Dream 365 – Walking on Water with Jesus

Received Sunday, October 27, 2019


Dear Father,

Thank You for another day!  Thank You for pink and blue sunrises.  Thank You for the fresh promise of the breaking dawn.  Most of the leaves have fallen off of the trees here as the trees begin to fall asleep for the winter.  The small animals and birds are fortifying their nests in pine trees and are preparing for the changes that cold weather brings.  It is beautiful here.  Thank You for our place that is like a tiny slice of Heaven here on Earth.

Last week was an extremely disappointing week.  So many things which had promise either never came to pass or, more accurately, doors failed to open and some were even slammed shut.  On my way to take the girls to school on Wednesday morning, the front passenger tire went flat.  Because of the volume of cars switching out to winter tires right now, we had to wait a while for ‘our turn’.

We then discovered that all of our winter tires were very worn, so we ended up switching out all of them.  Thank You, Father, for new tires!  We also needed a new inspection sticker, which we easily passed once we had the new tires installed.  While waiting, we had to rent a car for two days.  Well, it wasn’t a car, but rather a massive truck.  It was all they had left.  It was difficult to drive and hard on me physically.

I have never understood rental car places.  There are often dozens of cars there, yet ‘only one is available’.  I later drove by this same place several times and all of the same cars were still just sitting there.  This felt dishonest to me.  This all happened the day after we had torrential rains.  It rained for eight hours and never let up.  I was soaked several times and it seemed like I could never get dry.

On the same night of the rains, I was called to pray on prayer night at the church.  When we were finished, I witnessed a few people looking at each other with a disapproving glance at my prayer.  I know it is because they do not know me as I haven’t gone through the church’s ‘Growth Track’ program.  This is their vetting process.  This made me remember how church has always made me feel unqualified.  I didn’t like it.

Thank You, Father, for vetting me in the fire of affliction.  I find that, with traditional churches, if they don’t know you, they tend to initially embrace you, but, in order for them to get to know you, you must complete a series of programs to see how you will best serve them.  While not all churches are like this, it seems as if the majority are.  Father, You have called us back to regular services again, even our children, so please protect us and keep us from the fiery darts the enemy uses other Christians to send.

My older daughter has had an extremely difficult week.  She has been interning at a ministry.  She had two teacher service days with no school and she went to help them out anyway.  Normally, no school means no intern day.  While there, she experienced a violent outburst by the leader of this organization.  He yelled at the other workers and then stormed out, slamming doors as he left.  This is a prominent local public figure.

She texted me while I was in town to ask for prayer, so I phoned them and we prayed together.  It was a difficult day, but You still had the reins.  Her 18th birthday is on Wednesday and several of her friends are throwing a birthday party for her at the youth pastor’s fiancée’s home.  Last night, however, she was dealt a crushing blow.  The young man she had hoped for asked if he could bring a date to her birthday party.

This was a young man we had prayed in agreement for.  It was made worse by the few stories we know about this girl, along with her poor attitude towards my daughter.  I am quite sure that this young man is purposely turning a blind eye to this as some of his girlfriend’s posts on social media are not exactly modest.  However, my daughter’s faith is great and she brushed herself off nicely knowing that You, Father, have a greater plan in all of this than what we can see.

I have not been feeling that well over the last several days.  I have been very weak and not myself.  While we had a fun birthday for my husband, the elephant in the room was the fact that we still had not heard about this other job prospect.  I hurt so much for my family, Father.  These crushing blows after crushing blows are just so difficult to bear.  Surely, Father, this it the time for us and ‘The Year of the Lord’s Favor’ is soon to come.

The news being reported these days seems to always be bad.  In my whole life, I never thought that I would see such lies, deceptions and propaganda.  These are playing out in our everyday lives.  Corruption is everywhere and, after a while, it seems a person can just choose the narrative of lies they are most comfortable with.  Speaking of which, I was laughing about the irony of a situation recently while shopping for a pair of pants.

There were two mirrors in the changing room I was using.  One of the mirrors was the ‘skinny mirror’ and it gave the person the illusion of being thin.  The other mirror was the ‘reality check mirror’, the ‘mirror of truth’.  I wonder which mirror sold more, the illusion of lies mirror or the reality of truth mirror.  Depending on which mirror one used, I am sure it made a difference in whether a sale was made or not.

In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God.  All things were made through Him and without Him nothing was made (John 1:1-3).  And the Word became flesh and dwelt among us and we have seen His glory, glory as of the only Son of the Father, full of grace and truth (John 1:14).  Father, You are our Father of Truth and You sent the Word in flesh, truth as Your Son, our Lord, Jesus.

Jesus is all things good amongst men.  Still, lies and darkness hate truth and light.  Darkness flees because the light consumes it.  Father, You sent Your Son, the Light of the World, to us.  His light is a bright and all-consuming fire which can never be extinguished.  Today, I am so thankful for Jesus.  Thank You, Father, for truth.  In all things, You are with us, so thank You!

When we receive disappointing news, You are still there and always are.  You are never surprised and never shocked.  However, I feel Your patience for this world is waning.  Everyday is more bad news, but You continue to care for Your children with grace.  You show mercy to the lost.  In my heart, I believe You are about to do something incredible.  When You do, our disappointments will segue into something we can’t even imagine.

As we wait, we continue to press on and go from strength to strength.  Father, all of my recent dreams have consisted of me being in a new strengthened state.  This is not as I am currently, but rather my renewed self.  In these dreams, I am renewed, young and strong.  When I wake up from these, I can’t help but feel let down.  Oh Father, may our waiting soon be over.  Lord, please use us as Your arrows soon.

Jesus:  “Erin, come up.”

I was either up in Heaven or in a Heavenly Training Area, but I was not certain.  I was sitting on the shores of a glass-like lake.  In the distance, walking on water toward me, was Jesus.  Next to Him was His horse.  Jesus was once again holding the reins.  I jumped off the rock I was sitting on and ran towards Him at full speed.  Everything was going great until…I noticed that even His horse was walking on water.

Me:  “Look, Jesus, I am walking on water!”

Oops, I had become self-aware.  I looked down and went straight into the water.  It wasn’t very deep though, perhaps four feet at most, so my head was still out.  I felt discouraged as I looked up at Jesus and His horse standing right there in front of me on top of the water.

Jesus:  Extending His hand towards me.  “Come up, Erin!”

I was suddenly walking next to the Lord and His horse.  We were all now on top of the water.  Once lifted out of the water, my clothing instantly dried.  So far, this ‘immediate drying’ has always occurred (unless allowed to linger for a specific lesson).

Jesus:  “Do you understand what just happened?”

Me:  “Yes, Lord.  I took my focus off of You.  I am a bit disappointed in myself.”

Jesus:  “Yes, but more than this…you ran to Me on water, but then became aware of the magnitude of the miracle.  You then lost focus of what I was doing and became self-aware of your ‘impossible state of being’.  I called you to Me, but you soon became aware of your inability.  Now, why do I soon come with a sword from My mouth (as per Revelation)?

Me:  “You will be cutting down the nations?”

Jesus:  “Partly, but this is a surface response.  However, and more than this, the Earth is filling up with darkness.  Darkness spreads like wildfires fanned by great winds.  You are warned to be careful of what you see with your eyes.  All of you need to be careful of what you see and discerning about what you hear.

“It is not just because false prophets are arising during this time right now, although there are many, it is because the enemy has sent a fire line of confusion, distraction and lies.  He does this in order to completely remove truth from your daily lives and replace it with a new narrative.  The enemy knows the times are coming.  He knows.  He and his army are in full force and now it is no longer subtle or hidden.

“Now, remember the tongue.  My tongue is the sword of truth which cuts through the lies.  In My presence, they will be unable to lie.  This will be unmatched by any technology.  You recently encountered a realistic game that your sons play with their friends.  This is an illusion of war that is so real that the head experiences all of it.  The heart is then…”

Me:  “…desensitized?  Oh no!  Lord, are the hearts of my sons growing cold?  Oh no!”

Jesus:  “No, not for your sons or for those I have called.  They instead recognize this and are not allowing it to harden them to Me or against others.  For others though, this is a weapon.  Erin, if you knew everything that comes against you daily that have been averted by the angels I have commanded to guard you, you would be severely humbled and thankful.”  He smiled.

Me:  “Lord, I am so sorry if I ever fail to recognize all You do for me every day.  I can’t even imagine all of it.”

Jesus:  “Oh Erin, I am not here to chastise you.  I just want to let you know what the enemy schemes against all of you.  Continue to pray that your armor be fully up daily as this is wisdom.  I am here to show you that I am over all that you do.  I am with you.  I take hold of your right hand…”  He gently squeezed my hand.  “…and you walk beside Me as I am with you.  Remember, Erin, you can do nothing by yourself.

“As I see My Father Who does these things, I too do them.  The Father loves His Son and shows Him all He does and, to your amazement, He will show Him even greater works than these.  Now, Erin, believe Me that I am in the Father and the Father is in Me.  Truly I tell you, whoever believes in Me will also do the works that I have done and continue to do.

“However, you will do even greater things than these because I go to My Father and My Spirit, the Counselor, is in you.  I will do whatever you ask in My Name so that the Father may be glorified in the Son.”  He pointed to His chest.  “This means that, if it glorifies what the Father is doing through the Son to the benefit of My plans in accordance with His Will, then anything you ask for in My Name, I will do, understand?”

Me:  “This doesn’t seem confusing to me.  I will try and summarize…if I ask something that glorifies You and the Father Who works through You, putting my ‘self’ aside and giving all of my ‘self’ to Your Will, then all plans will succeed according to Your Will.”

Jesus:  Smiling.  “Well put, Erin.  Now, this is why a lump of disobedient clay is of no use to the Potter.  Your obedience is a pleasing sacrifice to Me and My Father.”

Me:  Laughing.  “Well, who would want clay with a negative mouth having a say in the Potter’s work?  While this would be funny, it would also be horrible.”

Jesus:  “Erin, the minute one tries to have a say in how they will surrender or how they will be used, they are then found unyielding or disqualified for greater use as a vessel.”

Me:  “I am sorry, Lord, as I have done this so many times.  In all that I have done, imagined or dreamed, who knows all that I have done?”

Jesus:  Laughing.  “Now, the last few times that I have called you here have been short.  Even though you expected or wanted more, you still accepted this.  Now, this is surrender…accepting what I am doing for My glory, for the glory of the Kingdom of God.  Do not worry about this though as I am training you in the way that you should go.  Erin, I love you.

“I have given you My divine ‘Growth Track’ of affliction.  Who would even sign up for this?  Very few, as you will soon see.  The Army who is called for service yields to the Commander.  There is no ‘I’ in ‘Army’, ‘Team’ or ‘Plan of God’, understand?  You will look back and see that, when you have been meeting with Me, you were either walking, running or leaping on water the entire time because of Me.”

Me:  “Of course, Lord!  This is an ‘Ah Ha’ moment!  Come to You first in all things!”

Jesus:  Smiling.  “Yes, Erin.  Now, we still have some more to do.  Come with Me.”

Jesus reached for my hand.  He was now holding the reins of His horse in one hand and my hand in the other.  We continued to walk on the water together.

Dream over…

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