s plan, My plan.  You then saw the door.  However, you did not enter until you saw the invitation.

“You were then given a key.  This key unlocked the door…”  He smiled.  “…to My heart, My tablet, My table, My dinner.  I then gave all of this to you.  You were not just My guest or My friend, but you were even more.  You sought Me as a Bride running after her Groom.  There were days I wished that you would come, but you did not.  There were days in which you did come, but you were speechless.

“Yes, being ‘speechless’ is a difficult thing, right?”  He laughed as He lovingly nudged me.  “There were days when you came broken and battered, but you still came.  My love for you is unconditional.  I love you and I am always glad to see you.  While you judge yourself harshly, I do not.  While you still do not see what I do, I see a finished vessel.  You will see, very soon, all that I do and your joy will be complete.

“Erin, I have filled your vessel with good things and I have not left you.  You have put My Words into practice.  You have been broken for the lost.  You have prayed and interceded and I have answered your prayers.  While some of these have been answered in a way you think not, others are still continuing.  However, know this…what I have given you is more of Me.

“In turn, I have sent others who I have called, those who want more too.  I have given keys to them to unlock more of Me through My Words.  Those who seek Me with their whole heart will be found by Me.  I am here.”  He smiled.  “The invitations have gone out.  Who will come to My dinner banquet?  Who will walk through that door?

“Will it be those pastors that are more concerned about filling their pockets with silver?  Would they throw away their selfish desires to humble themselves before Me?  Which one of them believes themselves most worthy?  I will tell you…all of them believe they are more worthy than you.  While I have sent the invitation out, they do not bother to open them.  I even signed them.  They therefore do not have a key to walk through My door”

Me:  “But their hearts appear to be good.”

Jesus:  “This is different than what you think.  Yes, Erin, they believe their works will unlock the door.  Do not worry though as most of these are Mine.  They just won’t have deeper knowledge of Me until more is revealed.  However, some of these were never Mine and are tools of the enemy.  They are tools of the blacksmith.  However, even these are used for the good of those who love Me.

“Now, I have given you much to uncover here and perhaps even some answers to the questions you might have.  However, know this…I have something wonderful prepared for those I have called…or sent invitations to.  That is, those who actually opened the envelope.”  He laughed.  “So, we must celebrate at the banquet.”

Me:  “Wait?  What?  Lord, are we being raptured?  I thought the wedding banquet was for the rapture.”

Jesus:  Laughing.  “Well, Erin, think of this banquet as more of an ‘engagement’ dinner.”

Me:  I jumped up and down in excitement.  “This is even better!  Thank You, Lord!  Yes, our ‘engagement’ dinner is finally almost here!  ‘Engagement’ seems to be referring to our assignments finally beginning.  Perhaps ‘engagement’ could also be used as in ‘activate’?  Oh wow, this is awesome!  I can’t wait!”

Jesus:  Still laughing.  “Hold on, Erin, hold on.  Don’t fly ahead of Me, little warrior sparrow.  Let Me…”  The reins again appeared in His hand.  “…have this.  Rejoice, Erin, as I find your words pleasing and your vessel is obviously overflowing.”  He then smiled, shook His head, crossed His arms and put his fingers on His chin in a quizzical manner.  “Now, does it seem like seven years?  Hmm, seems like only a week has gone by.”

Me:  Laughing.  “Oh no, Lord, please don’t add another week to this!”  He knew that I was just kidding.

Jesus:  Smiling.  “Did you mean ‘please don’t add another seven years’?”  Laughing.  “Do not worry, Erin, as My promises are true and I will not forsake you.  Now, come, we have a banquet to plan for our guests.”

He turned towards me and reached for my hand.

Dream over…

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