Dream 368 – God to soon breathe life into us (Ezekiel 37)

Received Monday, November 11, 2019 (Remembering our veterans)


Dear Father,

I am thankful for You and my heart is glad!  It has been a busy morning of animal and bird activity.  For the second day in a row, I have seen something unbelievably rare.  The first time was yesterday after I had dropped my older daughter off for an event.  I was driving down the highway to the gas station before going home and there, flying directly at my car and only about eight feet off the ground, was a bald eagle.

That in itself is remarkable, but not ‘that’ remarkable.  What made this ‘that’ remarkable was that a small bird was riding on the eagle’s back.  I gasped!  As it approached my car, the eagle changed direction and shot up straight into the sky.  When it did this, the small bird separated from it.  The little bird then flew after the eagle.  I couldn’t believe my eyes.  I just know that this was a sign!  Thank You, Jesus, as how could it not be?

Okay, now here is the really, really awesome part!  This morning, it happened again.  While out in my yard, an eagle was flying straight towards me.  Once again, I looked in complete amazement when I saw a little bird riding on the eagle’s back.  I had a huge smile on my face as I watched it flying past me with this little bird passenger.  I was absolutely floored by this and still am!

I am just so happy that Heaven has a place for all of these magnificent birds and animals.  In particular, I am even happier that our precious pets are here as well.  Zoey and Snigglet have brought us so much joy, why not continue doing so in Heaven?  One precious family we know lost seven animals a few weeks ago, one to a snake bite while protecting the house.  Please bring them comfort for their losses.

Even though there is loss on Earth, we still thank You, Father.  We thank You that You delight in what delights us:

  • Matthew 10:29: God’s love and care for the lost
  • Ecclesiastes 3:18-21: God’s fate awaits both
  • Psalm 50:10-11: God’s Creation
  • Hosea 2:18-20: God’s Covenant with His Creation
  • Psalm 36:6: God’s preservation of us and animals
  • So many more…too many to write down

Father, thank You for sending these little ones into our lives.  Please restore our hearts as the losses I have taken from pets over the years still hurts my heart.  I just know that these beloved pets of ours are at Home in Heaven.  I have seen them here as You have shown me.  However, I cannot wait to see all of this.  Thank You, Father.  Also, when Transformation comes, please heal our pets, both big and small, at the same time.

The area we live in has a lot of elderly.  While there are also quite a few people our age, the younger generations are few and far between here.  I now understand why Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Maritime Canada and other regions have such amazing items in their junk stores, salvage yards and antique / pawn shops.  The younger generations just have no use for any of it today, no matter how great a deal.

My husband and I have been using his time off to streamline what we have in our house.  We have been using each other’s opinions to decide what to keep and what to donate.  It is hard to believe how much ‘stuff’ a family of seven can accumulate in such a short time together.  After the power outage, we had to start fresh on our perishable foods.  While it was quite a loss, Father, You restored all that was lost.

Thank You, Father, for our amazing friends here on the Nest.  Without their love and support, I am not sure where we would be, but I do know that it would not be pretty.  While the power outage was expensive, it did make it that I got rid of condiments that had slowly crowded our fridge.  It is now so clear that it is easy to instantly see what we have and don’t have.  This is definitely a bright spot to all of this.

One of the places that we have been donating to is a small thrift boutique.  When we donate here, all of the proceeds go to hospice care and to those at the end of life.  When I was there, I noticed a beautiful small bowl made to hold flowers.  It was a posy bowl and unlike anything I had ever seen.  Even upon researching this particularly neat pattern, I was unable to see anything similar.  I spoke to the manager about this…

Me:  “Why would a family member not want to keep something like this.  It really could go with any style.  In fact, all of the beautiful things I see around here are of such high quality and well cared for.  Someone must have worked very hard for things like this.”

Manager:  “Yes, it is sad, isn’t it?  The younger generation currently thinks that all of this is ugly.  They could care less about the stories of how they were acquired or how much it is worth.  Instead, they just want these out of their sight.  Just the other day, after a funeral, a son of one of the hospice patients dropped off a box on our counter.  In the box were items the family had when they fled Germany.

“There was a treasure trove of items.  It was an appraiser’s dream and was easily worth $5,000.  Had he just taken the time to care, he could have pocketed a mint.  He went on to say that he kept the gold jewelry to sell it by weight.  When I mentioned that the other jewelry in the box was also worth quite a bit, he just shrugged and said ‘oh well’.  Who knows, maybe he didn’t get along with his mother and just wanted to get it out of sight.”

Me:  Sighing.  “It is just so sad.  Our grandparents were poor, so they held onto things.  A pair of jeans would be patched multiple times because the quality made it worth patching.  Now a days, you buy cheap jeans and get a few washes out of them.  They cannot even be patched as the material is so cheap.  Well, anyway, I will be glad to pay $6 for this cute little bowl.”

Manager:  “Thank you!  Don’t be surprised if you see these selling for around $100 to $150 online.”

Oh Father, many in this new generation are cold.  They are indifferent.  There was an entire shoebox of love letters from the war, but they were given away without a second thought.  They were historic.  Why would you not want to keep memories like this?  You then reminded me that everything will eventually go into the fire.  This will happen when You reshape the Earth.  Really, though, who am I to judge?

Soon after this, I overheard a story that made me sad.  Two young people were saying to each other how boring it was to have to visit their grandparents.  I then started to self-reflect and realized I shared my stories with my kids.  I talk about the old days to use it as a learning lesson for them so that they did not make the same silly mistakes that I had.  Hmm, I wonder if they find these stories helpful or boring?

When I look back to when I was a little child, I loved listening to my grandparent’s stories.  I would often ask them to tell me the story over and over again.  I thought it was cool to imagine my grandfather being in trouble at the age of eight.  He was then made to paint a picket fence white to ‘atone for his sins’.  As a boy, he had saved a dime and his mother used this to buy the bucket of white paint.

When he was finally finished, he realized that it was both a gratifying, yet humbling, experience.  His mother told him to sit down as she went to inspect the finished product.  She was happy with it.  She then put a plate of cookies and a glass of milk in front of him.  When he lifted up the last of the cookies, there was his dime.  His mother had returned it to him and he was surprised by this.  He asked her why.

His mother:  “I did this so that you would see a difference that you made.  You will walk by this picket fence everyday and will remember why it was now painted white.  In terms of the trouble that caused this, I bet that you will never do this again.”

We are now living in a time where hearts are growing cold.  It is so sad, so sad.  That this is happening is also a fulfillment of prophecy.  Father, You have promised us that You would renew our strength and that we will soar on wings like eagles.  We will run and not grow weary.  For now, I am struggling, Father.  Another storm is approaching.  Father, please keep our power going.  Please supply us with our needs.  We love You!

Jesus:  “Erin, come up.”

I was just outside of the door to God’s Court.  The door was open.  Uriel soon appeared right next to me.

Uriel:  “God requests your presence.”

Me:  “Uriel, it is so good to see you.”

It was then that I noticed that he was in full armor.  Though hard to describe, even his wings seemed to be in armor.  I could see battle scrapes and parts of his armor seemed dented.  I became very worried about his safety and started to cry.

Me:  “You seem so serious today.  What is happening right now?  Oh Uriel, I don’t want anything to happen to you.”

Uriel:  Smiling.  “Oh Erin, do not fear for me as I am doing the Will of God.  I am not only His messenger, but I am also a part of His Angel Army.  I am a commander of a regiment.  We often come under attack.  In terms of what is happening, I will let God tell you this.  It is my job to bring you here.”  He motioned towards His open door.  “Now, God requests your presence.”

Me:  “Yes.  Please.  I would be honored.”

Uriel reached over and put salve in my eyes.  I was now holding back my tears.

Uriel:  “He knows about your eyes, Erin.  You will not go blind.  Do not fear.  Now come with me into His presence.”

He reached for my hand and led me through God’s door into His Courts.  I could hear the voice of His choirs of angels.  With the same concept as a pipe organ, each angelic voice was striking a perfect chord.  It was unimaginable.  There is nothing on Earth like it.  I have searched for this, but have only heard glimmers of it in certain songs.  I tried harder to see God in His Court this time.

However, the sheer power of the area of the Throne made it very difficult for me to understand what I was seeing.  It was like the light of the sun surrounded by the Aurora Borealis.  To top it off, there was also the beautiful living sea of blue glass stone.  Everything, even the stone columns, were God breathed and worshipped God.  I know that this doesn’t make a lot of sense, but it does when you are here.

With each ‘Holy, Holy, Holy’, my heart leapt.  Tears were streaming down my cheeks as my body became weak in the presence of God.  His presence and His breath went through me.  I was surrendering to God, not in part, but fully in His presence.  I could only go so far before all of the cells in my body desired to bow down before Him.  Uriel patted my back.

Uriel:  “It is okay, Erin.  God is here with you.  You are safe.  Nothing can come against you in the presence of God.”

I wept and fell down onto the beautiful Sea of Glass.  Kneeling was not enough and I was soon prostrate.  I laid on my stomach before God on His Throne.  As I laid on the Sea, I felt a warmth and vibration in waves as the tides moved over me.  Again, this is hard to describe, but it was as if I felt the breath of God moving over me.  It was amazing.

I then got on my knees and confessed to all of my lack.  I confessed to my personal fears, my failures to recognize Him in all things and not always trusting in Him to do a good work in a timely manner.  Often times, I fall into the trap of looking at God as ‘The Punisher’, not the loving Father Who cares for us.  I worshipped God for some time and, as I released everything to Him, I felt the rush of healing water go through my veins.

It somehow felt like something similar to God’s embrace of love.  It was like a warm and comforting blanket all around me.  While it was not Him physically, as no human could be that close to His power, even in visions, He seemed to wrap His arms around me via His Spirit, the Spirit of God.  As I was taking all of this in, He started to speak.  His voice was unimaginably powerful, yet loving at the same time.

God:  “Erin, the land is being measured.  The hearts of men are growing cold.  As the angels were called to measure the lands, I will now activate My Army of thousands.  My power will come upon them and they will perform mighty deeds.  Though they will bring terror and fear to the corrupt, they will also bring justice to the land.  I will not tolerate injustice, sent in My Name, to punish the weak.

“My Name is on the lips of evil men as they lie and perform blasphemies against Me in full view.  My Army will come to shake the land.  They will bring truth and justice to where lies and injustice were proclaimed.  You see, it is I Who changes the times and the seasons.  I give wisdom to the wise and knowledge to the discerning.  I reveal the deep and hidden things.  I know what lies in darkness.

“I know what light dwells in you, Erin, and in those I call.  For I am the light and, in Me, darkness cannot be found.  I will also then breathe the Breath of Life into those I call.  Where you go, darkness will flee.  While evil will try to hide, it will be found.  It will be found as I will be the breath in you.  When you declare a thing, it is actually I Who declares it and it will be done, understand?

“When you lay a hand on the infirm, they will be healed.  In the same way, the darkness of death must also flee.  When you hear the lies of the wicked declare false testimony against the innocent, your motion will cause his lips to confess the truth of the matter.  In this way, and by his own lips, the lying man will be condemned.  Remember that there are six things which I hate, seven of which are detestable to Me:

  • Haughty eyes
  • A lying tongue
  • Hands that shed innocent blood
  • A heart that devises wicked schemes
  • Feet that are quick to rush into evil
  • A false witness who pours out lies
  • A person who stirs up conflict

“So, then, I will send an Army:

  • Those who have not committed adultery in their hearts
  • Those who hate what they do and long for justice
  • Those who love me and keep My Commandments
  • Those I have raised up for such a time as this

“When I send My Army:

  • They will be strengthened and nothing will come against them
  • The world will see Me through them
  • The world will know that I am with them and have sent them
  • They will have been refined in the fires of affliction
  • They have been found in My favor

“You are favored by Me, Erin.  You will be healed.  You will be strengthened.  I will dwell within the midst of you and nothing can stand up to you.  Those I have called you to care for will be in your care and under your protection.  Nothing will come against those who you care for.”

Me:  “Father, when will this be?”

God:  “A time planned from the beginning.  It is important to Me, but not to man.  Now, you have been discouraged because nothing is happening as you had hoped.  However, this too is for My Glory as what I have planned for you is much greater.  As you have seen in the case of your daughters and your sons, I will move quickly concerning them to guard them in their ways.

“I do this My way so that My plan occurs as written, not as the enemy would like it to be written.  You will be overjoyed at what is to happen.  I have not forgotten you.  I love you, Erin.  I have chosen you to be a Scribe of My Love.  You have written a love letter unlike any other.  You are now like a pregnant woman in labor and you are about to give birth to a massive movement of My Love.

“I have heard the cries of those in mourning.  I have heard the cries of the saints who have been slain.  Erin, I will now send an Army of My Love to bring justice to the land by force.  Now take heart, Erin, and do not worry.  Do you not know the time?  Do you not know the season?  Soon you will see and understand.

“When My breath comes upon your dry bones, you will know.  You will know and you will be healed and be as you were in your youth, but even better.  You will run even better than you once did.  You will dance even better than you once did.  However, there is more…much, much more.”

I was in shock.  Tears were now streaming down my cheeks.  I was suddenly able to shout out in happiness.  It was the first time that I was able to stand up, strong in my body before God.  I realized that He was supernaturally strengthening me.  I suddenly had the strength to jump up and down on my feet, my arms held up in submission towards Him.  I felt the ground shake, roar and quake with God’s laughter.

Me:  Shouting in praise as I jumped up and down.  “Praise You, Father.  Praise You, my God, my Creator!  I love you.”

God:  A deep laughter was still rumbling through the Court.  “Very good, Erin!  No one has ever stood before Me in My Courts like this.  You delight me.”

I felt Uriel’s hand on mine.

Uriel:  “Come, Erin, it is time to go.”

As I was leaving, I turned back towards God’s Throne.  I waved goodbye to Him.

Me:  Shouting with glee.  “I love You, Father!”

God:  “I love you too…this much!”

I then saw streaks of lights which had no end.  I then witnessed a massive display of power.  Though I could still not see Him, the light show was like a giant wave back.  It filled my heart with a love that cannot be measured.  Uriel guided me out the door.

Uriel:  “Come, Erin.”

Me:  “Wow, that was amazing!  What just happened, Uriel?”

Uriel:  “You will have understanding soon.  Now rejoice, Erin, as God has heard your cries.  He has heard your cries and His power will soon fall upon you and the thousands of others like you.  Now, rejoice.”  He looked into my eyes and smiled.  “I must go now, but do not be afraid.  God is with you!”

Dream over…

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