Dream 413 – Even the enemy was expecting Pentecost

Received on Sunday, May 31, 2020


Dear Father,

Thank You for another day!  Thank You for my family and our friends.  Thank You for our Nest, which now has officially reached our 500th member.  This is a miracle, Father.  I had an amazing dream last night.  In this dream, my mom was still alive.  I had no memory of her ever dying.  She was different…no longer critical, but supportive instead.  She acted like the mother I had always prayed to have.

Sub-dream 1 “Shopping with mom, skiing like a pro” begins…

My bedroom was the same as in my last home that we had as a family together prior to my mom selling it and marrying again.  This home was really small, so the bedroom I had was also very small.  My bedroom was probably eight feet by eight feet in size.  My mattress was on box springs on the floor.  There was a tiny box for a nightstand.  The lamp on it was made of black tin.  I went to tell my mom that I didn’t like this lamp.

Me:  “This lamp base is so large that there is no room even for a glass of water.  I want to shop for a mounted wall lamp so that I can have room for my glass of water and my Bible.  I want to find the perfect lamp.”

My mom:  “Sure.  Let’s go.”

The two places I knew of suddenly became a part of the Bay Area.  More specifically, the East Bay Area near El Cerrito / Albany where I grew up.  The first place we went to was a designer shop that I was familiar with.  It was the San Francisco Design Center.

Me:  “I am not sure that I want to go in.”

My mom:  “But what if the right one is in there?”

Me:  “I am a bit embarrassed to admit this, but I don’t want to go in because of their prices being higher than I can personally afford.  I was in there with a wealthy client when she wanted a pair of table lamps.  The price came out to $2,500 and that was with a discount.  I would prefer to go to Lamps Plus instead.”

My mom agreed and we walked a few doors down.  We went into the store and I looked around.  I found a beautiful wall mounted light with a swing arm.  I was about to settle for it when I suddenly remembered that this particular lamp had to be professionally hardwired.  I then dismissed it as a viable option.

Me:  “I don’t want to wait for installation.  I am just going to find a normal plug in one.”

I soon found one.  While it wasn’t perfect, I knew it would fulfill my needs.  However, my mom noticed that I wasn’t 100% positive about my choice of lamps.

My mom:  “Erin, please don’t settle because I am here.  Get what you want.  I can tell that this store does not have the lamp you truly want.”

Me:  Hugging her.  “Thanks, mom!”

My mom:  Looking at her wristwatch.  “Oh no!  Erin, you must go.  You will be late for your skiing lesson.”

As soon as she said it, I suddenly remembered I had a lesson booked.  I hugged her again.  While mom wasn’t much of a hugger in real life, she was a great hugger in this dream.  I then walked out to the sidewalk of a distant city and began to run up the hill.  The area changed to another city.  It seemed similar to the Mount Rose area near Lake Tahoe.  Even though I was on foot, I could run so fast.  When I arrived on the mountain, the ski instructor was waiting there for me.

Instructor:  “Erin, you barely made it!”

Me:  “I know.  Sorry about that.”

Instructor:  “Are you ready?”

Me:  “I think so.”

Instructor:  “I am going to show you how to ski on slippery snow slopes, dodging around rocks and boulders.”

Me:  “I am not an advanced skier.  In fact, I really don’t ski.”

Instructor:  “Well, you are an advanced skier now.  Just follow my lead.”

I looked at the course and it was extremely steep.  Dangerously so.  And icy!  There were so many boulders and rocks.  I had trouble believing that this could even be skied by the best of skiers.  I was about to voice my concerns about the conditions when the instructor surged forward.

Instructor:  “Come on, Erin, follow me!”

I decided to go for it.  I was so good at skiing and it was so natural, I was in shock.  I was really good and I mean really good.  I had no fear of failure.  Not only was I dodging the boulders and rocks with ease, I was even doing flips over them.  As long as I followed my instructor, I knew nothing would happen to me.  It was so much fun!

Sub-dream 1 over…

I then had another dream immediately after…

Sub-dream 2 “A woman has an amazing change of heart” begins…

I was in a busy open market place with my family.  While we each had gone in different directions, I supernaturally knew approximately where they were at all times.  They were able to do the same with me.  I was once again looking for a lamp.  This time it was in a modern gallery.  When I picked up a lamp I liked, I was quickly approached by an Asian saleswoman.  I could tell that she did not like me.

Woman:  “Please put that lamp down.  It will not work for you.”

Me:  “What do you mean?  Look!”

I clicked the lamp on even though it was not plugged in.  I prayed to the Lord and He had me ‘will’ the lightbulb on.  It shined brightly.  Once the woman realized that the cord was not in the electric outlet, she jumped backwards in terror.

Me:  “See, the lamp works perfectly.  I love it.  Here is $120.”

Woman:  “For you today…$1,200.”

Me:  “But the tag says $120.”

Woman:  “Just as I thought…you cannot afford it.  Sorry.”

Me:  “Okay, fine.”

Without doing anything, the $120 in my hand multiplied to $1,200.  Instead of six $20 bills, I now had twelve $100 bills.

Woman:  “Sorry, it is still not for sale.”

Me:  “That is fine.  The quality was not there for me anyway.”

I turned and walked out of the store.  The minute my foot passed the threshold of the store, the entire inventory fell off of the ceiling, walls and surfaces.  God had just ensured that she would not be doing any business for quite a while.  It was as if a powerful earthquake had just struck that one spot.  The woman began to curse me in her native tongue.

What was amazing was that I could understand every word she was saying.  God told me that her name was Min Choo and that He would speak to her through me.  I held up my hand to have her stop talking and she immediately stopped her cursing.  Her eyes opened wide in shock as her lips were now completely sealed.

Me:  “Listen carefully to the following words.  God will now be speaking to you through me…

“Min Choo, why do you curse Me and those I send to help you.  Turn from your gods and come back to me.  No longer should you have a bitter heart.  Recognize Me as the God of all Creation and serve Me.  You have been found by Me.  I am here.  Now, apologize to My servant Erin.  Once you have apologized, I will work through her to restore all that has just been lost.”

Min Choo dropped to her knees and started to weep.  In her weeping, I could hear her apologizing to God.  She then looked up and apologized to me.  I walked over to her and touched her shoulder.  A vision was then downloaded of why she was so bitter.  I prayed over her as she wept and blessed her in Jesus’ Name.

Then, with just one wave of my arm, the Lord, through me and operating in me, restored her store with better products than before.  The former broken lights were completely removed and replaced.  When she opened her eyes, she screamed with joy.

Min Choo:  “Thank You, Jesus!  Thank You, Erin!  Please allow me to give you any lamp you desire for free.”

I was about to protest when the Lord talked to me.

Voice of the Lord (in my head):  “For you to take a lamp from her will be healing for her.  She longs to offer something up to you for her rude behavior.  This will make her heart glad and bring her joy.  You are to accept her offering, hug her and bless her business.”

Once I did as the Lord instructed, Min Choo’s heart was healed and her joy completed.  The vision showed me why she was so bitter.  Her parents desired her to be a boy and inflicted great pain upon her for not being born male.  While there was more to her pain, this was the main thing that had crushed her.  As I left her store, I saw that people were now starting to line up to get in to see all of her merchandise.  I was so happy for her.

As I walked down the street with a smile, I soon came to an open-air dance studio.  There was no one there.  There was a mirror, along with a beautiful Maplewood floor and a ballet bar.  I walked up to the ballet bar and started to stretch.  I was strong and lean again.

Without looking in the mirror, I began doing several intricate dance moves.  I was performing them all with ease and in complete perfection.  I laughed with joy when I realized I was not out of breath despite the great movements these dance moves required.  I could not do most of these moves even when I was in my best shape.

Me:  Praying.  “Thank You, Jesus!”

I then began to search for my husband.  Thanks to our enhanced Heavenly instincts, I almost immediately found him.  He was in an Apple Store.  Many people had gathered around him and he was showing them things his own Apple iPad could do.  It was capable of things impossible for man to understand.  He must have sensed me as he soon looked up and immediately noticed me.

My husband:  Addressing the crowd.  “Hey, it has been fun, but my wife is here and I must go.”

They were disappointed and called out for him to come back.  He continued to walk out of the store.  As he drew near to me, he reached for my hand.  We laughed and smiled as we walked and talked together.

Me:  “You will not believe this.  I can dance.  I have no pain.  I have no limitations.  It is a miracle.”

My husband:  Hugging me.  “That is so awesome!  What a Lord we serve!”

Me:  “You got that right.  So, what were you up to in the Apple Store?”

My husband:  “Erin, God has shown me an entire technological advance which cannot be replicated.  I will need to go to leaders with others and help them.”

Me:  “Wow!  When?”

My husband:  “Right away.  This will create a time of peace and reform as God brings in the Harvest of Souls.  We need to find the kids.  God has shown me great mysteries.  God has shown me evidence which needs to be uncovered as proof.”

Me:  “I don’t think God has given me this gift.  Why do you have this and not me?”

I should stress that I was not jealous of my husband for this, but completely happy for him.  I just wanted to understand the distribution of gifts better.

My husband:  “Well, you have this too.  However, He is sending you to do something different.  While we will be together at times, we will be apart at other times.  However, whether we are together or apart, you are not to worry, okay?”

Me:  “Okay.”

My husband:  “Oh Erin, I am just so incredibly excited.  God is so good and not just a little either.  He is brilliant.  He is so much smarter than any of us can comprehend.  He is capable of so much, more than we can even imagine.  He truly is the God of the Impossible.  We have barely scratched the surface of what He is capable of!”

We walked together to find and gather our kids.  This did not take long.  When we talked with them further, we found out that each one of them had their own specific discoveries and gifts that they did not know they had until now.  They showed off some of their skills and then asked me to show them one of mine.  I decided to show them some of my dance moves.  They were all amazed.

Sub-dream 2 over…

So, Father, today is Pentecost!  I was hoping today would be the day of our Transformation.  I look over the damage over the USA and I am in shock.  All the once beautiful cities are now decimated.  I am so sad.  Why?  Father, You raise up leaders and You allow them to be removed.  You have shown me some things.

This is the rise of the tactics of the enemy at war with Your people.  Race wars.  However, Father, this is all based on unbalanced scales of Justice.  A few years back, I had purchased a justice statue.  It was an antique.  I was able to get this for just a couple of dollars because she was missing her scales completely.

Father, You said to me at least three times in the last ten days that three storms are coming and that one is already here.  I was not fully understanding what kind of storm as You are a mystery.  I know this much though.  You appointed our President to cause trouble for those who enjoyed unchecked power over the people.  The very first thing people did was then call him a racist for doing so.

I grew up in a very liberal region of the USA.  Even back then, rents and mortgages were high and disproportionate to wages.  Why?  When liberals were in control, why were we all taxed so much that our family could not live on one wage.  Both of my parents had to work.  There were food shortages and mass unemployment.  There was a diminishing middle class.

I remember great anger in the people.  There were protests in Berkeley against the police.  Riots broke out when my mom went to school there.  However, most of it was peaceful…anti-war, anti-Vietnam, war protesting.  However, as a child back then, what do I remember?  I remember that both sides were heard.  I remember that speech was a protected right.  There was freedom to speak.

I remember that my parents had political discussions with people they didn’t agree with.  However, things remained amicable and friendships lasted through this.  One thing was clear though.  Something had happened and the envelope continued to be pushed further and further.  Then welfare became available.  We stood in line for hours for Velveeta Cheese, brown beans, rice and cereal.  It was horrible.

We could not survive.  The system broke.  The solution for leaders were to keep many of us poor and ineffective, with no hope, and blame it on others.  They did this even though the problem were the politicians to begin with.  What happened in Minneapolis is disgusting.  It was so horrific that prison time is warranted.  Still, we must also keep in mind that all of this was designed to fuel the flames of hatred against each other.

Make no mistake, there are huge agendas unfolding as we speak.  All of it is designed to keep us in check and to have the New World Order keep control.  What happened to the Corona Virus?  Was it forgotten?  Where did it go?  Were the riots started because the Corona Virus was not doing enough to crush America?

The destruction of these cities is no longer about the original incident.  This is a war tactic meant to divide and undo all of the progress the President has made.  This was meant to focus our attention on the country’s stain in history – slavery and oppression.  This is meant to fuel hatred towards the police.  Without the police, there would be complete anarchy.  Trust me…no one wants anarchy!

The USA has a system of checks and balances to try to keep the powerful from overpowering the weak.  When this system is chipped away, the strong rise up and the weak diminish.  This is happening now and the scales of justice is now on the evil person’s side.  This is why we are being raised up!  Oh Father, please call us up soon!  Please strengthen and heal us so that we can be great servants in Your Army!

Jesus:  “Erin, come up.”

I was once again on the banks of the raging river.  I was watching these beautiful Heavenly salmon swimming upstream.  What a struggle for them on Earth, but not here in Heaven!  On Earth, we struggle almost every day.  To not have at least some struggle in a day is almost unheard of.

While I know that the Lord allows this to make us stronger, I am still ‘not a big fan’ of our blacksmiths.  Oh Father, please protect Your people.  There is no division in Your Sheep.  There is only division between the Sheep and the Goats.  Please build up Your Sheep.  Please help us.

Just then, I felt a hand on my shoulder.  I turned and it was Uriel in full armor.  His horse was with him.  He sat beside me.

Uriel:  “Erin, there is an epic war in the Heavens right now.  It has been a difficult battle.  I come to remind you that the battle is God’s battle.  It is not your battle.  This has continued for many moons and is showing no signs of an end.  I am bringing a message to you from God…

“Erin, the enemy is fighting against My Army of Heavenly angels.  The enemy remains in the same pattern as his tactics are nothing new under Heaven.  The voices of My people have been silenced.  Their voices of worship and prayers in My Church has been silenced.  Just as I have brought the great floods and the fires, I will now fan the flames.  The time of lawlessness has come.  Great fear will grip the nations.

“Monuments and cities will fall like dominoes.  I will shake the foundations of the proud and the arrogant, exposing their wicked schemes.  I alone own the land.  The wealth is Mine.  The cattle are Mine.  The harvesting fields are Mine.  Woe to those who blaspheme My Name, removing My churches and the voices within.  I am God and there is no one above Me.  Erin, the plots of the wicked are far greater than what you see.  The truth is hidden in what you often do not see.

“This is because much is edited by removal, erased from view.  This very morning, people of all races joined together to clean up what the evil tore down in the riots last night.  Is this talked about by the media?  No.  This is because it does not further the evil one’s agenda.  You have only to ask questions and I will reveal to you truth.  Do not believe the voice of one calling in the wilderness…’God is here…come’ or ‘I just saw him over there’.  Do not believe it.

“Now, I have created each of you for My purposes.  Continue to prepare your households.  Repent of anything contrary to things of Heaven.  Do this quickly as I am near, even standing at the door.  Erin, do not be afraid.  I have a plan in place that will bring in a Great Harvest, a harvest like the world has never seen.  Stand firm.  Make no long-term plans for yourself in the physical at this moment for all is about to change.

“The enemy has tried to take you out this week as you are greatly hated.  The enemy understands that a Great Move of Heaven on Earth is about to unfold.  They have been working on a counterfeit movement that will attempt to mimic what I am sending.  However, the enemy’s plans will be unable to match My plans.  You are not to worry though as nothing will come against you.

“I see the injustice of the land.  I do not turn a blind eye to it.  I met George at his end and took him Home.  He was raised up for this.  I am God in and over all things.  Justice is Mine, understand?  Now, why have I allowed all of this?  It is because of the evil hands of the wicked against the innocent.  Rejoice, Erin.  When you were told all of this would be coming, did you think you would not really see it?”

Me:  “Of course not.  I had just hoped that we would have been strengthened by now.”

Uriel:  Continuing to speak for God.  “You are Mine, Erin.  I will take care of you and your children.  I will take care of your friends and their children.  Soon, nothing will come against you again.  Peace and revival will sweep the nations.  Now, rejoice, as God is with you.  I love you.”

Me:  “Uriel, thank you for giving me this wonderful message from God!”

Uriel:  “Erin, God could have stopped the plans of the wicked.  The wicked wants the nation to fall so that it can gain a stronghold.  You are correct in your assessments.  The financial backing and organization of the riots, as well as their timing, had been put into place as a ‘nuclear option’.  They wanted to do this now so as to overlap the plague.  This would make it so all people would be viewing this from their electronic devices.

“This was a well-planned attack.  If the public knew what the leaders said about the people in private, all would be furious.  Your neighbor is not your enemy.  This is an illusion created by evil leaders.  We are in a Great War in the Heavens.  As we strike down members of this vast army of demons, they enter those with great rage with full permission of the host.  This is why you are seeing such great chaos.

“However, this just appears as chaos.  Understand this…it is structured and well regimented.  It is not random mayhem or unplanned circumstances.  There is a ‘ground game’.  You cannot see it as the coverage is sporadic.  Just as the mass immigrations from the south were planned, so too was the plague’s origination planned and strategically spread.  The enemy knows that God is about to do something in your days you would not believe even if you were told.”

Me:  “When, Uriel?  Pentecost was perfect!  So many good dates come and go.”

Uriel:  “Erin, do you not think for a moment that the enemy also expected something to occur on Pentecost?  Well, he sent fire and other diversions just in case it had been.  Look at what is happening in Israel right now while the world is watching the USA on fire (Jordan is becoming more aggressive).  The enemy is at war in the Heavens and on Earth because he knows that, when this Great Move of God sweeps across the land, you and those God has called will no longer be moved by the enemy’s schemes.

“Not only that, but you will expose the enemy’s schemes.  He will be exposed and many will see it and turn to be saved.  His hands will be tied.  His greatest weakness is continuing to underestimate the power of God.  Now, rejoice, for a great time of change is soon to come.  You will be in this and swept up in its currents.”  He smiled.  “I must go now, Erin.  Do not worry as God has sent angels concerning you to guard you in all your ways.”  He mounted his horse, smiled and waved.  He was gone in an instant.

Dream over…

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