Dream 406 – Two Leaders compete for World Dominance

Received on Saturday, May 2, 2020


Dear Father,

Before we begin…In case you did not read this already, you may wish to read the update that has been added to the very end of the previous dream (link at the end of this dream).  In summary, the prophecy in Sub-Dream 2 of Dream 405 was precisely fulfilled in that the Virtual Bot has now been unveiled and looks exactly as described.

Thank You for another day here!  Thank You for my husband, our children, our home and our Nest.  Thank You for our community of sparrows, where birds of a feather flock together.  We had a busy and difficult week.  We had no choice but to deal with underlying problems in our home.  If I were to write a book specifically looking at the thought processes of watchers, it would be hilarious.

There are many ‘holdoffs’ and ‘holdbacks’, all done with the great faith that the Lord will soon take care of this or that.  My husband can be like this at times as his date estimations and calculations are always based on pertinent factors and truly do make complete sense.  All in all, this makes it fun to watch for You, Father, as we do so based on Biblical principles and historical evidence.

Yes, it is so easy to ‘fall into the trap’ of holding off things best looked after right away.  This is because I am not feeling well and there are so many days when my hope in Jesus is all I have.  My husband’s speculations are then music to my ears as they always have a basis of encouragement in God to them.  Where you can run into trouble is when you put something off that will likely bring great trouble if you don’t deal with it.

Two things this week were like that for us.  The first one involved a tree.  The last big storm caused a pine tree to uproot and lean toward our home.  This tree was then threatening an even larger tree.  All of this was right outside my devotional area, my daughter’s bedroom and a bathroom.  The situation was one bad windstorm away from causing thousands of dollars in damages had it been blown onto the house.

The second one involved plumbing.  We had this issue resolved with a semi-permanent fix and was not nearly as bad as it could have been.  Thank You, Jesus!  Thank You also for sending the right ‘tree people’.  I watched a man creatively use a chainsaw when he saw the precarious place that the tree was likely to fall.  He measured his cuts, re-examined the area and then made a rather curious looking wedge cut.

This cut was made with such precision that the tree stood upright for a moment and then dropped perfectly between two trees, missing them both.  It was as if God had sent angels to perfectly twist and place the tree on the ground.  Well, I really have no doubt that He did.  It was so amazing that I regretted not filming it.  The tree was also bigger than we had thought.  It was about 50 to 60 feet tall.

Until the men began to cut the tree apart and haul it away, it was difficult to comprehend just how massive this threat really was.  While we have several other fallen trees, none are a threat, so we pushed having them looked after to when it can be afforded (or until God Himself takes care of it, a better alternative).  After they cleared the debris, we once again had a path to walk to our little creek.  What a blessing.

While both of these issues came at a price, we are so grateful that this was such a little expense in comparison to the disasters either one of these could have been.  Thank You, Father, for sending the right people to help us.  However, I felt something during this time that I had then felt guilty about, something that I really had no right to feel.

While they charged us to remove the tree, I also knew that they were going to sell it for firewood.  I know the families of the workers and they are all poor.  Knowing this, I still felt stressed.  Looking back, how foolish.  Fortunately, You spoke to me on the situation immediately and straightened out my ‘crooked’ thoughts…

Jesus:  “Erin, Erin, do not worry, for it was I Who sent them.  It is also I Who sent the storm which caused the tree to uproot.  Yes, I am God and I allow such things.  However, and more than this, I own the land, the trees, the path you walk on and the very home you live in.  It is I Who gives and it is I Who takes away.”

Me:  “I am sorry, Lord, for the thing I have made it.  It is just that I am trying to be wise as You provide all that we have.  I thought I was being a good steward.”

Jesus:  “Yes, but you still need to be reasonable.  Do you have a cutting instrument that could have cut this up?  Do you have other instruments to turn this wood to be burned in a fire?  No, you cannot.  So then, look up the practice of gleaning and do not consider this as payment.

“What is it to you if the poor or needy profit from what they removed?  Did you have the skill to fell the tree and avoid your roof?  No, Erin, for it was I Who fashioned this.  Now, relax.  Do not worry about what they might do with things you did not want.  Have I not blessed you the same way?”

Me:  “Forgive me, Lord.  I am so sorry.”

I repented of my faulty thought process and shared it with my husband.  We both agreed.  Shortly after that, the Lord replenished our shortfall of provision with a gift that covered what we had lost.  This strengthened our faith that we had done what was right in God’s eyes.  Father, I am not perfect.  This You know.  Thank You for fixing our leaking pipes and our leaning trees.

Thank You for clearing away the reminders of storms of the past.  Sigh…Father, here I am.  My dream last night was deeply disturbing.  It was filled with disturbing events.  I need Your help with this.  Please let me not forget one thing I was shown…in Jesus’ Mighty Name, Amen!

Sub-dream 1 “A Polluted River is Healed” begins…

It seemed as if we were in a future summer season, but I could not be certain of which one.  The plague must have now passed as people were once again gathering closer together.  I also did not see any masks.  We were in an area close to Washington DC.    There were virtually no cars in this area.  In order for people to travel, they rode on benches in open flatbed trucks.

While there were a few cars, they were very small and either electric or solar powered.  My husband and I were visiting this area and were riding together into the city on one of the flatbed trucks.  From there, we rode on barges that were powered by people who used paddles.  While they paddled in a standing position, the passengers were all sitting.

I noticed that the atmosphere seemed to be devoid of all humidity.  It was searing hot and bright out.  It was as if a coating had been removed from the atmosphere to shield people from the heat of the sun.  Some people were covered from head to toe.  Almost all were wearing hats.  Some even had goggles over their eyes.

The river’s water was murky and brown.  One little boy, around age five, had become fascinated with the water and said ‘fishy’.  When the boy went to touch the water, one of the paddlers motioned as if he was going to strike the boy’s hand with his paddle.  The mother noticed this and moved the boy back before the man could strike.

Mom:  Addressing her now crying boy.  “I know that it looked like there was a fishy, but it wasn’t.  The water is sick water, very sick water, and it can make us very sick too.”

Paddler:  “The only water that is not sick right now are the special mountain springs.  These are clean by the grace of God.  The oceans are all sick, as well as the rivers which lead to them.  I am sorry, but I could not allow you to touch the unclean waters.”

We observed and remained quiet.  The little boy then turned towards us.  He pointed first to my husband and then to me.

Boy:  Smiling again.  “You!  You can heal the water.  God just showed me.  You can heal it.  I know you can.”

He was now giggling with excitement and making a scene.  His mother was embarrassed and moved the boy away from us.  He tried to look back at us, but she would not let him.  I walked over to the edge of the boat and sat down.  I felt that I should consult God.  This was all done only in my mind the whole time.

Me:  “Oh Mighty God, do You want me to heal this water?”

God:  “Dip your hand in the water seven times.  Do this in a way that everyone witnesses it.  I will keep the paddler from striking you.”

I looked into the water and could not believe how gross it was.  When I dipped my hand in the water the first time, I could instantly feel the bacteria and debris sift through my fingers.  I wanted to vomit, but the feeling instantly dissipated.  I could tell the paddler wanted to swat me, but couldn’t, as he was getting angrier and angrier with each dip.

Paddler:  “Are you crazy?  You will get us all sick!”

My husband:  “No.  God is about to heal the river.”

As soon as I removed my hand from the water after the seventh dip of my hand, it was as if a dark storm had dissolved in the water.  The water instantly became crystal clear and beautiful.  All of the murky mud in the water and the silt at the bottom was removed.  It was now a perfect ecosystem of rocks and healthy river plants.  I did not see any fish though.

God:  “Cup your hand and drink from the river.”

I cupped my hand and drank the water.  It was cool, fresh and clean.  I not only did not become sick, but I looked refreshed and revived.  The people didn’t have to be asked.  They were screaming with joy and jumping into the water.  The little boy was jumping up and down in excitement.

Boy:  “Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

Me:  “No, it was not me.  This happened because of God and God alone.”

Mom:  “Who are you people?”

Me:  “We are healing as God calls us.”

Paddler:  “Good enough for me.  I am going for a swim.”  He jumped into the water.  He had a huge smile on his face as he swam around.  “Say, would you be able to ask God to stop the sun’s heat from burning seven times brighter?”

God:  “Erin, while they can ask for My protection as a filter, I will not stop the increase in the sun.  It is written.”

Me:  “If you are in need of protection against this, God will shelter you.  However, He will not remove it.”

The little boy came up and hugged me.  I looked at his mother and she was smiling.  I could tell she didn’t mind.

Me:  “Lord, please shelter the heat from this little boy, his mother and their household.  Please let them be cool in the heat and warm in the cold.  Please protect them from the plots of the enemy.  Please shelter them from the impending storms.”

We reached the city and it was time to exit the barge.  The boy and his mother went one way and we went the other.  The boy waved to me with a huge smile on his face.  I waved back.  We then kept walking down a street.  There was a man shouting out from the steps of the Capital Building.  He was prophesying from Isaiah 30.  He was very intense, but few paid attention to what he was saying.

Preacher:  “For thus sayeth the Lord, God, the Holy One of Israel…In returning to Him and in rest, you shall be saved; in quietness and trust shall be your strength.  But you were unwilling and you said, ‘no, we will flee away upon horses’ and therefore you shall flee away; and we will ride upon swift steeds, therefore your pursuers shall be swift.

“A thousand shall flee at the threat of one; at the threat of five, you shall flee till you are left like a flagstaff on the top of a mountain, like a signal on a hill.  Turn to God and away from your idols.  You will hear the Voice of God behind you saying, ‘this is the way, walk in it’.  The Lord was gracious and you turned from your wickedness.

“You removed your graven images and you dedicated this land to the Lord.  And the Lord saw it was good.  Then in the day of the great slaughter, when the towers fell, the light of the moon became like that as bright as the sun.  The light of the sun has become seven-fold brighter, like the light of seven days.

“But the Lord longs to be gracious to you as He is the God of Justice.  He will bind up the brokenness of His people and heal their wounds inflicted by His blow.  You shall have a song as in the night when the Holy Feast is kept and gladness of heart as when one sets out to the sound of the flute to go to the Mountain of the Lord, to the Rock of Israel.

“And the Lord will cause His majestic voice to be heard and the descending blow of His arm to be seen in furious anger and a flame of devouring fire with a loud burst and a storm and hailstones.  The invading army will be terror stricken at the Voice of the Lord when He strikes with His rod and punishes the enemy.”

Me:  “Who are you speaking of?”

Preacher:  “You already know that I speak of Jesus.”

Me:  “Who is the enemy you are speaking of?”

Preacher:  “There are many.  However, there are two who battle for the position of one.  One leader claims to have harvested the power of the sun.  He has sent plagues upon the nations and he threatens the seas.

“The other leader stands in wait for the power of one.  He punishes those who do not comply and purchases the loyalty of many.  He believes himself to be the only hope.  He saw the effects of the plague upon the lands and deemed this good.  He then began to control the Word as he knew the Word of Truth would reveal his wicked plots.  He then removed the houses of worship.  He removed the joy of the Lord.

“He removed transportation and meat.  He has weakened the spirit of God’s people and weakened their bodies.  He has declared his power good.  He removed babies and the infirm, the weak and the old, by withholding help.  He changed information, history and freedom of thought.  His thoughts then became what was best for all.  Those who rebelled were either removed or enslaved.”

Me:  “God’s Word is Truth.  He is the God of Truth.  He is the Word and He spoke the Word into being.  The enemy will not prevail.”

Preacher:  “The powers treat me as crazy and not as a threat right now.  However, if they see anyone actually listening to me, I will be deemed a threat and removed.  Now that they have seen you standing here and listening to the Truth, they will now remove and kill me.”

Me:  “No, no.  You will not die.  God loves righteousness and justice over sacrifices.  You speak of these things.”

Preacher:  He suddenly became excited!  “Wait!  You are speaking Psalm 21.  You speak with the heart of the King.  He has sent you!  Praise God for He has sent you!”

We were now on full public display and the authorities had been alarmed.  My husband and I watched as several armed men came at us.  Before they reached us, I hugged him as instructed by God.  In an instant, we were completely removed to a peaceful home on a river.

Me:  “Here is where you will stay until the Lord comes for you.  Here you will have enough to sustain you…you and your family.  Nothing will come against you, understand.”

When I finished speaking this, the preacher’s family suddenly arrived.  He was almost speechless.  Almost…

Preacher:  “Oh, praise God!  Thank you!  Thank You, Lord.”

Me:  “Jesus is with you!”

In an instant, we were gone again.

Sub-dream 1 over…

Father, I have a pit in my stomach from reliving that particular dream.

Jesus:  “Erin, come up.”

I was in the harvest fields.  I knew that the bridge I really wanted to cross was just around the corner, so I bolted towards it.  I rounded the row into the orchards of fruit and was almost home free.  Not so fast…there was Uriel.  He was right in front of me on his horse.  He smiled at me as I sighed.  He knew that I was trying to get to the bridge.

Uriel:  “Erin, your time here has not come to an end.  Are you testing God?”

Me:  “No, Uriel.  I am so sorry.”

Uriel:  “Are things too difficult for you?”

Me:  “No.  I just see what is coming and what is already here and I can’t believe it.  Uriel, I never imagined that any of this could happen and so easily.  It all happened so incredibly quickly and few even take note of it.”

Uriel:  “Oh Erin, since the beginning of time, trouble has come upon the lands by men with evil intentions.  While you had not encountered such times, they are now here.  It is a different war.  The fallen have begun to rise slowly.  There are their manifestations amongst men now.  Think of this as like race horses jumping in their stalls before the shot that releases the gate holding them back.

“Permission was granted for the increase of evil and the times once written of by the prophets.  You have been shown a leader rising up in the west or east depending on your place.  To the land of Israel, it is to the east and north.  To you, it is the west.  He has been building an army in a vast war, but he is doing this by several strategies.

“While the world was sleeping, he was lining the pockets of foreign leaders, sending money to those with influence and beginning wars of lies.  The plagues have now begun here.  This man’s need for control and dominance will not stop.  He does not like to be mocked or have his deeds of darkness exposed to the light.  He wants supreme control by any means.  He will poison supplies and weaken protective shields.

“He will send these inferior products under the guise of aid.  They will change the news and force people to comply.  They will ravish weak nations and make them even more ill by removing their wealth.  They do this all in the name of power as they do not serve God.  However, God has allowed this.  This man claims to have harnessed the power of the sun to mock God, but God will not be mocked.”

“Now, another beast with many heads will rise up and govern.  This is a beast without borders, but is the head of many nations.  You will soon be strengthened, so do not worry.  I have come to tell you that God is about to raise up His Army.  You will be healed and strengthened.  Now, rejoice.  Turn back from the bridge.  Look at your crops instead.  These are good.  Erin, God is with you.  Rejoice.”

He turned and was gone in an instant.

Dream over…

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