Dream 440 – The Valleys of Decision

Received on Thursday, October 22, 2020


Dear Father,

Thank You for another day!  Thank You for breath.  I am thankful for fresh autumn air.  I am thankful for my husband, our children and our home.  Father, I am scared and I am avoiding medical attention.  I do not want a surgery.  I do not want new medications.  I just want You and the promises You have given me.  However, that being said, I do not want to be stupid either.  Please reveal to me what I must do.

My husband is working harder to gain employment.  Could You please open up something ideal for him?  I know it has been very difficult for him as he enjoys working.  Still, this is Your Will, not our will, and this must be a part of Your plan for him.  Thank You for providing for us despite all of this.  It is a miracle.  My dreams have been disturbed, some due to worrying about things in general.  I am sorry.  In my dream…

Sub-dream 1 “The Valleys of Decision” begins…

I stood at the edge of a cliff looking down over two valleys side by side.  The valley to the left was quite disturbing.  It actually looked like a Hieronymus Bosch painting called ‘The Garden of Earthly Delights’.  This painting is a classic triptych…three separate panels.  The panel on the left shows the Garden of Eden, but the other two panels show the fall of man.  These two panels are very explicit and hard to look at.

The valley to the left that I was now viewing looked a lot like these ‘other two panels’ in the painting.  In this valley, I saw a version of hell on Earth.  However, for those who partook in this, the evil delighted in the affliction of the innocent.  I also saw babies and children being sacrificed on an ‘altar’ labeled ‘righteous king’.  Behind this altar was a horned goat on a throne.

Christians were being sacrificed.  If they did not denounce God to follow the horned goat, their children were sacrificed in front of them.  The wailing and stench of wicked activities were horrifying.  There was nothing good there.  People were declaring that ‘God was dead’.  I wept as I watched all of this from the ledge.

Me:  “Oh Father, please forgive us.  Please save the world…or at least those who love You.  Please do not forget about us.  I see famous people in this horrible valley that I recognize.  I see others backing them up.  These people do not understand what they are doing.  How is this even possible?”

Note:  The ‘famous people’ were Hollywood and sports stars that support the politicians that support ungodly statutes.  The people ‘backing them up’ were the media and big tech, such as Facebook, Google and Twitter.  They were feeding off each other and this only continues and amplifies.

I felt a hand on my arm.  I turned and there was an angel of the Lord.  While I have seen this angel before, I have never spoke with him.  He was in full battle armor.  He held a scale…a measuring line.  He held up the scale over the two valleys.  The valleys themselves then became the platforms of left and right.  The left valley was the wicked valley and the right valley was the beautiful valley.  He also held the moon and stars in his other arm.  He was handsome and had wavey white hair.

Me:  “Who are you, angel?”

Angel:  “I was sent by God.  I am the angel Krinos.  However, I am not a judge.  I measure and weigh and then report to God.  God then administers based on my findings.  I give Him my report.”

Note:  I was not sure how to spell Krinos.  However, it seemed to be derived from the word Krino.  In the Bible, Krino means ‘to pronounce an opinion concerning right and wrong to be judged’.  If you are like me, you will notice that this sounds a bit like Thanos, the bad guy from the Avengers movies.  However, there is no relationship.

Me:  “Did you come to measure me?”  I sighed.  “I fall short.”

Krinos:  “No, it is the Lord who measures hearts.  I am a surveyor of the land of God, surveying that which is good against that which is unclean.”

Me:  “Hmm, are you like a ‘real estate investment evaluation’ angel?”

Krinos:  Smiling.  “Well, yes…of sorts.  I am a type of Heavenly surveyor, one who reports on the investments of God over an area of land, body of water or air over it.  I measure the soil for planting and determine if it is good.  God owns all of it as it is He Who has created it.  I work also with those who oversee God’s Clock and Calendar… those who oversee the times and seasons.  I also formulate a report of what will occur in the next seasons based on current observations.  As you can see, there are two outcomes in this valley of decision.”

Me:  “But I see two valleys.”

Krinos:  “No…two outcomes.  I am here to measure and weigh these for God’s purposes.”

Me:  “The world’s current situation just doesn’t look that good to me.”

Krinos:  “Look over here.  There is peace and joy.  God is on the Throne.  There is no human sacrifice, only a surrender of hearts.  The altar is in worship to God.  All who come here will bow to Him.  All who come here will find rest.”

Me:  “When will all this be?”

Krinos:  “Soon.”

Sub-dream 1 over…

If you have remaining questions on this dream, you are not alone.  I too have further questions.  All I know is that God is fully in control of the times and seasons.  While I still do not know exactly what ‘soon’ means in Heaven, I have no doubt that this ‘soon’ will become ‘now’ in the not too distant future.  Until then, give your worries to the Lord and trust in Him fully in all things.

Dream over…

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