Dream 374 – A Great Light has come to the world

Received Sunday, December 22, 2019 (Kislev 24)


Dear Father,

Thank You for another day!  Thank You for my family, friends and our Nest Sparrows from afar.  Thank You for giving us the Nest, a place near Your Altar where we can all gather together.  Thank You for keeping this up for us.  It is truly a miracle.  It has been a long seven years, Father, and yet a fast seven years.  I was injured in May 2014.  This injury ended my career.  Shortly thereafter, my children and I moved across the USA so we could be with my husband and his children.

Just as promised by the Lord, my children were released by my main enemy without any court.  After all of this time, we still marvel at this miracle as if it happened yesterday.  Other than my older son in the first year of the seven years of these dreams, all of my children have been residing with me full-time ever since.  Shortly after moving, I was married, something very unplanned.  I lost both of my parents during this block of time.  I also discovered my two brain tumors and a lump between my ribs on my back.

While the tumors and the lump are not currently life threatening, I also discovered that I will need eye surgery sooner than later.  My children are now adults.  This still brings me to tears as my time with them has come and gone so fast.  What brings a smile to my face though is that all of our children love Jesus and believe in His promises.  While my husband is still unemployed, we pray everyday that this will soon be reversed and he will be given a great opportunity.

The winter’s solstice passed last night.  From here on out, the days will become longer and brighter.  Each day will be just a little longer and each night will be just a little shorter.  We are in the Hebrew month of Kislev right now, a month considered to be ‘The Dark Month’.

According to the Talmud, Adam also noticed that the days were shortening, leading up to the winter’s solstice.  According to this source, Adam noticed that the days were gradually becoming shorter.  This scared him, for good reason, as he did not know about the winter’s solstice.  In fear that he would soon live in non-stop darkness, Adam cried out to God in anguish…

Adam:  “Woe is to me.  Because I have sinned, the world around me is being darkened.  It is returning to a state of chaos and confusion.  This must be the kind of death which has been sentenced to me from Heaven.”

He then took it upon himself to pray, fast and look inwardly.  During his eight days of doing this, the winter’s solstice passed and he then saw that the days were becoming longer again.  He once again cried out to God, but this time with joy…

Adam:  “So, this is the way of the world!”

After this, Adam decided to celebrate this time of light lengthening.  He celebrated this for eight days in a row around this same time (Avodah Zarah 8a).  To me, this seemed to be an obvious prelude to the future institution of Hanukkah, the Festival of Lights.  It is also worth noting that the Hebrew month of Kislev is also called ‘The Month of Dreams’, as well as ‘The Month of Hope’.

Hanukkah begins tonight with the lighting of the first candle and lasts for eight days.  Christmas day will be the third / fourth day of Hanukkah, with the lighting of the fourth candle in the evening.  In Your Word (Haggai 2:18), Father, Kislev 24, ‘the 24th day of the 9th month’, You tell us to ‘consider this day, from this day on, even all the way back from the day the foundation for the Lord’s Temple were laid.’

Father, when Jesus died on the Cross, there was an eclipse.  There was also a great earthquake.  This earthquake was so great that it tore the Temple in two.  Three days later, Jesus rose.  It seems like we should once again consider these signs for today.  We are the Bride of Jesus.  We are the lights, the flames, in lamps filled with oil.  We keep these lit while we wait in our chambers for our Groom to come for us.

Yes, we are the special lights / flames of the Lord.  We are to keep watch for our Lord and keep the oil in our lamps from running out.  However, the other things these lampstands represent are the Two Witnesses, with Jesus at the center.  As for this Hanukkah, the Festival of Lights coincides with the Christmas holidays.  In the midst of Hanukkah is Christmas, the day most of the world sees as Christ’s birth.

Speaking of which, many Biblical experts believe that Jesus was actually born during the Feast of Shelters (usually in late September / October).  If so, this means that Jesus was conceived during Hanukkah, which also sometimes coincides with Christmas.  Regardless, whether it is His conception or His birth, He is worthy of being celebrated every day, including Christmas (and so we do).  While some still view Him as a ‘powerless baby’, we know Him as being The Light coming into a dark world.

This Flame was lit by You, Father!  It was most likely during Hanukkah that the Holy Spirit hovered over the Virgin Mary.  She would then be infilled with the Light of the World, the baby Jesus.  After being on Earth for but a short time, He would later reside in us, making our bodies the Temple of God and the Temple of the Holy Spirit.  In return, this makes each of us a type of ‘Holy of Holies’.  For those of us viewed in this manner by God, we are then called into His higher service.

Oh Father, I am not a Bible scholar.  In reality, some of the above is just my best guesses based on all that I have studied over the years.  Years ago, You showed me the Earth from the overlook.  You showed me the lights of those You have called into service for a times and time such as this.  Father, we have waited a very long time for this calling to actually occur and, as a result, many of Your lights are growing dim as hopes fade.  Please, Lord, rise up in us soon and Transform us into Your Army.

As for me and this month of December, my light has grown dimmer as troubles far beyond reason have come upon our home and lives.  This is not just us though as I know of many Nest sparrows experiencing the same.  Please, Father, renew our Spirits and breathe life into our tired bodies.  We love You and watch for You.  My eyes are on You and I press forward despite my broken heart caused by our continued troubles.

Father, please continue to protect us and sustain us because we believe You have a greater plan!  Lord, I recently studied Matthew 24.  There is so much to study here.  In Matthew 24:1-12, You, our Lord Jesus, instructs us to be careful that no one leads us astray.  You warned us of so many things in this amazing chapter…

  • That many will come in Your name and say they are You, leading many astray
  • During this time (that is happening now), we will hear of wars and rumors of wars, but we are not to be alarmed because the end is not yet
  • Nation will rise against nation and kingdom against kingdom
  • There will be famines and earthquakes in various places
  • All of these things are the beginning of birth pains
  • Because of our love of Jesus, we are hated by all of the nations, but so are the Jewish people
  • Many will then fall away, betray one another and hate one another
  • Many false prophets will arise and lead many astray
  • Lawlessness will be increased
  • Because of all of this, the love of many will grow cold

While, at first, I thought that all of these things were speaking of the Great Tribulation, it now seems that all of this is happening right now.  I am not sure though as, once again, I am not a Bible scholar, just someone who loves You so much and wants to know You more in as many things as possible.  However, the proof seems to now be right in front of us.  I know for a fact that I am seeing manifestations from demons in various people.  These include…

  • Faces contorting and twisting in an unnatural manner
  • Bodies shaking uncontrollably
  • Bodies jerking in strange ways
  • Unusual changes in personalities, behaviors and/or routines
  • People being uncharacteristically flagrant
  • Bold lies being manifested
  • Veils going out over so many in order to have them simply accept these new behaviors without questioning any of it

It even seems that the President of the USA, Your Bull, has been bringing these to the surface.  You now see it in politicians, the media and in famous people, but really so many other places.  No matter which party one supports, it is hard to deny that there is an extreme uptick in corruption.  Evil has increased so rapidly in the last seven years that I am still in shock and disbelief.  Please help us.  Father, please strengthen us!

Jesus:  “Erin, come up.”

Uriel was in front of me and in full armor.  It was obvious to me that he was still fighting in an epic battle.  While awe inspiring in the physical, he was also somehow comforting to me at the same time.  Just knowing that he, along with all of God’s mighty angels, will soon be both guarding us and fighting with us gave me such peace.  He looked into my eyes.  While he was serious, he also had the confidence of someone that knew that God would soon win this great battle.

Uriel:  Smiling slightly to comfort me.  “Hold on.  Erin, hold on a bit longer!  God has heard your cries and has sent help.  Though it seems there is a delay, the Army of God is already in battle.  You know this as you have seen the effects.  Now, be encouraged as, very soon, you will see an end to these storms and a Great Light.  Yes, Erin, the dawn will soon break into a Great Light.

“Erin, He did not say these things to you in folly.  Please hang onto His promises.  Stand and take courage for soon you will not be subject to wicked men or their wicked schemes.  Though the wicked will still curse you, they will also be afraid of you.  Greater are those who stand with you and with the Lord in you than those in the world.  Now, I must go.  Rejoice!  Rejoice, Erin, for a Great Light has come to the world!”

He turned away and was gone in an instant.

Dream over…

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