Dream 394 – 6 Sub-Dreams and an Urgent Message from Uriel

Finished on Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Received on Tuesday, March 24, 2020


Dear Father,

Thank You for another day and fresh snow!  This is a blessing.  Thank You for friends and family.  Thank You for the ability to communicate as best we can during this now worldwide lockdown.    Please keep our services running and our utilities on.  Thank You for keeping this illness from us.  In the midst of all of this, there are songbirds on the tree outside my window.

This is a great reminder that there are still so many reasons to praise You!  Thank You for the promise of spring.  Thank You also for the blanket of fresh white powdery snow.  It is beautiful.  So many things are happening… or, really, not happening… right now because of the Corona Virus.  All businesses except for necessary businesses are closed.  It is now rumored that school will not reopen and my daughter’s graduation will be cancelled.  Most government offices are closed.

What makes all of this even more difficult is that the situation is still fluid and ongoing.  As people around here are obeying protocol, the city is now like a ghost town.  It is like a Twilight Zone episode out there.  It is so oppressive.  People are downcast.  The mood is somber.  So many things are now being shut down without warning.  Thankfully, Father, we still have food.  I had two quite vivid dreams last night…

Sub-dream 1 “The Lions and the Mansions” begins…

I was either in a fancy resort hotel or a massive mansion with many rooms.  The resort had a beautiful garden in front of it with varying layers of different varieties of hedges.  There were also boxwood hedges that were low and geometric in design.  I was there attending some ceremony.  After this, there was music and a great reception.  For some reason, I could not stay as I had to get back to my home.

I had been wearing a flashy gown made of a rose gold fabric that looked like liquid metal (but was not).  I exited out the main doors and walked down the beautiful stone stairs.  The garden was illuminated in lights.  When I arrived at the bottom of the stairs, I decided to take off my impractical party shoes to walk barefoot.  I thought I could save time by cutting across the soft grass of the lawn.

As I walked barefoot, I noticed some movement to my side.  It looked like a small kitten running towards me for some affection.  I soon realized that he was an adorable lion cub, not a kitten.  What was so odd was that it looked like a miniature version of a full-grown lion.  Though he was only the size of a kitten, he almost had a full mane.  He brushed against my legs in an affectionate manner hoping that I would pet him.

Just as I was about to bend down to do so, I suddenly realized that his mother would not be that far away.  I tiptoed over to a row of bushes and looked in between.  I could see an entire pride of lions, including a massive male lion, about to descend upon the mansion.  The ‘kitten cub’ must have snuck between the bushes to come find me.  The bushes were too close together for the lions to make it through.

I found a break in the hedge and the cub followed me.  When I turned onto the path outside the hedge, two of the female lions instantly noticed the cub.  They started to come towards me.  I knew that they were going to try and hunt me down.  I also knew that there were people in the mansion that needed to stay inside due to the danger.  I yelled out to a person on one of the higher balconies to make sure no one goes outside.

The two lionesses were now running towards me.  In an instant, my dress somehow transformed into an amazing ‘supernatural running outfit’, complete with runners.  The material felt amazing.  I could feel an amazing strength surge throughout my body.  I turned down the path and ran incredible fast, much faster than the lionesses could.  I ran up a steep hill into a high-end neighborhood with beautiful homes.  I looked back and saw that the lionesses had already given up on chasing me.

I continued to run, but now at a leisurely pace.  It felt so good.  My breathing was easy and, even though I just ran full speed up a hill, I was not winded at all.  However, snow was now beginning to fall.  It was as if a massive warehouse of snow from Heaven was being dumped over the area.  It soon went from just a dusting of white powder to a dumping of over a foot of snow.  This somehow did not affect my running!

I continued to run uphill as the snow fell.  Even though I was dressed for running in much warmer weather, the cold air did not seem to affect me at all.  I knew that all of this, the immunity to the weather and exhaustion, could only come supernaturally from God.  As I continued to run up the hill, the mansions became even larger.  However, I noticed that the people in these mansions were all vacating them as fast as they could.

There was now a mass exodus of vehicles going downhill.  They were sliding into each other, sometimes sideways, as they went down the steep snow-covered slope.  Thanks to the Lord’s supernatural guidance, I was easily able to avoid all of the out of control cars and continue on my course.

Sub-dream 1 over…

Sub-dream 2 “The mentally ill roam the streets” begins…

Mentally ill patients were being allowed to leave the institutions where they were being kept.  There were also a multitude of mentally ill patients that were having episodes as they could no longer afford and/or get their medications.  They were now roaming the streets in the suburbs.  They were walking into people’s homes and claiming that they now owned them.  However, instead of letting the occupants leave, many of them were holding them as hostages.

After witnessing this, I turned my attention to a city in the distance.  I saw three separate towers.  Each of these three towers had identical architecture.  I was then able to supernaturally see that thousands of people were now in a panic.  The middle floor of the central tower had somehow burst open.  The glass from the tower had shot out everywhere.  Since there were no police around to keep law and order, there was chaos everywhere.  The people looked so distraught.

Sub-dream 2 over…

Received on Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Well, I am finally getting to the dream I have been avoiding.  You have now given me permission to get back to it.  This is the dream I was rebuked on for not writing it down a few weeks ago…

Sub-dream 3 “Mice the size of rats cometh” begins…

I was in a type of harvesting mill for rats.  Several lab technicians were labeling cages with colors and numbers.  While there were many numbers, four numbers stood out.  These were the numbers 17, 19, 3 and 9, in that order.  There were two colors used.  Yellow with black writing and red with yellow writing.  At some point, the tags from two of the cages dropped simultaneously.

When they put the tags back on, they accidentally switched the numbers 19 and 9.  These cages each had just a few small mice in them at first.  I then watched as they quickly multiplied, some then becoming as large as rats.  Data was recorded.  However, a call soon came in to ship a crate to a testing facility.  While I could not tell exactly which crates were shipped, I did notice that at least one had the mixed-up number.

I was then taken to a facility.  It was something like a university in what seemed to be a large city in the USA.  I was not 100% sure it was the USA though.  Upon arrival, it was found that several of the mice had died.  These were examined, data recorded and then thrown out.  They were not careful about disposing the mice and rats soon came and ate them.  I heard a voice: ‘The Second Wave’.  I was not sure at all of the timing of this.

Sub-dream 3 over…

Father, perhaps I have watched too many movies…smiles.  Still, this dream was not my call to make.  Since these dreams are Your dreams, not mine, I repent.

Sub-dream 4 “The New World Order’s Bible Study” begins…

I was meeting with a group of friends for a Bible study.  We had a fire in a sawed-off oil drum.  We sat on large rocks that circled the drum.  Someone had a guitar and we sang ‘worship songs’.  I put this in quotes as they were not the type of worship songs we are used to, but something twisted.

It was pitch black outside and there were no stars.  While I was me in the dream, I wasn’t me.  Hard to explain, but I was Transformed, yet still in disguise.  They only had one ‘bible’.  Again, I put this in quotes as this was clearly not our Bible.  Each person had something to say about the times they were now living in…

Comment 1:  “I wished we had paid more attention when things were right.  This ‘bible’ we are studying just does not seem right.”

Comment 2:  “Well, it is too late for that.  God forgot us long ago and left us here.”

Comment 3:  “True, but I deserve this.  I would have terrorized Heaven and robbed the palaces of gold.”

Comment 4:  “I am just tired.  I am tired of trying to survive here. Even though I am trying to, I just can’t take my life here.”

The firelight became brighter and I could see their faces more clearly for the first time.  They looked battered and bruised.

Comment 5:  “Yeah, I know that we are not supposed to be meeting here, but what are they going to do?  Kill us?  Who here cares about living anymore?”

They all laughed and made comments that showed they were all in agreement.

Comment 6:  “Do you think He sees us or do you think He has forgotten us?  Like, do you think we were so bad that He could never…I don’t know…”

Comment 7:  While shaking his head.  “I didn’t listen.  I didn’t pay attention to what was happening.  I made fun of them.  I hated them.  I hated God.  I was glad when bad things happened.  I thought it was funny.  Seriously, God could give a s*** about us, but especially me.”

Group Leader:  “Well, let us see what is written in ‘his word’.”

I looked at the ‘bible’ he had and it was very thin.  I was immediately very suspicious as this book would be impossibly thin to be the real Bible, no matter how small the font.

Group Leader:  Quoting from this false bible.  “And God appointed His Anointed, the True Lord, over the land, to smite the inhabitants by his rod, to trample the feeble minded and to hunt down those who hide in darkness to worship the false one.  He has been appointed to do this so that they worship and obey Him, the Lord over them, appointed in this season, to bring them to the promise of Utopia.  They will raise their branches and praise their Holy Lord.  They will work for their food and serve their Master.”

I couldn’t take it anymore and interrupted him.  I did not feel a check in my Spirit that I was interrupting too soon.

Me:  “Okay, wait a minute.  Let me see this.”

The Group Leader handed the ‘bible’ to me.  When I perused it, I could see that the entire book was full of blasphemies against God and Jesus.  Suddenly, and without me knowing this was going to happen, the light of God’s Glory shined on the group.  While they were shocked, they could see that I was remaining calm.

Comment 10:  “Who are you?”

Me:  “I am a soldier in God’s Army.”

They all immediately dropped to the ground in fear.

Comment 11:  From all of them in various forms.  “Don’t kill us.  Please.  We are sorry.”

I then heard horrible cries and sobs.  Even the large muscular men with tattoos were weeping.  While all of these people were very ‘rough looking’, they all had the fear of the Lord written all over their faces.

Me:  “I am not God, just His worker.  Only the Lord, Jesus Christ, and His Father, are to be worshiped.  I am here to lend you comfort.  You are part of the final harvest of God.  You are the grapes which have been trampled beyond measure.  God knows each of you and He has heard your cries.  He alone is with you.  I am here to send His encouragement.  He wants you to ‘wait a little longer’ and ‘endure just a little more’.

“When you do…and you will…you will then see a beautiful place prepared for you in Heaven.  God loves you!”  I pointed to the ‘bible’.  “As for this piece of garbage here, this is NOT God’s Word.  While God has allowed the punisher to reign, this will not be for much longer.  Now, the Lord has asked me to do something for you.  I am giving you a gift to guard.

“As there are no books, tools or resources, I will give you the True Word of God, but under the disguise of the cover of this blasphemous book.  Each time you study one book of the True Word of God, the next book will appear.  This will then continue to happen so that you see all that He has truly written, understand?  Now, you will have questions as you read this.  When there are, verses from various places in His Book will come to light and will be highlighted.

“If the enemy sees this book on you, it will revert back to its falseness when they open it up.  They will not see anything wrong.  You will then be able to keep the book and not face punishment.  Even if they do seize it or even burn it, you will automatically receive another book that will do the same as this one.

“If there is something you would like to recall, it will immediately come to you inside that cover.  While there are too many of these false books to count lying around everywhere, the one you hold will be the True Word of God.  This is from God, Your God, and Jesus, your One True Savior.  While I must go now, be encouraged as God’s army is near.”

The Lord then raised me up over the area.  However, to them, I just disappeared.  They were both excited and stunned.  They quickly opened the leather book and the Word of God instantly came alive to them.  It was as if they had just won the lottery, but a thousand times better!

Comment 12:  From all of them in various forms.  “What does it say about now?  What does it say about Heaven?  What does it say about…”

Sub-dream 4 over…

Sub-dream 5 “Finding food during the Second Round” begins…

I saw two women unpacking some plastic bins they had been storing.  They were full of supplies.

Woman 1:  “Well, time to start over again.”

Woman 2:  “When will this one stop?  Bread is the price of gold.  There is no flour.  Even the milk is sour.”

Woman 1:  “Why are you joking at a time like this?”

Woman 2:  “I’m not.  What is left, really?  What shall we eat?”

Woman 1:  “I don’t know.  I think I have some cans somewhere just in case there was a ‘Second Round’…and now here it is!”  Just then, she found a bin with cans she had almost forgotten she had.  “Well, we now have food.  Come, let’s eat!”

Sub-dream 5 over…

Sub-dream 6 “Winds unlike anything the world has seen” begins…

I was watching a dire weather report on the television…

“Warning!  Severe winds will be kicking up from the west to the east.  These winds will be unlike anything the world has seen before.  You must button down the hatches and remove things which could fly.  You must reduce the risk of your homes and businesses being weaponized by these winds immediately.”

Shortly after this, I could hear something coming in from the distance.  It was the winds.  We scrambled to prepare our house for what was coming as per the weather report. I knew that we did not have much time.

Sub-dream 6 over…

Father, it was a depressing day yesterday.  Everything around us is depressing.  There seems to be no good news.  Our technology has been running poorly lately as there is a high use of internet in our area.  It has been so difficult.  I have also received many emails from fellow Sparrows from all over the world.  Many have urgent situations and are in need of our prayers, but really for Your help and healing.

A few of these Sparrows are doctors, nurses and military, all workers on the front line of this pandemic.  They are all exhausted, tired and exposed, all dealing with the great demands of sick people.  Oh Father, please bless them.  Please grant them supernatural power and strength from on High.  Please grant them divine wisdom and knowledge to know exactly what to do and to determine who needs help.

Father, please protect them and their families at home from any illness.  Please shelter them and steady their hands for good work.  Please let their feet be the feet of those who bring Good News (Isaiah 52:7 & Romans 10:14-15).  Please bless them and keep them close to You.  Please be with them in all they do, in Jesus’ Mighty Name, Amen!

Father, while my husband is also concerned about the plights of so many, he cannot help himself from also being very excited about all of the prophecies written thousands of years ago now coming to life.  In comparison to him, I have a more somber view.  Still, his positiveness is appreciated and we make a good team…smiles.  It is just that I see the looks of worry on people’s faces and wonder what will all come out from this.

From what You have shown me, what is happening today is nothing compared to what will one day come.  In comparison, this is only a ‘wakeup call’.  This is a portion of time where You, Father, have given us a big swat and a time out.  You do this in the hopes that we will turn our hearts to You and say ‘I love You and I am sorry’ while we are confined to our ‘chambers’.  I will tell you who is really happy though!  Our dogs.  All of ‘their people’ are at home and accounted for.

The things I need to do around the house are now wonderful distractions while I think about all that You have done.  When I sit in my devotional room, I think about the many small, broken or chipped antique items that have come through so many wars and journeys.

I have a lot of pieces from Europe.  I was watching a WWII documentary with my husband last night and they had some old footage of the night bombings of Dresden, Germany.  While the items from this area may not all be in good shape, they tell a story.  Seriously, if they could talk, just imagine all they would say.  How many of these pieces were damaged by the raids?  How many were stolen during the pillaging?

In reality, I just don’t know these answers.  However, I do enjoy the idea of the excitement of the person who received them as gifts.  I enjoy thinking of the makers, the incredibly gifted craftsmen.  It is hard to believe that such detailed things could be crafted without the use of modern technology.  It is just fun to imagine how something so fragile could have survived several hundred years to still be with us.

All in all, I have taken this timeout to reflect on my walk, my steps, my hopes and my dreams.  I pray more.  I listen more.  Still, I know that something has shifted in the world.  It is not my imagination.  The world has changed.  I am not sure how it will be once we are again allowed to go about our daily business.  Oh Father, this would be a great time for Your miracles.  Could You please make this for today?

Jesus:  “Erin, come up.”

I was up on the path near God’s Door.  The beautiful pond was there.  It was spring and everything was in full bloom.  As I was standing there looking at all of the beautiful sights with all of my attention, I almost didn’t notice Uriel standing there right next to me.

Me:  Smiling.  “Oh, hi, Uriel!  Where did you come from?”

Uriel:  He smiled back.  “The same can be said of you too, Erin.”  He then became more serious.  “Now, you have many questions.  God has heard them.  He knows your comings and goings.  You have been told to prepare your households.  Many did not listen, so now, what you have prepared, whether willing or unwilling, you are left with no choice but to ready yourselves.  Thoughts reflecting on what you should do are not the same as preparation.”

Me:  “I thought I had prepared.  I believe our house is ready if need be.  I think?  I mean…we could probably get a few more things.  Oh Uriel, what else do we need?”

Uriel:  “No, Erin, this is not what I am referring to.  When God asks for you to ready your house, He means you are to ready your body, mind and Spirit.  Now, prepare your family and friends for the Great Move of God.  Sound the trumpet.  Prepare the oil.  Wear no adornments. Care for that which God cares for.  Pray.”

Me:  “I thought I had been.  I am sorry, Uriel.”

Uriel:  “No, Erin, I am not your savior nor am I your judge.  I do not declare a judgment, I deliver them.  I am a messenger for the Lord.”

Me:  “Uriel, you are being so serious right now.  What is about to happen?”

Uriel:  “Do not worry, Erin, as God is with you.  You are confined to your Bridal Chambers.  Make yourself holy and pleasing to God, to Your Groom.  There will be others who believe themselves more righteous and deserving.  There will be others who believe themselves more beautiful in their chambers.  You have watched through your lifetime many being chosen over you.

“While you have felt that God has passed over you and forgotten you, your time of travailing is over, Erin.  Prepare your oil.  Let the Joy of Gladness shine upon your face.  Mourn no more at the lost years and the painful afflictions you have endured…for the Lord is about to do something in your days you would not believe even if you were told.  Your afflictions have ended.

“Prepare and ready yourself for the One Who has said that He formed you to be His servant.  He says to the prisoners…to those who appear to be in darkness…Come Out!  While you have said, ‘the Lord has forsaken me’, God says, ‘I could never forget you as your name is engraved on the palm of My hand.’

“Though you are now downcast, do not be, as the time you have waited for has come.  Rejoice and give thanks to God for He is worthy of all praise.  Heaven is rejoicing.  The celebrations have begun for God is about to do Great Things.  While I must go now, please do not be discouraged.  All of your needs will be met, so do not worry.”

Me:  “Thank you, Uriel.”  He was about to leave, but I called out to him.  “Be safe!”

Uriel:  He looked back at me and smiled.  “Yes, Miss Erin, I will.”

He was gone in an instant.

Dream over…

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