Dream 395 – Jesus:  Use this time of separation to prepare

Finished on Sunday, March 29, 2020

Received on Saturday, March 28, 2020


Dear Father,

Thank You for another day!  Thank You for Your divine love and protection.  Thank You for my family and our Nest friends.  It feels like a giant 24/7 church, so thank You.  So many things are closed right now, but ‘we’ remain open.  Our bank is closed other than by appointment only.  Stores are rationing various items.  We are now only leaving the house for necessities and nothing else.

Father, You gave us the warning of the Corona around the Sun on January 18, 2020.  It has been exactly seventy days since then.  I went to the bank that morning and swapped photos with my friends there who are tellers.  This is a small town and we have become quite fond of those around us.  I had no idea at the time that what we were swapping as ‘conspiracy theories’ and ‘impossibilities’ would soon come to pass.

I shared my thoughts on Biblical prophecy and they shocked me by saying they saw it too.  I miss my ‘bank teller friends’.  I hope they are okay.  The world was different seventy days ago.  The world as we now know it has changed.  I remember telling my husband on that particular day that we should gear up for what is coming.  While we have since mostly done this, we have also not gone overboard.  As of today, I believe we did everything You had called us to.

When we were at the grocery store yesterday, the line up was huge, about an 1/8th of a mile long to pay.  There was a similar line for getting into the store itself.  Still gone were toilet paper, disinfectant wipes, hand sanitizer, flour, yeast, baking powder and soda.  Still being rationed were sugar, ground beef and chicken.  People have gone from being friendly and talking to saying pretty well nothing.  They now look down at their feet or at their phones while going about their business.

The last couple of times I have been in a store, I have felt odd chills, muscle aches and headaches.  These then promptly go away when I leave the store.  This makes me believe that this is also a spiritual warfare situation.  Father, why did You let me feel this way?  Still, thank You, as I believe it was a gentle reminder from You that I should be careful and only go out when 100% necessary, preferably in off hours.

I again had something unusual happen as I woke up.  For two nights in a row, I have seen an image I do not really understand.  This image appeared a total of four times.  The image I saw was a massive, all white Eagle with black spots landing talons first into a tree.  After seeing this happen the fourth time, I later saw a real eagle circling our yard.  I sensed it wanted me to go away so he could feast on our tiny friends.  I had a dream the night before last that was disturbing…

Sub-dream 1 “Welcome to the Hotel California” begins…

I was in a resort in what looked to be in California, but I was not 100% sure.  The area was beautiful.  It was run by a family that reminded me of an old television series family that starred Sally Field.  It was called ‘Brothers & Sisters’.  From outward appearances, this resort seemed to have everything going for it.  It had the setting, luxury, architecture, spa, pool, golf course, activities and restaurants.

I was at this resort with my husband.  We were guests, but not really.  God had us there on assignment.  He did not want us to drink the water, eat the food or swim in the pool.  We decided to walk around the resort.  There were wealthy people with fancy clothing, jewelry and luxurious cars.  We then walked over to the pool area.  There were many people in the pool swimming.  It looked beautiful, but only from a distance.

As we got closer to the pool, we soon fully realized why God did not want us to swim there.  On the bottom of the pool were dead rodents, human waste and some sexually explicit ‘stuff’ I will not elaborate on.  The guests swimming in the pool were somehow unaware of all that was at the bottom.  The pool was horribly unclean and the water murky.  We left the pool area and decided to go report our findings to the owners.

The owners were in a backroom off of the kitchen of one of the resort’s restaurants.  The entire family was there when we alerted them to the pool’s cleanliness problem.

Main owner/husband:  “There has been no time to clean it as the pool has been booked for private parties at night.  No one has complained.  We will get to it eventually.”

Wife:  “We have never owned a resort before, so we are learning more every day.  We are too busy with the restaurants and the rooms to get to the pool.  We are so busy that we do not even wash the sheets.  We just ‘keep it green’ by telling the guests we are reusing sheets and towels.  The guests seem pleased with our conservation efforts.  They like knowing that they are staying at a ‘green resort’.”

Me:  “Yes, but have you let your guests know that you are also not cleaning sheets and towels between guests?  I don’t think your guests would like this too much if they knew.”

Wife:  “No, we have not told them about this.  They think it is just for their reuse only, not a carry forward from prior guests.  Still, no one has complained.”

Me:  “Do you mind if we take a look around the restaurant’s kitchen?”

Husband:  “Go ahead.”

There were no words adequate to describe what we were seeing.  Every vile thing was being served as food.  Every vile practice was being used to prepare the food.  They were butchering various things and leaving the blood and entrails everywhere, even folding them into various food items.  There were flies, cockroaches and other vile things crawling all over the place.

Since God had given my husband and me supernatural eyesight, we were then able to see things you could not see with the ordinary naked eye.  There were every kind of disease and bacteria flourishing in the kitchen, all in vivid color.  I would consider it pretty if it were not so dangerous.  We went back to the family to explain all that we had seen.  While explaining it, we could tell that they were completely oblivious.

Husband:  “Well, no one has complained.  I am not aware of anyone being sick.”

We were frustrated by their nonchalance.  We decided to then walk over to the spa area.  Things did not get any better.  They had therapeutic mud rooms, but the mud was just not mud (I do not want to elaborate).  They had inappropriate services on their menus and guests could even request photographs of this.

We then went into the shower and steam facilities.  It was unisex.  People did not seem shy to be naked in front of each other.  My stomach felt queasy.  While there were fragrances throughout the resort, even these could not mask the stench after a while.

We then went into the pump and filtration house in the back of the resort.  Upon closer inspection, we discovered that the septic was being intermingled with the drinking water.  The place was so unclean that I believe the only solution would be to level it and burn it.  No part was salvageable.

Sub-dream 1 over…

When I woke up, I had one of my four images of the white eagle…

Received on Sunday, March 29, 2020


Dear Father,

Thank You, thank You, thank You!  You have done great things!  Thank You!  It has been 5 years, 10 months and 21 days since my accident at TCS.  Finally, in an amazing and unexpected decision by L&I, they finally concluded that my neck injury was directly related to my May 8, 2014 accident.  This is a true miracle as they hate me so!

Even though we are soon to be healed, this is still a much-desired miracle.  This was vindication!  Now I pray that they will order my pension and then all of this can stop.  I can then let You be my Physician and dictate my treatment.  Thank You, Father, for my freedom, even if it is only partial freedom for now.

Father, You have placed some heavy burdens upon me recently.  There are things about this world that I want to make 100% clear are from You.  Father, I am trying to write things with Godly wisdom, not rushing into my own understanding.  I feel that rushing things might create fear and I don’t want to compound this.  The enemy hates us and would love to destroy us.

Oh Lord, it is scary out there right now and the world has not even seen the worst of this yet.  Please help me.  Please guide my every step.  Please be with me in all that I do!

Jesus:  “Erin, come up.”

Jesus was standing at the end of the path in the aspen grove.  He was holding the reins to His horse.  I pretended to reach for my dress to run to Him.  We both smiled and laughed at the gesture.  He waved for me to come to Him.  I did not need to be asked twice.  I ran as fast as I could into His open arms.  He hugged me and I felt so secure.

Me:  “Thank You, Lord!  I love You so much.  Is there anything I can do so people will know just how great You are?  Anything?”

Jesus:  “You will soon be able to do much more.  Do not worry, Erin, for you have readied your house and your Nest.  In turn, your Nest has readied others.  For right now, there is nothing more you can do.  Take this time to rest, reflect and repent on things you can now realize were distractions unbecoming of the sons and daughters of the King.  Rend your hearts to Me in complete joy.

“Although some of your (Nest) friends still grieve, they should not, for I am here and ready to accept them.  You see things for personal enjoyment has now changed.  You see a suffering world.  It is a difficult thing to celebrate a victory when so many only know defeat during this time.  Because of the punishment across the land, there are no more excuses of time restraints as barriers to a relationship with Me.

“Get to know Me.  I am here.  I am waiting.  Take this time to inventory what I have done for you from the beginning and what promises are soon to come.  You will all be given increases of dreams and visions.  As you take this season to seek Me more, greater will be your increase.  Rend your hearts to My Will as your will.”

Me:  Smiling.  “Okay, done!  We are ready for what comes next.  How about right now?”

Jesus:  Laughing.  “Well, since you still have your will, plenty of distractions can be created.  The enemy calls you backwards.  His tactics are reruns of games and history.  He calls you out by fear.  If listened to, this can cause you to be afraid of all things.  This will then make you sick.  The enemy is also enjoying taking this time of isolation to remind all of you of the great mistakes you made in the past and of the problems you are currently unable to fix.

“Medical conditions unrelated to this plague (the Corona Virus) are also being amplified as sorrow and fear makes the heart sick.  Some now self-medicate with wine or other things.  Some will grow angry.  Fear will create rage.  This is all that the enemy desires.  Do not fall into his trap.  Invite Me into your chamber dwellings instead.  Prepare each one as a ‘Temple of Joy’ knowing that, very soon, I will do all that I have promised.

“Now is the time to take stock in all you have and offer this to Me.  I will create a place of peace and comfort.  I will give you good reports.  I am here.  Be still, Erin, be still.  I will instruct you in the way you should go.  The ‘Great Separation’ is occurring.  You were shown the angel armies measuring and weighing the nations.  All were wanting, all were troubled and all had fallen.

“Shortly after you were shown this, the judgment, a great judgment, went out across the nations.  This began with the nation who claims higher sovereignty than any other (the Land of the Dragon).  They lied and covered up the problem because of pride and power issues, but also Mammon.  The hour was then too late for them.  Erin, what is in motion from the Courts of Heaven cannot be stopped.”

Me:  “Oh Lord, are we able to petition You in order to shorten this?  Many of us have already petitioned.  Lord, your children have been praying!”

Jesus:  “You are starting to worry.  Do not.  Erin, there are those who defy the warnings of God and continue on their course.  They do this despite My warnings.  Be on guard so that your hearts will not be weighed down by dissipation or drunkenness.  If you do not let the worries of this life inhibit you, ‘that day’ will not come on you suddenly like a trap, understand?

“It is the wicked and the unwise that say, ‘Come, celebrate our new moon festivals.  Dance and parade about in costume.  Honor the god of drunkenness.  Dance until dawn.  Pursue your course of seduction.  Give in to your lusts of the flesh, parties and abominable idolatries.  Let us partake in these sins, for tomorrow, we worship, vomit and then rest.’

“Erin, what god are they serving?”

Me:  Crying.  “Oh Lord, I used to behave like this before I followed You.  This is sad.  I am sorry.  While I know this is now many years in my past, I am still so sorry!”

Jesus:  “Oh Erin, do not worry, as I am speaking of today, not the past.  Do not look back.  The enemy would have you believe that you are still guilty of that which you have repented of long ago.  He wants you to believe that you have not been set free.  He is a liar and always has been.

“Now, this trouble has come upon the nations because they have failed to remember the God over all things.  They remember Me only when they use My Name for curses.  They remember me only on their cursed lips.  Erin, dedicate your homes and property to Me.  I have you.  Troubles will not fall upon you.  It is difficult to understand what is happening and what is soon to happen.

“You will cry out when you hear of the troubles that will fall upon various people and even their children.  Still, was this not also planned from the very beginning?  This is something you cannot determine or control, only God can.  Since this is the case, give this also to Me.  Ask Me and I will answer.  I am here with each of you.  No, Erin, this is not your imagination.

“Now, understand this.  There will be more troubles.  However, I am sending hope, healing and great signs, as well as the wonders of My love.  This will all come very quickly.  Continue to pray.  I am with you.

“Remember also that My people come in all shapes, sizes and skin colors.  They are scattered throughout the nations.  Erin, I have not forgotten one race over another.  I have not disqualified someone on the basis of the world’s measures.  I do not look at how educated someone is.  Even if education was an issue, you would still easily pass.”  He smiled as He gently nudged me.  “Erin, you already have your ‘Doctorate in Affliction’, a degree held in high esteem by God.

“Hmm…Erin…I just read your thoughts.  You just thought that many have already disqualified you.  Well, it is only My opinion that counts.  Erin, you are not disqualified.  Let the wicked murmur and grimace at those I call.  Greater will their fall be from their ‘higher places’.”  He laughed.  “Faster should their feet be when they run for the hills!

“Erin, I called you today because I know that you are worried.  You are worried for others.  You are worried for those who are working through their troubles.  Pray and I will answer you.  Knock and the door shall be opened to you.  Seek Me and you shall find Me.  When you find Me, you shall find Me with your whole heart.

“Though it is hard to see at times, this great separation is good.  Now, continue to ready your home.  Clean and prepare.  Praise Me in this storm.  Dedicate your ‘homework’ to Me.  Pray that this plague passes over you quickly.”

I was now smiling again and feeling so much better.  I just knew in my heart that the Lord had this fully in His control…just like He always does.  Yes, He is holding the reins!

Me:  “I will pray for all of these things.  I will continue to prepare.  I love You, Lord.  We give our lives and our hearts to You in all that we do.”

Jesus:  “Remember that sickness and death are equalizers on the scales.  Judgments are God’s way to level the lofty and to lift up the low.  The dream you were given shows you that uncleanliness leads to separation.  Remember, I did not come to remove and replace the Laws of My Father.  I instead came as a fulfillment of prophecy.

“I did not come to make everything permissible.  I instead came to show the love of My Father to the lost, display mighty deeds and miracles and set the captives free.  I also came to level the lofty, humbling the proud, as well as shaking the land off of its foundation.  However, and more than this even, I rose the thousands of dead and walked through the ruins Transformed.”  He smiled at me.

“So, Erin, what do you think?”

Me:  “Oh Lord, we could be Transformed and the reverse happen, right?”

Jesus:  Smiling.  “Hmm, this is an interesting idea.  Pray on this.  I am surprised no one has thought to do this before.”

While I already knew that He was just teasing, He smiled again as He good naturedly nudged me.  He had such a kind and loving expression on His face and in His eyes.

Me:  Laughing.  “Oh Lord, even Your humor is beyond earthly description.  Please let Your Kingdom come and let Your Will be done, on Earth as it is in Heaven.”

Jesus:  Smiling.  “Do not worry, Erin, as I am about to do something in your days you would not believe even if you were told.  I am not referring to the troubles that are already here (the Corona Virus), but to My soon miracles!”

He had such a beautiful and gentle smile when He leaned over to hug me again.  There truly is no one, on Earth or in Heaven, as awesome as our Lord.  Jesus is worthy of all of our praises.  He always has been and always will be.

Dream over…

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