Dream 373 – God’s Vessels are to soon be sealed

Received Sunday, December 15, 2019


Dear Father,

Thank You for another day!  Thank You for all You have blessed us with.  We have a home, heat and lights.  We have food and a car that runs.  We are alive and breathing.  I have pressed into You more lately.  I have spent time at prayer services.  I have stepped up my praying for others.  I have been trusting You more to deliver us through our troubles.

Yesterday was such a brutal day.  ‘Friday the 13th‘ strikes again…smiles!  We were saddened to learn that my husband did not get the job.  There were other seemingly small problems as well, but they mounted into one big stress ball.  For a frightening two hours, my heart raced.  The ‘what ifs’ began to mount.  It all happened so quickly.  Then, on top of all of this, our secondary vehicle has been in the shop.

With the weight of all of this, I broke down.  Father, I openly wept during prayer service Wednesday night.  I have not done this in front of so many people before.  Later, on the drive home, my son and daughter both felt a shift in the atmosphere.  I felt it too.  The night sky was clear and the almost full moon had a halo around it.  The landscape was so bright and beautiful.  We could see herds of deer grazing in the fields.

I remained mostly quiet as I gazed upon the beauty of it all.  Father, something seemed to happen on December 11, 2019, but it felt peaceful.  The three of us somehow felt Your love, power and grace, all of it at the same time.  While at the prayer service, the three of us believed for miracles for Your children and sparrows all over the world.  We interceded for those who have lost their way.

We also prayed for miracles of healing for the sick.  However, Father, when will our miracles come?  Finding a good job for my husband, a hard worker, should not be this difficult.  He is unable to find the right match for his employability.  Why should we have to be dependent on worldly institutions when we have You?

I also found out that my doctor is deciding on whether or not they can do anything for me at all.  I spoke with my neurosurgeon last Friday and he said he would present my case during a spine conference to see if he or his colleagues would be willing to do anything.  So, I wait.  Sigh…5.5 years of waiting for something.  I am exhausted.  My eyes are becoming worse.  My heart races.

Father, I am scared.  Is this all there is from all of this?  Good news is few and far between.  What is Your timeline for ‘soon’ or ‘a little while’?  I am at a loss.  What is being said of us?  Where are You?  While I know You are in control, I just don’t understand.  We site Scriptures and cling to Your promises.  I love You so much and feel I have done all that You have asked.  Please help us.

Please send some good news.  If changes are not for a while, please give some encouragement on the job front for my husband.  However, I am struggling too.  Though usually short-lived, I even find myself doubting all of this at times.  I am scared and uncertain.  I kept things together for a long time, but now I am uncertain of what is coming.  I see the news and I am not encouraged.

Both our leader here in the USA and the leader in Israel are in the middle of smear campaigns.  So many lies.  There were historic events happening all over the world over this last week.  Surely, the time of Your miracles are soon to come.  The news is now filled with such demonic darkness that it is so difficult to find the good.  I had a dream last week.  This dream was a very vivid one…

Sub-dream description begins…

I was on a trail going up God’s mountain.  It looked like Mount Everest.  It was steep and snow covered.  At the base, this steep incline came where there were makeshift vendors in tents.  These vendors were clearly there to try and distract me.

As I was climbing, a young couple approached me.  They were Jewish and newlyweds.  While they seemed familiar to me, I somehow knew that we had never met in the natural before.  They smiled at me before pulling me aside…

Young Bridal Couple:  “We are very excited for you.  Would you please give us a blessing and see if the Lord would have a word for us?”

They were so kind and loving, how could I refuse?  As we were saying farewell so I could continue on my journey, they handed me a plate with a sandwich on it.

Young Bride:  “This is my love’s world-famous Rueben sandwich.  You will love it, I promise.  It will give you nourishment for the journey.”

I smiled at her and then looked over at her groom.  He was beaming at her with so much love.  I could tell that this was a beautiful love story.

Young Groom:  Smiling.  “Well, it is not really world famous, but thank you.  No one really knows who I am.”  They laughed, held hands and kissed.  “I wish that we had more to offer you.”

I realized that I needed to take a bite of the sandwich so as to not offend them.  I am glad I did.  The sandwich was far from a typical Rueben.  It was not grilled.  It was neither on Rye or Pumpernickel.  Instead, the sandwich was on white bread.  On top of this was a type of thousand islands dressing, some swiss cheese and a massive clump of pastrami.  They smiled at me.  I could tell they were waiting for my response.

Me:  “Oh my, this is wonderful.  This will give me food for the journey.”

I could tell that they were so happy and joyful that I liked their sandwich.  I hugged them and took the rest of the sandwich on my climb.  The vendor tents began to become fewer and farther between.  I finally came up to the very last vendor.  As I was walking by, he called out to me.

Man:  “You need what I have.  You need this.”

I turned towards him.  I laughed when I noticed that he was holding up some sort of plastic replica of a valuable antique he was displaying.

Me:  “How much are the old water jugs?”

Man:  “These are not for sale.”

Me:  “Okay, then how about those old canteens?”

Man:  “These are for display only.”

Me:  “Well then, what of what I am seeing here is something I need?”

Man:  “What?  Seriously!  You question me with your righteousness?  This!  You need this!”

In front of me was a plastic replica of a water jug.  However, there was no open hole in the top spot.  It was truly a useless fake.

Me:  “No, I’m good.  If I become thirsty, I will go to God for my Living Water.”

Man:  “Really?  God?  He makes you jump through hoops, climb mountains and even do battles in endless wars.  Good luck with God, you hypocrite.”

Me:  I refused to take the bait and remained calm.  “Thank you.”

The man became furious at my non-reaction.  He began to kick around his antiquities.  He was kicking them so hard that he was breaking them.

Man:  “He has taken everything from me.  Everything.  All I want you to do is buy what I am selling.  How hard is this, Erin?  Seriously, how hard?”

Me:  Laughing.  “There is nothing here that I am interested in.  Anyway, I have got to go to God now.”

I started to run up the hill further.  When I looked back, I noticed that the things he was throwing directly at me were somehow becoming frozen in mid-air.  I then began the steepest ascent up the mountain.  The path was very narrow and my visibility was limited to about ten feet.  I instinctively knew that I was to trust in God to find my way.

Sub-dream description over…

Father, while I know You gave me this dream to prepare me, it is difficult.  It is hard and it is lonely.  While I even want to quit at times, I know that I must press on instead.

Jesus:  “Erin, come up.”

I was up in Heaven in God’s Garden near His Arboretum.  I was on an overlook looking down onto a grid of trees in various seasons or stages of life.  The grid was divided by four rivers, each with a name.  They met in the very center of the garden.  Where they met was a massive tree and, next to it, a well spring and fountain.  I could see snow covering trees in one area and fall colors in another area.  In the other were spring blossoms and the other were lush green trees with an abundance of fruit.

It was all so beautiful.  My eyes went back to the center portion where each river met.  The force of the rivers meeting each other caused it to form a beautiful fountain / spring.  This would have been impossible on Earth due to the overflow on its banks, but it was perfectly perfect here in Heaven.  The tree next to this was feeding from all four rivers.  The canopy of this tree was massive.  It also contained an abundant variety of fruit.

Me:  “Who is like You, Father?  Who can make something like this?  No one as there is no one like You, Father.  Who am I to You, Lord?  I am no one.  My life is a battle.  I am exhausted.  I can barely do anything with ease on Earth anymore, but here, in Heaven, I can do anything because You are here and, here, our thoughts are always good.

“A man’s life is but a blip.  In just a short while, generations have gone past and our lives are soon forgotten.  Blessed is the man whose memory is remembered by generations.  It somehow must make our struggles and labor bearable to know that these produced something.  That being said, I still don’t know what.  While men forget men, You, Father, never forget Your children.”

I felt a hand on my shoulder.  I turned to see that it was Uriel in his armor.

Uriel:  “God requests your presence, Erin.”

Me:  I was worrying.  “Yes…okay…well, Uriel, am I in trouble right now?”

Uriel:  Laughing.  “No, Erin.  Come.”

Uriel took me to God’s door.  It was already open.  Uriel rubbed salve on my eyes.  He then took me through God’s door.  I could hear the angels singing ‘Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord God Almighty, Who was and is and is to come.’  They were overlapping verses.  These continued to raise higher and higher.  Tears began to stream down my cheeks.

I suddenly felt so awful for thinking as I have been.  Uriel brought me closer to the Throne of God than ever, yet still so far away.  As I dropped to my knees, I could see the impressions of motion from the winged angels around His Throne.  I bent forward and emptied myself of the charges I had essentially laid before God, but really mostly for myself.

Me:  “Things have not been working out as I had prayed they would.  I feel like something is very wrong with me.  I thought angelic armies appointed by You were coming to protect us, our homes and our properties.  However, I must have gotten this wrong as it still feels like we are under just as much of an attack from the enemy as ever.  All I know is that I am still feeling very uncertain about so much.  I am sorry for feeling this way.  Please forgive Me, Father!”

God:  “Erin, almost every vessel for My Temple is complete.  Once these vessels are completed, they will be brought before Me to be inspected, approved, blessed and sealed.”

Me:  “Father, I thought these had already been finished and were being filled by the Lord.”

God:  “Well, yes, this too is correct.  He is your Potter and the Overseer of your journey.  He is your Redeemer and Savior.  He pleads your case before Me.  He also presents the Vessels He has prepared for service.  The time of presentation doesn’t occur one at a time.  These ready Vessels instead wait for the day in which all of the Vessels are ready.”

Me:  “Father, why are we all under various attacks right now?”

God:  “This is because the father of lies understands the lateness of the hour.  You are a target, as are all of My children.  Erin, this is a confirmation that you are Mine.  Those who I have called have stories, but really journeys, similar to Job’s.  I allowed Job to be tested.

“In fact, I suggested it because I knew that My plans through Job would help so many.  Job is reconciled to his family here.  All that he lost on Earth was returned, but, here in Heaven, all was revealed and made whole.  Through all of you, Heaven will soon be revealed.  All will be revealed on Earth as it is in Heaven through My Vessels.”

Me:  “How, Father?”

God:  “While (physical) vessels have been prepared for service in Jerusalem by man, these Vessels are different.  These Vessels have been sanctified and prepared for My service.  I have given you dreams about things I have called you to do.  However, My Vessels are unlike the vessels on Earth.  The vessels on Earth can be stolen, burned and destroyed.  My Vessels cannot be stolen, burned or destroyed.

“My Vessels are prepared by My Son.  They have become humbled by affliction and with the luster of suffering.  They have been refined in My fire and found to be without blemish while in the flames.  They do not fail to recognize My Sabbath rest.  Now, what does My Sabbath rest mean?  This means that they work six days, but, on the seventh day, they are to rest and consider Me.  While your heart has already been redeemed, the last frontier for your enemy is where I will seal you.”

Me:  “Will this be on our foreheads…our minds?”

God:  “Yes.  I look for those who keep Me in their thoughts on the day of rest and do not go their own way.  This means that you are not to defile your thoughts with the wickedness of the world.  You are to instead think of what I have done from the beginning to the end and spend this day in My Word, remembering Who is before you now.  When the times were like the days of Noah, there was pervasive evil.  There was no good left because all good had become evil and all evil had become good.

“Evil is prevalent and never rests.  It is similar to the dream of the mountain I gave you.  While there were many distractions, you eventually continued and here you are.  Your Temple has been in preparation for twenty years.  For seven of those years, you entered into the Holy of Holies with Me.  This is where I have instructed you and prepared you for what is soon to come.  I asked you ‘what would My Army do to shake the land?’  I asked you ‘what would all of this look like?’”

Me:  “Yes, Father, this has been in my dreams in small blocks.  While I know what my carnal voice wants to declare, I do not want to seem arrogant.  Over the years, You have allowed me so much trouble, I could write a book on it.  Still, it doesn’t mean that I went through these troubles well.

“However, it does testify that I must have come through my trials and tests well or I wouldn’t be here with You today.  I still pursue You even when I am tired, exhausted and discouraged.  I still don’t know how to answer these questions fully except to say ‘I wish I could’, ‘if only I could’ and other similar type things.”

God:  “Do not be afraid, Erin.  Now, tell Me your heart’s desires.”

Me:  “Oh boy…well…okay…”  He could tell I was hesitating.

God:  “Don’t worry, Erin, I will keep you in line.  Go ahead.”

Me:  “Well, there are so many things…

  • I want to testify about Your Goodness to the lost
  • I want to not be owned by any man, bank or institution
  • I want my debts removed and to no longer have these as worries
  • I want my children healed and strengthened
  • I want to be healed and strengthened, along with my husband and friends
  • I want to be able to help others who are suffering, either by illness or oppression
  • I want to help the blind to see and the deaf to hear
  • I would like to see the liars confess, the guilty be charged and the innocent set free
  • I would like to help little children and the elderly escape from their abusers
  • I would like to be able to do so many things, things like speak various languages and read the thoughts and plans of the wicked so I can stop them
  • I would like to topple buildings onto evil men who curse You
  • You know…stuff like that”

While I smiled at my list, I was still a bit embarrassed by the length of it.

God:  Laughing.  “These are big plans for such a tiny vessel.”

Me:  “Yes, but You, God, my Father, are bigger than anything.  Even though some may try, Your power cannot be matched by anyone.  Since I am one of Your children, what is impossible if Your Spirit is in us?  Father, many years ago, You told me You would build a house for me near Your Altar.  You have done all You promised.  You promised me that You would one day heal and bless me and my children so that we might be a blessing to others.  Why, then, should I question Your abilities as You have already done such great things?  It is just…”  I stopped myself.

God:  “It is okay, Erin.  Please…speak from your heart.”

Me:  “Well, if I am being completely honest with You, I get hurt when my prayers aren’t answered when I want them to be.”

Thunderous laughter rolled throughout God’s Court.  It was not at all a belittling laughter, but instead was so comforting.

God:  “Well, this is brutally honest.”

Me:  “While I fully realize You could remove me in an instant, I needed to confess to You that I am like a little child when I don’t get my way.  I cry and pout.  Actually, I sometimes do many of the ‘negative fruits’.  Oh Father, I am so sorry.”

God:  “Oh Erin, you delight Me with your honesty.”

Me:  “Thank You, Father, but I still get mad at myself for doing this.  However, when I am in pain, everything is a struggle.  I felt a breakthrough last Wednesday during prayer, as did my daughter and older son, but then nothing happened.”

God:  “I have heard your grievances.  I remember that you, as one of My lamps, occasionally need fresh oil.  Just know that I have never forgotten you.  I remember that I have promised you many things.  I know that you are an outcast among men.  You must remember that those I have called for My purposes are usually not elevated unless they are being crucified.  However, I will do as I promised and My Seal will be on the foreheads of My elect.

“When the original sin began, it was started by the snake first planting doubt, then confusion of My Words and then the illusion of something equal to Me or greater.  The focus then changed from obeying My Commands to the desirability of the taste of the forbidden fruit.  Sin is a result of rebellion.  It is a bruised head, one which is double-minded or focused on other gods of the world.  The troubles of men began there.

“You have seen the increase in evil come across the land.  It is everywhere because it comes through the screen doors of both the back porch and the front porch.  Whatever is told to so many by once trusted sources are now full of lies.  Things heard or seen can no longer always be trusted.  You are also seeing an increase in the persecution of My Saints.  Do not worry though as they are near to My Altar.

“Now, I have heard your descriptions and these are good.  However, and just as temple vessels vary in size and purpose, the same is true for those I have called.  But more than this, with Me, you will have great knowledge of the schemes of the wicked and they will be unable to come against you.  You will declare a thing and it will be done.

“The enemy’s army will then rise up and display counterfeit illusions of miracles.  Crowds will witness these false miracles and many will be deceived.  As for you, those under your care and those under My care as they are those I have called, you will all have safe shelters.”

Me:  “Father, when will this be?”

God:  “I cannot disclose this.  Just know that this time is near.  Erin, the time is near.  When immediate plans don’t work out, people are unkind and disasters seem to strike, just know that it will come to nothing as My time is right at the door.”

Me:  “Thank You, Father, but this is already happening right now!”

God:  “Then prepare accordingly.  Get your houses in order.  Be worthy of My Seal of Approval.  If anything needs to change, then turn and come to Me in repentance.  I am here to listen and extend My Grace and Mercy.  This is enough for today.”

Me:  “Thank You, Father.  I love You.”

God:  “I love you too, Erin.  Rejoice.  Rejoice, My child, for you are in My favor.”

I smiled and gave Him a deep curtsy out of respect.  The Court’s floor seemed to roll with His laughter.  I knew that this had pleased Him.  Uriel reached for my hand and guided me out of His door.

Uriel:  “Take note of what God told you.  Your journey began when Enoch and Elijah spoke to you in the Open Vision from almost twenty years ago.  Your dreams and time in God’s presence are now just over seven years ago from the start.”

Me:  “So, what does this mean?  I get concerned as my troubles started in 2004.  Is that significant?”

Uriel:  “Yes.  However, God is speaking to you about the Temple and Building.  You are tired as this journey has been long for you.  However, stay encouraged as God is with you.  He has blessed you with good oil.  He will not abandon you.  He will send help, so do not worry.  He has sent angels concerning you to guard you in all of your ways.

“He has kept you in His Quiver and you, your household and your friends are Arrows.  Do not worry!”  He smiled.  “There is an epic battle.  You are loved by God.  Erin, soon, very soon, Heaven will be visible on Earth as things will manifest on Earth as it is in Heaven through His Vessels.  Be encouraged.”

Uriel turned and he was gone in an instant.

Dream over…

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