Dream 367 – Jesus and the Great Measurement

Received Wednesday, November 6, 2019


Dear Father,

Thank You for another day!  I am alive and my heart beats.  We have power / electricity, running water and heat as the cold sets in.  What more could we need?  Well, Father, You know what we need before we even ask.  Just three weeks ago, we received devastating news about my husband not being selected for the position he had applied for.  Well, You know how disheartening this was.  Our house felt defeated.

However, during this time, we watched how You have blessed my older daughter.  She had been introduced to a new ministry involving broadcasting.  She was with a local Christian Radio Ministry.  There she went from being considered just someone to run errands and emptying garbage cans to someone who was on the radio.  She put programs together and designed production of radio commercials and social media.

Listeners were giving her great reviews and looked forward to her amazing prayers.  This was such an encouragement to me.  Oh Father, I had been so encouraged.  Unfortunately, something then happened, something that was of no fault of my daughter’s.  I had been asked to pray over all of them via speakerphone when the manager of the station abruptly stormed out after making a violent threat.

I then wrote a letter at the request of the other employees to the board to outline the events that my daughter had experienced, but also from Your perspective, Father.  This ministry has struggled to make ends meet and can barely pay their staff.  Well, once this letter was sent, my daughter was immediately removed and her things put in a box.  The head of the board then contacted me.

He then told me of some false accusations made against Amber by the manager in retaliation of these true allegations from the staff against this manager.  Father, please protect the people that have to continue to work under this volatile man.  When I went to You on this, You revealed that the false accusations by the manager were to divert attention away from his sinful behavior.

Now what, Father?  I am frustrated, God!  As a parent, I want to protect my child.  For them to remove her immediately after the complaint seems like victim shaming.  This comes on the heals of our losing our food in the refrigerator due to a power outage.  We easily lost around $1,200 in food.  We also needed to reschedule our plans around this as we needed to re-plan our meals.

We are now facing snow flurries outside our window as a storm approaches from the south.  After seeing the doctor on Monday, I am facing a new set of potential medical problems.  Oh Lord, I am just exhausted from all of it.  I even yelled at You, Father, so please forgive me!  I had no right.  I only see a small part of a larger picture.  Your plans are huge and I am selfish and only think about what is happening right now.

Father, almost every one of my friends are under attack right now.  It is extreme too.  I am receiving the emails and it is all over the world right now.  It seems the enemy is ramping up everywhere and we can see an increase in horrible evil.  I have been so disturbed about the Mormon women and children recently slaughtered in Mexico.  They were literally hunted down like dogs and either shot or burned alive.

The news from the mainstream media claims it was purely an accident between two rival drug cartels.  However, I just know that it was not.  I felt that the Mexican government would produce a suspect within 24 to 48 hours as a cover up.  Sure enough, supposedly just one man carried this attack out.  Well, Father, and as You know, this is a lie.  They claim to have caught him on the border of Arizona.  What lies!

Then there was the buried news piece involving Amy Robach from ABC News.  She was caught on a recorded ‘Hot Mic’ moment that ABC News had refused to release the story of a billionaire child rapist.  They did this so that they would have continued access to the Royal Family for interviews.  This was three years ago.  How many young girls were hurt over the last three years because this information had not been released?

Father, ABC News is a Disney owned corporation.  How does keeping this information a secret match with their supposed love for children.  Father, I am deeply disturbed by the state of this world.  Are You seeing all that we are seeing here?  Well, I know that this is a dumb question as clearly You see everything we do, but also so much more.  We just love You, Lord, and we can hardly wait for our calling into greater service.

Jesus:  “Erin, come up.”

Jesus was right in front of me.  He looked me in the eyes as He lifted His hand.  I could see the reins of His horse.  His horse was slightly behind Him.  I ran into His arms and began to cry.

Me:  “Lord, those Mormon children recently killed in Mexico were innocent.  They were good children.  My daughter is also innocent, but falsely accused.  She didn’t do anything but work for You.  These are Your children, children who were raised to share the Good News of You to a dark world.  They all have been harmed.  Why?”

Jesus:  “Oh Erin, thousands die senseless deaths every day.”

I stopped and decided to look at the world’s death rate.  It turns out that about 150,000 people worldwide die each day.

Jesus:  “Many of these are children.  However, they are now here with Me.  Heaven, the place I have prepared for them, is large.  The Baby Animal Garden is particularly popular.”  He hugged me as I continued to cry.  “Erin, who do you think I am?”

Me:  “The most amazing God, the God of all Creation.  You are loving.  You are strong.  I could write about You for hours, days, weeks and more, but I could still never write out all that You are.  This is because there is not enough ink in pens or paper in trees to declare Your majesty.”

Jesus:  Smiling.  “Erin, there is more to what I am asking.  When you experienced trauma, was it easier as a child or is it easier now that you are older?”

Me:  “It was easier when I was young.”

Jesus:  “I was there with you, Erin.  I am with the children.  I calm them.  I appear in the midst of them and send angels on behalf of them.  They do not suffer needlessly.  Those who inflicted harm might be haunted by sounds, images and even smells, but it is I Who brings these children to Me.  Now, do you remember when your heart stopped?  Did you feel pain?”

Me:  “No.  While I had pain leading up to it, I then went to sleep.”

Jesus:  “Well, would I not also do this for these children?  They call to Me, Erin, and I answer.  I delight in them.  I created them.  I knew their course before I gave them the breath of life.  They are here in the Garden where children laugh.  The mothers of these children are also here with Me.  They cried out to Me and I answered.  See, you must understand…they called out in distress and there they could be found by Me.  Sometimes there are also ‘new understanding moments’.”

Me:  “Do You mean reprogramming?”

Jesus:  “Well, when I meet you at the end, you either recognize Me and are humbled, casting off that which contradicts My Word, or you refuse Me and I know you not.  I tell you the truth, Erin, not one bitter word was spoken about Me by any of them.  Their faith was wholly on Me and I delivered them here.

“On their pleading and petitions, I then sheltered the children who remained.  See if any of this contradicts My Word.  It does not.  Erin, as you know in My Word, those who call out My Name, I will save.  However, I am not referring to those who call Me out in demands and cursing.  I examine the heart, Erin, as this is the wellspring of life.”

Me:  “Lord, I am just struggling with the state of the world right now.”

Jesus:  “Over time, others have come before you with the same grievances.  You are not alone.  Now, why did I recently show you the opened tombs?”

Me:  “I am not sure.”

Jesus:  “The tombs are empty because they are here with Me.”

Me:  “I still don’t understand, Lord.”

Jesus:  “Do not worry, Erin, as they are here with Me.  Soon you will see.  Be encouraged, Erin, as I have not forsaken you.  I have not sent you to a place I plan on destroying.  The home I built is over you.  Now, come with Me.”

He reached for my hand and we were instantly on the overlook.  I saw angels of the Lord measuring the land and weighing the justice within.  I saw the scales unbalanced.  A plumb line was marked and, once again, the weight was off-center.  I then saw something like a tape measure, but I did not understand it enough to describe how it worked.  However, I still somehow knew that the measurement was lacking and short.

Jesus:  “I have begun, Erin.  I am weighing and measuring.  Every area of all you see must be measured and found on the scale.”

I saw an angel with a scale checking various samples from each area.  I saw dirt and dung on one side far outweighing the honey and fruit on the other side.  I then saw angels recording all of it at each point in a type of book.

Me:  Sighing.  “When will they be done?”

Jesus:  Smiling.  “Oh Erin, I know that you are ready for them to be done.  However, I have sent the angels to weigh that which is good versus that which is bad.  You have experienced troubles because the enemy is being measured.  His evil deeds are being counted.  As you can see, the scales are left wanting.”  I suddenly saw the scales tip dramatically to the left, towards the dung side.  “However, Erin, you are not to worry as your time of being used as a measure has come to a close.”

Me:  “Is this the final shaking?”

Jesus:  “No, this is the measuring.  The shaking then comes after this.  Now, I want you to understand that, even though it seems as if I don’t care at times, I always do.  Erin, I always know what is occurring.  The Judgement Seat is being prepared.  The Courtrooms, My Courts, are ready.  I have heard the cries of the saints both day and night and night and day.

“Next to Me is My horse and here you see the reins.  I hear your cries, your prayers and your petitions.  They are never far from Me.  What seems like victory for those who harm the innocent, including both children and the elderly, well, you will quickly see that evil will not go unpunished.

“Now, I know that you are weary in doing good and that it seems like your rewards are few.  However, as I Am Who I Am before your eyes, I will protect you from the fowler’s snares.  I will keep you, but, even more, I am about to do something in your days which you would not believe even if you were told.  I am Your Savior and My Father sits in the Courts of Heaven.  It is He Who renders judgment against the wicked.

“I am Your Advocate, Erin, and I love you.  It is I Who plans, not man.  It is I Who determines a man’s steps.  I am holding the reins.  Erin, hold on a little longer.  I have you.  I have not forgotten you.  I will answer your prayers and I will grant you the desires of your heart.  Now, find joy!  I love you.”

Dream over…

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