Dream 356 – New Shirt, New Shoes, New Service

Received Friday, September 6, 2019


Dear Father,

It is a beautiful day here today!  Thank You.  The hurricane will be arriving sometime tomorrow morning.  My older daughter’s class trip was cancelled due to the uncertainty of what this storm may bring.  Sigh…I spoke with both of my daughters about storms on the way to school this morning.  Father, You have told me many times that You use these storms to draw attention to Your power and to humble the proud.

My daughters and I then started to discuss different ways God could use this storm and different ways we could pray for all of this to unfold.  We talked about whether it was better to pray for cover over our household or to have the storm be diverted or even dissipated completely.  Yes, I know You have the power to divert the storm.  You can move it out to sea.  If You wish, You can stop the storm in its tracks.

Simply stopping this storm would be wonderful for all who know You and love You.  However, this does nothing for those who fail to see You at work in the world today.  Knowing that all is done in Your Will and, given the uncertainty of the track, but really Your track, we will prepare for the storm and take down things that could become airborne.  I pray that this storm passes over us or, better yet, misses us completely.

Today, Father, I feel as if I have very little value to our kids.  They look to us for evidence of Your miracles and often ask us ‘when?’  I understand this as I do this with You too.  When I was their age, it seemed like the days just dragged on.  Road trips seemed to take forever to get there and holidays couldn’t come soon enough.  When things are not going well for one or more of our children, the questions on God’s timing tend to ramp up.  Yes, I fully realize that my husband and I also do this with You.

When I was driving home today after dropping off the girls at school, I stopped to take a photo of some Holstein cows that were resting near some beautiful sunflowers.  This made me happy.  I then drove a bit further and noticed a beautiful tree with orange and red leaves shining against the bright blue sky.  This made me unhappy…smiles!  ‘Argh!’, I cried, ‘Fall is here!  Oh no, fall is here!’  While I usually love fall as it is my favorite season, I am simply not ready for it to arrive yet.

With my husband’s interview on the horizon, I have been worried about his suits.  We literally dusted off the shoulders of his suits as they have been sitting there unused for so long.  After trying a bunch on, we finally found a couple of suits that would work.  I recently won an auction for some white dress shirts that have yet to arrive, but I pray they will fit.  While some may frown on us for this, we are also going to look at consignment shops to see what they may have.  Nothing wrong with ‘gently used’!

Oh Lord, please help us as we look to find the perfect suit, tie, shirt, socks and other items.  I would really love to find this in an unlikely place for ‘cheap’, but high quality, because a men’s suit store can charge up to $200 for just a tie.  This is obviously out of our realm right now.  I also pray that the seamstress can adjust my husband’s suit pants for one of his suits.  I pray we supernaturally find all that we need at a very low price.

Better yet, I will take a lesson from my older daughter’s ‘direct prayer approach’!  Father, we need healing today!  We look worse for the wear now and could use Your supernatural transformation prior to this big day.  Father, we need some miracles at every turn.  I pray this in Your Son’s Mighty Name, in Jesus’ Name, Amen!

Sub-dream 1 “My husband’s new pair of shoes” begins…

My husband came home and showed me a brand-new pair of shoes that he had just purchased.  Anyone who knows my husband knows that this had to be part of a dream as he simply does not go shopping for himself…ever…smiles!  He was preparing for a new adventure and he wanted to kick it off with some new shoes.

Me:  “Wonderful!  You will be able to hit the ground running in those!”

We both laughed.  We then held hands to say a prayer…

Both of us:  “Father, we pray that this is a blessing as beautiful are the feet which bring Good News!”  (Romans 10:15 and Isaiah 52:7)

Sub-dream 1 over…

Oh Father, please bless my husband with supernatural confidence, strength and joy.  May he be a blessing to others as he has been a blessing to all of us.  Please let this huge open-door lead to this wonderful opportunity. Please forgive me for my worry!

Jesus:  “Erin, come up.”

Jesus was laughing.  He was once again holding the reins to His horse.  The horse bayed as if he was laughing.  He then struck his front hoof in a front to back motion on the ground in what seemed to be a comical fashion.  I laughed.  I then could not wait to run into Jesus’ arms.  At first, I reached down for the hem of my dress, but I then quickly dropped it with a laugh.  I ran straight into His arms and He hugged me.

Me:  “Thank You, Lord, for dreams.  I believe this was a good one.”

Jesus:  “Yes, but this still seems to be your month of worry.  Why?”

Me:  “Right now, I see more going out than coming in.  There are big changes coming and things seem to be up in the air.”  As I said this, I threw my hands up in the air in an exaggerated motion.  “I just wish we were all changed already, Lord.  As a household, we are ready for whatever adventure comes next.  I feel in my heart that a door will soon be opening for my husband and I am thankful.”

Jesus:  “Hmm, but why are you so downcast?”

Me:  “I don’t want to be alone again.  I will miss my husband.  While I am not thinking this separation will be for the long term, I just don’t know right now.”

Jesus:  “Well, Erin, where are My hands?”  He was laughing as He was now holding the reins with His hands held behind His back.  “No matter where I am or what you are unable to see or witness, you now know that I am in control, right?  Your home is now prepared for service.  Your dream revealed that your husband is the head of your family, but that I am the head of your household.  This is also correct, right?”

Me:  “Of course, Lord.  ‘Yes’ to both.”

Jesus:  “So, your family is about to begin a spiritual adventure, a new adventure, together, Erin, and I am with you.  This dream was a good one.  Do you remember having a dream not long ago about purchasing new shoes with your friend and then going out to do My work in them?  Before that, your feet were bare as you walked in My presence.  However, I am now calling you into greater service.  New shoes mean a new state of being and this is good.  Now rejoice.  Remember to be strong and take courage for I am with you.  Now, what am I holding here?”  He smiled.

Me:  Laughing.  “The reins to Your horse.”

Jesus:  “I might have to show you this a few more times until it is etched on your heart.”  He laughed.  “Erin, I love you.  I am here and I am with you.  Oh yes…and I am who I say I am.  New Shirt, New Shoes, New Service…done!”

I laughed so hard as I knew this was a play on a common restaurant sign that tells people with no shoes or no shirt that they cannot come in.  Replacing the slogan ‘No Shirt, No Shoes, No Service’ with ‘New Shirt, New Shoes, New Service’ was just so humorous to me that I am laughing as I write this down.

Dream over…

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