Dream 414 – The enemy is trying to distract God’s people

Received on Sunday, June 7, 2020


Dear Father,

Thank You for another day with my family and friends!  There was an epic storm here two days ago.  My husband and I were driving right in the middle of it.  Lightning struck several trees right behind us.  When we drove back home, a massive tree had fallen across the road.  It seemed that everywhere we looked, once beautiful oak trees had been downed.  Many of these trees had weathered many extreme storms.

When we got home, we were so thankful to find that all of our trees had remained standing.  The last storm had cost us some money as there was a precariously balanced fallen tree threatening the house that needed to be removed.  This could have been very bad had it struck the house.

Father, I am struggling.  While I was struggling even more before, prayers from the Nest has really helped.  My whole Spirit, heart and body are grieving for the people being victimized right now.  There are things I have witnessed that I cannot ‘un-see’!  Now there is a call to remove all law enforcement.  What?  Father, surely You are about to do something soon because this is utter madness.

If we could just rewind time back to just six months ago.  It seemed so normal in comparison.  It is so confusing and horrible.  The news is now designed to be a propaganda machine.  The demons have rained down.  The demons have entered those with anger and hate in their hearts.  I have no words to describe what has happened.  Since it makes no sense in the natural, then it must be supernatural.

Reports are being scrubbed.  I watched a video of a group of protesters proclaim that they were going to branch out into the suburbs so that they can attack us in our living rooms.  When I went to show my husband, the report had already been scrubbed.  We are instead shown whole groups of people kneeling and praising allegiance to another group, apologizing for being what God had created them.

God did not create this hate, but He did create us.  It is like blaming all Jewish people for the death of Jesus and making them pay for it with their lives continually for 2000 years now.  Oh wait…this actually happened and is still happening.  It is wrong.  It is all wrong.  Everyone matters to God.  Every life matters to God.

Based on the media, people are supposed to apologize for where we were born, our education, our hard work, the fruits of our labor and the very things we cannot change.  This is pure evil.  To demand this is pure evil and is not of God.  I had no life of privilege.  Many of you know my story.  Any door which opened for me was presented and opened by God when I was finally ready to knock on it.

Things were not easy for me.  God allowed me to go down a long hallway of hell before I returned to the doorway God presented.  I am deeply disturbed by what I am witnessing on the news.  All of it is planned confusion.  God has sent the Bull, President Trump, as our leader.  The enemy is doing everything possible to fight God even if it means sacrificing people of color and those who seek peace of all skin color to do so.

Despite one week of rage, protests, fires and destruction in almost all cities in the USA, the financial heartbeat of America shows a financial market that is strong and rising.  The pandemic severity was a lie meant to create fear and control over people to take down the Bull, President Trump.  This was a planned attack for right when the country was scheduled to open back up on June 1st.

‘Race Wars’ are now being amplified and fanned by the media.  People are scared.  There is an increase in gun sales.  The militia is rising, especially in the back-country areas.  Some of these militia are racist.  Some of the protestors are just as racist.  There are racists of every color.  This is truth from the beginning of time.  Until God intervenes, this is our truth.

So, what would society look like if all police were removed?  Well, if you poked a large Grizzly Bear with a stick while she was protecting her cub, that would about do it.  Just see what happens next!  I once ran into a tactical survivalist and it was quite eye opening.  They are preparing for a mass exodus from the cities into their protected land.  They are arming and storing goods for a long-term battle to fight for their property.

So, Father, what is next?  My dream last night was very real and quite frightening.

Sub-dream 1 “Satan tries to tempt me to dive” begins…

I was almost a thousand feet up on a mountain ridge.  Satan was standing to the left of me.  I did not look at him directly.  When he spoke to me, he was always doing so in an extremely mocking tone.

Satan:  “Child of God, soon to be Bride of His Son and chosen of God, look at those two pools below.”

I looked down to the area he was pointing at.  There were two pools on the side of the mountain we were on.  There was a half moon shaped infinity pool that poured into a surrounding crescent shaped spill way pool.  The pools were illuminated and surrounded by jagged rocks.  The ocean was below this and was very dark.  I never looked at him, I only looked at the pools.

Satan:  “Show me your great skills and dive into the refreshing pools.  This is but a small feat for you as a Child of the Living God.”

Me:  Still looking below.  “No.”  I shrugged my shoulders.

Satan:  “What do you mean…’no’?  No one says ‘no’.  Oh, it must be because this is too difficult for you.  It must be because you are too scared.”

Me:  “No, I am not.  I just don’t want to.  So, ‘no’!”

Satan:  Becoming enraged.  “This is so simple.  Come on.  Be the change!  Show me what you’ve got.”

Me:  “No, I don’t need to.  This is boring me now.”

Satan:  Now fully enraged.  “Don’t you have a witty retort or wise parable to share?  You are the Bride…supposedly.”

Me:  “No, I don’t need to.  There is no need for me to engage.  There is no need for me to get wet.  There is no need for me to teach in parables.  No means no…thus sayeth the Lord, in Jesus’ Mighty Name!”

Satan shook his head in anger as he threw a small rock at the pools below.  When the small rock hit the infinity pool, there was a huge explosion.

Me:  “These pools were not meant to refresh me.”

Just as I finished my sentence, he disappeared.

Sub-dream 1 over…

Sub-dream 2 “Even a Massive Tree will not harm us” begins…

I was walking on a small path in a forest with many trees.  While I was walking, a massive tree fell towards my head.  I could hear laughing in the background.  They had obviously set this up as a trap.  Before the tree could hit me, I reached up with my hand and effortlessly hurled it off to the side of the path.  When they saw this, I heard them say, ‘Oh no, run!’  I saw several evil people running away from me.  I then heard the Voice of God…

God:  “You will be hated.  The enemy will continuously try to kill you.  However, nothing will harm you.”

Me:  “Thank You, Father.”

Sub-dream 2 over…

Jesus:  “Erin, come up.”

I was up in the Garden of God in Heaven.  I was along the beautiful raging river.  It was roaring, foaming and extremely powerful.  The beautiful fish were swimming against the powerful current.  The fish were so beautiful and colorful like jewels.  It was an amazing sight.  There were thousands of them.  As I sat and watched, I cried out to You.  I prayed to You with all of my heart.  My prayer…

When, Lord?  When will You bring truth?  When will You administer justice?  I am grieving what is lost, what can never be again.  I pray for the children of God.  I pray for those who have lost so much.  I pray for the people who have lost homes in landslides.  It is unimaginable to watch your home fall into the sea and have all you own gone (Norway).  To once have a beautiful city and thriving business to now have lost this.

We now live in fear of being robbed and thrown down to the ground.  It is hard to live in a free country, yet not be free.  We were once able to speak freely, yet now you must say nothing.  It is horrible.  Father, You are God over all things.  You are our Creator and our Father.  I weep and weep over this great loss as there is no turning back.  Our world, a world that we once enjoyed, has now been destroyed.

Oh Father, nothings is the same…all because of hatred.  Please, Father, give us a fighting chance.  As I am now, there is nothing that I can do.  A handful of evil people have taken down all people who stand for peace.  Please send a great wind of revival.  Father, You are our hope for the lost.  I pray for all of this, in Jesus’ Mighty Name.

I cried on the side of the raging river.  I felt a hand on my shoulder.  I looked up and it was Uriel.  He was in full armor.  His horse was with him.  He sat next to me.

Me:  Weeping.  “Uriel, I am so glad to see you.”

Uriel:  “Erin, God has sent me to tell you to not be afraid.  There is a great war in the Heavens above you.  As was told to you, many of God’s people are able to see events occurring without a veil of evil.  Many of those that have been called by God are able to see truth from deception.  From your perspective, it is a difficult thing to understand.

“Because of the closing of God’s houses of worship, the power of corporate prayer has weakened and is replaced by fear.  A large army of thousands of demons have entered those with hate.  They have become emboldened to do great harm to anyone standing in their way.  As you have witnessed, the airways and networks are veiling truth from the people.  As a result, many people are staying in their homes from fear.

“The veil has gone over the eyes of many who believe they are fighting for good when they instead are instruments of the enemy.  This is a fight against the prince of lawlessness and the purveyor of lies.  This was a great distraction in order to cause mass removal of truth and those who stand for it.  You have been warned to be mindful and wise concerning what your eyes see, your ears hear and your tongue speaks.

“There are twelve spirits of the tribes of Israel who God is holding back until the proper time.  The prince of lawlessness knows the times.  He is at work to create chaos and distractions among the nations.  If possible, he would bring this to all of the nations.  Out of fear, many leaders have given themselves over to the king of perdition.  As a result, they then spread a narrative of great lies.  They work together with leaders who hold no borders in order to filter information.”

Me:  “Uriel, this feels like Nazi Communism.  Their tactics seem like Marxism to me.”

Uriel:  “Understand this…the prince and leader of lawlessness had all things in place for the Great Annihilation of God’s people and the Jews.  The elderly, the children, the weak, the infirm and anyone not deemed of good stature were to be removed.  Those who remained were to be enslaved and reprogrammed with the ‘proper information’.  Those who rebelled would be removed.”

Me:  “Uriel, this is millions and millions of people.”

Uriel:  “Yes, but at every turn, God and His Army, the Army of the Lord, has stopped their plans and exposed their wicked schemes.  They have created a great upheaval.  The enemy is fearful as God’s Army is greater in number.  This is why they are using media and information, as well as those who are not called of God to Heaven.  You have seen the manifestation of evil on their faces and the acts of all wickedness from hearts of stone.

“The enemy anticipated the nation of Israel would be born, so he began a plan to destroy the Jewish people.  Look at the pattern.  It is similar today.  Because the demons no longer reside in Heaven, they do not have divine inspiration from God.  However, they have the same patterns of evil in strategy.  Despite all of this opposition, God still made Israel a nation again.”

Me:  “Why did God allow Hitler to kill so many?”

Uriel:  “This is a mystery and a question for God, Erin.  Please know this…God sent the Lord to witness to them at the end…and even in the furnace.  Many more are in Heaven than are not.  God has the Final Word and the Lord has the keys over death.  Do not focus on this as God is merciful and just.  The wicked does not prevail.  Look at what the enemy did.  He fought Israel.

“He hates Israel, the nation, as well as Jerusalem, God’s Holy City.  He has tried to destroy all things reserved for God…His land and His people.  He tried to take back Jerusalem as well.  However, God prevails.  Now here again is the same situation.  This nation under God was indivisible…with liberty and justice for all.  The enemy has once again used an entire race to destroy them in pursuit of God’s chosen people.

“This leader of the nation, the bull, was sent to equalize the landscape.  He was sent to stir it up and expose the plans of the enemy.  Even those who stand on his political side has conspired against all things good.  Erin, God is with him and those who stand for truth.  Those who are opposed seem like many, but this is a lie.  Many more are for him and are silent.  There are many who are paid to look as if they are defecting.

“This includes those in uniform and those sworn to stand with God and country.  Some are part of a great plan to overthrow the nation, remove the bull and hunt down his supporters.  There is a plan to seize property and place those who support him into prisons and camps.  There is also a plan in place to put people of color back into slavery…to work the land.”

Me:  “How would this even be possible?”

Uriel:  “Erin, it is possible.  However, you are not to worry.  Evil can plan, but God’s plans are much greater.  I am here to send a word of hope to you from God…

“I love you, Erin.  I am with you.  Do not worry that you have missed My recompense.  You have not.  I gave you and your children and your household and your friends and their children a priestly blessing.  You did not miss your blessing!”

Me:  “Thank You, Father!  Thank you for relaying this message to me, Uriel!”

Uriel:  “In the beginning, the word was given to Jacob about his children.  Before they passed from here to eternity, they prophesied about the end and what is to come.  Many others have also.  However, many scrolls and scripts have been removed.  God allowed this so that those He has given knowledge to will know truth.  You have been shown what is to come and you are scared.  However, you are not to be afraid.  Take courage.  You have seen the first wave of troubles.  There is a second.  God has a plan, Erin.”

Me:  “Uriel, how do we prepare for the second wave?”

Uriel:  “Go to God, Erin, as He is with you.  You need to speak to Him more.  His Voice can be heard by you.  Soon, very soon, you will be as one and nothing will be impossible for you.  Remember also to pray.  Oh yes, one other thing…the areas the bull has been attacking are territories of the prince and the king of perdition.  The dragon is also attacking.”

Me:  “Who are they?”

Uriel:  “What you cannot see is this…there is a red and black dragon.  One represents a nation and the other represents lies and blasphemies against God.  There are ten heads which represent nations and leaders with no land, yet are very powerful.  Then there is a battle against the great spider and her young.  This is in the realm of communications.  There are orders or regional principalities that are like strongmen.

“These strongmen have reptilian features.  They also have many offspring.  They rise to cause distractions and then swarm in and attack.  You cannot see all of this from your position.  However, you have seen these enemies during your time on the path to the ladder from your early visits.

“There is a vast army and they are currently active around you.  God has called up angels to surround you and to guard you in all that you do.  They are unable to harm you.  There are days when a small attack might come, but it will come to nothing.  The enemy is trying to hunt down God’s elect and destroy you, if possible.”

Me:  “I am so thankful that the Lord is protecting us!”

Uriel:  “There is more good news.  God’s Vessels are ready now.  The time of testing has closed.  What is left is the Great Move of God.  This is coming soon!  The enemy is furious.  He is battering the land as much as he can in anticipation of God’s Great Move.  Erin, I must go.  Please remain encouraged.  God is with you.  The enemy is unable to harm you.”

Me:  “Thank you, Uriel!  Please stay safe!”

Uriel:  “There are many more of us than there are of them.  Do not worry!”

He mounted his horse, smiled and waved.  He was gone in an instant.

Dream over…

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