Dream 415 – Three rats feast on the bald eagle

Received on Sunday, June 14, 2020


Dear Father,

Thank You for another day!  Thank You for my family and friends.  Thank You for a safe home.  Thank You for all You have done.

Father, my daughter is now officially a graduate.  She has been sad though.  She knows that she will never see some of her classmates again.  It just ended on Friday.  While she was given special honors and the school sent lawn signs for encouragement, that was it.  She had no prom.  She had no excitement in the build up to the prom.  Her friends will now disperse due to graduating.  This is the way and always has been.

All the years I had spent hoping to have just a few normal moments for my daughter like I once had just never happened.  In comparison, I went to four proms, four homecoming dances, two military formals and a Sadie Hawkins dance.  I also had campouts and class retreats.  There were trips and adventures.  As for my daughter…nothing.

I don’t want to complain as complaining does nothing.  I am trying my best to remain positive.  However, truth be told, I am not doing well.  I am sad these days.  My dreams are usually not uplifting these days.  It turns out that my glimpses of what I thought was post-Rapture are actually happening right now.  The riots and the looting are already here!  While not exposed to this, it seems that we are all under attack right now.

I am weeping deep in my Spirit.  My heart hurts with great travailing.  I wake up and I can’t go back to sleep.  It seems as if all news is bad news now.  There is seemingly no good news.  The enemy has swept the land and is using people and leaders to decimate it.  When I watch mainstream news, I can hear Your Voice audibly saying ‘This is untrue’, ‘This is an omission of facts’ and so on.

Father, it now seems that China is shutting meat markets in Beijing again due to Corona Virus resurfacing.  This happened just after flights resumed between China and the USA.  I am so troubled at the state of the world.  I know You are allowing all of this, but this is difficult and very troubling for us with eyes to see and ears to hear.

Then there is me!  Forgive me, Father, but I am not conditioned to hold up to the troubles surrounding me right now.  It is too much and I am breaking down.  I can barely stay up on the things I need to do daily.  I have letters to write and emails to send.  However, I am in bad shape now and this is so hard.  I am grieving and so tired.  It feels as if I am hiding in a cave.

It is not that I am afraid, it is that I am consumed with sorrow.  The joy of the Lord is my strength.  On my own, I am very weak and I have no strength.  Lord, did You choose correctly when You chose me?  I know You don’t make mistakes, so I know I was the right choice, but it is just so hard for me to see it.  While I should be encouraging right now, all I see is so much trouble coming upon the nations.  I then struggle even more.

My dream last night…

Sub-dream 1 “Three rats feast on the bald eagle” begins…

I was in a dark alley after a downpour.  I could smell decay.  I could see something moving under some cardboard debris.  I removed the cardboard and, to my horror, I saw a massive bald eagle with a mortal wound.  It was alive still and I tried to comfort it.  Both of his wings were broken.  I rolled him over and found out that there were three rats devouring him.  This sight was hidden from above.  All they did was in secret.

Alarmed at my presence, the rats quickly moved off to a distance.  I could now see that the eagle’s chest cavity was open.  The heart was beating, but very lightly.  It was not enough.  I started to cry.  After a few minutes, his heart stopped completely.  My crying now turned into weeping.  The eagle was dead.  I looked up at the three rats and could tell they wanted me to leave so they could again feast on the carcass.

I suddenly became extremely angry and started to chase the rats.  I chased them to a seawall in a harbor.  It seemed as if I now had them cornered.  I was wrong.  The first rat ran up a narrow stairway to a massive field.  It had supernatural speed.  The second rat ran up a bundle of network cables and disappeared.  The third rat scoffed at me as it hopped to safety on a passing barge.

I thought that was the end of it.  I then decided to go back and check on the dead bald eagle.  When I arrived, I was shocked to find out that all three rats had made it back before I did.  The three rats had returned to devour the carcass.

Sub-dream 1 over…

Father, help!  I am struggling.  I need Your help because life in my waking hours has been troubling.  What do I do?  I have no abilities.  I have no ‘extra’ anything.  I need to be strengthened in order to take a stand.  Father, please strengthen me.  Help me focus on lovely things.  I need Your help.  My heart is grieving the loss of life as we once knew it just six months ago.  Father, I love You!

Jesus:  “Erin, come up.”

I was in a beautiful fragrant garden.  This garden had the most beautiful peonies that I had ever seen in my life.  Each blossom was about eighteen to twenty inches in diameter.  There were so many different types.  There was also a small stone bench and a beautiful fountain springing in a plume from a stone.  I cried as I sat there.

Me:  “Father, thank You for taking me here.  These are my daughter’s favorite flowers.”

The blossoms were strong and had ethereal translucent-like pedals.  They were stunning.  As I was taking in their beautiful fragrance, I heard something new.  While it seemed like music from some instrument, I was unable to see where it was coming from.  I looked up and there was a massive group, or charm, of hummingbirds.  They looked more like jewels than the ones on Earth and were making amazing music.

It took my breath away.  There were such vibrant colors to behold.  The songs their wings created were so beautiful.  Just when I thought it couldn’t get any better, God sent a massive group, or kaleidoscope, of glass winged butterflies.  Every color in the light spectrum shined out from their wings.  This was incredibly beautiful.

Me:  “I praise You and You alone!  I apologize for my attitude.  I thank You for all that we have.  I thank You for my husband and children.  I thank You for my daughter and that her love for You is so contagious.  I just hurt for her and for what she missed in terms of a normal graduation and prom.”

I felt a tap on my shoulder.  I turned around and there was Uriel.  He was in full armor.  His horse was standing next to him.

Uriel:  “God has sent me to give you encouragement.  He also has the meaning of the dream you just wrote down.  Erin, do not grow weary in doing good.  God is with you.

“Now, the nations are in an uproar.  The bull has angered the one who calls himself supreme sovereign leader above all.  The bull has shamed him by exposing his plans.  The three rats have devoured the belly of the country.  This has divided it into two by separating its breast.  Meanwhile, they have been feeding and devouring it alive from within.  The cardboard covering the eagle represents shipping goods.

“The cardboard was hiding the eagle from the eyes of the world.  As long as the world focused on the wealth of a few representing the eagle, they could not see what was underneath it all at the ground level.  The wings of the eagle are broken.  This great nation is not free as its wings are broken and it cannot fly.  The ‘sovereign’ wicked leader controls and has fortified his strength in the following three areas…

“The first area is in the communication, information and media sector.  They have sent out lies and false stories through various channels.  False wars have been advertised in order to create many divisions.  They created this divide after first sending the plague.  They controlled the way the plague was handled.

“They were hoping to take down all of North America by locking down the financial markets.  When the financial markets were at their lowest, they then bought stock in these companies at a bargain price.  Since they control the news and other media, they are able to control the narrative and fuel fear.

“The second area is fortifying their secret control of major shipping harbors.  They have done this across the globe, but especially Israel.  By controlling the ports of entry to the nations, they can then control all goods, commodities and oil.  This is happening because the nations are distracted by the plague, the bull and now the racial divide.  This has all been created by leaders in the Land of the Dragon.

“Finally, the third area is the ground war.  Since they have been unable to take down the bull, they have created a new wave of plague, one that supposedly comes from a meat market selling salmon.  This is false.  This is meant to spread great fear of a second wave to the world, but especially for the USA.  The media will convince them to stay in, contradicting the bull’s statements that the nation would never lockdown again.”

Me:  “Why is this happening?”

Uriel:  “Because one leader wants control of the world.  His prize jewel is the USA.  His plan is to rule the world with an iron fist.  He has paid many leaders a great amount of money in exchange for them betraying the USA.  He has also promised them a future of safety and freedom.  However, the bull is a direct threat to this leader’s ‘American Dream’ that is really a nightmare.  He has a great plan in place.  Erin, the war has already begun.  It is not hard to see.”

Me:  “What is the second wave?  Will people die?”

Uriel:  “What you see is not real.  However, if the bull begins to find favor with the people again, this man will then unleash something else.  His goal is to keep people locked in their homes and then control the media to anger people against themselves.  This leader is manipulating the people so that neighbor is against neighbor, brother is against brother and so on.  They will then begin a ground war initiative.”

Me:  “Uriel, please send help!”

Uriel:  “These are the plans of the wicked, not of God’s, understand?  The plan in place by the leader of the Land of the Dragon is to destroy the USA before the 11th month (November).  They will strive to create so much fear that no one will support the bull.  They have a plan to overthrow the election while the nations watch in horror.  In the meantime, there is another waiting and watching.  While he rules no country right now, he will rise from the ashes and will declare himself god.”

Me:  “This is awful.  I am scared, Uriel.”

Uriel:  “Do not be, Erin.  God is God over all and He will not be mocked.  He has a plan.  He knows the desires of your heart and He is with you.  He is at the door.”

Me:  “Will He have mercy on us, heal us, provide for us and shelter us?”

Uriel:  “He will.  However, you are not to know the details yet.  Those God has called are His.  Those who see the schemes of the enemy understand what he is planning.  There is nothing for you to do right now other than pray.  Understand that the issues facing the nation are an illusion.  There are truths being hidden from the people.  Look only to the fruits of those who lead and you will see that someone else is controlling them.

“To those who ask for wisdom from Heavenly Courts, God will give this.  You will then see the truth clearly.  If He reveals truth, but you choose to ignore it because it is not what you had hoped, then God will not call you.  When the twelve spies went into the promised land, they each gave different accounts of what they observed.

“Ten spies focused on the size of the giants and failed to report good news.  The other two spies came bearing beautiful fruit and the blessing.  In the end, the ten were destroyed and only the two entered.  Erin, focus on God and His Kingdom.  Do not listen to the wicked and their information as it is a lie.  The time is here.  Rejoice, Erin, for God is with you.  I must go now.”

He mounted his horse, turned and was gone in an instant.

Dream over…

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