Dream 441 – The Saints in Heaven are interceding for us

Received on Friday, October 23, 2020

A dear friend of mine recently had her mother pass away.  While this has only happened a few times in the eight years since these dreams began, I was subsequently given a dream of her mother’s arrival in Heaven.

When this happens (that is…receiving a dream of someone who just died), it is never something I request in advance.  It simply happens as a surprise and I then write the dreams down.  I am then always thrilled when the description of the person in Heaven has so many qualities of that person on Earth.

However, not only that, but I would have no way of knowing of any of their personal qualities in advance of the dream.  What an awesome privilege it is to then see a family take such peace and comfort in reading the dream of their beloved one now in Heaven. Still, I must reiterate that it is rare that I dream about saints who have moved Home to Heaven.

My husband and I actually wrestled with sharing this for quite some time as these dreams are just so personal.  However, we decided that it was important that people know that those who have passed before us are up there in Heaven cheering us on.  It is also important that people know just how special each saint’s arrival is to the Lord.

On that note, here are the dreams about this dear sweet person’s arrival in Heaven, followed by her family’s reaction to what was shared with them.  As such, I also wanted to share her family’s reaction as it was such a huge part of the joy of sharing these dreams…

Sub-dream 1 “Just before a Saint’s passing” begins…

I saw something in the Spirit concerning your Mom just before she passed.  This is incredible…

I saw a bridge that separated your Mom from an angel of the Lord.  This angel then stepped over the bridge to take her hand.  While this angel looked like Raphael, I was not sure if he was.  While hard to describe, I could see her both in her hospital bed and in this Heavenly setting.

Her actions in the hospital room would not have matched what people would have seen at the hospital.  While her body was flat to those viewing her, she was now sitting up and ready to get out of bed in the supernatural.  I saw her reach out to the angel…

Your Mom:  “Am I crossing over the Jordan?”

Angel:  Smiling.  “There are many waiting to see you.  It is time.”

She stepped off onto the floor.  She then looked back at her body that remained lying their flat.  It was no longer her, but just her body.

Your Mom:  “But I still have things to do.”

Angel:  “Come and see what God has planned for His beloved.  He is waiting.”

Just then, she changed.  I am in tears as I write this.  A beautiful golden rose shimmer went across her.  Her eyes were now green and her skin a beautiful bronze, just like Jesus.  She was jumping up and down in excitement.  On the other side of the bridge were family, friends and others who were changed by her.  She ran towards them.  She was clearly ready for the great celebration.

Angel:  Calling out to her.  “Did you still have things to do?”

She looked back and hesitated to answer, but only for a short time.

Your Mom:  “No!  My babies got this!”

Sub-dream 1 over…

I then had this dream two nights ago.

Sub-dream 2 “Just before a Saint’s arrival” begins…

I was looking at a beautiful Mediterranean home with verandas and flowering vines.  The home was white stucco and the tile work was better than any earthly home I had ever been in.  This was even more deluxe than the 14,000 square foot one in Portland, Oregon that I had designed.  The details were so incredible that I cannot even adequately describe it.

I looked on only as an observer.  From the Veranda, I could see angels preparing tables.  The tables were elaborately decorated with white table cloths and beautiful bowls of the most fragrant of flowers.  This mansion was near other properties of similar stature, all surrounding an incredible lake.  The lake was crystal clear and unlike anything on Earth.

All of the angels and workers were clearly preparing for a big celebration.  There were other homes that also had tables and decorations.  This was going to be a grand reception!

Sub-dream 2 over…

I then had this dream last night.

Sub-dream 3 “Just after a Saint’s arrival” begins…

I saw the same Mediterranean mansion, but this time with a bird’s eye view.  I saw beautiful arrangements.  The angels and saints were preparing the finishing touches.  There were beautiful fountains everywhere.  An angel was there sitting next to me.

Me:  “Those fountains are beautiful.  This technology cannot be found on Earth.”

Angel:  “There is a great celebration for a saint coming here to see the Home the Lord has built for her.  The fountains are full of her tears on Earth.  At night, the fountains are alive and spring with colors.”

Just then, I saw a beautiful carriage arrive from the City of God.  It was drawn by two horses from God’s own stables.  An angel of the Lord blew a Shofar.  This trumpet was a horn made of mother of pearl.  They announced the saint’s name.  An angel then came up to help her step out of the carriage.

She was in a shimmering gown of white and gold of Ophir.  She had no need for makeup or adornments.  Her skin was a light golden bronze just like Jesus.  Her hair was long and woven with pearls and gold and came forward over her right shoulder.  She appeared as a 25-year-old.  She was accompanied by three saints…one male and two females.  One of them shielded her eyes so as to surprise her.

Your Mom:  “Where is Jesus?”

Jesus was right there with her.  He reached for her hand.  She opened her eyes and they embraced.  He smiled and laughed as she hugged Him as she didn’t want to let go.

Jesus:  “Come, I have prepared a place for you.”

She turned and looked at the mansion.  She looked surprised, if not confused, that such a mansion could be for her.

Your Mom:  “What?  What?  Mine?  Mine?”

Jesus:  Smiling.  “Yes, this is yours.  I just know you will like it.”

Tears of joy streamed down her cheeks as she embraced everyone.  After a while, I saw a great celebration on all of the verandas of the homes.  The verandas were filled with jubilant saints, guests and angels.  God soon put on an incredible light show in the sky.  There was music.  There was great food by the finest chefs in all of history.  There was wine from God’s reserves.

One of the saints who accompanied her was a jokester.  He smiled at her with tears of gratitude that she was Home.  He had an angel play a song.  He started to sing to it and she was laughing so hard.  It was a derivation of ‘Caribbean Queen’ by Billy Ocean, but with the lyrics playfully altered.

Male saint:  Singing.  “Caribbean Queen, now we’re sharing the same dream!”

There was laughter and joy.  Thousands were celebrating.  Generations were all waiting to greet her.  This was her ‘Eternity Day Celebration’!  The angel turned to me.

Angel:  “It is well with her soul.  She will now join in the numbers of warriors who will intercede for those who remain.  She is more valuable to others from here than there, understand?”

Me:  “I think so.”

Angel:  “She is part of an army of intercessors from Heaven.  Because of her, her children and their children will be strengthened and healed.  Do not worry as they will soon meet.”

Sub-dream 3 over…

Initial Reaction:  Wow, I could barely read this with blurry eyes full of tears!  This was so wonderful to read.  I sent it to my sisters and her sisters.  This is such a GIFT!  The jokester sounds like my grandfather.  It is her, her sister, her mom and her dad.  That sounds like the ones who accompanied her.

Celebrated with thousands from generations?  Just wow!  The arrival on horses… from the City of God.  The surprise to see Jesus.  Seeing her crack up at my grandfather’s singing.  He could sing, but it was usually joking.  I bet he wrote something really silly for her.  He’s really, really funny like that.  I’m sure he has a song for all of us.  He was an AWESOME pianist.  He could play anything.  He could read any music on the piano.  I always said I know he has a grand piano.

This was AMAZING, JUST AMAZING!  Every detail, just amazing!  And her hair over her shoulder is the only way she wore it.  What an incredible confirmation.  All of this was so wonderful. Well, beyond wonderful to read.  I think I’ll be reading this every day until I see her again.  I am going to read this to my kids.  Just wow!  Ok…off to read again.

Further Reaction:  First thing my sisters pointed out was her interceding for us.  I forgot to mention that.  There was nothing in those dreams that wasn’t amazing.  I am going to read this every day.  We will have it on display during the viewing as well.  This was too beautiful not to share!  This is how we want everyone to think of her as they leave.  Not as they see her, but as she is now.  Just wow!  Off to read again!

Note:  Prior to publishing these sub-dreams, we asked my friend if it would be okay to share this as part of the dreams.  Her reaction was priceless (just like she is)…

“ABSOLUTELY!!!! Please do share!!!!! That will encourage EVERYONE on their loved ones!!!!!”

I agree…smiles!  God is good…so, so very good!

Dream over…

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