Dream 379 – Uriel, God and Impeachment

Received Thursday, January 16, 2020


Dear Father,

We need Your help.  Please send us hope.  Our family and our Nest family need a lift from You.  Many of us are at a standstill and have no open doors.  We have no real excitement.  As for my husband, there continues to be no opportunities opening for him.  We need for him to work soon or we will need a financial miracle from You.

Father, I have had unusual dreams the last few nights.  One involved bits and pieces of a chess game, but I cannot remember that one.  Perhaps You did this on purpose?  I did remember some of my dreams, but they were so odd…

Sub-dream 1 “Meeting old friends while crossing a bridge” description begins…

It was nighttime and I was traveling over a bridge.  It was a massive bridge, similar in size to the Bay Area Bridge.  There were toll booths ahead.  As I was sitting there, I saw two old friends walking on the side of the bridge.  While it did not make sense for them to be here, I was still excited to see them.

After saying hello with a friendly hug, I soon got back into my vehicle to continue crossing the bridge.  I then noticed someone else standing there.  He looked similar to a handsome actor that starred in a Nicholas Sparks’ movie we watched recently.  He was so handsome that I was not sure if this was an angel or a person.  I woke up just as I was about to finish crossing the bridge.

Sub-dream 1 description over…

Sub-dream 2 “Birthday gifts at a deluxe golf resort” description begins…

I was staying with my family at an extremely deluxe hotel.  I was supposed to meet them at the restaurant at the hotel.  The restaurant was situated under the hotel in a basement room.  All of the booths were small.  The atmosphere was similar to an English tavern or inn, except the hotel was modern.  It seemed an odd mix to me.

Hostess:  “Welcome, Erin!  We have been expecting you.  Please take a seat at any available table.”

Even though she said they were expecting me, there were no empty tables to be found.  I could not help but laugh as there was exactly one person sitting at each of the tables.  I was also slightly upset at the hotel as the restaurant had been instructed to hold a few of these tables open specifically for my birthday party.  I then noticed that there was a massive box of gifts that had tipped on its side.

Hostess:  “This box of gifts is all for you.  You might as well just sit on the floor and begin to open them.  If you don’t, you will be here all day.  None of these people are ordering.  They came to make sure you, your family and your friends had no seats at these tables.”

Me:  “What do you mean?”

Hostess:  Laughing.  “Oh, never mind.  It doesn’t really matter.  Just go ahead and start opening your gifts.  Sit on the floor and dive right in.”

I shook my head and laughed.  I sat down on the floor and began to open all of these gifts.  After a while, I went back to the hostess.  It didn’t feel right to open these gifts without my family around.

Me:  “I am to meet my family in the hotel lobby.  How do I get there?”

Hostess:  Pointing.  “See those crates?  You need to climb to the very top of them and then go through that tiny opening.”

I looked over and realized that this was a dangerous shortcut.  I decided to instead go back to where I started and went outside around the back of the resort.  In front of me was a flooded golf course.  My husband and kids were playing up the back nine and were now on the ninth hole.  I went up to the course attendant.

Me:  “Excuse me, but could I please go out there to greet my family?”

Attendant:  “No.  You will have to instead start at the first hole and play as fast as you can until you catch them.”

Me:  “That’s impossible.  They are already on the ninth hole.”

The attendant didn’t acknowledge what I said.  He instead pointed to a party of six that was just starting.  I watched as the players hit their balls straight into the water hazard at the back of the green.  I decided that I would instead lay up my ball into shallow water at the front of the green and then chip onto the green from there.

I am glad I planned it this way as the water at the back of the green was starting to become turbulent.  However, where I had hit my ball was in very shallow and calm water.  The water was so shallow that it barely covered the bottom of my ball.  I went up to my ball and chipped it near the cup.  I then tapped it in for a birdie.

Attendant:  “That was clever playing.  I have seen enough.  Go ahead and skip to the ninth hole to meet up with your family.”

Sub-dream 2 description over…

Father, these dreams don’t seem to make a lot of sense.  I also had other dreams that involved me opening gifts.  I am just so confused right now.  While I feel totally connected with You, I still also feel somewhat separated from You at times.  I don’t understand this and it is hard to describe.  Lord, what is happening to me?

Jesus:  “Erin, come up.”

Uriel was in front of me.  I could tell he had just come from battle.  He was with his horse.  However, what made this unusual is that Uriel did not get off of his horse.  He instead remained mounted on his horse during the whole time he gave me this message.  While not sure, this seemed to hint at the urgency of what is soon to come.

Uriel:  “Erin, I have a message from God for you!  The enemy, your enemy, the enemy of God’s people, has served a contract using a silver platter.  The contracts were signed by those appointed for the enemy’s purposes.”

Note:  Since Uriel spoke of a ‘silver platter’, I believed he was referring to the Impeachment Articles signed by Nancy Pelosi and delivered to the Senate yesterday on Wednesday, January 15, 2020.  She used a bunch of different pens to sign the related documents, wherein each of these pens were sitting on a silver platter.  These pens were then given to various democrats as gifts.

Uriel:  “The enemy uses instruments symbolic of lies.  While some words are true, their basis is a foundation of untruths.  This very same pattern has been used against God’s people.  You are beginning to see the unveiling of the wicked during this age of lawlessness.  What you are witnessing and experiencing are events that shock those who understand that these things are contrary to God and His Holiness.

“Erin, you are witnessing the manifestation of evil.  The news will become increasingly bizarre, like you are witnessing a mad woman swinging on a chandelier.  You have felt unsettled in your Spirit as these have been occurring so rapidly.  Those who are tormented and tortured by evil will see an increase, but only for a very short time.  The enemy has begun to pursue the elect with even greater intensity.

“However, when the enemy does so now, you will then witness strange muscle twitches and outward displays of uncontrolled actions.  Almost all of these strange twitches and uncontrolled actions will be unexplainable.  Now, you are being told this because you have been asking for specific confirmation.  Erin, when you see these strange twitches and uncontrolled actions, know that these have been done for your confirmation.”

Me:  “I have already noticed this.  It seems to happen every time someone evil begins to speak.  As just one example, I saw this in the mouth of the Speaker of the House just yesterday.  However, there are many other examples as well.”

Uriel:  “Yes, but this will happen with more and more frequency.  While this will help you identify your enemies, you are not to engage them until you are instructed by God to take a stand.  You must always remember that God is the Author of Truth and knows best.  His ways are higher in all things.  There is truth in His Word.  There is also wisdom, knowledge and a key to unlocking prophecy.

“Erin, you will soon be given this key.  However, this key will not be just for you.  This key will also be given to all of those that He has called.  This fits in with the chess game dream you have had trouble remembering…

Sub-dream 3 “Gold Chess Board Pieces” description begins…

You first saw a chessboard made of black and white clay.  There was only one side with chess pieces and all of them were made of iron.  While it appeared that evil had no opponents, this was not so.  The gold pieces then arrived.  One side of the chessboard had chess pieces made of iron, while the other side of the chessboard now had chess pieces made of gold.

While iron is normally stronger than gold and can crush it, the gold pieces had been supernaturally strengthened to be much stronger than the iron pieces.  As you watched the game, you noticed that the gold pieces were never subject to the iron pieces.  You also noticed that the gold pieces never succumbed to the iron pieces.  Even when the clay chessboard seemed to be cracking, the iron still could not overtake the gold.

Sub-dream 3 description over…

Uriel:  “Erin, the gold pieces all belong to God.  Each has its own purpose.  These are holy and have gone through the refining fire.  There has never been anything like them in the past nor will there be anything like them again in the future.  Those God has called for this time are represented by these gold pieces.  They have been called and are now ready to serve Him in a greater capacity.

“Now, Erin, remember that hindsight is 20/20.  Stop reliving your mistakes.  The enemy likes to keep you on his field wallowing in your failures.  However, you have been given new fields and your failures are behind you.  When God’s promises are delivered, you must not look back.  Don’t look back even when the enemy says ‘Hey, isn’t that Erin?  Wait, hasn’t she…?’

“The enemy accuses you in order to bring you low.  Remain in God instead.  Look up to Heaven and cross only His Bridge, understand?  Now, take heart.  While it is always darkest before the dawn, this is especially so now as you have awakened to many of these.  However, God is within you.  You will not fall.  God will help you at the break of day (Psalm 46).

“The signs around you are the ones you have been waiting for.  I must go now as there is an epic battle.  Remember that God is with you and that He will not let you fall.  God will help you at the break of day.”

He turned the reins to his horse and was gone in an instant.

Dream over…

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